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    I truly cried when I read this. I am so sorry. It brought back so many memories of my Mom's death. I'm sorry your Mom snapped at you. I'm sure it was in her own place of grief - but still ........ you are his baby girl. I hope you are doing okay - navigating the first weeks of grief are hard. Just plain hard. I promise you that you will never stop missing him, even if he was sick for a long time. BUT the memories start to become sweet and tender, without the raw pain - in time. I miss my Mom so much, but I feel it's a tender soft feeling now days. It's like a special longing - but not one that feels like I've been punched in the stomach. More like a whispered kiss on my cheek. Be easy on yourself in these early days. Lot's of self care. Much love and sympathy to you.
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    @xtine danielle - Very exciting to follow your journey - as you WILL do this! Let me know when you get to maintenance phase and share your "ins and outs"! I think that portion of the plan is my most important goal this go around! It's so easy to follow JC meal plan. If $$$ didn't stop me - I think I'd stay with JC food forever!! But that being unrealistic for me - I am going to learn my way through maintenance. Let's do this!!!
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