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The Most Common Questions Jenny Craig Consultants Get (But Love Answering!)

Your weight loss journey is a physical and emotional experience, and it’s natural to have questions along the way. In more than 35 years of helping people live healthier lives, Jenny Craig consultants have fielded just about every question you can imagine! As a company and as individuals, we pride ourselves on not just providing knowledge, but also delivering compassionate support—often working one-on-one to brainstorm individualized solutions for each client. Here are four of the most common questions we hear in our centers, along with our answers. Have a question not covered here? Ask your consultant. We’re always here for you. Will Jenny Craig work for me? As you know by now, there’s no magic pill for weight loss. We keep things simple and effective by supplying you with a delicious variety of food and providing guidance and support along the way. Independent research has shown that members following our program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week. Our members lose 3X more weight than dieting on their own!* We’ll also support you to get more active, which has both health and weight maintenance benefits. We are here for every member through every step of the weight loss journey – no judgment. Does your food taste like diet food? <br> No! We have delicious foods ranging from Chocolate Lava Cake to Turkey Burgers and was ranked “Best Tasting Diet Food Programs” by NextAdvisor. We recognize that eating delicious food definitely makes the Jenny Craig plan more sustainable and enjoyable for you. That’s why we have more than 40 professional chefs who have a hand at crafting the entrees.  Jenny Craig isn’t sustainable for weight loss. We wish all our members hit their goal and never put the weight back on, but life frequently gets in the way. Jenny Craig has research-proven strategies not just to lose the weight, but we’ll teach you many healthy habits that can last a lifetime.  Weight loss is a journey, not a destination, we always want to be here to support anyone who wants to lose weight. Can I drink wine? <br> While it’s best to avoid alcohol to stay on track with your weight loss, your consultant can give you a range of options or alternatives to meet your needs. Does the food have a lot of sodium? Our planned menus have approximately 2200-2400mg of sodium per day.  We use the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans that recommends reducing dietary sodium to 2300mg per day. If you have a reason to reduce sodium further than the recommendations, please work with your consultant to use the Personalized menu and select the foods lowest in sodium. Are there any new foods coming out? <br> We are always working on expanding our menu so our members have a wide variety of delicious foods to choose from. We currently have more than 100 delicious menu items. We always share this news via email or social media so please continue to follow us to stay updated on new foods!  Can I do the program if I am breastfeeding? <br> Absolutely. Nursing mothers will be advised to follow a modified calorie level based on the child's age and frequency of breastfeeding.  All breastfeeding mothers will need to wait until their baby is 6 weeks old to enroll. When you join or restart the program, your consultant will ensure that you are on an appropriate calorie level so that you and your baby receive the proper nutrition you both need during this special time.  How can I be on the program when I have to cook for my family? This is also a common concern with new clients who haven’t yet realized how easy it is to follow a Jenny Craig weight loss program. Fact: most meals take about 5–10 minutes to prepare, including salads and free foods—so if you can give yourself those few extra minutes to prepare your meal along with the family meal, you’ll be in good shape. If hunger is a problem for you while cooking, try drinking 16 ounces of water and eating a small salad prior to preparing your family’s meal. Then you can eat your entrée with your family! Your consultant will teach you how to enjoy a meal on your own as well as visual portion cues and other Jenny Craig tricks, so you’ll be able to start enjoying the many family-friendly meals in our Online Recipe Library. Your family won’t even know they’re eating healthy! What happens after I reach my goal weight? First, you celebrate a job well done! Your consultant will help you transition to weight loss maintenance. Some clients choose to transition to a Jenny Craig maintenance menu, continuing to meet with their consultant and enjoy the ease of preparing Jenny Craig meals. Others choose to apply the principles they’ve learned during their weight loss journey—visual portion cues, carb and protein balances, free foods, and more—to self-prepared meals. When the time comes, talk with your consultant about which approach feels right for you. What happens if I reach a plateau? Although plateaus don’t happen to everyone, they’re common occurrences for anyone trying to lose weight—and your consultant has lots of strategies to help break through a weight loss plateau. Since a plateau can be caused by a number of factors. Your consultant will work closely with you to determine what might be causing your weight loss to stall. Then you’ll work together to adjust your menu or behaviors…and get you headed in the right direction. How can I make the program work within my tight budget? Discuss your budget limits with your consultant right away. This is a very common question, and there is absolutely no need to be embarrassed about it! Together, you and your consultant can create a customized menu that works for you. Not only will this approach help you save money during your weight loss journey, it will teach you how to eat healthy for life.     *Rock CL, Flatt SW, Karanja N, et al. Effect of a Free Prepared Meal and Incentivized Weight Loss Program on Weight Loss and Weight Loss Maintenance in Obese and Overweight Women—A Randomized Controlled Trial. JAMA. 2010;304(16): 1803-1811.
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Healthy Food Trends that will Dominate 2017

What’s cooking in 2017? We weigh in on these delicious foods that will be making waves in the new year. Some are great ideas for cooking at home or may be a great complement to your next Jenny Craig meal!   Spice it up Eaters are slowing down on the salt and turning up the heat by continuing to be more adventurous in flavors. Anticipate seeing warm and Middle Eastern spices like cardamom, turmeric, sumac and cinnamon making an appearance in more cuisines. Classic Desserts If you’re feeling nostalgic for an oldie (but goodie) dessert, wish no more. Classics that even we have such as s’mores, Apple Crisp and other delicious favorites will be coming back into popularity. Speak to a consultant about what tasty desserts we offer that are just as good as the classics! Smokey flavors The popular cooking techniques of charring and smoking foods will be coming into favor--- and not just for meats. You’re likely to be seeing it with produce, snacks and desserts. Re-inventing vegetables Have you tried spiralizing your zucchini, cooking with cauliflower rice or cooking spaghetti squash? These rising stars in the veggie world are adored because they’re a great option for a healthy base and so adaptable to other flavors. They’re also a fantastic Fresh & Free Addition to many of your Jenny Craig foods as one of our members discovered with her Butternut Ravioli Squash. Greens So long kale! Collards, mustard and even carrot tops are being eaten for their strong nutritional value and vibrant flavors. They’re great steamed and can be a filling addition to your next Jenny Craig meal! Fruit-based ingredients People are loving food with a function, which are foods that have potential health benefits such as coconut milk, apple cider vinegar and avocado oil. Coconut milk is having a significant spike in popularity because it’s not only great for those with lactose intolerance, but can also help improve the immune system of the body. Asian cuisine Asian fast food restaurants sales in the U.S. has grown by 135 percent since 1999 and don’t show signs of slowing. The Kung Pao Beef is even one of the most popular entrees on the Jenny Craig menu and a delicious new Orange Chicken with Vegetable and Brown Rice will be arriving in 2017. Other Asian dishes such as pho and ramen are staples in certain Asian cultures and significantly on the rise in the U.S.  
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Our Most Popular Jenny Craig Dishes You’ll Adore

Did you know that more than 40 professional chefs have a hand in creating our Jenny Craig meals? Being serious about losing weight doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the foods you love. At Jenny Craig we have more than 100 meals and snacks items, where 40 chefs make all the difference. We’ve recently compiled a list of our most popular foods that consistently win among our members. We do encourage you to stick to your preplanned menu to help improve your weight loss potential, as you have discussed with your personal consultant. Breakfast Cinnamon Rolls Breakfast Scramble Cranberry Almond Barscotti Egg, Cheese & Turkey Sausage Burrito Entrees Kung Pao Beef Turkey Burger Chicken Fettuccine Chicken Pot Pie Loaded Baked Potato Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich Desserts Lemon Cake Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Apple Crisp Chocolate Lava Cake Vanilla Buttercream Cupcake    
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6 Mindful Eating Tips & Practices for Weight Loss

We’re all familiar with stopping to smell the roses, but when was the last time you put it into practice? Mindfulness is the act of slowing down, being attentive and aware to the here and now. Applying the habit of mindfulness when eating is a positive skill that we at Jenny Craig encourage all the time because it enables you to savor your meal and eat the right amount of food.  <br> We understand that a full schedule can derail healthy eating habits, especially when the norm is to eat quickly and move onto the next thing in your day. However, giving yourself the gift of mindful eating will renew your pleasure in eating and reframe your relationship with food as you learn how to tune into your body’s nutritional needs.  <br> Mindful eating doesn’ t have to be an all or nothing act. Just making small steps will help encourage positive habits. Here are six tips to help with mindful eating:    <br>1. Start with a peaceful environment    Eliminating distraction is key to mindful eating. If you are at home, turn off the TV and instead listen to music. If you are at work, leave your desk and find a quieter place to eat. Dine away from your computer to focus on your food.  <br>2. Take the time to plate your Jenny Craig meal <br> Thoughtfully arrange it next to a serving of vibrantly colored vegetables and enjoy how appealing it all looks together. <br>3. Breathe <br> Close your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath before you take your first bite noticing the aroma of your food. <br>4. Acknowledge the flavors <br> Take a bite and chew slowly to savor the flavors and textures. <br>5. Slow your rate…know your state <br> Pause in between bites, to check in with your physical hunger cues. Experiment with putting your fork down between bites, or taking a sip of water. This allows you the time to recognize the subtle transition from “ready to eat” to “ate just enough.” <br>6. Stop when you’re feeling satisfied <br> When you have reached a satiated point, put your fork down, fold your napkin on your plate -  acknowledging you are nourished and fully satisfied -  and mindfully move on with your day. <br> Mindfulness is a powerful tool that can not only help you reach your weight loss goals, but also appreciate the little things in life! Go ahead, and slow it down and add some mindfulness into your life.  <br>  
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6 Tips for Re-training Your Mind for Your Healthiest Year Yet

Put your best foot forward with an optimistic mindset to help you make this year your best yet!   Leading the new year with a positive and optimistic mindset, will make you more motivated to accomplish your goals! Re-train your brain to make positive choices, workout more, and break bad habits, so you can look and feel your very best. Here are 6 tips to jumpstart your training. Be mindful Practice the idea of positive affirmations and think positive. Write and say out loud your goals for a healthier lifestyle. Say when you will go to the gym and what you will (instead of not) eat for lunch. Be positive and look at the bright things in your life. Thinking about the positives instead of the negatives on a daily basis will help make you feel better and happier overall. Surround yourself Unhealthy influences can cause you to restart those bad habits. Surround yourself with people who support you and your goals. Your Jenny Craig consultant can also support you on healthier alternatives and meal planning to help you toward a weight loss goal. You can also visit the Community for inspiration and motivation from fellow Jenny Craig members. And instead of following unhealthy restaurants on social media, take time to absorb information about health, fitness and nutrition from a website, or subscribe to a fitness magazine to learn fresh workout tips. Meditate Whether it’s first thing in the morning with the sun streaming through your windows or it’s at a yoga class after work, take a few minutes to meditate every single day. Meditation is proven to lower your blood pressure, reduce stress and clear your mind and improve your immune system, while connecting and healing your mind and body. Pick and choose Happy hour or a jog around the park? You know which one is definitely healthier for you. Retrain your mind to make healthy choices. Instead of eating out with your partner or friend on Friday night, try going ice skating together. It’s okay to suggest to the friend who only wants to eat junk food and watch a movie that you two should grab tea and go for walk. Fill your kitchen with healthier snack alternatives, so when you’re on-the-go, you can make the choice to eat a handful of veggies, rather than hitting the drive-thru. Make it a game The key to re-training your mind is to exercise it. We know it seems counterintuitive to sit in front of a computer to play a memory game, but doing just that for only a few minutes a day can actually help you make healthier choices throughout your day. Memory games improve your ability to concentrate and choose the better option, like picking an apple over a bag of potato chips in the afternoon.  Exercise your willpower Exercising 30-minutes of day can actually re-train your mind. Researchers now know that the same chemicals that are released when you get moving, like dopamine and serotonin, are directly linked to creating positive thoughts when you exercise. So not only are you building muscle while in a cardio class, but you’re also creating new nerve cells and boosting production of neurons that say working out is fun!
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A Newbie’s Guide to Jenny Craig – What to expect and why you’ll love it!

Committing to getting healthy and losing weight can be no easy task, and we’re glad you’re here to do it with us. Jenny Craig is proven to be an effective weight loss program, and we know our combination of dedicated, personal support and nutritious (and delicious) full meals can help you reach your goal.   What you Can Expect  <br> When you walk into a Jenny Craig center for the first time, you’re walking into a warm, comfortable, judgment-free place. First, your consultant will explain the program and answer all of your questions while getting to know you. Jenny Craig isn’t a one-size-fits-all program, so you’ll work with your consultant to customize a plan for success! Together, you’ll develop a two-sided commitment that keeps you and your consultant accountable to each other. You’ll then complete your profile by recording your height and weight. You and your consultant will review the Jenny Craig menu and discover all the delicious food you get to eat. No foods are off-limits. Your consultant will keep track of your success with weekly support, weigh-ins and teach you how to self-monitor. <br>Eat your favorite foods <br> Being serious about losing weight doesn’t mean you have to give up enjoying the foods you love.  <br> At Jenny Craig, we’ve always known that the better the food, the more satisfied you’ll feel. That’s why we work with over 40 professional chefs to create a menu that will never leave you feeling like you’re missing out. Our chefs demand quality ingredients and use state of the art cooking techniques to bring you home-style classics you’ll love, as well as exciting dishes from around the world.  <br>Why it Matters  <br> As a member of Jenny Craig, you’re gaining access to personal one-on-one support. We’ll help you navigate challenges and celebrate your weight loss wins with your very own dedicated consultant who is devoted to encouraging you every step of the way. Because many of our 2,000+ trained professionals are former members, they understand what you’re going through, be it holiday treat temptations, busy back-to-school schedules, or a temporary weight loss plateau. Together, you’ll discover ways to stay on track and help you reach your health goals. Plus, we make it convenient to connect. You can visit one of over 500 Jenny Craig centers nationwide, or if you don’t live near a center, you can cozy up on the couch to make a weekly weight loss plan with your personal consultant via phone or video chat.   Feel like your best self <br> Success takes effort, but it’s worth it. You’re worth it. As a member of Jenny Craig, you’ll not just lose weight, but create a healthy relationship with food, build an active lifestyle and create a more balanced, healthy approach to life. The reward is sweet, because you’ll finally feel like your best self. 
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To Splurge or Not?

Whether a splurge is planned in advance or comes up unexpectedly, you can eliminate guilt or prevent a potential lapse by taking control of your choices. Enter the splurge of choice in your planner or tracker. Aim for 250 calories or less. Then, if you choose, you can offset the extra calories from a splurge by increasing your physical activity.   Use the chart below to see how much exercise it takes to make up for your splurge. This could even motivate you to change your decision on whether to splurge or not to splurge.   Foods That Contain <br> ~250 calories Activities Time it Takes to <br> Burn ~250 <br> Calories <br> (150 lb person) Time it Takes to <br> Burn ~250 <br> Calories <br> (200 lb person) Snacks/Desserts       Brownie (2 1/2” square <br> unfrosted) Aerobic dance <br> (moderate) 30 minutes 25 minutes Chicken Nuggets (6) Bicycling (5.5 mph) 50 minutes 40 minutes Cookies (4 small) Dancing (casual) 1 hour, 10 minutes 50 minutes Corn Chips (2 oz or 12) <br> & Salsa (1/4 cup) Gardening 40 minutes 30 minutes Crab Cakes (2) Housework 1 hour, 10 minutes 50 minutes Frozen Yogurt (1 cup) Kayaking 40 minutes 30 minutes Glazed Donut (1) Mowing the <br> lawn/Yardwork 40 minutes 30 minutes Light Ice Cream (1 cup) Playing basketball 40 minutes 30 minutes Single Scoop Ice Cream <br> Cone Playing softball 40 minutes 30 minutes Slice of Apple Pie (1/6 <br> pie) Playing golf, no cart 50 minutes 40 minutes Small French Fries Playing tennis (singles) 30 minutes 20 minutes Soft Taco (1 small, meat <br> & cheese) Rowing machine <br> (moderate) 30 minutes 20 minutes Beverages       Champagne 2 (4 oz) <br> Glasses Running (5 mph) 30 minutes 20 minutes Frozen Margarita (6 oz) Skating/Rollerblading 20 minutes 15 minutes Light Beer 2 (12 oz) <br> Glasses Stair stepping 30 minutes 20 minutes Martini (4 oz) Stretching/Yoga 1 hour, 20 minutes 1 hour Soda, medium (21 oz) Swimming (casual) 30 minutes 25 minutes Tall Nonfat Mocha w/ <br> Whipped Cream Walking (3 <br> mph/moderate pace) 1 hour, 10 minutes 50 minutes Wine 2 (5 oz) Glasses Weight Training <br> (normal) 1 hour, 10 minutes 50 minutes Source: The American Council on Exercise. Available at: Accessed May 21, 2013.   Gain control of your splurges and stay focused on long-term success.  
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Benefits of Meal Planning For Weight Loss

For many of us, eating away from home is just a reality of our busy schedules. Your weekly meal plan can be adjusted to fit changes in your lifestyle such as work or travel. Not only can having a plan can help you stay on track with your weight loss goals and healthy eating habits, it can also save you money.   Meal Planning At work Plan the night before and have your meals and snacks packed and ready to grab on your way out the door. Reward yourself for making the effort to plan ahead by buying a new, fashionable lunch pack. Clean and cut veggies in advance for your salad and snacks. Make “overnight oatmeal”. Place uncooked oats, a few walnuts and a pinch of cinnamon in a jar and add just enough nonfat milk or water to cover. Then, put it in the refrigerator. In the morning at work all you will need to do is heat it up and top with fresh fruit for an energizing breakfast.   Meal Planning On-the-go, vacation, traveling Pack a cooler full of satisfying and healthy snacks such as apples, grapes, carrot sticks, nonfat yogurt and Jenny Craig snacks. On long road trips, stop every few hours for an exercise break to clear your mind and boost your metabolism. Plan a side trip to a state park for a quick hike. When the fast food drive-through is your only option in sight, choose kids size meals or ask for your burger protein-style (without a bun). Look for healthy foods at the convenient store. Scan the aisles for fresh fruit, low-fat cheese and cottage cheese, whole-grain sandwiches, low-sodium vegetable juice, unsweetened tea, and sparkling waters. At the airport, walk around the terminal while waiting for your flight. Wear a pedometer and set a goal of a minimum number of steps. Plan ahead to stay fit and pack resistance bands in your suitcase or look online to check if your hotel has a gym. Make time for a walking tour that your destination offers.   No matter where your busy schedule takes you, planning ahead can help you stay on track. Think of tomorrow or the week ahead, and take the time to prepare and plan with your weight loss goals in mind.     1. Flood JE, Rolls BJ. Appetite. 2007;49:626-634.    
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10 Reasons to Invest in Your Health & Wellness

It seems we’re always prioritizing just about everything and everyone over ourselves. Your kids, parents, significant other, job, and even your dog somehow always come first. But it’s important to remember your well-being is just as important and should be your priority, so that you can be the very best version of yourself. Mother, daughter, professional, spouse, volunteer — whatever the role — make time for yourself first, and you can better serve yourself and others.   Here are 10 reasons to invest in yourself and make your health and weight loss a priority:    1. Find more energy <br> As you lose weight and become more active, you’ll find increasing energy to do the things you enjoy most, like shopping, golfing, or walking and chatting with girlfriends.   2. Develop good habits <br> Learn how to eat healthy and turn bad habits into good ones with Jenny Craig. Soon, these new lifestyle changes will become routine, making you a healthier, happier person.   3. Stay active with your kids <br> Are your kids running circles around you? It’s time to finally begin keeping up with them. They’ll be surprised when you volunteer to go on a hike or a bike ride with them instead of staying behind at home.   4. Set a good example <br> Everyone you usually put ahead of yourself will begin to follow your lead. Your husband, mom, kids, and friends will inevitably be inspired by your success.   5. Tangible rewards <br> As you track measurements and weight loss with a Jenny Craig consultant, you’ll start to see real results that have tangible rewards. Be sure to pamper yourself with manicures, new workout gear, and fun makeup.   6. Simplify your meal planning <br> Easily plan your weekly menu by ordering from Jenny’s Cuisine®. You’ll spend less time cooking in the kitchen and more time doing your favorite activities with your family.   7. Challenge yourself <br> Try something new, whether it’s a new vegetable or fruit, or a new group exercise class at the gym. You may find something you like!   8. Fit into a new wardrobe <br> You’ll start to notice your clothes just don’t fit anymore, and that’s a good problem to have as you lose weight with Jenny Craig*. Reward yourself with a new wardrobe. Try a new color of blouse or a different fit of jeans to show off your progress.   9. Find support <br> Along your weight loss journey, you will find support in new places. Perhaps you’ll meet a new friend at the gym, or your personal weight loss consultant can offer you words of encouragement you won’t hear anywhere else.   10. You’re worth it <br> The best reason of all? You’re worth it. Investing in yourself and losing weight will ultimately boost your self-esteem and mood. You deserve to feel good!   How to Make Time for You Plan for Regular Self-Care: Schedule the time into your day to relax, and rejuvenate into your day and fit in other obligations around this standing appointment with yourself. Spend at least 15 minutes per day doing something that helps relieve stress. It can be as simple as taking a 15-minute"power nap", reading a book for pleasure or even flipping through your favorite magazine.   Simplify Your Life: Learn to let go of the unimportant. When you sit down to make a list of the things that need to get done, take a closer look. Are there items on that list that you can eliminate (are nice to do, but don't need to be done), delegate (need to be done, but someone else can handle it) or scale down (need to be done, but not on such a grand and time-consuming level)? If so, make the appropriate adjustments and create more"you time" in your day.  
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10 Simple Ways to Burn 100 Calories

We all know we should be making time for exercise—it’s essential for the maintenance of a healthy body, and an important part of any successful weight loss journey. But for those days when there just don’t seem to be enough hours, it’s nice to know that there are lots of ways to sneak in a quick calorie-burn session… and many of them don’t feel like working out at all. Here are 10 of our favorites. Please note that the activity times listed below are based on a 40-year-old woman who is 5’5” and 160 pounds. Calculate your exact times here!   Wash the car. Just 30 minutes with the bucket, sponge and hose will burn 100 calories AND get you outside. Retail therapy. Spend 35 minutes walking and window shopping—less if you’re trying on a bunch of stuff! Go play. Whether you’re throwing a Frisbee or playing tag, 25 minutes outside with the kids is good for you. Sweat it out. Spend a steamy 15 minutes or so in the sauna, and you’ll literally melt the calories right off. Walk the dog. Nobody loves to help you exercise more than your dog. 25 minutes will make you both happy! Do the dishes. Sure, you can do a LOT of dishes in 40 minutes. But burning extra calories is an excellent reason to volunteer for dish duty after your next dinner party! Gardening. Attention green thumbs: just 20 minutes of weed-pulling will get to the 100-calorie mark. Dance. Put on your favorite jam and shake your stuff for 15 minutes—it’s fun, and nobody’s watching! Take the stairs. Next time, hold the elevator! About 15 minutes of stair climbing will burn 100 calories. Get more giggles. According to a study at Vanderbilt University, the average adult burns 1.3 calories per minute with hearty laughter. Of course, you’d have to laugh for 15 minutes straight to burn off just two little Hershey’s kisses—but if a few belly laughs can make your belly even a tiny bit smaller, why not?  

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