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    Thought I would start a blog entry of my favorites and not so favorites.. to help me remember during my weak moments at JC center when I think I should l mix it up. willl edit this and update. Keep in mind what I like - you may hate and vice-versa... Work in Progress Favorties 1. JC French Toast 2. Chocolate Lava Cake 3. Frozen Cookie Dough Anytime Bar 4. JC Vanilla Shake to use in shakes or for coffee creamer 5. JC Loaded Baked Potato for lunch 6. October - JC Pumpkin Loaf (When they come in -you need to stock up as they run out... and then you wait a year!!) 7. Italian Style Pasta bake or Lasagna on top of spiralized zucchini, onions and mushrooms Honorable Mention 1. Cheeseburger Not great - But I eat them and they serve a purpose 1. Chicken Salad Kit - Helpful if at airport and tempted to eat dinner out 2. Barscotti - Low cal and is good for breakfast on the road when paired with a fruit Not My favorites.....I can avoid 1. New Chicken Pot Pie 2. Turkey Burger Best Volumizer 1. Zucchini with spiralizer form bed bath and Beyond 2. Cauliflower rice - filling and when added to other sauteed veggies is good Non JC Food I incoporate as Meal On My own (MOMOs) or as substitutes... 1. Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk 2. Breakfast: Using egg whites form a carton I purchase... Omelettes or scrambles with veggies and a level tbsp or tow of Parmesan on Thomas Lite English Muffin 3. Kodiak Protein Packed pancake mix from Target or similar store. Just add water 190 calories and they make easy, great pancakes 4. Breakfast on Golf Course: Cliff Bar - White Macadamian Nut - Breakfast out - 260 calories.. good if need calories Things to Avoid to help weight loss 1. Too many veggies... (I love them alot) 2. Wine too often - every few days ok (better to skip for weight loss). Every night at dinner is too much,
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    Day two of Jenny Craig is winding down to an end. It was challenging at times. Even though I had ate, I wanted to eat more. It was as if I was craving for something. So I had to throw extra willpower to stick to the plan. The food is filling and is planned out for me. So it takes all the guess work out of what I need to do for the day. I've been trying to lose weight for years. So now I recognize I need to take the burden of worrying about food away while I start this weight loss journey. It has helped me to not constantly think about food. Like normal thoughts for me would be "what am I going to eat for the day" "how much should I eat" "I'm eating now, what am I going to eat later." "I'm still hungry maybe I should've ate something different..." Tomorrow will be day 3 and I'm going to incorporate 30 minutes of exercise. Plus a nice soothing bath, using my Lush Bomb. I'm currently 275 pounds. My mini goal is to get out the 270s and my JC goal is 230 to start. My ending goal is 150.
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    So here I am, sitting in my study in front of two ten feet over-sized windows. The window's true beauty is not its size, simple oak or oblong bronze hardware all the way from South Africa, it is actually how it captures the sun and pushes it through the pane. For a moment, the ray makes me forget that I've been perched between two internal translucent lingering fixtures in my life: a fear of failing and a dark cloak of anxiety. Before starting the day and setting to write my meal plan down I decided to take several deep breaths and pray to cling on to the good in everything around me.Why not. . . Finally, I decide that there's much to see and do and get the day started. Today, I decide that the main thing that is brightly shining in my life is that I am starting a diet that may allow me to slip away from what has kept me divided from being healthier and happier for over a decade. "Could it finally be here, are things going to change for the better" I ask patiently? Without answering, I determine that I am just so glad that it is here and that I made this step: finally. It feels like greeting a familiar friend after several years or getting a package that's taken so long to arrive at your front door. It just feels good-- This is more than a diet . . . it's a new beginning for me. I know I can do this. I'm 190 and 5'4. I have too. I am not dreaming this is real. Thought to hold on today: "I never new the sun could shine on one pink flower and feel that warm through all that glass"
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    So every day I discard, giveaway or put in the upstairs closets outfits that are too big. It's an adventure. So after my workout class - I basically am likely in for the day... Anyway I felt like I was putting on a costume. 1) wear clothes that are just so small.... 2) wear eye liner etc.. mean I am at home today literally working at computer. So anyway - with no further ado.. I bring you BadA$$ sue with a message of peace. Oh and today I am in solidarity with @Crayola64we are not eating mindlessly between our meals.. no extra veggies for me.... no snacking endlessly - today it is planned and it will happen - I will get to eat! Just not while cooking my meals. So I dressed up today and will have fun looking like a thin person.. who knows maybe Mr right will come to my door? Or i will be meet him somewhere? And lets put this in perspective of where I have been.... High School ( Boarding School - all girls) graduation picture... A sad sad day - who tells a severely overweight kid to wear white?? that is actually cruel. Maybe I should write a letter to the school...
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    So one of my favorite stores is Dress Barn... I grew up in a family that would only shop in Bloomingdales.. so this is quite a controversial move.. but I just love the dresses and clothes that I think thin people wear!!! I have a pair of their Signature Fit shorts on now So I picked out a ridiculous dress, in a ridiculous size... and wore it to see my client in Houston yesterday. So without further ado....
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    So for the past 22 weeks (maybe 23) I have been going mostly on Saturdays to Jenny Craig to see Madeline and weigh in and say hello. Periodically I have had them take my picture. Today's post-golf shot is below. Happy to be losing. l Lets see what it looks like at Goal in about 15 pounds or so,.
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    Hello Jenny my old friend I've come to see you once again I love my family and I love my life But in my weight I have encountered strife And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains It is to go to Jenny Now I don't have to go alone I have support right on my phone I read the forums and I check the blog And maybe someday I can start to jog My hunger pains are more than satisfied Don't feel denied With all the food from Jenny Thanks Jenny Craig!
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    Well then you have to decide. Are you willing to trade what you want most for what you want now? You've worked all this time, you've had great success, it's been easier than before. It's been less tedious than before (logging every bite...ugh) So today was the first day of state-mandated testing- yes. You got through it, yes. You got some really good news, check. And now you think it should be party time? You want to reward yourself for the stress and celebrate the good news? You can do that. It is not your planned cheat time. The question is..can you be okay taking some breaths, enjoying your feet up, and having some water? Make a cup of decaf and relish it. Right now is a deciding moment. Think back to that day by the pool. Your thighs were jiggling, stuck together and you felt embarrassed, old, and slow. You walked slowly to prevent any other jiggles. And I"m sure the slow walking made you look even less vibrant. You don't have to be a perfect model. You never have been, and you never will be, and that is okay. Are you living your best life now? What is the best version of you? The one wanting to hide and wear a mu mu, or the one that feels vibrant and alive? Three months from now, you won't remember this day, this feeling. Three months from today is July 13. Summer will be in full swing. People will be gathering at pools, wearing shorts and flip flops. You might go out on a boat, or to the beach. You want it. I know you want it. You want to be YOUR BEST YOU. So shut up your whining, drink some water have some free veggies and keep the focus on what you want MOST. The binge will last for about 30 minutes tops. It will be followed by guilt, bargaining, trying to figure out how to "take it back." Don't go there. You've got this. Meditate, take a walk, snuggle with the cat. Be thankful for this beautiful life, this beautiful season and this simple way to get more healthy. Be true to you. Be faithful to you. Do this for you.
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    Today I visited jenny Craig center to say hi and hit Marshalls. Looking for a white t-shirt. Did not find it, but found some nice Size 6 Calvin Klien shorts and beautiful sexy shirts for work and fun. As I was shopping I was thinking.. So you are going to spend this money on clothes... and what stay this weight? The answer was yea I am!! Yes we can So maintenance is tough - I love food! But Jenny Craig is here for me - and I believe I will do this ... one day at a time .. just keep on keeping on. So I picked up some food at the center and told them I was going to stay connected every single week for the next year. Really for a lot longer. But you know, this works for me. Jenny Craig works. Maintenance is a work in progress. Figuring out the right level of exercise and food to sustain me. So if you haven't figured out by know I am a huge Jenny Craig fan!! It's hard - we may not always want to eat smaller portions or something - whereas other times we may think its the best thing ever (Chocolate Lava Cake, Florentine Breakfast Pizzas and my new favorite the Chocolate cheese cake...) On maintenance I get meals on my own (soon as my stove gets fixed!!! Tuesday yay!) and have Jenny as needed/desired. So it really is a great program especially for me and my travel schedule. Anyway I am meandering.. but it just hit me as I was shopping. It's ok to buy size 6 or so outfits... I will be this size next year. So forurm friends - Lets do this together. All be here one year from now! Who's with me???
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    Had a great weekend with a friend in Savannah! I bought a colorful shirt and was pretty shocked it wasn't black! So happy with jenny Craig and my life because of this way of life!!
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    Yippeee.... So I am trying to get to goal... and now it is .8 lbs away. I lost 2.4 lbs this week. Ok so I lost 0 last week - but even 1.2 lbs per week this close to goal is very exciting! Jenny Craig is an awesome plan!!! If you are considering it - Just do it. If you have lapsed.... so...come on back!! You got this! Chocolate Lava cake awaits. I have been working out at a gym I adore (Orange Theory Fitness). (Note: You don't have to workout to be on Jenny - Physical Activity helps!!! And it's great for you - but most of my issue is around food and well I was pretty out of shape so I'd like to get in shape... ) The concept is - you go for an hour and get cardio and weights in with a coach telling you when to run at Base pace, when to push it up and when to run all out (or walk, or bike, or elliptical). Then I do weights or squats or rower - more exercises they lead you through. The people are great - and I look forward to it. This week twice I went twice a day. It kept me from snacking on veggies before my meals (somewhat) also kept me away form a bar drinking a glass of wine or two for happy hour - hence the reason I went twice. It helps that I am in a weight loss competition at the gym that ends in 1 week or 2. I can't possibly win - but I wanted to be supportive.. and hitting my goal would be a win in my book. I am always looking to meet new people - working form home makes it a bit hard. So this helps as well. Anyway - So excited to lose weight and be near goal. I am thinking of entering the JC contest - need to get a good picture of me and my consultant. We took one today - but it's boring. I think I will wear a dress, get hair done etc. Anyway - here I am at the center (after golf). Behind me is my consultant's office. I know all the consultant's there - and we have fun every time I go in to visit/// Its like my own fan club, My mom also goes to Jenny... So they know my family - and are proud of my mom (as am I).
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    Medusa: This is boring. Me: Yup, it can be boring. It's also boring to sit on the sidelines and not dance because I'm worried about my jiggle. It's boring to not participate because I'm self-conscious. It's boring to wear the same old bulky clothing that fits rather than all the cute stuff in the closet. Oh my goodness is it boring to wake up every-single-morning and think about my weight, and my discomfort, yet not do a thing to change these circumstances. "A spectacular achievement is always preceded by boring preparation." Famous Athletes- they start out excellent in their sport, and they practice, practice, practice. How many practice pitches has NY Yankee pitcher Tanaka thrown? Musicians- How many hours a day does Yo-Yo Ma practice? How many other things in his life did he miss because he was committed to boring practice? Writers- They all say that the first draft is garbage. The magic comes in staring at the computer screen for hours, continuing to sit through the writer's block, and just write something down. It can feel tedious and never-ending. A kid learning to ride a bike- how much effort went into getting on the bike and riding smoothly? How long did a parent hold the seat and jog beside the child? How many times did the child fall down, get hurt, and get brave enough to get back on the bike? If this was easy, everyone would do it. Everyone would be thin. Everyone would be wearing bikinis. If this was easy, there wouldn't be thousands of diets out there. I've got to do what others will not so that I can have what others will not. Following this plan PLUS time = Success. It's that simple. Follow the plan. Quit your whining and attitude of self-defeat. We are most proud of the things that are difficult, require attention, patience, dedication, and yes...all the boring preparation.
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    Good morning, I can not beleive how 20 pounds lost can effect me so much.I have lots more energy. Yesterday I was cleaning and organizing the whole house. My fit bit hit an all time high of 23,040..That's crazy.. People are noticing that my daughter and I are losing weight ...it feels so good..
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    April 9th, 2019 - I made the appointment at Jenny Craig. I had been feeling lost this past 4 plus months. My weight had been creeping up. It started around Thanksgiving, and by the end of February - It was up a good 10 pounds, and by the end of March .... 15. IKES. I can pin point one specific thing ..... but the less obscure thing was the fact that I went Vegan in October. At first with great success ..... feeling fabulous, curing constipation, eating lots of veggies, fruit, beans and legumes, and whole grains. But by Thanksgiving - I found myself adding more and more JUNK food (Vegan no doubt - HA! But JUNK). I would falter back and forth from eating really "clean" to "clean" plus JUNK. As the winter marched onward - I was eating more "Vegetarian", as milk products kept finding a way in - PLUS the bouts with JUNK. UGGG. My weight was marching upward all this time. Finally, the first weekend in April - I knew this "Vegan" quest was undoing me. Maybe it works for "Rip Esselstyn" but I wasn't able to master it in Maintenance. LESSON #1 - If something ISN"T working ........ STOP IT! No matter how "righteous" it sounds!!!!!! I suddenly realized I needed to GET BACK TO JENNY and reinforce some of the things I had previously learned. I stewed about it all of Sunday night, because of the "Cons". The Cons to me are: COST. PRIDE - In thinking, I knew what to do on my own, if I could just muster up a plan. and INCONVENIENCE of the 90 minute drive to my center. COST is by for the biggest Con. But I reminded myself it can be my biggest .... PRO. Because if I'm going to make this type of investment, I am motivated beyond belief to not WASTE the money by playing around with it!!!! By Monday morning I picked up the phone and made an appointment. BEST DECISION EVER. The center was quiet, so Amber spent an hour with me, really talking through how this happened. I left knowing, there is no shame in saying - This is a life long Journey for me - but I have the BEST solution for ME, and I will keep working on this, for AS LONG AS IT TAKES. LESSON #2. I need Exercise. At my age - it's just an equally important component to my health, as what I eat. My journey over the past few years hasn't really included exercise. I walked, in season (warm that is!), but other than that haven't ever exercised. This go around Amber raised her eyebrows, when I said "I'll walk 30 minutes" LESSON #3. I need much more accountability and training from my JCC in Maintenance. I really didn't get it the first time around. I can't blame them. I didn't really ask enough questions, and I am the kind of person who pushes the program away at Maintenance. This time I won't. Amber reminded me to SELF ADVOCATE - set up an hour appointment to learn the maintenance JC plan - then to GET TO THE CENTER every week while I'm learning it, just like I did when I was first learning in the very very very beginning when I found JC!!! And .... to follow the Maintenance as outlined ..... EXACTLY. Just like I did in following my JC meal program. So - Hear I go. I'm so thankful I have J.C. - It really has been my path to a healthier me. I'm not done, and I won't quit. But I'm in a much better place than I was a few years ago when I first started! The Journey continues!!!!!
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    Hey Guys - Just thought I would write a quick post. I am having a blast dating this man I met. He lives in Maryland and buying a home in Texas... So sort of a traveler. He is 62 (I'm 55) and he is retired and we met here in Florida - and he asked me for Date #1 (weekend in Austin and San Antonio... and Date 2 Thursday - Monday in Playa Del Carmen. SO grateful to have the weight off for these summer trips - bathing suits and the like. I just go do stuff and love to look good - and when I don't (extra skin crepy skin, wrinkles) I don't obsess. Easy to do when you are thinner - hard to be ok with that and extra weigh running around in a suit. For me anyway. So, we flew down together form Ft Lauderdale and then had a ride to the hotel - checked in and hit the beach... The resort was very nice - we had a gorgeous master bedroom, guest room (me) 2 bathrooms, kitchen, liv room, jacuzzi... and for the last 2 days we had a spectacular view of the ocean. Next day I awake at like 4:30 and get dressed for snorkeling. We were going to meet a private guide at 7:10 and I did not realize what time it was. So there I was already at like 5:15 am. whoops. I woke Greg up and said c'mon. He thought I was adorable.... Anyhoo.. eventually we went to meet Eddie. Well, somehow we screwed that up - and did not book Eddie. So we schedule him for Sunday and decided on Plan B. We went running like 5 miles.. explored a nearby local beach and then went back to the pool. Had amazing Shrimp ceviche and fattening banana chips with Green tomatillo sauce (and drinks - ill spare you the details). That night we went to 5th Ave - lots of local shops, fun music, performers. We had a drink at a great spot and then dinner at an Italian place. Then music at the bar. What an amazing day. Next day, we went on a Catamaran trip with snorkeling, drinking, lunch etc. Phenomenal. Then the pool for the rest of the day (back to shrimp ceviche.. Yum!!). That night we went to a restaurant that was amazing!!!! At least atmosphere was unbelievably special and the food was good... not as good as say the to NY Chefs..but good.. and pretty.
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    Hey everyone - just a low key Saturday - Sure I walked 12 miles that was a tad strange but it was fun... (...LOL). And wanted to post a picture to say it's not just a normal day. Normal for me was gaining weight, being heavy and wishing I could go on a diet. So just checking in - and pretty sure people are sick of all my diatribes on the forum posts. I figure this is my section.. so I can be as vain or boring as I want here .No? Anyway - Off I go to JC today, Trying to not buy expensive entrees and transition more to MOMOs. (LOL I have been on maintenance for many months... and I still buy Jenny. I definitely need to go get weighed in, but I want to substitute the foods with homemade or lower cost items. When on Jenny and ever since August 2016 all I did was buy the Jenny food d, but lately am more price conscious, so why not save some money? I am reluctant - because if it ain't broke don't fix it.... But the budget beckons... and so today we shall see how I do. Maybe buy nothing? OMG. WOW.. I know I have food in the freezer... But feels like such a leap of faith. Think about the money I would spend and use it in the grocery store when I need it. .. Worst case - Jenny is 6 minutes away. OK be strong. That is my plan. Except maybe shakes.... I like that stuff now in my coffee. OK point of Blog was to post a picture -- Toronto asked me to send one, so I snuck off Thursday eve's data to have the hostess take a photo.... Anyway... Here's why this is not just an ordinary day. I am thin!!! Does is it get old? Heck no! OK off to JC.... See how we did this week.
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    Had to try my new bundt pan, so I made this non-recipe: 1 box of Pillsburry Sugar-Free Vanilla Cake 1 can (15 oz) Libby's pumpkin puree 3/4 cup milk or water pure vanilla extract, optional Mix and bake at 325 for about 30 minutes. Makes 16 generous servings (98 cal, 1.5 g fat, 26 g carbs, 1.9 g protein). Next time I may try greek yogurt instead of milk. Not yet sure if this freezes well.
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    65 pounds down... time to continue this great trend and not eat over feelings.TY. Jenny Craig! Expensive - No! if you compare it to the cost of being heavy - clothes, health, lack of happiness, not fitting on airplane seats etc. I am worth it... and so are you, OK Just wanting to set it down my plan for handling very high stress client... in hotel all week and working late hours. Goal: Maintain the path forward... lose 2 pounds or so - by keeping it clean. 1) JC French toast for breakfast (Barscotti today on travel day) 2) Lunch JC Loaded or Healthy Steamers - Linguini and Salad with Skinny Girl 3) Dinners- Buy Zoodles at whole foods, Artic Zero fro dessert... and pair with JC entree - lasagna or creamy penne If out to dinner - have tea with stevia Snacks - yogurt, fruit Workout at Orange Theory Tues, Wed, Thur, Sat & Sun Show up to forum and help others Next weigh in - success!!! And on to maintenance with a bit more lee way Key: Handle airport - with Tea, Diet Coke, Green beans for plane Key: tough times- whatever comes my way - go for a walk. listen to book on tape, hit the gym, make a call. Do not eat something. Everything passes.. and being thin is miraculous and fabulous. Like winning the lottery!!! Size 4-6-8-10-12 Whaaat? This is amazing. Lets keep it Also work on Quantity - Less veggies per meal.. stomach and digestion will be very helpful...
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    Hey Guys - well just a quick post - as requested - new outfits... I don't have picture of the size 4 jeans and shirt where my stomach shows (a teensy bit). It feels great to be able to maintain here in Atlanta (Avoiding hopefully the worst of Irma). Yesterday visited JC and met Ashley a terrific consultant in ATL - up .5 pounds - but nothing to worry about (I think I am down today according to the OTF scale 139). So not too worried - but watchful. Making better decisions and maybe skipping breakfast out when I know I have plans tonight for dinner. Anyhoo- my family (Mom, Sister and her hubby) have all reported in safe and sounds as the winds kick up in Boca. So meanwhile just got back form OrangeTheory I am sooo glad when it is finished - and so glad I did it. The picture below is with the trainer.... and my new workout pants.. and shirt courtesy of Marshalls. Stripes... that just was not what I used to wear at 207+. So grateful to JC for the 70 pounds or so loss and to all of you. It's so worth it... Keep going no matter what. Picture is with the ORT coach Lauren. Great Class! Sue
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    So I am off to happy hour in my new dress. Jenny Craig rocks!!!Never ever give up - this is your time! If you are new or struggling or thinking about straying. Don't.... This is how we do it. It works!!! I have come to love the food. love the people, love the plan. So today went out with my fitness coach, her mom and another friend- needless to say they are breathtakingly beautiful women. After lunch (salmon power bowl, cooked dry with JC dressing - about 400 calories). We went to the Vegan bakery where I ate zilcho. (and was not tempted... Afterwards - I bought this new dress. I barely own a dress. I do not wear them. Well I am off to happy hour in my new dress. Man it is sooo refreshing to be able to wear clothes like these. Or even shopping in a regular size store. Me(1).zip
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    Just decided to count my Days (ok google did that for me)... and we are here at Day 333. 2 days from my birthday. What a fantastic present. I can tuck in a shirt. Priceless!!!! I am so very happy I went to Jenny. I am definitely my thinnest ever. I buy size small. Whaaat? Bought a jean jacket to where on my date (yes date) next week. Oh wait the point is I bought it at Banana Republic (Which for the record I could not fit into their clothes 333 days ago) and it's a size small. It might be on the smaller side.. but my workouts at OrangeTheory seem to make you smaller - so I think it's fine. Anyway I am so thrilled with Day 333. I played golf (shot a 98 which was ok considering I have not been focusing on golf lately), had lunch with my golf partner - big salad - no cheese or croutons, Added Ahi Tuna, and brought the new JC Creamy Herb Dressing (45 cals) and added some healthy anchovies and avocado. Then had my nails done (for the aforementioned date - red toes, French nails) Now home had my snack off to shower and try on work outfits and date outfits. Have to see what fits for work outfits. I do not get tired of outfits. I am still shocked very day with how I look. You think I would be getting used to it.. nope! OK Well.. just wanted to share Day 333..... Sue
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    Well I hit 32 pounds gone...from 214 to 182. It has been slow but steady. My daughter is 42 pounds down. We are going to our first doctor's appt. since we started Jenny on February 1st. I can't wait to get the results of our blood work. I know my doctor will be happy. I had quit smoking about 3 years ago and also had my thyroid removed. My blood pressure was so high that she put me on three types of medication . I also started pre-diabetes medicine. My A1C had creeped up to 6.1. My pill box looked like my mother's use too. I have felt so good lately. I have not had a cold or flu since I quit smoking, which is unbelievable. I had a huge tumor on my thyroid and was constantly sick. After all the drama I saw the scale continue to go up and up. My daughter continued to gain weight. She hit a high f 272. I had to do something for both of us..This is why I joined this program. I know it's expensive but we are worth it...
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    Just had to record this where I can remember when I need a comfort meal!! Roasted Brussels Sprouts drizzled with Walden Farms Walnut Maple Syrup ...... Sauted' Mushrooms, green beans, Boiled Sugar Snap Peas (Then pop out of the shell) ......... OH MY GOODNESS! Toasting my new love of VEGGIES!!!
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    Before - June 2016 207ish Today 12/9/2016 176.6 about 20 -25 to go. I Love JC!!!
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    I weighed this morning and lost 5 pounds! Sooo excited!
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    Happy New Year! For the record it's Jan 2 - and I started this challenge officially 12/31. I'd say new me - but I am so glad I joined Jenny (seriously) in August! I guess the new me will be someone who keeps the weight off - and doesn't have being overweight define me. Had a few pictures taken at the gym to mark the start of this challenge - I had dribbled water on me - so I realize the picture is a bit strange. But it's still a way to mark the start of this challenge. i certainly could have worn a better workout outfit. Oh well - I am very glad I make it to the gym - the running for weight loss app is grueling (well not really but Week 5 Day 2 certainly is amazing... I may add get to Week 6 as part of my goals since all I do is keep doing Week 5 Day 2:). It works. After that 39 min jog/walk I then do the lean body app - just some weights. That is the easy part!! I may also join Orange Theory - amazing 60 minute workout with stations, heart rate etc. So that should help put some finishing touches on my weight loss until i get to maintenance. Really we are never finished. And I sdont't so what I really need to - leg lifts, etc.....I guess that is o the horizon as soon as I get up the focus...or willpower. Ok 20 pounds to go (More or less) - I am not stopping at this point (170-168ish) but well see how I look in 10-15 lbs.....One day maybe I will not wear black?
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    My last couple posts have been about the "cheating" that I did this week -- and the anxiety that I felt as a result. I am hopeful that my future posts will be a little more forgiving of myself because my weigh-in today was very positive. I lost 6.6 lbs this past week. 6.6 lbs in one week. And not my first week either. It's actually more than I'd lost in the previous 2 weeks combined. I had been quite happy with my 3 lb losses the last couple weeks, but I am stunned that I lost 6.6 lbs the week that I had been kicking myself for eating off-plan a few times. It helps, I suppose, that I was sick over New Years and didn't end up going to our friend's annual New Years Day brunch. But even if I had gone, I think I could have made good choices and still been okay. But 6.6 lbs is better than okay. I'm still in shock and I certainly don't expect it to happen again. But it's nice to know that I can go a little easier on myself.
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    Well -today I got weighed in. Not that exciting. I lost weight - weight loss is going well. The program is going well. Who cares!!! Cause ...wait for it! Today I broke 90 on the golf course - I obliterated it and shot an 85!!! I am a new golfer (about 3 years in), I play mostly just weekends....and today I shot a 43 and a 42.... Wahoo!!! I had one hole at an 8 and one at a 7. Net net I shot an 85!!! Spectacular. No mulligan... Did I miscount one hole? Maybe.. its all possible - but not 5 strokes worth. I broke 90! L'chaim, Amen and Hallelujah!!! It's kind of cool that this is bigger than losing weight to me! Glad I am doing both!
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    Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah Warning.. It's a blog - It rambles and weaves.... Thanks for reading... Sorry if I am boring... or redundant. But being thinner is a BIG DEAL! Work up this morning - and my house is a mess and my cold still lingers. Going to start back at gym Tuesday - so decided to stay lazy. Anyhow not sure why but off I went to tackle the thing that I did not have to do - the upstairs closet. (Next up is cleaning house before Xmas party at sisters...) Anyway I decided to go through all of the clothes. Clothes are up there because they are too big or too small. I now have another huge giveaway pile - and an amazing amount of small outfits. (Does that mean I am small? I mean the size large T shirts don't quite fit - but some of the size 12 shorts etc fit - and the size 16s are mostly all too large - and wait for it.. The size 8 Tahari suit jackets that are amazing looking (dear me... where are the pants? oh well) Are on! They don't close - there's a 5 inch gap - but that's the next 20 pounds. That's skinny Sue - Sue at my sister's wedding in the amazing long purple dress Sue. But who is this Sue that i find now and fits into these clothes? Who bought those Michael Kors shorts that still has the tags. I barely remember her - But I will tell you. It was 6 years ago. I had just moved from Atlanta to Boca and road my bike Saturday and Sunday 25-40 miles on A1A with the big boys. Was likely eating too much and going in the wrong direction - as I was riding that much but not shrinking away. I'd rather be this size and maintain or lose weight on Jenny Craig or maintenance so I am not dependent on riding centuries etc to be thin. Anyway I have some amazing clothes - and great T-shirts that now that I see them I have missed being that size. Missed being this size. To get dressed and not worry that you look fat! Ahmazing!!!! OK - Off to clean rest of house - so when I return form Xmas soiree I will feel the beauty of my home/.. and not the mess. Enjoy the day - best of all - No one ever says - man I wish I had eaten more at the Xmas party. So eat less - you will be glad you did. Sue
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    I am excited to take on my weight loss journey and log it here along the way. By way of introduction.... I am 32 years old and the mother of two young children. I am a middle school teacher. I don't know that I would describe myself as a chubby or even overweight child, but I wasn't very active. Starting around the time I hit puberty in late elementary school, my weight just kept creeping up. Throughout high school. Throughout college. I was overweight on my wedding day. I was overweight when I got pregnant with my first child. I lost a few pounds just before getting pregnant. That stopped as soon as I got pregnant and I gained very little weight throughout my pregnancy. After giving birth, I was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight within days. But throughout that first year of motherhood, I gained about 20 lbs and was the heaviest I had ever been. I started counting calories and wearing a Fitbit and lost about 20 lbs.... And then I got pregnant again. I had intended to keep logging calories during pregnancy, but I just . . . couldn't. I didn't gain a ton of weight, but I certainly gained back all that I had lost. After my second baby was born, I was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight soon and I tried to count calories again so that I could lose the weight I was sick of carrying around. But I found it too difficult -- I was constantly getting up in the middle of the night and needing to eat. I was nursing and hungry all the time. I felt like I just didn't have the willpower to focus on that aspect of my life. I gained back all of my pregnancy weight -- plus another 20 lbs. A few weeks ago, my sister carefully broached the topic of Jenny Craig. My sister, who has always been slim and healthy, is a nurse and so even though I know she has no idea what it is to live in my skin, I take her guidance seriously. She said that Jenny Craig was award-winning and seemed like a healthy choice. She offered to pay my membership fee as a Christmas present. So here I am. I am in week 2. At my initial weigh-in, I was 241.6 lbs, I think. Last week I was down 3 lbs to 238.6. The holidays are an awful time to start a new diet, but I figure if I can make it through them this year, next year will be a piece of cake. At my second meeting, my consultant asked me what my motivation was. It seems like a strange question to me -- doesn't everyone want to be a healthy weight? To look better? To fit into clothes better? To prevent obesity-related health problems? It seems odd to ask someone what their motivation is for losing weight when they are 100 lbs overweight. But I told her the truth -- which is that I am mostly just curious as to what I will look like when I strip away all the excess weight. Having never seen my adult body at a healthy weight, I truly have no idea what it will be like. This first part will be boring, since I know (and remember clearly) what it was like to be 20 lbs lighter, 30 lbs lighter....but once I lose about 65 lbs....that's pretty much uncharted territory for me. This is an entirely new adventure.
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    First Weigh In Was TODAY! I've lost 8lbs so far! I have a long way to go of course, my very first goal is to get under 300lbs, I am now at 360lbs. I'm just on Cloud 9. It's crazy because this is only my first week on JC and I'm already starting to change my whole outlook on food. It's difficult at first but the results shows that it's completely worth it! Plus for a diet, I really enjoy the food. The small portions sometimes drives me crazy, especially on weekends, because weekends are usually when I feel like snacking the most but it's something that I just have to get used to It's all about portion control and making smart choices! which was my first lesson of the week.
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    Each year I create a theme as part of my weekly planning sessions for work and personal life. This year the theme is "the Future is Now". It comes from my realization that if I want to be thin {some day} then I need to make decisions now to create that future. I can't indulge my food cravings and expect to ever get to my future state. Every minute of every day is a *now* moment. It doesn't mean that bad decisions kill any chance of attaining goal - it just means that the poor decision is delaying my success. Small decisions have big impacts -- for good or for bad. My future state (and goal weight) is created in the NOW moments - held in my hand.
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    I see that my last blog post was January of 2017. That means I am coming up on two years since I quit JC and decided to try other options. Just for the record, nothing worked and I got to my highest weight of 316 pounds before I finally sought help from a doctor. I have lost 32 pounds since May. And it feels good. But I have been here before - so that is why I am back to JC. Of all the things I tried, I feel that the JC Community was by far the most supportive and most helpful. I picked up my food and had my first meeting with my JC consultant last night. Today I sit here feeling pretty good. Before I started writing today I went back and reread my previous blogs along with the comments. My last post was very negative and discouraged - One of the comments encouraged me to 'get deep into it' and 'read and reread all the JC literature'. I am here to get deep into it. I am here to make this a lifestyle. I am here to get support and to offer support. I am happy to say that Wednesday, November 14, 2018, was the start of my New Beginning.
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    Yesterday I posted about my goal to follow the plan precisely. Not aiming for perfection, but also not using "I'd better not be a perfectionist!" as an excuse to eat off plan. One week of eating precisely on plan is possible. Then I ate my dinner at like 4pm b/c I was hungry! I figured I could has a salad with my family at a normal dinner time. But that meal didn't turn out how I planned. We took my 4 year old to the ER where he tested positive for the flu AND strep AND pneumonia. We were there from 5-9:30. My husband had a vending machine snack and offered me some - I declined. (Lucky for me, I had already eaten my dinner!) My baby is going to be okay! We've got a lot of meds and he's already bouncing back having been on antibiotics for more than 24 hours now. In the past, this would have seemed like an insurmountable obstacle - a perfect excuse (who could blame me?) for going off plan. But I didn't. I had my crisis, and I didn't need to eat anything over it. I felt my feelings, did the mom thing with a baby who needs help, and I think I ended feeling a lot calmer and more capable b/c I was making food a crutch to get me through the evening. When your legs work fine, a crutch just gets in the way. Hope you all are having victories too! Let's go get one tomorrow!
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    Yeah, I said it. I'm giving myself a pat on the back. I think us women need to do that every now and then. We don't need other people to do it for us. We need to make sure we're doing it to ourselves, right? So, why am I giving myself a pat on the back? Because I'm rockin' the JC vibe! I got through a potentially destructive day: I signed up to be a Polling Inspector in our NY general election this year. On Tuesday, I arrived at 5:30 am and readied myself for a long day until 9:30 pm. I actually thought ahead. I packed all my JC non-frozen foods for the day because I just didn't want to be caught off guard. Into my backpack went the cranberry/almond barscotti, the chicken salad meal, the fiesta chicken & rice; a JC chocolate shake, a low-fat mozzerella cheese stick, an apple and ranch snaps. Plus two large containers of coffee and a bottle of water. I should explain that, in the past, I would NEVER do this. It would be my excuse to go off plan. It's going to be a long day and I need the sustenance, right? How could I let all the lil' ole ladies down when they brought in the baked goods, candies and meals for us as we're working away? Mindset change: I GOT THIS. I didn't have a single baked good, donut, candy, potato chip (my weakness). I didn't even have the roast pork dinner the church was having for the voters, although I did give a donation in lieu of a meal. Nope! I told them I had goals to meet. I wanted to stay on track, especially during this holiday season. Oh they tried, believe me. They came so close as to even trying to put a donut next to my lips. (WTH!) No thanks, I said. I walked away and went into the bathroom to get away from them for a bit, go potty, and to regroup. What is wrong with people? and why do they think that's funny?? I felt like I was being pressured by a drug dealer! Yeah .... sugar drug dealer. UGH! I let it go and didn't dwell on what just happened. When the dinner came in from the church for the other inspectors, I had a brief moment of regret that I didn't get my own plate. The food smelled really good. I mean, really, really good! But I breathed in through my nose, counted to 10, and pulled out my JC Chicken & Rice meal. I went into the kitchen and heated it up. And I ate it. Was it as good as their meal probably tasted (and they did have to let me know how good it tasted)? Not really - I didn't doctor it up in my usual way with more veges. But it worked. I have goals... I'm going to do this. I focused on the voters coming in. I checked them in and did all 3 of our jobs while they ate their meal. Anything to keep me busy as the potato chip bag was opened and the smell was wafting through the room, along with roast pork in alot of gravy. I so wanted a potato chip, but we all know one leads to a whole bag - at least for me - and then complete regret. They ate their chips; I crunched on my ranch snaps. No worries. As the day went on, I felt stronger. As the day turned into night, I became more invincible. OMG! I said to myself. I'M ACTUALLY DOING THIS! The night ended and I was so proud of myself - and amazed at who I am becoming. The takeaway from this? STAY STRONG SISTER! And pat yourself on the back every now and then. You deserve it.
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    I recently hit what I think (HOPE) is my rock bottom. My weight has been steadily increasing forever. I thought I had it somewhat under control, but after quitting JC prior to the summer I continued to gain. One day I stepped on the scale and the most upsetting thing happened. The scale registered at over 300 pounds. I stepped off and laughed. I laughed to cover the tears. I weigh 300 pounds. And I can see it in pictures. I can feel it in my clothes and in the difficulty I have carrying myself around. I am ashamed. But I'm also at a point where I call it as I see it. I'M FAT. I AM AN OBESE WOMAN. And if I don't do something I am going to have health and physical problems as I get older. My father is on a walker in his early 60's in a large part due to the damage his weight did to his body. I do not want that to be me. I need to figure this out. I don't know how to figure this out. What can't my brain wrap around the fact that I AM FAT AND IT IS MY OWN FAULT. I don't know where to start as far as fixing this issue. Diet and exercise. YES! It doesn't work. I doubt myself. I don't know enough. I think this 'one last bite' won't matter. What has to happen for me to fix this? I was considering gastric bypass but my insurance won't cover it. Short of hiring a personal chef/dietician I don't know what to do. I am overwhelmed. I am scared. I don't know what to do. I cannot see that scale continue to go up. I can't live like this anymore.
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    Note:***I will keep this blog entry for one week and add to it. If I binge - I will post it here no matter what!! So let's get through this week - with my plan in tact.... my heart in tact... Saturday 9/30/17 9AM Hi Guys - Today i go for my weigh in - I will definitely be up. Last week went pretty well - but Thursday was a night of binging. There's no way that is allowed for on my plan or way of life. For me it is a terrible sign that I may spin out of control and gain the weight back. So clearly it makes me upset!!! These past few weeks work has been incredibly stressful. All sorts of ideas about bringing all Jenny food with me (Just a mini fridge...and no fridge at office) but the issue is more when I decided to binge... just go do it. Does not matter if I have had a good meal or smaller Jenny meal - none of that matters, Anyway - just wanted to reach out and say this week will be different. I will get back on track and avoid the airport binge. (and other places too). OK off to the Gym - have not been to the regular gym in a while - but going to get on a bike since my rib hurts form racquet ball.... so going to skip OrangeTheory today... (done: 60 minutes workout - with 30+ minutes at 84% maximum heart rate = 570 calories burned) Then later go to Jenny Craig...and say hello, talk to JC Consultant, and face the music. For me going every week is key, This will turn around - but if I don't go weigh in - somewhere I will just keep doing this and gain it all back. Not an option. Tonight - optional Break the fast party for Yom Kippur at family friends house.. i want to go but I wonder if it's the food that beckons me. What if I just go say hi..and then go home? That's rude.. oh the dilemmas. Maybe just stay home. I know she will have a ton of food and I feel like I need to buckle down... hmmm (edit:(I did not go - wise choice) Sunday 10/1 4:41PM Today I played golf - and then had lunch at home and then hit Youfit for 30minutes on stepmill and 30 on the bike with my Heart rate monitor from OrangeTheory. Managed to burn about 600 calories. When I started JC and did the stepmill (revolving staircase machine - cruel) I could do 10-20 minutes max at level 6. Not with my OT app - and tracking the workout so I stay at 84% and above of my max heart rate for alot of the workout (2 minute intervals or so) I was doing level 12. Its so amazing to see the progress. And my progress did not come from using the stepmill every day - it came from 1) doing JC and 2) doing 1 hour of the Orange Theory class (30min treadmill or similar and 30 min mixture of rower and body weight or free wieght or TRX strap exercises) with a kick a$$ coach cheering you on and helping you with form. Anyway - 6 months later - I am able to really workout pretty hard at a gym. Came home and had a whey protein shake that was divine - but also had anytime bar (also amazing). Alot of food at once but that is sort of how I roll. Key is its all within my limits on My Fitness Pal - and I am not binging on potato chips, etc. I gave @SFMomadvice - no one is ever unhappy on the treadmill... and got myself to the gym today - It was very unplanned and extra. lately I have been in a funk. Works been really hard. The guy I was hoping to date - dumped me...or well really it wasn't working - long distance - and anyway the easy job I had the last twp years has turned a lot harder with my new client and area of focus... So alas - Sue has been stressed out - and not coping well. Well this weekend - I turned it around - and rocked it!! Going to continue this trend into the week - and pursue the 7 clean days of excellence here. One of the tricks with my feelings - that I so don't remember or do - is this too shall pass. Every feeling I have is - just that not a fact. A feeling. It will pass....life changes - there's awesome times and ok times and crappy times. Food is so not the answer. Everything is better being thin and having food in it's place.. Not perfect - but if I were bigger and if I were eating out of control for me it was all harder. So Sue - hang in there. You Got This! Ok Hair time - blow dry and iron.. it's an ordeal. For you guys on maintenance the shake is called Unikey Vanilla Whey protein powder (Great product) with 2 tbs PB2 Fit, some ice, a little JC vanilla shake, 10 ounces of water and 1 stevia..and half a banana chopped when it's ripe - and frozen.. total calories - 110+45 ish + 60 + 15 = about 230. For you guys doing JC and losing... the cookie Dough anytime bar in the freezer is soo good. Monday yahoo..., food was good this weekend!!! Time to continue this! weight in home scale 140 yay Airport food:1 hard boiled egg and 2 cups of coffee with steamed milk time to kick a$$!
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    This morning, I made it below 200. I'll take it! Two days after my 56th birthday. So, I celebrated... with a nice hike up Poke-O-Moonshine Mountain in the Adirondacks. I took my son and my two cavalier king charles spaniels. The summit is 1450 feet. Lots of inclines! I'm going to feel this tomorrow.
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    Journey update: I am almost 5 months into Maintenance and just want to report in that maintenance has good overall - I've had a few too many BBQ outings and a couple of vacations this summer that has me needing more accountability lately - so decided I need to keep posting my Journey! Weight Maintenance at my age is more work than I wish it was - but worth every ounce of effort!! I feel great and have WAY more energy than I did a year ago! Yeah! This photo was taken over the 4th of July.
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    Here are a few Photos
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    Sixth day and still at it! Did not go off at all ( which is really different for me- I always have an excuse to break and start tomorrow!). This time I really really want this! I have lost 6 lbs since Tuesday ( and inches because I fit into my 1.5 jeans from Chicos!) I couldn't zip them up at all! I am beyond excited!
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    With in inches of the Goal!
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    Today I weighed in at 260 lbs which was great since I started at almost 280. I am really excited and my BMI is under forty. I remember when I was gaining weight steadily the last couple of years and when the scale first reached 260 how depressed and ashamed I felt. I thought I would never get back to 200. I remember how it felt when the scale said 280 and I thought I am going to three hundred pounds soon if I don't stop. Now on the way down I won't forget how great it feels seeing that 260 again from the other side. Next stop seeing that 250 again!
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    Beautiful day today....so walked my little dude and later kept a promise I made to myself...walked one mile. 1.23 to be exact. Overall strange day, woke up scratchy throat and mild headache but I had to run out to get my little dude some groceries. Returned and was restless yet sleepy? I laid across my bed and watched some AcornTV..maybe dozed. Then thought..get that walk in. Well when I returned I found that restlessness gone and the sleepyness... So preparing my JC chickenpot pie and veggies and watching Midsomer Murders...have a mild crush on John Nettles. ** don't judge me** smile Ladies............Here's to less of us!
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    I posted about the scale on the forums when I first started Jenny Craig. I dug around to find it - and want to keep it where I can find it easily - because the scale is the one thing that can ruin an otherwise good day, (even though I know the "truth" about the fickle scale). She can be a real mood wrecker! I have conversations with my scale. I call her Lady Di (my short for obedience!). (Well - in truth some days I call her the B word, or worse....). I actually have conversations with Lady Di. They go something like this: "Come on Di, ... we're friends!!!!" She usually says ... "It's not my job to blow sunshine up your arse." Or I say, "I'm putting you in the corner, and that's where you'll stay until you change your mind." She'll say, "why don't you put me in the kitchen, and then you can apologize". Sometimes I'll jump on it and say, "Skinny Up!" Sometimes I shout "Flab-U-Less!!", and of course there are times I mumble ... "What the ***#exploitive^***" And on and on go the scale conversations. But the truth is - I need to remember the TRUTH about this crazy relationship with the scale! Scale Weight = True Weight + Weight Variance (AKA weight of the annoying little gremlins that mess with your weight) One of the things I did to help me overcome my frustration with the "daily scale fluctuations" was to create a weigh in chart on graph paper - so that I could see the patterns over the period of a month. That completely changed my mind set on how our bodies deal with weight loss. My chart bounces all over the place in a weeks time - but when I draw a line from the first of the month to the end of the month the line goes straight down!! (well ... not straight down --- but one of those nice angles we use in geometry!) "Daily" Fluctuations are normal and has nothing to do with body fat. The things that make the scale bounce around are: Water Retention Water intake Excess Salt Intake Waste products Consumption of a late or bigger meal Constipation hormone changes Slow digestion Lack of a morning bowel movement Building muscle (lean muscle mass) Even if you have eaten more than you should, your TRUE body weight does not increase significantly over night. True weight gain or loss is a process that occurs over a longer period of time! This is key to remember! I wrote this down from some research I did on the subject: Mandatory Mind Training 1. Recording daily weight is just DATA. Your "indicator" is looking at the data from one week increments. 2. The best judge of your true body weight will be how your clothes fit, measuring your body fat % and measurements with a tape measure. 3. Short term Fluctuations in body weight are caused by factors irrelevant to your long term progress!!
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    I need to start from over there first. January 2016 had me knowing I needed to restart.....again x?????. I was weighed and weight was 197...I couldn't believe it and yet I did. I started walking and joined every weight FB place and group ** sparkpeople and the like ** I came across. I was walking a mile and actually I was walking two miles when you counted the return trip. I got up to 5 miles..walking and run/jogging. I went too fast and would have sore heels that kept me from walking for several days then weeks. I wanted to get back into exercise mode however at my age, all the extreme, beastmode and killer routines just weren't for me. Heck, let me be real here....they weren't when I was younger!!! For some reason I just couldn't get into it...I think it was because I wanted to be outside and feel that rush when I am walking..feels so good. I started watching what I was eating. I decided to go to a weight clinic....ok..hold on! I went got weighed and was at 180-something...I had lost some weight! However the lady there told me she would NOT give me the usual program but would give me a food list. Pretty much what I was already doing. Ever been turned away from a weight clinic? lol lol lol. Then and there Jenny Craig popped up...I thought ok, it worked last time and if I could just 'get started' lose 20 to 40 pounds I could do the rest myself.....cost, cost, cost,cost of food. I bit the bullet. So there I am sitting with a JCC....I told her I didn't want to know how much I weighed...yet I did find out. She asked what my goal weight would be I said oh, 135-140...how much weight do you want to lose...oh, about 40 pounds....HA! losing that 40 pounds will put me under my goal weight! oh happy day. So I started and completed my first week. 4th day on, I could feel my energy levels rising. I only disliked one food selection, and I got in some exercise. I went to my JCC today..8-2-2017 and I have lost 3 pounds. No pooh poohing that amount for me!!! I am JAZZED to meet my second week and relearn,realigned and think forward NOW on a healthy calorie limit per day, real food portions and amounts to keep me at goal weight. Starting my next session of belly dance also! And no that is NOT me in the photo.....** smile ** Here's to less of me!!!
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    I have very little words to describe how happy I'm to be down 11 pounds. This journey has been difficult, but once I set my mind to do it, it has been very rewarding. Sure it has been hard that I can't go to my favorite cafes and get a tasty pastry and coffee... now I just get the coffee and drink it while I eat a protein bar and walk my baby around the city. Being pregnant wasn't easy for me, gaining 60 pounds was hard and the hardest part is looking at yourself in the mirror and not recognizing your own face. I can say I feel great about taking control of my life again. Having a three month old baby doesn't leave much time for me, but I feel this, Jenny is what I'm doing for myself and I treasure it. Life is good,11 pounds down 30 more to go!
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    The point of starting any diet, is to change. Some people focus on the amount of pounds they need to lose, some on being healthy, and others want to fit in a specific outfit and attend a special event. These are all good goals. But as I re-start this path, I ask myself, what is my goal for this change? I thought for a while, and something came to my mind. I have been given a gift. A home for this thing that makes me, well, me. God gave me this body. He says it is His temple. It's time for this house of mine to undergo a total renovation. It's a gut job. Ha! "Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies." (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)
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    So - Today I am wearing a pair of pants that I used to LOVE! They are black with pinstripes and just super cute. They used to fit comfortably. Lately they have been tight. So tight that they cut into the skin around my waist and are incredibly uncomfortable to wear. In fact I dreaded to put them on this morning. But because I am a huge procrastinator (another topic for another time) I didn't have other clean laundry for work. So on the tight pants go. Here's the good part...Although they are still snug, they are no longer TIGHT. They do not cut off all circulation in abdomen. They don't hurt and they don't make me want to strip them off in the middle of my office. I'll take that as a win. It's the small victories
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