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Members following our Classic program, on average, lose 1-2lbs per week. Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

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Found 5 results

  1. ljulkes

    First Entry

    Day two of Jenny Craig is winding down to an end. It was challenging at times. Even though I had ate, I wanted to eat more. It was as if I was craving for something. So I had to throw extra willpower to stick to the plan. The food is filling and is planned out for me. So it takes all the guess work out of what I need to do for the day. I've been trying to lose weight for years. So now I recognize I need to take the burden of worrying about food away while I start this weight loss journey. It has helped me to not constantly think about food. Like normal thoughts for me would be "what am I going to eat for the day" "how much should I eat" "I'm eating now, what am I going to eat later." "I'm still hungry maybe I should've ate something different..." Tomorrow will be day 3 and I'm going to incorporate 30 minutes of exercise. Plus a nice soothing bath, using my Lush Bomb. I'm currently 275 pounds. My mini goal is to get out the 270s and my JC goal is 230 to start. My ending goal is 150.
  2. MySon&Me

    First Weigh-In

    It's the start...and an awakening to how bad it really has been. To watch my week one VLOG click here My Son: This morning my son weighed in on our family fit bit scale and I saw a number I have NEVER seen on my son. It broke my heart. I failed him. That is all I could think about is how I created this problem for him and it's my job to fix it before it turns to diabetes or worse. I know people see my obese son and look at me as the "enabler", and maybe I am? I just don't know exactly what I allowed that caused this big of a problem? I didn't want to believe that I helped him to stay overweight, because I have tried so hard to keep sweets out of the house, no soda, I watch what he eats as much as possible. Where did I go wrong? I never wanted to confirm to him that his weight was excessive, in fear that it would hurt him even more emotionally. But now this morning seeing a number so far off base on him, it shocked me! His first weigh in is 144.1 lbs on a 13 year old. According to the CDC growth charts, my son is suppose to be 100 lbs. It's real and it's now my job to change it. Now, I know I really need to stick with JC with Jake. It's not just me anymore wanting to look good, but my son's health is on the line. I wonder how many moms can relate to wanting the best for their child, yet not knowing where exactly I failed or allowed this problem? I hope JC will teach my son, what I haven't--healthy portion sizes. Jake is SUPER excited to be able to pick his menu items! He loves that he can pick a dessert too! Something that was banned from our house in the past. Next week, my son will see success on the scale and he will know he can do this! And Me: First thing I did today was start my new thyroid medication. My energy level was so low and I drank Starbucks constantly and still had no energy. That's when I went to the doctor to get my blood work done. My doctor tested even my vitamin D--everything. We discovered that I was in the "controversial" side of treatment, low but not low enough on the TSH levels. The doctor was hesitant to place me on thyroid meds but I knew that my fatigue was unbearable, so he placed me on a low dose of 25 to start. Since my appointment is in the afternoon, I know the JC scale is going to read a bit higher. Looking for "light" clothes to wear for my first weigh in. My first weigh in was 156.0 lbs. Tell me about your first visit. Were you nervous? Excited?
  3. MySon&Me


    Just made my first appointment for tomorrow. My son and I went to the Santa Clarita, CA Jenny Craig center right as they were closing, so we made appointments and grabbed a two menus to view. My first thoughts..... WOW..how is there birthday cake on the menu !?! I have sworn off sweets and always tell my son to skip sweets or limit to one every now and then as a splurge. Sweets daily, that will be new. CONCERNED...is this going to provide enough protein? The breakfast items look a little slim on the protein, but I felt reassured when I saw that a dietary specialist has reviewed and created the plan. Maybe I will learn what protein, carb, balance we really need? AM I GONNA BE HUNGRY....1200 calories, I don't know if I will be going to bed hungry? My fears... That this time isn't different, that I will fail again and let myself down. Because my son is joining me in the journey, I can't let him down. Normally, when I fail I tell myself that I should accept myself as I am, that I am not really that overweight. Why that excuse won't work now is that I know that there can be unflattering angles on camera and I need to minimize that plus, I desire freedom on wardrobe options. If I don't succeed my son won't. Now thinking about GOALS: My first goal is to see the number 150.0 on the scale. Second goal is to see 145.0 on the scale--10 lbs gone by the 20th of November. What 10 lbs released from my body would be like: It would put me in a size smaller, an 8/6 It would feel good to know that I would look better on camera with my face slimmer. More clothing options would be available to me to wear. For my son, it would help him run faster, build his confidence that he CAN do this! Tomorrow is our first weigh-in day. What are your goals? How will it feel once you get there?
  4. Kristine O

    Day Four and I'm Feeling Good

    Based on other blog posts, day three is tough for a lot of people. I have to say that it was a little tough for me too - but thanks to reading how others managed to make it through, here I am on Day 4 and I'm feeling good. I've discovered that the key for me is having a salad with lunch and dinner. I bought a bunch of convenience cut veggies so its easy to just drop tomatoes, kale, spinach, lettuce, celery, onions, and maybe even some mandarin orange slices into a bowl and out of the kitchen I go - everyone knows the kitchen is not one of my favorite places I know convenience cuts cost more than just buying the veggies themselves, and I hope no one tells my mom about how lazy I am but with my knife skills would she really want me cutting up stuff in the kitchen anyway? lol
  5. BriannaMae1013

    Week 2...CRAVINGS!

    Alrighty Before I start I just want to say thank you to KatTastic for commenting on my first entry. I acutally did break down and bought a bigger size not to long ago, as much as it hurt. Your are most definietly right its going to feel so good not to be able to wear them! Good luck to you and your weightloss success! Now, where was I? Oh yes, cravings! This is week 2 on my Jenny life style and I am finding that I want my old food. I've cheated....twice...gasp I know! I feel so bad about it. But I think I've figured out why. I have a very hectic schedule. Now I know, most of you don't know what thats like (sarcasm anyone?) but I do. I'm working 3rd shift one day, than 1st shift and the next 2nd, I mean its really hard to know when to eat. My consultant says that's my challenge this week, to eat every 3 hours. BUT example 1: I was up all day today and ate my jenny meals. Now I went to bed at 7pm and got up at 9:45 to go into work at 10:30pm. I have to stay up all night tonight and sleep all day tomorrow because I work 3rd and so...do I eat tonight? Do I snack? AHH Has anyone ran into this problem? Its highly frustrating. Also, I get really, really hungry. Like I"m going to literally be sick if I don't eat, which, cough, lead to some cheating, but its usually around dinner time. Has this happened to anyone else. I'm also a bit worried because I might be expecting and if I am I don't want to harm the baby by not eating as many calories. But thats a story for another time. I was just wanting to know if anyone has cravings on here and how do you all deal with them. I like blogging about it because it helps me vent. I need venting, so I don't go into my kitchen and eat all the left overs from the past week. Thats right I'm an emotional eater here. Does it get easier after the 2nd week? My first week went well, only lost 2 lbs though, which was a bit of a let down. BUT ITS 2LBS LIGHTER! I'm needing some pep I guess. I hope everyone is having a better start to their week than me. This post is short and sweet tonight. I need to do some mindless things on the internet, like facebook or tumblr. Have a great rest of the week lovelys! I again am sorry for the bad spelling and poor grammer!
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