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Members following our Classic program, on average, lose 1-2lbs per week. Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

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Found 6 results

  1. I have very little words to describe how happy I'm to be down 11 pounds. This journey has been difficult, but once I set my mind to do it, it has been very rewarding. Sure it has been hard that I can't go to my favorite cafes and get a tasty pastry and coffee... now I just get the coffee and drink it while I eat a protein bar and walk my baby around the city. Being pregnant wasn't easy for me, gaining 60 pounds was hard and the hardest part is looking at yourself in the mirror and not recognizing your own face. I can say I feel great about taking control of my life again. Having a three month old baby doesn't leave much time for me, but I feel this, Jenny is what I'm doing for myself and I treasure it. Life is good,11 pounds down 30 more to go!
  2. I think I've kinda been in a funk lately. I haven't had much enthusiasm and ambition to really be strict with my diet.... I skipped my weigh in this week because last week I was the same weight as I was the week before and I just wasn't feeling it. I have a lot of food left over this week because I haven't been eating much jenny food or any other food for that matter. Idk what's up with me but I could use some encouragement because I think I'm already at the point of going back to my old bad habits.... :/ Anyone else having a hard time>?!
  3. tap4jennycraig

    Dear Scale: I Am No Longer Mad At You

    When I joined Jenny Craig, I was super excited and I still am, but I stumbled when I should have just read my prior posts. I had two weeks with a weight loss of one pound. Now, it was easy for me to motivate you, but I was so disappointed, I couldn't even blog. I want to thank Dark_Angel who emailed me and asked where I had been. It was then that I realized that I have joined a family and I should blog when I am shaken so I can get my virtual hugs . If you read my last blog, you will see that I had a misfire. My scale said I had lost over five pounds and when I got into the office...What?!?! I had lost ONLY one pound. Now, I should have been glad that I didn't gain any weight because that is a sign that I am doing something right. After all, "Jenny is designed to have you lose 1-2 lbs a week and keep it off." needless to say I am feeling better now and I am still walking with my neighbor and her dog. We even walk at night when she gets home and believe me, that is very hard when it is as cold as it has been in Los Angeles. Yes, I said it is cold in California. Who took our heat? I have learned that as long as I don't gain any weight, it is a good thing and I should not beat up on the scale. After all, it is only the messenger, but the week I lost only a pound, I was as mad as the queen in Alice in Wonderland and almost crossed my arms and said, "Scale! Out with your batteries !! I am calmer now and I am proud to say that I didn't resort to any fast food during my escapade. I did munch out on raw almonds and cheese crackers. That is even a victory because in the old days, I would have cradled a pint of Vanilla Swiss Almond Hagen Daaz like a new born baby as I shoveled it down with a tablespoon, but...I didn't . Almost two months and no fast food, not even today at he potluck when my peers said I should have at least one piece of chicken. And then there was this co-worker who shoved red velvet cake in my face taunting me to eat it. I simply turned to the others in the room and said, "You can always tell where the devil is sitting," and everyone laughed including the temptress. You have to have some fun while you are doing this and keep your eye on your goal. I know that now. I also know that I should not stop blogging because it helps, it really does. Until next time, stay inspired and thank you Dark_Angel for pulling me back into our family P.S. Happy Valentines Day!
  4. summaryzn

    Playing Chicken with the Scale

    Sometimes one of the worst things that could happen is when you get off program here and there and the scale doenst report it... You think you've gotten away with something and then it creeps up on you one shot -- BUSTED! now ur going over your weekly diary tryingto identify what specifically did it - but you're in too deep. What do you do? Get the **** back on program like you mean it. Get back to your week one committment. What ever you do--- don't jump on the runaway train. it's just one week, compared to the previous ones where you've had a good report. Moral - don't think you're fooling anyone but yourself. Own your shortcomings and keep it moving. Update .. I blogged this Sat, Sept 1st via myfitnesspal.com and guess what Im back on the bandwagon and it doesnt feel like such a let down.. It is what it is and Im ok with being human and imperfect...sometimes.
  5. summaryzn

    Attitutde of Gratitude

    Easy to take for granted how much we have to be grateful for. This morning it dawned on me, that while I ***** and moan and whine about my commute it is the ONE thing I can attribute to bringing me CLOSER to fitness. For that I am thankful.. The rest is all a work in progress but maybe this was my sign or just the "forced hand" I needed to save myself. There are tons of things I'm unhappy with in life right now, but as I make the list of things I can or should be happy with and about I can't help but smile - and that feels nice... It feels great actually. Feeling great is something I could get accustomed to. I often wonder about people who seem upbeat and pleasant all the time. I scoff at them and wonder' Is life really that grand'? sorry Im naturally cynical. The answer - "Whether it is or it isn't, they are choosing to approach it as such. Maybe YOU should try it too, Summa!" With a recent birthday comes some 'birth year resolutions'. Choose to be happy and proceed with an attitude of gratitude... Even when things dont appear so great. Way too easy to get sucked into Debbie Downer (and boy have I been trying to shake her from my persona). It's like eating better and exercising - you're hardly ALWAYS in the mood, but eventually it becomes a habit and you do it naturally... I've proven I can create an exercise habit, so I can create a Positive Polly habit, can't I? Now say bye bye debbie!
  6. summaryzn

    Goal: Progression... Not Perfection

    Heard this on Friday afternoon (when I rejoined Jenny) and every day since Ive repeated it to myself a few times a day ... PROGRESSION... NOT PERFECTION It felt profound hearing it but it makes so much sense. It's applicable to anything in your life - weight loss, transitioning in a new job, spiritual walk... the list goes on and on. I'll touch on Weightloss for now... So we are all (mostly) here to improve our lifestyle. Whether it's more exercise, or less calories we have something we are trying to improve in order to achieve our goal(s). Every step in our journey brings us closer to our goal - including the slip ups. One of my friends defined success as "a bunch of small good decisions made over time". Our weightloss journey is very similar. Every day that we follow our program puts us that much closer to the results we are looking for. When we read the blogs and forum posts about 100 pounds down in a year! We all get excited and we all (most of us) want to read how the person did it - and immediately calculate the average monthly/weekly loss to determine if we could have similar results. Yeah dont' pretend you've never done it We all have, some more than others. ... Back to the point... so when we read those stories we should really read the underlying story that over 12 months they kept with a program. On day one, did the successor KNOW they'd be 100 pounds lighter and enjoying their new life? Maybe, maybe not, but for 52 weeks/ 365 days they made small good decisions... Those small decisions made routinely (progression) ... resulted in their success. It wasnt about being perfect every day, but consistently mindful of the goal at hand... Here's to progression, not perfection
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