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Members following our Classic program, on average, lose 1-2lbs per week. Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

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Found 5 results

  1. Good4Me

    Down 4.2 First Week!

    Well just got back from my first week weigh in ... down 4.2 pounds today!! What a great first week!! :D It was a little hectic this week... and we ate out a couples times, but its all about choices and not letting a little bit of "real life" distract ya! Each meal is a meal back on track... Hope your all having a great week so far!
  2. Kiki1970

    4 Week Weigh In!

    Well, wasn't sure if I was going to have a good weigh in or not, I didn't cheat or anything, just wasn't sure. So the result was awesome and suprising......3.4lbs lost last week. I am soooo proud of myself, and that makes it a total of 13.2lbs in 4 weeks. Still have 86.8lbs to go, but I will do it 10-20lbs at a time, and it's 13.2lbs less then I started with. Wow, I am feeling great today. I also lost, no inches from my hips, 1 inch from my bust and abdomen and 2 inches from my waist. I am feeling really good today, just tired from a busy busy weekend. I do have an obstacle coming up and if anyone has any advise I would appreciate it. The thing is, is that my boyfriend lives in the US and is a truck driver and when we see each other it is usually in Detroit and we stay at a hotel. Well the problem is eating at restaurants. I am still trying to figure out how and what to eat, since the fridges in the hotel are small and the freezers non existant, and I don't eat the shelf food at JC, since I think it all tastes like dog food,(sorry to the people that like them, I just don't). I can take my bars and dressing, but don't know what to do about breakfast and dinner. Please help. We usually go to Bob Evans or Applebees. I know Applebees had the weight watchers meals and under 550 dinners, but not sure about other stuff. Thanks and keep up the great work to all.
  3. limichelle31

    Saying Goodbye to The scale!

    I took the scale out of my bathroom and put it in the garage. This way I can depend on Jenny Craig each time I weigh in on Mondays. I know my starting weight and that is good enough for me. I will encounter some sort of "weighing" withdrawl. I know I will! I am somebody who weighs every single day, not good. So this was a HUGE leap for me to remove the scale so I wouldn't have it's presence taunting me each morning to hop on! I have many goals and weighing in a lot isn't one of them. I have been on this Bandwagon before and if anything weighing yourself too much can jeapordize your program. I think we depend too much on the scale. I got my measurements taken I would rather go by those then the number on the scale. I start tomorrow and I organized everything into a food journal, of exactly what I am going to eat this week. I will do this each week to stay organized and on track. I will also add in the journal my exercise and how much I did. My first goal is to get down so I can use the Elipitical! I can't believe I'm too big for a piece of exercise equipment! Oh well when I reach 260 I will be so happy to hop on that thing, that I never thought that was possible before. LOL So Goodybe scale! I fall now back into the proverbial arms of Jenny Craig for trust that I will succeed on this program!
  4. I paid for a whole months worth of food. I had my starting picture taken and met with one of my consultants. She is a consultant for the first week then I have somebody different. I stepped on the scale and realized this is just the first initial weigh in. When I work hard at this I will see changes. I also got my measurements taken, wasn't surprised by the high numbers but wasn't pleased either! I need to realize I can move foreward without looking backwards on all the mistakes I may have made in the past when it came to food. This is a new chapter, page one in my book titled "Lisa's Weight Loss Journey."
  5. BriannaMae1013

    Week 2...CRAVINGS!

    Alrighty Before I start I just want to say thank you to KatTastic for commenting on my first entry. I acutally did break down and bought a bigger size not to long ago, as much as it hurt. Your are most definietly right its going to feel so good not to be able to wear them! Good luck to you and your weightloss success! Now, where was I? Oh yes, cravings! This is week 2 on my Jenny life style and I am finding that I want my old food. I've cheated....twice...gasp I know! I feel so bad about it. But I think I've figured out why. I have a very hectic schedule. Now I know, most of you don't know what thats like (sarcasm anyone?) but I do. I'm working 3rd shift one day, than 1st shift and the next 2nd, I mean its really hard to know when to eat. My consultant says that's my challenge this week, to eat every 3 hours. BUT example 1: I was up all day today and ate my jenny meals. Now I went to bed at 7pm and got up at 9:45 to go into work at 10:30pm. I have to stay up all night tonight and sleep all day tomorrow because I work 3rd and so...do I eat tonight? Do I snack? AHH Has anyone ran into this problem? Its highly frustrating. Also, I get really, really hungry. Like I"m going to literally be sick if I don't eat, which, cough, lead to some cheating, but its usually around dinner time. Has this happened to anyone else. I'm also a bit worried because I might be expecting and if I am I don't want to harm the baby by not eating as many calories. But thats a story for another time. I was just wanting to know if anyone has cravings on here and how do you all deal with them. I like blogging about it because it helps me vent. I need venting, so I don't go into my kitchen and eat all the left overs from the past week. Thats right I'm an emotional eater here. Does it get easier after the 2nd week? My first week went well, only lost 2 lbs though, which was a bit of a let down. BUT ITS 2LBS LIGHTER! I'm needing some pep I guess. I hope everyone is having a better start to their week than me. This post is short and sweet tonight. I need to do some mindless things on the internet, like facebook or tumblr. Have a great rest of the week lovelys! I again am sorry for the bad spelling and poor grammer!
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