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Members following our Classic program, on average, lose 1-2lbs per week. Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

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Found 7 results

  1. Ms Jam

    That fickle Scale

    I posted about the scale on the forums when I first started Jenny Craig. I dug around to find it - and want to keep it where I can find it easily - because the scale is the one thing that can ruin an otherwise good day, (even though I know the "truth" about the fickle scale). She can be a real mood wrecker! I have conversations with my scale. I call her Lady Di (my short for obedience!). (Well - in truth some days I call her the B word, or worse....). I actually have conversations with Lady Di. They go something like this: "Come on Di, ... we're friends!!!!" She usually says ... "It's not my job to blow sunshine up your arse." Or I say, "I'm putting you in the corner, and that's where you'll stay until you change your mind." She'll say, "why don't you put me in the kitchen, and then you can apologize". Sometimes I'll jump on it and say, "Skinny Up!" Sometimes I shout "Flab-U-Less!!", and of course there are times I mumble ... "What the ***#exploitive^***" And on and on go the scale conversations. But the truth is - I need to remember the TRUTH about this crazy relationship with the scale! Scale Weight = True Weight + Weight Variance (AKA weight of the annoying little gremlins that mess with your weight) One of the things I did to help me overcome my frustration with the "daily scale fluctuations" was to create a weigh in chart on graph paper - so that I could see the patterns over the period of a month. That completely changed my mind set on how our bodies deal with weight loss. My chart bounces all over the place in a weeks time - but when I draw a line from the first of the month to the end of the month the line goes straight down!! (well ... not straight down --- but one of those nice angles we use in geometry!) "Daily" Fluctuations are normal and has nothing to do with body fat. The things that make the scale bounce around are: Water Retention Water intake Excess Salt Intake Waste products Consumption of a late or bigger meal Constipation hormone changes Slow digestion Lack of a morning bowel movement Building muscle (lean muscle mass) Even if you have eaten more than you should, your TRUE body weight does not increase significantly over night. True weight gain or loss is a process that occurs over a longer period of time! This is key to remember! I wrote this down from some research I did on the subject: Mandatory Mind Training 1. Recording daily weight is just DATA. Your "indicator" is looking at the data from one week increments. 2. The best judge of your true body weight will be how your clothes fit, measuring your body fat % and measurements with a tape measure. 3. Short term Fluctuations in body weight are caused by factors irrelevant to your long term progress!!
  2. Ladies and Gents The scale really messes with your mind sometimes ...One day it boosts your motivation and the next day it will destroys it..... What will happen when we get to goal, will the scale bring us a reward then? How bout even when we are below our goal (and it will happen) will the scale give us a prize and, put our name in lights!!!? Will the scale seem so powerful in our mind when we are at goal or will the goal WE achieved be our focus then and the scale will simply fade into the back ground finally like it should be..... For most people, the scale is the task master telling us whether it approves of us that day or whether it disapproves of us...and perhaps even worst it tells us what the rest of the world will think about us today.... How much weight did you loose.....ummmm let me ask my scale.... How did the tool to collect data for us get sooooooo much power from us that it will actually determine how we feel and how we act each day... If you have an up and down relationship with your bathroom scale, I'm right there with you and I feel it just as strongly.....We should have even/positive emotions everyday and our actions should stay consistent with someone moving in the direction of his/her goals. In fact having the ability to sustain even/ positive emotions is key to successful weight loss. The scale needs to be demoted and WE need a promotion....I'm all for giving us a raise! Let the scale become that thing that works for us again not the other way around:) I'm gonna tell my scale(with a smile): "HEY I'm the boss of you and you will be my servant....Your job is to provide me with some daily/weekly data as I need it and as I move myself to my goal, "
  3. Aurora7

    Life Off the Scale

    Ok, so this is my first entry in my first blog ever... I am just starting my 5th week of Jenny Craig and am realizing that it is not as easy for me as I seemed to think it would be. (Big surpise, right?) I went to a buffet, yes, a buffet, for mother's day. I ate too much, of course. Now I am feeling pretty stupid, especially after getting great advice from you all. I did have a plan going in, though, and I pretty much stuck to it. I ate very small amounts of my favorites and ended with a cup of broth type soup, no dessert. Although I ate more than I needed, I ate a lot less than I used to eat. Wow, I almost just typed usually instead of used to. This food battle isn't just a battle of my tastebuds and bad eating habits, it is a major battle with the understanding I have about food in my head. There was a time in my life when I lived to eat. I obsessed about each meal before it "graced" my plate. Lately, that has changed. I have changed. I want the old slender me back. Less pain, less fatigue. I want to be a good example to my son and maybe even some of my heavier friends who are also struggling with their weight. I really want to succeed and I believe I can. But I will definitely need a lot of help along the way, because I don't have a lot of will power yet. I have to admit my gain of one pound and my lunch today has shaken my belief in myself to make it, a bit, but I am NOT giving up! I am chosing to believe that it is just a speed bump on the journey of learning how to live off the scale. Dawn P.S. I worked out 4 times this week, a record for me! That is something I am really proud of, despite my other downfalls this week in the eating department.
  4. limichelle31

    Saying Goodbye to The scale!

    I took the scale out of my bathroom and put it in the garage. This way I can depend on Jenny Craig each time I weigh in on Mondays. I know my starting weight and that is good enough for me. I will encounter some sort of "weighing" withdrawl. I know I will! I am somebody who weighs every single day, not good. So this was a HUGE leap for me to remove the scale so I wouldn't have it's presence taunting me each morning to hop on! I have many goals and weighing in a lot isn't one of them. I have been on this Bandwagon before and if anything weighing yourself too much can jeapordize your program. I think we depend too much on the scale. I got my measurements taken I would rather go by those then the number on the scale. I start tomorrow and I organized everything into a food journal, of exactly what I am going to eat this week. I will do this each week to stay organized and on track. I will also add in the journal my exercise and how much I did. My first goal is to get down so I can use the Elipitical! I can't believe I'm too big for a piece of exercise equipment! Oh well when I reach 260 I will be so happy to hop on that thing, that I never thought that was possible before. LOL So Goodybe scale! I fall now back into the proverbial arms of Jenny Craig for trust that I will succeed on this program!
  5. Went to JC on Thursday instead of Wednesday because the roads are so bad here!! Still pretty yucky today, but I was starving and had no food. I was nervous after my 'meh' 0.5 loss last week (I know..I know..a loss is a loss, but I have A LOT to lose). I lost 2.3 pounds today - yippeeee!! And am FINALLY in the 260's! That makes a total loss of 19.6 pounds Next week I get my measurements, so I'm hoping that I lost some good inches too these last 3 weeks. Not much more to say this week, other than that I'm well on my way to completing my November goal! 2.7 pounds to go! I just bought the parmesan crusted fish, haven't tried it yet, but hopefully it is yummy. I hope you all had a fantastic week (:
  6. Week 4 is over woo! Every week makes me jump with joy because of the fact that I am one step closer to my goal. I also learned an important lesson this week, as you can tell by my entry title. I was so stressed this week because I have had so many tests and huge projects that have been due, therefore my eating/exercise/sleeping patterns haven't been the best. I was pulling all nighters, constantly starving. Therefore my meals were not as spaced out as they should have been. (There was even one day when I had two snacks in one day, yikes not the best choice). Anyway, with all my stresses, I didn't make time for exercise and honestly I was starting to feel a bit under the weather (It's a winter wonderland right now here in Alberta, Canada! ), probably from the allnighters and bad habits of the week. I was so worried to weigh in thinking that I didn't lose weight or even gained as I fell into the death trap of weighing myself near the end middleish of the week. Well, I weighed in today and I lost 3.1 pounds yippeeeeee!!! I also got my measurements done and I have lost 7 inches since I've started! That was some really hardcore motivational news that I needed to hear. To think that I was almost going to reschedule my weigh in over something so silly!! This made me realize who cares if I had one semi-bad week? There is no reason to sit here and make myself worried over something I can't change, I just have to pick myself back up again. Next week I'm going to be better and work harder to be more on plan. With everything that went on this week I'm so happy to almost hit the 20 pound mark and at this rate next week I should make my goal for October - being in the 260 range!! I hope (and know!!) that everyone has/had a fantastic weigh in this week!! Don't give up! And my most important advice that I deffs should have listened to a long time ago is never weigh yourself during the week. From now on I am going to wait for my JCC to do it so I don't get so worked up over it. -Jess
  7. Well, I just got home from Jenny Craig and I lost another 1.5 pounds! At first, I was a little disappointed because I had such a good loss last week and after all my hard work I couldn't help but say 'that's it!!!'. Then I remembered that I still lost weight and I am a little lighter this week than I was last week. Last weekend was thanksgiving, so I know my weigh in wasn't going to be the best that it could be, but I exercised pretty hard everyday this week. I'm hoping by next wednesday I will lose even more and be even closer to my goal. I'm surprised at how fast these two weeks have flied by! I got my food for the week and I must say those pumpkin spice cakes look DELICIOUS! How are all of you enjoying the new fall foods? The centre here in Calgary haven't received the new mains, only the barscotti and cakes. I'm going for my walk now and I hope all of you had/have a fabulous weigh in!! (: -Jess p.s I forgot to mention that in two weeks I have now lost 10.5 pounds! Wooo.
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