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Members following our Classic program, on average, lose 1-2lbs per week. Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

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Found 3 results

  1. Good4Me

    Down 4.2 First Week!

    Well just got back from my first week weigh in ... down 4.2 pounds today!! What a great first week!! :D It was a little hectic this week... and we ate out a couples times, but its all about choices and not letting a little bit of "real life" distract ya! Each meal is a meal back on track... Hope your all having a great week so far!
  2. XimeGarciaG

    Just saying hi :)

    Hello everybody. Like the title sugests I am just saying hi Today I went in for my weigh in. I only lost .2 lbs which, considering the week I had is quite a lot, in fact I am just relieved to not have gained any weight. Why has it been a hard week you ask? Okay, I will tell you, you see I was reading the comments in my previous entry and one stood out to me. She said something that I found to be very true, "my heart was just not in it". That is not to say that I was discouraged, by any means, but rather, it was harder to care. I did and I followed the diet to the best of my abilities, considering I ate out a lot, but somehow my heart was not in it. Today I asked a friend something, I was talking to her about how I feel like my life is planned, it is boring, the same routine every day, she answered and said that I have lots of friends. To which I said yes, that is true, but has it every happened to anyone that even with all your friends you just feel alone? You see this week was also the end of a very important friendship to me, I cried, ate ice cream and decided to move on. It is part of life, but I cannot pretend I don't care. It affected me, it made me feel alone in a world where I know I am not, and that made it harder to care, but I came out the other end. And I am so glad I did,I am glad I decided to care enough to keep going even when my heart was not in it. I am young, and I plan on enjoying my life and my new body, as little by little I see it change. Because that is why I am doing this. Because no matter what happens in the week I will get over it, I will move on, because I have a goal. So yes, I ate ice cream and cried, but I also went to the gym, hung out with friends, went to school, you know the drill... Well everyone I hope you have all had a better week than me, and if not I hope that you did not let it get you down, because when we are all out there rocking our hot new bods, we will thank ourselves for being strong. Good night and happy eating. P.S thoughts on that for my closing line?
  3. XimeGarciaG

    Entering week... who cares?

    Hello Eveyone, I woke up today and like I have done for the last 3 weeks I met my trainer to get an intense workout done, It is true I was late, but it wasn't my fault, I swear it was the traffic! After that I went in for my weigh in, I am now at 154 with a goal weight of 135, and rather than be discouraged about the fact that I have been on this program for quite a while longer than I had hoped i decided to feel encouraged, to stop counting the weeks, and instead feel good, to let myself cheat every once in a while, because that is life! it is not about never making a mistake but rather knowing when you've made one and moving on. You see when I look in the mirror, in pictures, on skype with my friends I am amazed at the fact that I do look like I have lost weight, rather than feel doscouraged about being on the diet for so long, I feel proud of myself for sticking to it even after everything. For not quitting, because this is not for anyone else but rather for myself. So yes, I will stumble, yes I will be in this diet for quite a while longer than expected but also, I am proud. And so with that I bid you goodnight. With a little note to anyone out there who is feeling discouraged, I've been there, and I got back. You can too. Mistakes are part of life, we fall only to learn to get up again, you will make mistakes but that is okay. Because at the end of the day feeling good about yourself is worth any mistake along the way. Goodbye everyone and happy eating! I know I enjoy that Chocolate Lava cake P.S leave a comment. I love hearing about your experiences, what you think of my writing, or anything else that may come to mind, i'm not picky!
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