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Members following our Classic program, on average, lose 1-2lbs per week. Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

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Found 4 results

  1. jooliebug

    Bye Bye Week 2

    Week 2 is behind me. Thank Goodness! Holiday meals were right in the middle of it and somehow I managed to somewhat stay on track...and I stress somewhat. Week 2 weigh in has resulted in a total loss thus far of 6 pounds, which I have to be honest, I am super excited about. I've tried numerous diets in the past and I've lost 2 pounds or 10 pounds after months and months of deprivation, which in turn makes for a grumpier me. I'm an emotional eater and a social eater, which when you combine family (stress/social) and friends (social/stress), I turn into one large piece of pumpkin pie. What I am struggling with most currently is trying to break the habit of rewarding myself with food. Oh, you ran a mile today, you deserve a cupcake...or french fries...or whatever unhealthy thing I had been depriving myself of on my latest diet. The positive thing thus far (only two weeks in, I know) is that I do not feel deprived.
  2. BriannaMae1013

    Week 2...CRAVINGS!

    Alrighty Before I start I just want to say thank you to KatTastic for commenting on my first entry. I acutally did break down and bought a bigger size not to long ago, as much as it hurt. Your are most definietly right its going to feel so good not to be able to wear them! Good luck to you and your weightloss success! Now, where was I? Oh yes, cravings! This is week 2 on my Jenny life style and I am finding that I want my old food. I've cheated....twice...gasp I know! I feel so bad about it. But I think I've figured out why. I have a very hectic schedule. Now I know, most of you don't know what thats like (sarcasm anyone?) but I do. I'm working 3rd shift one day, than 1st shift and the next 2nd, I mean its really hard to know when to eat. My consultant says that's my challenge this week, to eat every 3 hours. BUT example 1: I was up all day today and ate my jenny meals. Now I went to bed at 7pm and got up at 9:45 to go into work at 10:30pm. I have to stay up all night tonight and sleep all day tomorrow because I work 3rd and so...do I eat tonight? Do I snack? AHH Has anyone ran into this problem? Its highly frustrating. Also, I get really, really hungry. Like I"m going to literally be sick if I don't eat, which, cough, lead to some cheating, but its usually around dinner time. Has this happened to anyone else. I'm also a bit worried because I might be expecting and if I am I don't want to harm the baby by not eating as many calories. But thats a story for another time. I was just wanting to know if anyone has cravings on here and how do you all deal with them. I like blogging about it because it helps me vent. I need venting, so I don't go into my kitchen and eat all the left overs from the past week. Thats right I'm an emotional eater here. Does it get easier after the 2nd week? My first week went well, only lost 2 lbs though, which was a bit of a let down. BUT ITS 2LBS LIGHTER! I'm needing some pep I guess. I hope everyone is having a better start to their week than me. This post is short and sweet tonight. I need to do some mindless things on the internet, like facebook or tumblr. Have a great rest of the week lovelys! I again am sorry for the bad spelling and poor grammer!
  3. Well, I just got home from Jenny Craig and I lost another 1.5 pounds! At first, I was a little disappointed because I had such a good loss last week and after all my hard work I couldn't help but say 'that's it!!!'. Then I remembered that I still lost weight and I am a little lighter this week than I was last week. Last weekend was thanksgiving, so I know my weigh in wasn't going to be the best that it could be, but I exercised pretty hard everyday this week. I'm hoping by next wednesday I will lose even more and be even closer to my goal. I'm surprised at how fast these two weeks have flied by! I got my food for the week and I must say those pumpkin spice cakes look DELICIOUS! How are all of you enjoying the new fall foods? The centre here in Calgary haven't received the new mains, only the barscotti and cakes. I'm going for my walk now and I hope all of you had/have a fabulous weigh in!! (: -Jess p.s I forgot to mention that in two weeks I have now lost 10.5 pounds! Wooo.
  4. rluttrell21

    On Week 2

    I have decided to write a blog --not sure if I will keep up with this but, it's worth a shot! I am 22 and recently married. Looking at my wedding photos and I am horrified to see myself in them. How did I get this way? It seems only yesterday I was 130 pounds! I then pinch myself and realize I have been bordering 200 pounds for the last FOUR years. I would always blame my medication or stress. It is time to take a stand!! I have dieted myself and even went to see a dietician weekly. The one thing I learned was that I didn't understand portion control. The first time I dieted (almost 2 years ago), I lost 20 pounds (so I was about 180 pounds) and I cut out foods that I loved and ended up breaking my diet and going back to my favorite foods and the result is where I am now. I went to the doctor's office with my husband (kept my actual weight number a secret). He saw how much I actually weigh (I would always say oh, around 180ish). I weighed in at 194 pounds! I felt ashamed! As soon as we left, I immediately drove to Jenny Craig. No more excuses! Here I am 9 days in and am actually sticking to my plan pretty well! I think my only concern is that I am so used to "starving" myself and only eating twice a day (but it was all fatty/junk foods) and with the Jenny Craig plan ---eating so often makes me really not hungry! I sometimes skip out on the afternoon snack (chips or the pretzels) because I am not hungry. Is this bad? I add a whole bunch of vegetables when I eat dinner. Thoughts? I am ready to be 140 pounds. My real motivation: to be able to wear the clothes I want to wear and to have people stop judging me based on my weight!
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