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Members following our Classic program, on average, lose 1-2lbs per week. Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

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Found 13 results

  1. missbumble

    Week 7 Dieting and Painting

    Just thought I'd put the collection together here... So I dont hang out at bars or restaurants much anymore.. i simply paint!
  2. missbumble

    Lets Paint and Lose Weight Too!

    So.. I have a new Love - The Peloton Bike. Somehow I was inspired to paint the logo... SO I bought canvas and Paint. Next thing you know I went to an art fair and found an instructor. So we painted pears.. still work in processes....Now I paint at home (and at class) abstracts and Peloton logos.... SO here are a few of my fun paintings. So far I have hung the Peloton Logos and 1 abstract. Love this. And its a good way to focus on something besides eating. Food is fuel - and jenny food over veggies (spiced up) is ok by me.. sure I have excursions - but I must remember life is NOT about the food. There's nature, love, art, friends, family, health, books, Jasper (the cat) and Netflix (binging on Queen of the South at present)... SO guys drink some water, sit back and see the true beginner have some fun with Acrylic. If you want to play - there's a ton of YouTubes out there
  3. missbumble

    Jenny Love 2019 Renewal

    Hey Guys - Wanted to post a picture of me at a lower weight when I started dating 6 months ago. I was still a little high for my maintenance but not where I am today. So as I embark on Jenny now - with the goal to get back down to my lower goal I wanted to see what I am shooting for. Net-net I am proud of how I look today - and of the weight loss. Sure I want to get back down to have wiggle room and fit into my smaller clothes. But seeing this picture - and I know I am not a size 24W and at Lane Bryant (Bless their hearts - they really have a fantastic store for me back in the day so I am grateful they are in business). But I am grateful I only have 10-15 lbs to lose now and sooo happy I know how and know we can do this Thank you all for your support! This forum is a ton helpful for me. So I do apologize for a keeping it real and personal and being long-winded. But hey we used to spend a lot of time eating... now we can read and write. Here's the picture of me yesterday (In shorts) at my JCC Center). This is my before shot for this go-around at about 155 .... and the picture of me in Black is at about 145-147 back from the date where Greg and I got to know each other in San Antonio and Austin. Let's do this. I am looking forward to a fantastic after shot in a couple of months or even before I start my job in 2 weeks - maybe a progress shot? OK so here's the updated progress week 2.. seems crazy that so much stuff fits better - it's officially on jenny scale 3.6lbs but I feel better,. No dating or happy hours. No alcohol, no job right now (i start Monday) and only 1 party where I had club soda and not too much food. Anyway, this morning scale said 150.5 which is what it said the ay I weighed in at Jenny - so same as Wednesday, I guess now it will move slow maybe. But also I'm using new muscles in my gold lessons and practice.. so I feel better, Check out my Before and After if you want inspiration was I am sure my small weight loss is not that inspiring. But the real deal was when I went from 207 to 137 starting in August of 2016.. Now I have luxury problems - but for a lifelong compulsive overeater it's super important to get back to having a better relationship with food and not gaining,! Here's the July 2018 shot where I am trying to get back to... or even before that when my weight was at the low end of my goal... for wiggle room
  4. missbumble

    New Photo - Just another Day

    Hey everyone - just a low key Saturday - Sure I walked 12 miles that was a tad strange but it was fun... (...LOL). And wanted to post a picture to say it's not just a normal day. Normal for me was gaining weight, being heavy and wishing I could go on a diet. So just checking in - and pretty sure people are sick of all my diatribes on the forum posts. I figure this is my section.. so I can be as vain or boring as I want here .No? Anyway - Off I go to JC today, Trying to not buy expensive entrees and transition more to MOMOs. (LOL I have been on maintenance for many months... and I still buy Jenny. I definitely need to go get weighed in, but I want to substitute the foods with homemade or lower cost items. When on Jenny and ever since August 2016 all I did was buy the Jenny food d, but lately am more price conscious, so why not save some money? I am reluctant - because if it ain't broke don't fix it.... But the budget beckons... and so today we shall see how I do. Maybe buy nothing? OMG. WOW.. I know I have food in the freezer... But feels like such a leap of faith. Think about the money I would spend and use it in the grocery store when I need it. .. Worst case - Jenny is 6 minutes away. OK be strong. That is my plan. Except maybe shakes.... I like that stuff now in my coffee. OK point of Blog was to post a picture -- Toronto asked me to send one, so I snuck off Thursday eve's data to have the hostess take a photo.... Anyway... Here's why this is not just an ordinary day. I am thin!!! Does is it get old? Heck no! OK off to JC.... See how we did this week.
  5. missbumble

    New year 2018 Resolutions & Accoutnability

    So it occurred to me that one of my goals for the New year's challenge is to drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water a day. I recently listened to a podcast on losing weight and they were saying big huge goals dont really work for weight loss or to make significant changes. So do goals that support the longer term gola. So I guess my goal is to be healthier and reduce bloat and whatever else water does for you..... also 8 glasses a day today does not seem achievable... so thought I would blog my goal here and record my results. OK my esteemed sister told me 1 bottle has 16 ounces of water... 4-5 bottles does seem doable 1) Goal: Drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water per day by end of 2018 Mini Goal - Drink minimum of 3 bottles of water Week 1 1/2 - 1/7 Morning - when possible - Drink hot water and lemon with ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) to help internal organs do their thing Drink only 1 glass of coffee at breakfast (can drink more other times of day (COnsider reducing) and drink 2 bottles (32 ounces) of water between breakfast and lunch Drink 1-2 bottles of water between lunch and dinner (32 ounces) Water during workout does not count Day 1 Status: Tuesday: Drank 2 bottles before a late lunch and 1 after lunch total of 48 ounces (Plus 12 or so in my Morning drink that I don't count). See how I do tomorrow...or maybe I should include my hot water with lemon and ACV too? I think I will measure it and include it in my tally. 2/3 OK have to recommit and drink more water!!! Coffee gets in the way and my compulsiveness for a hit... something flavorful... Let's do this this week!
  6. missbumble

    Keeping it Clean In the ATL - Week 2

    65 pounds down... time to continue this great trend and not eat over feelings.TY. Jenny Craig! Expensive - No! if you compare it to the cost of being heavy - clothes, health, lack of happiness, not fitting on airplane seats etc. I am worth it... and so are you, OK Just wanting to set it down my plan for handling very high stress client... in hotel all week and working late hours. Goal: Maintain the path forward... lose 2 pounds or so - by keeping it clean. 1) JC French toast for breakfast (Barscotti today on travel day) 2) Lunch JC Loaded or Healthy Steamers - Linguini and Salad with Skinny Girl 3) Dinners- Buy Zoodles at whole foods, Artic Zero fro dessert... and pair with JC entree - lasagna or creamy penne If out to dinner - have tea with stevia Snacks - yogurt, fruit Workout at Orange Theory Tues, Wed, Thur, Sat & Sun Show up to forum and help others Next weigh in - success!!! And on to maintenance with a bit more lee way Key: Handle airport - with Tea, Diet Coke, Green beans for plane Key: tough times- whatever comes my way - go for a walk. listen to book on tape, hit the gym, make a call. Do not eat something. Everything passes.. and being thin is miraculous and fabulous. Like winning the lottery!!! Size 4-6-8-10-12 Whaaat? This is amazing. Lets keep it Also work on Quantity - Less veggies per meal.. stomach and digestion will be very helpful...
  7. missbumble

    Shopping in the Upstairs Closet

    Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah Warning.. It's a blog - It rambles and weaves.... Thanks for reading... Sorry if I am boring... or redundant. But being thinner is a BIG DEAL! Work up this morning - and my house is a mess and my cold still lingers. Going to start back at gym Tuesday - so decided to stay lazy. Anyhow not sure why but off I went to tackle the thing that I did not have to do - the upstairs closet. (Next up is cleaning house before Xmas party at sisters...) Anyway I decided to go through all of the clothes. Clothes are up there because they are too big or too small. I now have another huge giveaway pile - and an amazing amount of small outfits. (Does that mean I am small? I mean the size large T shirts don't quite fit - but some of the size 12 shorts etc fit - and the size 16s are mostly all too large - and wait for it.. The size 8 Tahari suit jackets that are amazing looking (dear me... where are the pants? oh well) Are on! They don't close - there's a 5 inch gap - but that's the next 20 pounds. That's skinny Sue - Sue at my sister's wedding in the amazing long purple dress Sue. But who is this Sue that i find now and fits into these clothes? Who bought those Michael Kors shorts that still has the tags. I barely remember her - But I will tell you. It was 6 years ago. I had just moved from Atlanta to Boca and road my bike Saturday and Sunday 25-40 miles on A1A with the big boys. Was likely eating too much and going in the wrong direction - as I was riding that much but not shrinking away. I'd rather be this size and maintain or lose weight on Jenny Craig or maintenance so I am not dependent on riding centuries etc to be thin. Anyway I have some amazing clothes - and great T-shirts that now that I see them I have missed being that size. Missed being this size. To get dressed and not worry that you look fat! Ahmazing!!!! OK - Off to clean rest of house - so when I return form Xmas soiree I will feel the beauty of my home/.. and not the mess. Enjoy the day - best of all - No one ever says - man I wish I had eaten more at the Xmas party. So eat less - you will be glad you did. Sue
  8. Kiki1970

    5 Week Weigh In - post stomach flu

    So the aftermath of the stomach flu was actually a really good one. My weigh in today showed a loss of 5.4 lbs. Now this is more then what we should be losing per week, but it is understood why, this isn't something that will happen on a regular basis, but it helps along the journey. So as of today my 5th week finished my total weight loss to date is 19lbs. I was hoping it would be 20, but I don't want to push my luck. I am very very happy with my results and hope it keeps up. I am dreading the thing that I know will come at some point and that is the plateau. I hope it won't come anytime soon or at least when I get to half way. My clothes are starting to fall off of me and I am only 19lbs down, but it feels great. I am feeling better and am hoping to actually be able to get more energy this week and get my butt to the gym. Proud of myself for sure and will keep working hard. Happy Canada Day to all and Keep up the Great Work Everyone. :-))
  9. I paid for a whole months worth of food. I had my starting picture taken and met with one of my consultants. She is a consultant for the first week then I have somebody different. I stepped on the scale and realized this is just the first initial weigh in. When I work hard at this I will see changes. I also got my measurements taken, wasn't surprised by the high numbers but wasn't pleased either! I need to realize I can move foreward without looking backwards on all the mistakes I may have made in the past when it came to food. This is a new chapter, page one in my book titled "Lisa's Weight Loss Journey."
  10. You could call it 'weight loss intervention' after I stepped onto the scale this morning infront of my boyfriend and his parents. The scale read 289, and the first thing I did was cringe. I knew they would want to know and I felt that I should be honest since they knew I had been batteling my weight ever since I met my boyfriend eight and a half years ago! "289" I read out-loud. His mother looked like she was going to cry and his father said I had to get with it. My boyfriend just cheered me on saying "You can do it." With his adorable smile. My parents know what a battle this is, I have tried every weight-loss program. I found Jenny Craig back in 2007 and loved, loved it! The thing was it got to be too expensive. So I came off and 'settled' for othe weight-loss programs. I know they work for alot of people out there, but not for me. I know the tools: Be consistant, have self control, and most of all be determined! I once had a nutritioinist tell me "If you can visualize it, then it can happen." Wise words that have carried me through the never giving up part. Yes it stings I'm almost to 300! I should be at 150. There is coulda, woulda, and shoulda the worst three words we can utter to ourselves. Can't change the past, and can't predict the future. So in this present I lay down on my bed and think "smaller size clothes" "seeing my toes." And most important one day wearing that little black dress. Tomorrow I go in and sign up for Jenny Craig! I am estatic that I can afford it now and I can't wait to begin my journey with a consultant!
  11. BriannaMae1013

    Week 2...CRAVINGS!

    Alrighty Before I start I just want to say thank you to KatTastic for commenting on my first entry. I acutally did break down and bought a bigger size not to long ago, as much as it hurt. Your are most definietly right its going to feel so good not to be able to wear them! Good luck to you and your weightloss success! Now, where was I? Oh yes, cravings! This is week 2 on my Jenny life style and I am finding that I want my old food. I've cheated....twice...gasp I know! I feel so bad about it. But I think I've figured out why. I have a very hectic schedule. Now I know, most of you don't know what thats like (sarcasm anyone?) but I do. I'm working 3rd shift one day, than 1st shift and the next 2nd, I mean its really hard to know when to eat. My consultant says that's my challenge this week, to eat every 3 hours. BUT example 1: I was up all day today and ate my jenny meals. Now I went to bed at 7pm and got up at 9:45 to go into work at 10:30pm. I have to stay up all night tonight and sleep all day tomorrow because I work 3rd and so...do I eat tonight? Do I snack? AHH Has anyone ran into this problem? Its highly frustrating. Also, I get really, really hungry. Like I"m going to literally be sick if I don't eat, which, cough, lead to some cheating, but its usually around dinner time. Has this happened to anyone else. I'm also a bit worried because I might be expecting and if I am I don't want to harm the baby by not eating as many calories. But thats a story for another time. I was just wanting to know if anyone has cravings on here and how do you all deal with them. I like blogging about it because it helps me vent. I need venting, so I don't go into my kitchen and eat all the left overs from the past week. Thats right I'm an emotional eater here. Does it get easier after the 2nd week? My first week went well, only lost 2 lbs though, which was a bit of a let down. BUT ITS 2LBS LIGHTER! I'm needing some pep I guess. I hope everyone is having a better start to their week than me. This post is short and sweet tonight. I need to do some mindless things on the internet, like facebook or tumblr. Have a great rest of the week lovelys! I again am sorry for the bad spelling and poor grammer!
  12. robyngetsskinny

    Time to make weightloss a priority

    I am officially back on the Jenny Craig program as of December 20th! My biggest challenges at this point in time are 1. the financial commitment & 2. lack of support from my friends. It is strange to me the importance that my friends place on the need to consume alcohol in order to have a great time. I am moving provinces on January 12th and as part of my commitment to reach a 10lb loss goal by that date is to eliminate all alcohol from my diet. I feel as though some people in my world feel as those my choosing to not consume is insulting to their plans and I can honestly say that I feel pressure to make it easier for everyone by just having a glass of wine. But I am going to stay strong & stay committed - this weightloss is for me and is long overdue. The wine will be there after the weightloss and the skinny me will know how to have one glass to enjoy and then switch to water and still have a wonderful time with my friends.
  13. As any one knows that reads this blog I suffer from extreme anxiety. It has been something that used to get in my way on a daily basis. Not anymore! I had a major breakthrough a few weeks ago. I realized that I didn't feel worthy of my weight loss. I felt as, if I lost MY weight people would see who I really am. What's so bad about that you ask? To me it was horrifying. I had been hiding behind this 'chubby girl' image so that nobody would want to approach or talk to me. I subconsciously liked being the 'chubby girl', my weight was my barrier. Now, this made me really look within me and I found out things about myself that were empowering. I do deserve to lose the weight! Not just for me but for my family. My family deserves to see me happy and healthy. I deserve to be happy and healthy. I'm not saying this journey is easy because it's not. But this journey is fulfilling, eye opening, and most of all worth it. So what do you say ladies and gentleman? Let's knock down our barriers and realize just how worthy we are to be healthy, loved, and happy. I know I couldn't be more grateful to jenny and my supporters. This program has done for me more than anyone could ever know and I am so very thankful.
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