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Members following our Classic program, on average, lose 1-2lbs per week. Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

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Found 1 result

  1. summaryzn

    Self Fulfilling Prophecy...

    A wise person once said (and I think Im wise, so I am repeating it :" The way you see yourself is a self -fulfilling prophecy." As frequent dieters ( I use the term loosely), some of us have a way of seeing ourselves as what we were ... not who we are becoming or even who we are.. If we are here, we are people who acknowledge there are improvements we can or should make in our lives as early as NOW.We are people who have at some point abused food or misabused our bodies by lack of nutritious foods, physical activity, etc. While some of us still are having a lot to lose and have the challenge of carrying it around daily, there is no reason to bow our heads in shame when we enter a room or try to make ourselves shrink in the company of "smaller" people because we are FIGHTING. we are trying. Whether a perfect stranger knows or not, WE KNOW our daily struggle, we know our obstacles and more importantly we know our victories. Here, we speak freely of our weight while someof our nearest and dearest friends and families dare not peek while we are weighing (speaking from experience here... Id CUT my husband before I let him know my weight voluntarily)... partly kidding.... Anyway this is a safe place for us so we should begin to pratice our confidence in our haven and transfer it to our daily living. A few weeks ago my younger sister came to visit and I must have been on my usual rant and said something along the lines of "my life will begin when I lose weight". She called me on it this past Saturday and while I don't recall saying it (To her) per se, its in my repertoire ... the fact that she remembered it and brought it up made me realize that is NOT the way to go. Despite her being in her twenties I still think of myself as her role model and if she said something crazy like I wont start living untilI finish school (shes battled weight but manages to drop it in record time every time) Id tell her she was NUTS! I TOO am guilty of being an extremist. Am I oozing self confidence - no, not yet but I do feel a bit more swagger in my step and a little taller stance as I get dressed in the fitness center. My thighs still jiggle and I wont be wearing shorts anytime soon, but I feel good about my progress The weight is coming off in ounces, but Im grateful for the progress. Im happy to know that IM not starving myself or taking diet pills (ive been tempted in the past 4 weeks) but IM getting there. NOt just me, you're getting there too.. IFyou are going through a challenging time and asking yourself Y you arent making progress, ask yourself what am I really working towards, we can ALL make it, we just need to tell ourselves that. No more berating, no more harsh words, no more fat jokes (about ourselves). Let's love ourselves and be kinder and more supportive of our own efforts. Challenge yourself to start each day with a kind word about yourelf. I am beautiful. I am strong, I am a conqueror!
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