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    Well said!!! It is so amazing every single day I wake up and look down and am not fat! It is not boring - to look in the mirror now. It is such a fantastic relief not to be fat any more. That feeling is fantastic. So go get bored - and just do this!!! Great blog and inspiring!
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    When you get off track, you just wake up the next morning and get back on track. its no big deal, dust it off and keep going. As far as forgetting snacks, i know its easy to forgot the JC snacks at home, maybe you can have some shelf stable snacks in your car or purse all the time , just in an emergency? one of those tuna packs from the grocery store is a better choice than a cinamon roll. Whenever i'm under a lot stress and wanna eat off plan, i tell myself that eating off plan will only add to my the stress and anxiety i already have and just make it worse. I tell myself if i just stay on track i can go to bed tonight and at least feel comfort knowing i was on track. I might be grumbling and craving something else, but that feeling of at least being successful with my food choices is always better than the feeling of being off track and facing a gain. Just keep in moving forward, one week isn't gonna matter in the long term picture.
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    Angela, Faith, trust, discipline and lean on your support team. You need to have some faith in yourself. Others have been where you are and they have successfully navigated the many pitfalls that you are experiencing. You can do this...others have...so can you. You are not alone. Trust JC. This program works...but you need to get deep into it. Read it over and over again. Do it over and over again. One day at a time. Just do day one...no cheating...then when you finish...do day two. It takes about 10 days for a new routine to set in and become habit forming...make it 10 days and see what happens. Live it. Show that you have the courage and discipline to achieve your goal. Discipline is hard...but you have to ask yourself (when tempted)...do you want to feel like you are feeling now. Have the courage and discipline to say NO! When times get tough lean on your support team at home and with JC. Be positive and put a positive spin on this. You can do this...and should look forward to your new journey and what it will be like when you get to your destination. We are all here to help. V/r Tom R
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    @crazyjojo You got this! I lost 70ls and I started at age 53... These processed foods are in your freezer and ready every meal, every day. You never have to think about what to make for dinner.. and my results are amazing. I lost 1 -2 lbs a week, lost HUGE number son cholesterol (can't recall, but the doctor was astounded!!!) liKE @Tricia_Marie indicated the forum support is key - a place where you make friends learn what others are doing. SO I sooo hope you check in at least 1 time a day.... And write on the forum posts and let us know any issues or successes. You got this. My highest weight was a size 24W - and I am a size 6. I look better than I ever have in my life... It is my belief you get one life to live on this earth - and why waste another moment thinking negatively about your weight .. or having to start a diet. I did the plan that cost more - and chose whatever I wanted for my entrees.. and I lost weight - slow and steady. Moving in this world in a lighter body is Much much much much much easier. So yes - you can do it. Scared? Be scared off achieving your dreams That's what is in store for us. Please let us all know you are on the plan...or starting now (If you strayed at all )..... Either way, let us support you.. come post on the daily sharing thread or any of them and we will find you.
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    I just posted a response about this very topic. The gist: I'm 70, had gained weight over time and couldn't lose even a pound on my own. Even tried WW, nothing. I was afraid my age plus all those past diets had messed up my metabolism beyond return. I tried Jenny, highly skeptical that I could lose weight at this age. That was mid April. As of today, I'm 20 pounds lighter, even below my goal weight. If I can do this, YOU can do this. Just follow the plan exactly, add exercise if you can, keep going, and you will see results.
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    Sue, you are a BadA$$ in the best of ways! Keep looking good and feeling good; it will keep us on plan and on track! It is difficult to look at old photos and see where we’ve been but it’s so inspiring to see where we are or are headed now. You give a lot of hope to others who are struggling with their weight, myself included!! {{{hugs to you}}} And Mr. Right? I bet he’s going to show up soon!! He’d better have as many wonderful attributes as you do! When I was single, I dated Mr. First Love, Mr. Liar, spent years with Mr. Can’t Commit, and finally met (and married) Mr. Right! It will happen for you!!
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    I think your feet are brave for branching out. Mine are cowards, wear walking shoes and sandals and that's about it! Even when I was teaching it was only comfie shoes.
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    Now you are in that category of "skinny girls we still have to like because they are nice"!
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    Did I mention it was a size 8!!!! OK girls - lets go dress shopping....
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    I love this!! Thanks for sharing. Although I have a long way to go yet I feel better physically and mentally even only losing 25! I'm in this for a lifestyle change.
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    I do mine on the air fryer. 10-11 minutes at 400. Tops get a little crunch and bottoms crisp. About my favorite meal!!!
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    I can so relate to this blog. I have been overweight for the last 20 plus years. Sometimes I feel like I will never see a normal weight number again, and then I return to the forum, and these blogs, and am inspired all over again! I’ve lost 19 so far, and another 45 to go. Ounce by ounce, I tell myself! You can do this, FINALLYonmyway!!!!!
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    I LOVE that salad at Costco! I haven’t bought it in a while……thanks for reminding me!!
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    @missbumble I just love you bubbly personality as it shows through everything you say on here!! Awesome!! You always inspire me to keep on going and I can do this. I'm at my half-way point to my goal weight and I've been thinking about maintenance and how tedious it will be-I'm hoping it won't be too hard. I refuse to gain this weight back! I plan on staying with JC for as long as I can afford it. It all depends on my husbands employment status-Oil and Gas Industry (Very fickle). I have my favorite JC foods so I know I will be using them as well as MOMO on maintenance. Anyway, I have time to think about all that until I hit goal. The Chocolate Lava Cake, Chocolate Cheesecake and Florentine Pizzas are some of my very favorite JC foods too. The exercise is something I get to get going on which isn't easy for me due to the chronic pain, etc. I've got to start doing it slowly and plan to starting tomorrow when my husband is working out. You have done fantastic and look great! Size 6 is Great!! I use to be size 6-8 until I gained the weight back. Congratulations!! Buy the clothes and enjoy them. I'm with you and Let's Do This!!
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    So I cant recall how much you lost off hand - but you are like the poster for Jenny Craig. So beautiful and such an amazing spirit!!! This journey is so worth it!!! Gorgeous woman! Just went to your Blog post Before and After, you are a miracle and testament to this program. I am so grateful to have you here on the forum to inspire me. Even when you are busy and not posting daily - just know you have made a huge difference in so many people's lives. Keep posting the pictures!One day, one meal, one experience at a time - We got this!
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    Hi - So Just a tip or maybe you already do this.. but I bake the breakfast pizzas in the oven and they are very crunchy and fabulouso!!!!
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    Thanks guys - I cant really buy fancy shoes - so I gave all of these a try - and kept 4 - the black patents and tan patents - are not that bad comfort wise.. the platform makes them bearable... and now I have something for a dress for work... I kept the silvery sandals and the ropey ones with the squarish heel. Everything else went back to store. I am used to wearing SAS comfort shoes - not the sexiest...wanted to risk discomfort a bit.. and branched out a bit...
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    Sue you look amazing! I love the smile the most!
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    love it, great colors
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    Love anything polka dot! You and the dress are sooooo cute! I don't wear dresses much anymore, being the old retired lady! But I just found a casual one and bought it any way. Now where to wear it? Az is pretty casual so I will just have to start a new trend! I also just got a black and white polka dot cross body bag that I love. Wish we had a dress barn here, will have to check it out online. I was raised to be a Bloomingdale girl too but it didn't take!
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    You look beautiful! Love the dress. I'm always wearing dark or solid tops and always black slacks. Haven't worn a dress since my wedding and then wore it to my nephews wedding. It showed all my rolls. Lol you have to feel pumped. Good job!
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    Gorgeous, you and the dress!
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    Oh my gosh. I'm pretty sure you wrote this just for me. I'm not sure how you knew that it has been a crap week and I have started to slip and make really poor choices... thank you for this amazing post.
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    I really love this! Thank you.
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    Well put ... I feel like ME!
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    I'm on week 16 - lost 30 lbs.. Woo hoo - You guys will be here soon!~!
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    Marialove , Congratulations?! Without being a Sceptic that is a huge difference overnight ! Do you trust your scale ? Have you weighed in on the Jenny scale ? I had this happen to me right before I joined Jenny . My scale was way off . Lower by 10 pounds . I was schocked when I climbed onto the Jenny scale and was at my highest. Maybe you have lost 14 pounds overnight but I doubt it ! Sorry to be a Debbie downer . Just being realistic Clare
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    @xtine danielle - Very exciting to follow your journey - as you WILL do this! Let me know when you get to maintenance phase and share your "ins and outs"! I think that portion of the plan is my most important goal this go around! It's so easy to follow JC meal plan. If $$$ didn't stop me - I think I'd stay with JC food forever!! But that being unrealistic for me - I am going to learn my way through maintenance. Let's do this!!!
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    You can do this at any age! Jenny has already done the measuring and such for you! Just let the program work for you. Don't over think it. You will be fine. I do agree that these forums are a huge part of it. Post often and read everything!!! You got this!
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    @Yo_Momz and @Susan C. I definitely understand re: clothes shopping, how the sizes are not standardized and things look a lot differently on real people versus mannequins. One of the things I like about Le Tote is, they take as much data as you can give them about your sizing, including your measurements, so they figure out what size you'll fit into in a given brand and you don't have to worry about it. I've gotten at least a dozen boxes from them so far, and they've only been wrong on one pair of pants that was too small (and even then, not by much... I was also bloated that week). Everything else has fit very well. Just something to consider! There are other services too - Gwynnie Bee and Dia&Co are two similar ones. The only thing I noticed there is that they only do 1 box a month, where Le Tote is "unlimited" (i.e. they'll send you as many as you can get through, as long as you keep sending them back whatever you don't want). I admit it - I am a Le Tote fangirl, lol! I'll stop now, I just do really like the service.
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    Hi Staci! You look amazing in that shade of blue! I have thought about doing one of those monthly clothing services but I get nervous about everything not looking right and sending things back. Is it as much of a pain as my brain thinks it will be? sending things back I mean? I do get a monthly "mono box" from a company called "I love Jewelry"...I get 3 items a month and one of the items is monogrammed. I really like it. I used to do "ipsy" but switched over a couple of months before Christmas. I'm sorry you are having so many issue with pain. I hate that. As for the negativity, I have been there for a couple of weeks and I'm trying to fight my way out of it. The past couple of days have been a little better. What an amazing accomplishment you mentioned about being in the 160's! I am so happy for you! Those new decades are awesome! I bet you won't stay in the 160's long and you will soon be in the 150's and feeling like Wonder Woman! Let's try to keep our confidence up and our motivation going, deal? I plan to sit out in the sunshine today and read a book that I have had for months. I have been putting off reading it because it is from my favorite author (Harlan Coben) and I know when I start reading his books I typically finish them the same day or the next day and then it is over. I know it sounds silly, but it's like delayed gratification. I'm sending you good thoughts and good vibes! I love that you posted a picture too! I love putting a face with the people I'm chatting with!
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    Fabulous!! I can sooo relate! Being here on Jenny Craig for me is a lifetime opportunity and commitment. I may move to all Meals on My Own - but I will stick with the Jenny Consultant and weighing in once a week. It feels amazing to be 100+ pounds thinner from my highest weight (246.25 - 140 today) 106.25 lbs down.. and since being back on Jenny in August a year ago - 207,8 -140 = 67.8 so fairly close to your numbers. So part of what is different is sticking to the routine day in and day out. If I do have a bad day/week or three - getting back on track and each week weighing in. Net net - making a lifestyle change. Working out every day (almost) and just being dedicated, So I guess I am really juts echoing your fabulous thoughts - and saying I know you and y our hubby can do this! Being thin is truly freeing... You really don't know how hard it is to carry 80 pounds around until you are at goal for a while.. and then pick up 80 pounds. Anyway - just wanted to commend you on your journey. Let you know you are not alone... and there are so many photos to come and amazements as you lose each block of 10 pounds...
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    @JustJanetFavorite JC meal!!! Parchment paper or cooking spray on a cookie sheet - 350 degrees for 30 minutes. FABULOUS!
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    If you run out of JC chicken salad kits Costco has a good one that is made with Greek yogurt, cranberries and almonds. It's in the refrigerated area 140 calories. Would be good with whole grain crackers or as a sandwich or just a salad.
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    Love your passion about weight loss, exercise and Jenny...It's contagious! Wow, you're in my town. Hope you enjoyed DC ?
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    I love reading about your excitement. I could read it over and over again. I remember when you kept wearing the same outfit from your before picture when you started losing weight. I bet you would get lost in that outfit, now!
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    Congratulations! My branching out yesterday was a very cute pair of limited edition Birkenstocks with flowers on them!!
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    Sue, the outfit looks great! I love all the shoes. If my arthritic big toes could wear any of them, I’d keep them all! I’m SO GLAD you are enjoying the fruits of your weight loss journey. I can’t wait until I can have fun shopping again!!!!
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    lol I always wore flats because my husband and subsequent boyfriends were short. Now I can't even wear a heel and Al is 6'3"!!! ?
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    I’m so happy for you, Sue! Congratulations on fitting the “thin” outfits! The smile on your face says it all!! You inspire me to keep moving forward! Funny, I just took my thin clothes out of the donation bag a few days ago.
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    You're smokin' hot girlfriend!!! Thank you for posting. I've got some cute jeans I want to wear in about 8 pounds!! Congratulations!!
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    Yo_Momz - I think you are right! Thank you - i dont think my hair will go curly when long - it just gets really bushy Se photo after 5 days of working out - hair is getting bigger and bigger.
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    Just reflecting on this entry... good to be reminded as I embark on my first party in 5 months where I am not going to eat before the party. Going to show up see what happens (ok I will have a back up freezer bag with something Jenny in it, in my car - but I will be fine - and make better choices. Life happens - I got this!) So glad to be able to find an outfit that fits and not wish I were thinner.... Well I wll be thinner - and I am happy right now where I am . Amen - Thanks again forum goers for the inspiration.
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    Great photos, missbumble! You look smashing!
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    I am the opposite- eager to get rid of the depressing, fat clothes; keep those skinny "someday" clothes forever.
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    I have the same problem late night and at work. I stress eat at work, can't say no to the sweets and snacks provided by well meaning families but go way beyond just one serving. Then I go home and eat until I fall asleep. Same on nights off. Cereal is my favorite snack at night but I usually don't stop there. I even find myself waking up after midnight and getting up to get a few crackers or a couple cookies. So tired of this but I know that I have been successful at stopping before, so I know I can do it again. Hope your WI went well.
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