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Members following our Classic program, on average, lose 1-2lbs per week. Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

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  1. Restarting after being gone a year and it feels great! I have found it very helpful this time around to have cut up condiments ready in my fridge to add to my meals, like onions, peppers, mushrooms. It makes everything more filling and tasty!
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  2. Started my journey on my own June 12th and actually lost a few pounds on my own but wanting to take my loss the next step I joined Jenny Craig and I've lost 25 pounds - Happy Day!!!!! Whoohooo!!!!! Just 10 more to go and the really good news I think I have actually learned how to keep it off:) Hopefully:) Have a Great Day Everyone:)
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  3. I am not happy about the fish and chips being discontinued. I do not eat a lot of chicken and beef and this was the ONLY other option! Nutrasystem has fish… I hope they reconsider and bring it back. I just spoke to 2 other people that are on JC and they are equally upset.
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  4. Day 1. I was able to start my intermittent fasting last night so started with recharge bar, which tasted fantastic. Then breakfast pumpkin loaf. I have my call with my coach tomorrow so I made a tiny mistake thinking low fat cottage cheese is a milk.. oops, it's not, but still feel great about the restart. When I started for the second time in early 2020 pre-pandemic. I lost about 20 pounds. I'm happy to say that I'm still down 13.6 pounds from where I started. The first time I did Jenny about 10 years ago, I lost 30 pounds and kept off for about 8 years, when I let the fun of life sabotage my work. As I get older, I find that it's easier to do the things I love, like travel when I'm my ideal weight. I'm blessed to not have any chronic illnesses. So Day 1 off to a great start.
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  5. Hi Everyone, Tomorrow will be my first day. I am excited about the weight loss journey. Excited to see the pounds melt away!
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  6. Pre-start: Logging my journey this time. Today is Day -1, I start tomorrow, 9/22/21. Looking forward to following the plan to the letter. My goal is to be healthy and strong.
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  7. So I’m starting tomorrow. My food came after I talked to my coach. On my menu it says a breakfast and a Jenny Craig Shake. I didn’t get any shakes. What do I substitute for it? I don’t live by a center so I can’t just drop in.
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  8. Issues with the app and the new menu? Is anyone else noticing that the app is not isync with the new menus? I started the new menu on week 3 for day 15 the app had a different breakfast and snack for day 15 than the printed menu. I also noticed that day 16 is different, at least for the snack.
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  9. @Catrinaa14 I just make a cafe latte on my own. I use a good quality coffee (i.e. Starbucks, Tom Horton's, organic mold free coffee, etc. (whatever's on sale) and heat and froth my milk and add to strong coffee. It's very tasty. Be sure to brew your coffee strong, or if you're using a Keurig, make 2 short brews or use 2 K-cups with max 4-6oz H2O. You'll have to play around to get the taste right. I don't put sugar in mine and I prefer organic whole milk, but also enjoy it with almond- cashew (high protein milk substitute) too. I'm sure you'll make an excellent Barista!😀
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  10. Suggestion if you have an air crisper: The pizza is wonderful air crisped on 390 for 10 minutes instead of in microwave!
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  11. It’s been over a month without Fish & Chips on the menu. I love fish and that once-a-month can of tuna salad just isn’t enough. Are there any plans for some other fish entree? Thanks
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