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Members following our Classic program, on average, lose 1-2lbs per week. Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

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Found 12 results

  1. OK, I just finished my lunch - Classic Cheeseburger - Pretty good! Green beans with olive oil and garlic - oh dear, I'm so over these things now, lol! With my current plan (Rapid Results), I'm supposed to have EITHER the Cheesy Broccoli OR the Green Beans + Olive Oil twice a week (JC foods) with lunch. However, I can't have the cheesy broccoli because of my lactose intolerance, so I've only been getting the green beans. I've now had them six times (2x a week for 3 weeks) and I'm officially OVER THEM! I want to make my own instead. Arrgggh! I'm going to talk about it with my consultant today and see if there's something else I can do on my own instead, just, something about the texture has been rubbing me the wrong way this week, it's like they are squeaky on my teeth and just weird! ... OK, I'm done ranting now, I've just been priding myself on not being a picky eater, but it's also hard not to be high-maintenance with the lactose stuff. I did not sleep so well last night due to my pain issues, and it's making it difficult to focus and be motivated today. I'm full of the "I DON'T WANNA"'s! So, tonight, I am going to self-care. I'll get home, have my White Bean Chili with some added veggies and such, and my Lemon Cake. Then, I'm going to snuggle onto the couch in my personal study, wrap a blanket around myself, and hopefully spoon with my little dog Scout (if she's not too rambunctious tonight). We are going to watch a movie - I haven't decided on which one yet, I'm debating between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. I just need some personal "me" time, I'm a bit of an introvert and I've been around people a LOT for the past two weeks, so my batteries need a little recharging. Plus, we are getting ready to move and just listed the house, so my body has been taxed with the cleaning and lifting and such, so I'm sure that's not helping. Definitely time for rest and replenishing my mental and physical resources! Then, I will be ready to tackle the rest of my week! What do you do to recharge your batteries?
  2. So, my Oopsies for today: things have been pretty busy at the office, and when that happens, I lose track of time and don't eat when I'm supposed to. It's of particular concern right now because I have 3 real estate deals all happening at once (such transactions are kind of challenging in Illinois), so everything is time sensitive. So, if something is needed "now, now, now" there really isn't much time to eat until "later, later, later." And that's how I ended up eating half of my lunch, and my afternoon snack, at about 3pm. I fortunately managed to sneak in my entree at 12pm, so I wasn't too bad, but I was definitely feeling pretty hungry by then! My Daisies for today: I managed to make it allllllll the way downtown to Chicago City Hall today (it's over an hour in traffic) and got fingerprinted! ... No, I didn't commit a crime. It's a requirement for anyone wanting to volunteer with Chicago Animal Care & Control. One of my big goals in life is to have a facility where I can foster several animals at a time (which I'm actually close to attaining... but I'll go into that some other time). Chicago, being a bigger city, has a lot of animals in need, so I decided to focus my efforts with them. While this may not seem like much, the benefit of this is, I will be getting a lot of experience with different animals, who will present me with a variety of challenges. BUT, first I have to deal with "Crook County" (it's actually Cook County, but people who live around Chicago know how they really are) and their laborious intake process. The sad thing is, the process is very prohibitive, keeping more people from volunteering and depriving the shelter of helping hands. (While it does keep out dishonest folks who might not have the dogs' best interests at heart, it can also keep away a lot of well-meaning people, too). 1) You have to attend a volunteer orientation - they have them a couple times a month, so that's not a big deal. 2) You have to undergo a criminal background check - makes sense, you don't want anyone with animal cruelty history to be let in. 3) You have to get fingerprinted - and the only place to get fingerprinted is at Chicago City Hall, between the hours of 9am and 3pm, Monday through Friday. (...uh, really?) 4) After getting fingerprinted, there is a 4 to 6 WEEK processing time lag to get approved while they await the results of the fingerprinting! 5) Then, and only then, can you get trained. (training is not arduous, you come in and walk dogs with an experienced volunteer for a couple of sessions, after that, you can come in whenever you want) So, for me, the hard part, finding time to get over and get fingerprinted, is done, and it's just a matter of time now. I just want to get in there and start walking the dogs and helping them! I will only be able to make it for a couple sessions a month, but it's something I desperately want to do, seeing all those dogs in need of time outside of their cages, some fresh air and a chance to stretch their legs. I can't wait until I can do more to help them, but for now, I'm focusing on the smaller victories that are building me up to where I want to be. OK, not a lot of "weight loss" and stuff in this post, but, it's what I'm focused on right now and what's motivating me to stay in shape, I'll need those strong legs for exercising puppy dogs! Also, these are my own lil' monsters, I love 'em to pieces. They are both girls. The Jack Russell Terrier is named Scout (she's a mischief maker and a tom boy) and the Lab-Chow mix is Taunie (she is the golden child who can do no wrong).
  3. Thought I would start a blog entry of my favorites and not so favorites.. to help me remember during my weak moments at JC center when I think I should l mix it up. willl edit this and update. Keep in mind what I like - you may hate and vice-versa... Work in Progress Favorties 1. JC French Toast 2. Chocolate Lava Cake 3. Frozen Cookie Dough Anytime Bar 4. JC Vanilla Shake to use in shakes or for coffee creamer 5. JC Loaded Baked Potato for lunch 6. October - JC Pumpkin Loaf (When they come in -you need to stock up as they run out... and then you wait a year!!) 7. Italian Style Pasta bake or Lasagna on top of spiralized zucchini, onions and mushrooms Honorable Mention 1. Cheeseburger Not great - But I eat them and they serve a purpose 1. Chicken Salad Kit - Helpful if at airport and tempted to eat dinner out 2. Barscotti - Low cal and is good for breakfast on the road when paired with a fruit Not My favorites.....I can avoid 1. New Chicken Pot Pie 2. Turkey Burger Best Volumizer 1. Zucchini with spiralizer form bed bath and Beyond 2. Cauliflower rice - filling and when added to other sauteed veggies is good Non JC Food I incoporate as Meal On My own (MOMOs) or as substitutes... 1. Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk 2. Breakfast: Using egg whites form a carton I purchase... Omelettes or scrambles with veggies and a level tbsp or tow of Parmesan on Thomas Lite English Muffin 3. Kodiak Protein Packed pancake mix from Target or similar store. Just add water 190 calories and they make easy, great pancakes 4. Breakfast on Golf Course: Cliff Bar - White Macadamian Nut - Breakfast out - 260 calories.. good if need calories Things to Avoid to help weight loss 1. Too many veggies... (I love them alot) 2. Wine too often - every few days ok (better to skip for weight loss). Every night at dinner is too much,
  4. DragonsFancy

    Breakfast -- First Food Photo

    The food is already delicious. I'm making meals an event rather than just a task. Today is Cinnamon Swirl French Toast and strawberries.
  5. kramerincolor

    Day uno.

    8:30 a.m. And the Jenny consultant was right on time. Admittedly, the conversation seemed a bit scripted but she answered all my questions and was very nice. As time goes on I am certain the conversation will feel more personal.. So the cinnamon rolls were surprisingly good. Shocked. I was expecting the food to taste like cardboard. I live in Fargo, ND and it's currently there is a blizzard which keeps me in the house and not having to worry about outside influences. I threw out a pair of pants today that had an elastic waistband, or granny pants. I did manage to clear out my granny underwear a few months ago, I'm only 36... There is no reason for old lady clothing just yet. Back to the grind, more soon. Current weight. 166 Goal 145 or better:)
  6. Well I am pleased to announce my first day on Jenny Craig with the food was a success as I wrap up the night with my Jenny Craig dessert, apple and milk. I am pleased with the food, I am not a picky eater and I love everything on Jenny Craig but especially the desserts. Hahah I hope everybody has a greet week ahead on JC!! Lisa
  7. Well, I was a bit late on my fifth week blog post, but I was feeling a little discouraged this week. On my weekly Wednesday weigh in I was only down 0.5 pounds this week! Not feeling too great about that, but I guess it is better than a gain! I had a not so good eating day yesterday either. My friend ordered pizza (yikes not good), so I had a slice as I was starving and didn't have time to eat my dinner with the school work I had going on for the day (I know, still not a good excuse). Here is my biggest problem: I haven't told any of my friends that I am on jenny craig or trying to lose weight and my family/friends do not have very good eating habits that is for sure. Why do I not tell them you may ask? It is not exactly that I am embarrassed because really I should be proud that I am trying to do something with my weight and what not. I just feel like I don't want to make my weight loss a big deal to everyone..if that makes sense. I want to continue on with my day without people asking, "Oh we are going to eat ___, I hope you don't get tempted, I'm sorry" or have anyone feel bad about eating something that I can't have. I know it is weird of me, but I am just satisfied with saying no. I have been really good about not feeding into my friends temptations with all of the yummy food that they eat (I am trying to not look at it as yummy anymore because jenny craig food is delish), but I fell into my bad ways last night. I am going to be 100% strict from now on because I have this month to do really well because I am sure December is not going to be a great weight loss month (but I am going to try my best ). Anyway, that is my little rant for the day. I hope you all had a better weight loss than I did - and hopefully I have a better weight loss next week!!!! p.s my weight loss goal for november is 265! I am at 270.2 - almost made my October goal, but not quite - so I hopefully I make this goal all the way and more!!
  8. Woohoo week 3 is done and onto week 4!!! I was happy with my weight loss this week - 3.8 pounds I was a little nervous to weigh in because I hadn't done much exercise this week because my house was broken into while I was home, so I was a little freaked out by going on my usual late night walk. This week I am pulling out the old treadmill and I am going to devote more time this week to exercise - and DRINK MORE WATER!!!!!! That is really important to me because I have always had problems getting all my water in. Anyway; my total weight loss as of now (3 weeks) is 14 pounds ! I hope all of you had a fantastic weight loss this week!!
  9. FaizaYagi

    Week 5

    Another loss! Down 4 pounds this week. I now weigh 248.6 I really surprised myself. I had two days where I had to make big choices so that I could still participate with my co-workers. I made good choices and have been really following through with my work-out goals. I'm not going work-out crazy any means but little by little regaining my endurance. I had an amazingly awesome and cruel dream. I dreamt that when I went to my Jenny centre they took me into their food storage area. Along each aisle were the names of different restaurants. And Jenny had somehow made their own versions of some of the most popular dishes at each restaurant... OMG, if that were the case I'd be even more in Heaven. DROOOOL
  10. FaizaYagi

    Man VS. Food

    I am living vicariously through Adam Richman, the host of the Travel Channel's Man vs. Food... He's in Miami in this repeat episode and he's eating cubans, hot dogs, and a GINORMOUS steak.... drool. I know no one should attempt the portions of these food challenges but oh man, it looks extremely delicious. We had an episode of man vs. food filmed in my hometown Columbus, OH and this show has been my guilty pleasure for quite some time. Following my c-section I was on a strict diet until I could be safely deemed no longer diabetic (I had gestational diabetes). It felt like torture. Now, watching how much food they pile on the plate gives me a stomachache while simultaneously making my mouth water. Portion sizes are so interesting and I'm glad Jenny spends so much time going over the importance of proper portions. In America, we are all about more bang for our buck, excess in every aspect of our lives and full on gluttony. When I was in Niger, I struggled with my American nature. I would often go into town and buy an extreme amount of a certain food and I would enjoy every last bite to myself and sometimes I would wish I had bought more. Then I would go over to my neighbors house and their father would buy a small package of kabob meat. Ten plus people would share the 6 or 7 morsels of coarse meat. And they were so excited! Even if they just got a crumb, they would cherish it until they could get enough money to find another small indulgence. This says a lot about our society and why so many people struggle with obesity. We pass our habits onto our children and they learn from television and their friends, and now more than ever, the internet. It's a hard balance to strike between not depriving our children of making their own minds and trying their own things and also instilling in them good and healthy habits. My daughter is only fifteen months now, but I sincerely hope that all the lessons I am learning now will save her the hurt of feeling bigger than everyone or even of bullying. But for now, I will enjoy watching someone else eating all the deliciousness that our culture has to offer.
  11. FaizaYagi

    Craving Niger

    So, I am REALLY craving Niger (in so many ways). I miss my little village, Kollo, where each night I would go to my neighbors house to eat dinner together. Three to four girls all seated, indian style, around a platter of rice and beans, rice and sauce, or maca(roni) with sauce. Starch, starch, starch ... but I was also walking and biking more than 10km each day. My village was so amazing. I don't miss the litter all over and the human and animal deification on all paths ... I miss the smiling faces as I passed by, surprised that I could greet them back in their native language. I miss the appreciation for being a "big girl"... man was I hot stuff? I miss the little inspection where I "worked". I miss posing three cups of tea with the men and playing cards with the younger boys. I relished my status as an honorary man. As an American I could play both traditional and non-traditional roles which would not be accepted with a Nigerien girl. I miss my dog and hot nights under the infinitely starry sky (and mosquito net). I miss walking to the river just for fun and to watch the fishermen navigate their handmade wooden canoes with such grace that I could never muster on such an unsteady looking vessel. I miss the melody of the call to prayer and the beautiful clothes that the women going to pray each Friday wear. I miss walking with my host sister into town, our goal to find a cold apple flavored soda and homemade beef jerky with a side of millet pancakes and charcoal roasted corn. As I speak, my husband (a Niger native) is cooking a traditional dish made of dried and pounded cassava served with onions, oil, peanut powder and a spicy tomato sauce. I'm craving it soooo bad but I am making myself "weight" until my one month mark to give myself a cheat snack, snack I repeat ... not a whole day. I hope every is having a good week despite maybe having some hard days. Just be patient with yourself and don't get too down on yourself when you are tempted. We are human after all. The photo is during the Muslim holiday known as Tabaski ... it is a celebration 70 days following the period of fasting (Ramadan)
  12. summaryzn

    FOODIE'S Fancy!

    After my first week's consultation the first thing I said to my JCC was OMG I forgot just how much I miss the food. My first breakfast was the Cinnamon Rolls - how the **** could I have quit JC knowing how much I ENJOYED cinnabon and these taste JUST like it. Im not an egg lover so it limits most of my breakfast selection, but that's ok with me bc I LOVE the french toast and the cinnamon rolls and make those my weekend (or mid week) treats. The rest of the week I eat cereal - I like a quick breakfast anyway since I' not a HUGE b'fast person. So far Ive only had one meal I didn't LOVE .. Oh I take it back ... 2.. and again didnt hate them, but didnt LOVE them like the others -- the Thai Curry and the Chocolate Chip Cheesecake. Nothing noteworthy short of the Thai Curry didnt taste like much and the cheesecake was too... I dunno cheesecake-y if that makes sense.. Now the cinnamon twists - HELLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (in the Mrs Doubtfire voice) thats a treat I can look forward to EVERY nite if allowed! LOL... Last night I had the chicken carbonara - thank goodness for the 2 cups of veggies I had or I may have licked the container! LOL... Have I mentioned the asian inspired orange glazed chicken for lunch - holy goodness was that deelish. Im hoping the novelty doesnt wear off too soon as I have really begun to look forward to my meals and hopefully that is enough to keep me going .... and losing OP. Today's lunch is chicken tomatillo and Ive heard good things about it. going to slap a side of steamed broccoli from the Cafe next to it and call it a day. Are you enjoying the meals as well - what's your favorite and what have you eaten ad nauseum.
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