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    Another big workout day. 10 minutes of yoga stretching 60 minutes of stationary bike spinning (hard)...am 60 minutes of recumbent bike (light) pm 75 minutes on the golf driving range pm 10 minutes of stretching and situps on inversion table pm 30 minutes in the hot tub 45 minutes is the massage chair. That is a SPA DAY, shipmates. Looks like we figured out the recent weight gain. SALTING those rutabaga fries was the culprit as today's weight was down 1 lb after eating them yesterday without SALT. Thanks for all your help @ChristiS, @missbumble, @BeccaBecca, @Cynthy, @TerraFirma, @catlady10 You guys make this much easier than last time round. V/r Tom R
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    thank you for your sweet encouragement!
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    just re joined. I am at 194. A terrifying high for me. I feel so ashamed. I have struggled with my weight for over thirty years. all i want is to lose weight.. whenever i have a gain, or a slip, I quit the program. This time, I want to stick it out, even though it is hard. I want to see how far I can go. I like the simplicity of it. feeling quite nervous though.
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    melrosemelnikjenny.docx melrosemelnikjenny.docx
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    susan you miss the same things I do......so let us get a group to fight for it............years ago they took the triple chocolate cheese cake away and I got a group together we inundated JC with letters and phone calls and guess what it came back,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,that was a long time ago ,,,,,,,,,my center manager and I talk about it all the time..........but things get done when you have numbers of supporters to help so let us start a group and fight for some things we want back........that chocolate muffin was the bomb and my cinnamon twists were great but now the french toast..i reached goal a long time ago and I continue to purchase every week from Jenny ...........but if then discontinue this then I will stop................not right not to survey your customers when you go on the boards here and see how people react then help us..........
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    Great to read your messages, very uplifting! I started Monday and started reading the blogs and there were a lot of negative comments So far the food is great and when I have a question and call the center they are most helpful. Looking forward to the next 3 months and finally getting rid of this extra weight! Shirley
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    Just started back this is my third week. I can use encouragement and support.
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    Ready to MAKE a FIRM FOUNDATION....Let's do this.....!!!!
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    Hang in there we will figure this program out and I agree that the answer you got to your honest question was so unfriendly and unnecessary.
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    Just saw this posted from another member... It's a good reminder for me to stay steady...
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    You look Amazing. I can't wait to post before and after pics.
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    I don't know about air frying brussel sprouts. I have never tried that but I boil them in a little water just enough to tenderize them then a teaspoon of coconut oil in a skillet to coat them and what ever other seasoning you may add.
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    Got it. Thanks for all your help...you can see I'm quite the novice. V/r Tom R
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    @missbumble you are so encouraging and such an inspiration to me. Thank you for all of your thoughtful posts to help us along. I am very close to you in weight. My weigh-in yesterday was 178.6. I am 5'6" and have set my goal at 140 which may be a bit too ambitious. Anyway, I appreciate your posts! :-) Cindi
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    I have slipped badly in the last months. I put back on every pound lost and then some. But the important thing is that I"M BACK. And I am ready to start again - STRONGER THAN BEFORE.
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    Congratulations on your awesome weight loss journey!!! You are an inspiration!!!
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    hi lilly......thanks for the like......it took a lot for me to share that photo.....i just cant get used to that extra chin.....i told my hubby i could walk around with my head raised up...but he said i would look like a snob that way....lol...
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    I love your cover picture of a person putting on their superhero cape! So fitting! Hope you are having a great day!
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    Hey Jen! I hope you are having a great day and that it is starting to warm up there! P.
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    Hi Laura, I saw your post and thought that I'd check out your profile. I can't even believe it, my husband Jeff and I and our two sons moved a year ago from Concord after 20 plus years in the WC area to the El Dorado Hills up 50 past Sac. I thought I'd check you out because we're close in age, I'm 44 and we have about the same amount to lose. I also started last Friday.
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