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Members following our Classic program, on average, lose 1-2lbs per week. Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

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Found 2 results

  1. Jewel_O

    Heading down the rabbit hole...

    I feel a bit like Alice. I am starting a journey and don't know exactly where it will lead. In the past, I have tried different weight loss programs only to lose my motivation, cheat and give up when I saw no results. I am now at a point in my life where I am done. I am done with disrespecting myself, with not seeing myself as a person valuable enough to put in the effort for. I put others first. I have not been willing to commit the time and funds necessary to myself thinking that it would be selfish to do so. I have not been willing to inconvenience others by putting myself first when I needed to. I am done with all of that. I look at the person in this photo and cringe. Not because I am disgusted with how I look but because I know how I felt in that photo. I felt out of shape, left out, tired, and yes...ugly. I am at a critical time in my life. I am old enough to need to make this change now but young enough to be able to make it. Why am I willing to do the work now? Because my boys, who I love with all I am, are going to be leaving home soon. Right now is the time I have to be active with them and I can't do the activities I want to do because of this weight. I need to be healthy NOW. I am ready to work at it. I am ready to commit to it. I am ready to sacrifice for it. I want to be able to climb the entire rock wall at the gym. I want to be able to hike 5 miles up a mountain and then have the energy for a little dance at the top. I want to complete a half-marathon. I want to be small enough to wear the cute clothes and the high heels. I want to look sexy and healthy. I want my sassy insides to match my sassy outsides. I am committed to doing what it takes each day of this journey. I will eat enough healthy food to fuel my body. I will move my body each day in different, challenging ways. I will journal my feelings instead of covering them up with food. I will reach out to people around me, finding support in places I didn't know I had any. I will choose one new activity to do each month. My first is my first 5K which I will run/walk with family in September. In October, I have signed up for a trail 5K which I will take on by myself trying to beat my previous time. In November, we will be going to the Bahamas and I will wear a swim suit and feel good about myself in it. More to come...
  2. FaizaYagi

    Worth the Dough

    My friend, who is very similar to me, was over visiting this weekend and we got into a bit of discussion about weight struggles. It all started when she weighed herself on my scale and couldn't quite comprehend the number flashing under her toes. She started taking off her shoes, unloading her pockets, anything to match the number from the last time she had weighed herself. I can understand how it feels to just keep see the numbers adding up until you begin to ask yourself how did I get to this point? I don't feel much different but something is different. I told her about starting Jenny but I didn't obviously push anything on her since I know that, like myself, she is a penny pincher on a strict budget. She looked at me accusingly, "isn't that really expensive?" Well, yes, I agree the start up fee did feel a bit expensive where as with your Weight Watchers membership you pay $10 a week (which if anyone who can do simple math, you can clearly see that the $520 a week was more than the startup fee ... I came in on a half off deal, but still) And the food, yes may be expensive but, before Jenny Craig when I would go grocery shopping (which is rare, anyways) I'd spend more than that for not as much food. Also, I went out to eat at for at least one meal each day and that adds up. I was probably spending about $250 a week on food and groceries where as now, I am spending roughly $150 a week. So, I am actually saving money. I don't have to justify myself to anyone because I am happy of the results I've been getting as well as the invaluable information that this website, my consultant, and the reading materials have given me.
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