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Members following our Classic program, on average, lose 1-2lbs per week. Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

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Found 3 results

  1. Everyone. Is. Complaining. OMG. Today, I've had the two primary people in my life both texting me ALL MORNING upset and sad and angry about things. I'm trying hard to focus on an overdue work project, so juggling this is tough. ARRGH! So, I need to shake it off and I'm gonna do a little positivity! 1) MY PANTS DON'T FIT! This is the second day in a row they've been sliding right off of me, lol! So, I will be doing laundry tonight and cleaning up my two pretty sweater dresses that I have, so I can rock them on Thursday and Friday and show off my skinny self! The world is my runway! 2) Once I get this project done, I might get to go home early today! I've been really diligent about clearing out my paperwork the past couple days and taking care of "those nagging tasks." If I get this done before 1pm, and my client meeting at 1pm goes well, I might be on the road going home by 2pm! I plan to do a 30 minute bellydancing workout video, 30 minutes of cleaning and tidying up, and then I'm going to work on writing my novel for a couple hours, interruption-free! That way, when my dogs (and, oh yeah, "that guy I'm married to") get home at 5pm, I can spend time with them and watch a little TV, work on my Artist's Way chapter, and finish the book I'm currently reading. Oh, such a luxurious afternoon! I really hope I get to have it. 3) I had the cranberry chicken salad for lunch today, with a whole egg added for my fat serving. I'm REALLY finding that adding a sliced up egg to things is making them super tasty and filling for me! I usually have some olives or a handful of nuts for my other fat serving, but this egg once a day, thrown onto a sandwich or mixed into the salads, is just, yum, perfect! 4) Things are peaceful at the office today, the people I share the space with are all out and about, running errands, so I have the place to myself and I can sing along with my Google Home and stuff without bugging anybody! OK, back to the grind!
  2. missbumble

    Shopping in the Upstairs Closet

    Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah Warning.. It's a blog - It rambles and weaves.... Thanks for reading... Sorry if I am boring... or redundant. But being thinner is a BIG DEAL! Work up this morning - and my house is a mess and my cold still lingers. Going to start back at gym Tuesday - so decided to stay lazy. Anyhow not sure why but off I went to tackle the thing that I did not have to do - the upstairs closet. (Next up is cleaning house before Xmas party at sisters...) Anyway I decided to go through all of the clothes. Clothes are up there because they are too big or too small. I now have another huge giveaway pile - and an amazing amount of small outfits. (Does that mean I am small? I mean the size large T shirts don't quite fit - but some of the size 12 shorts etc fit - and the size 16s are mostly all too large - and wait for it.. The size 8 Tahari suit jackets that are amazing looking (dear me... where are the pants? oh well) Are on! They don't close - there's a 5 inch gap - but that's the next 20 pounds. That's skinny Sue - Sue at my sister's wedding in the amazing long purple dress Sue. But who is this Sue that i find now and fits into these clothes? Who bought those Michael Kors shorts that still has the tags. I barely remember her - But I will tell you. It was 6 years ago. I had just moved from Atlanta to Boca and road my bike Saturday and Sunday 25-40 miles on A1A with the big boys. Was likely eating too much and going in the wrong direction - as I was riding that much but not shrinking away. I'd rather be this size and maintain or lose weight on Jenny Craig or maintenance so I am not dependent on riding centuries etc to be thin. Anyway I have some amazing clothes - and great T-shirts that now that I see them I have missed being that size. Missed being this size. To get dressed and not worry that you look fat! Ahmazing!!!! OK - Off to clean rest of house - so when I return form Xmas soiree I will feel the beauty of my home/.. and not the mess. Enjoy the day - best of all - No one ever says - man I wish I had eaten more at the Xmas party. So eat less - you will be glad you did. Sue
  3. It has been a day since my weigh in and I have already been put to the test dozen of times since then! I am happy to say that I have still stuck to my jenny craig plan and I must say the barscotti is fantastic! As well as the pumpkin cakes, but I'm sure we all knew they were going to be . Living with a family of 4 is hard, especially when I come from a family that can eat loads of bad, fattening food. Within two days they have managed to have takeout twice, but instead of me drooling over their food, we engaged in a fun conversation about our days while I munched on my favourite Jenny meal, fajitas (yum!). I pulled my favourite sweater out of my closet today and I already noticed a different in the fit, which really motivates me to just stick with it because nothing feels as good as being fit and healthy!
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