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Members following our Classic program, on average, lose 1-2lbs per week. Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

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Found 3 results

  1. Ang M


    I see that my last blog post was January of 2017. That means I am coming up on two years since I quit JC and decided to try other options. Just for the record, nothing worked and I got to my highest weight of 316 pounds before I finally sought help from a doctor. I have lost 32 pounds since May. And it feels good. But I have been here before - so that is why I am back to JC. Of all the things I tried, I feel that the JC Community was by far the most supportive and most helpful. I picked up my food and had my first meeting with my JC consultant last night. Today I sit here feeling pretty good. Before I started writing today I went back and reread my previous blogs along with the comments. My last post was very negative and discouraged - One of the comments encouraged me to 'get deep into it' and 'read and reread all the JC literature'. I am here to get deep into it. I am here to make this a lifestyle. I am here to get support and to offer support. I am happy to say that Wednesday, November 14, 2018, was the start of my New Beginning.
  2. I'm really tempted to whine today. So, couple things about me: 1) I have chronic pain; I've had it in my hip for 12+ years (I'm in my 30's, it started right out of college) and it also periodically migrates to my back, or causes other peripheral pains throughout my back and neck 2) I'm a woman working in a male-dominated industry and I get frustrated easily by the Old Boys Club. I'm working on letting it slide off my back, but there are times where I just have to put my foot down, and I'm just not a confrontational person, so it's difficult for me to deal with those times. Today, my chronic pain is higher than usual. I also had to deal with a very condescending older man who wanted to argue over legal terminology with me (I'm an attorney, he is not). My schedule is pretty full, and I'm tired and bordering on anxious and depressed. Plus, I'm angry at myself because I scraped someone's bumper while parking a couple weeks ago, and I am now paying the repair on that, which is an expense I just don't need, but I will never be the person who doesn't leave a note for doing something like that (Plus... I left a note, and the person is STILL requesting a cashier's check, so I have to pay the fee for it! Lady, if I didn't want to pay you, I wouldn't have left a note in the first place and just gotten away with it!). To counteract this, I'm going to list off some positive things: 1) Tonight, I'm having a little bit of seafood for dinner (it'll be a little indulgent, but I'm not going to go crazy - I've learned I can actually handle moderation when I need to) 2) Soon, I will have my two puppy dogs by my side, wagging their tails and cheering me up with their kisses 3) I've made a little bit of money today, which is reassuring, as I'm a small business owner and sometimes get a little financially stressed 4) I gained some weight (1 pound) on vacation, but today I'm down to lower than I was before vacation 5) I managed to do my workout today, despite my back pain (it is pain that, if I keep active, won't stiffen up - it's better to be active than to rest, but sometimes I feel so defeated that I can barely move... today, I overcame that and even did some of my harder exercises on the TRX) 6) I managed to handle the condescending older man while still being classy and professional, but also firm and standing my ground. 7) I get to read a really nice book before I go to sleep tonight (Name of the Wind... almost done with it and ready to start on Book 2 of the series) Time to power on through and finish the day strong!
  3. My blog entry title is inspired by my Jenny Craig Counselor. He's always saying, "Keep that motivation goin' Christine!" Despite all of the anxiety that I had about my weigh-in today, I actually lost over a pound and in total have lost almost 10 lbs on the plan so far within a month. Although this week didn't bring any super significant weight loss, it definitely helped to boost my confidence even just a little bit. And although I felt like I had a bad week (cramming for exams and cheating during late night study sessions), I was still able to lose a little weight. I just have to keep reminding myself of how good I feel when I am active. It isn't just good for the obvious reason of getting in shape but it also helps with your mental health. I find that going for a walk/run really helps relieve stress. I used to be extremely athletic in high school, then I went to college and stopped being as active, and I really think a lot of my depression stems from that inactivity. Another motivational factor to get outside and get movin' is the weather has been beautiful! I think once exams are over and I can really devote my full attention to the plan I will be on the right track. It's all about believing in yourself and refusing to let the negative thoughts occupy your brain!
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