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    Part of the weight loss journey is celebrating yourself throughout the process. One of the biggest moments during your journey is when you notice how your clothes are fitting you—or really, not fitting you anymore! Clothes that you wore before your weight loss will get looser and baggier, and will hide your new shape. We encourage everyone to celebrate milestones throughout the weight loss journey, and one of the ways you can celebrate is with buying new clothes or tailoring your current clothing. When you go clothes shopping, consider finding items that can be easily tailored later, as well as making sure you have a few basic pieces along the way. Here are the best clothes for transitioning weight loss. 1. Dresses. Dresses are always a fantastic staple to have in your closet. They can be dressed up for work or kept casual for a day out with your family or friends. You can also belt a dress to define your waist. Matte jersey is one fabric that may experience some shrinking with washing, which in this case plays well for a body in transition. Image by My Wifestyles 2. Button down shirt/blouse. Button down shirts can be tailored as you continue to lose weight. They also provide a few options for work/play, as you can tuck them in during work and wear it out with a great pair of jeans. 3. Stretchy pants. Stretchy pants are not only comfortable, but they can also adjust to your changing body! Look for what type of band these pants have, such as an elastic waist or sweatband with a tie, so you can continue to wear them at different sizes. Avoid pants that are too baggy. Many stores carry stretchy pants with a slimmer leg for a flattering look. 4. Undergarments. Get measured every few months for a proper fitting bra, and look for a band that can be easily adjusted. 5. Jeans. Another basic item that can be easily tailored as you reach your goal. A dark wash may look more slimming, but look for jeans that flatter your shape. Jeans with 2% stretch will also help slim over your figure and not feel as tight from the get-go. 6. Accessorize! Fun accessories can add a splash of color and trendiness to any outfit and can be worn at any stage in your journey. Look for patterned scarves, statement necklaces and bold earrings. Just as your body transitions, so does your mindset: You’ll be feeling more confident with how you look and feel. And you should feel proud of your success as you’re one step closer to your goal weight.
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    One way to add variety to your Jenny Craig meals is with Fresh & Free Additions, our list of vegetables and fruit you can pick and choose at a moment’s notice that keeps you fuller longer due to being rich in fiber and water content. In fact, you have an unlimited amount of vegetables to choose from to bolster your meals. If you’re looking for staple vegetables to add to some of your meals, here are 3 awesome starting points: Spinach Spinach can be used as-is or cooked, making it perhaps the most versatile leafy green around. You can create a spinach side salad with tomatoes, onion and Balsamic Vinaigrette, or build a bed of fresh spinach to place your Cheesy Potatoes & Chicken on top for a subtle crunch. Steamed spinach can be added to your Cheddar Cheese Omelet, as well as any lunch/dinner entrée, like our Beef Merlot. Cauliflower Steamed and roasted cauliflower are classic preparations, but this vegetable has become trendier because of its adaptable flavor and texture. Cauliflower can be thrown into a food processor to create “rice” that is easy to cook. Add riced cauliflower flavored with cumin, cilantro and a toss of lime to your Chicken Street Tacos. Chop and steam your cauliflower and add it to your Chicken Tortilla Soup for a nourishing and filling meal. You can also pair cauliflower rice with the Asian Style Chicken for a tasty, protein-packed meal. Bell Peppers For a splash of color, red, orange, yellow and green peppers are the way to go. Not only are they great raw as a crunchy snack, but you can add fresh or cooked peppers to your entrees, too! Roasted peppers are great to top your Breakfast Scramble, Grilled Chicken Sandwich or Chicken Fettuccine, making it another vegetable that can be used throughout the day. If you’re looking for more inspiration for your Fresh & Free Additions, check out the guide to Perfect Vegetable and Spices Pairing!
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    *Results not typical. Members following our program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week From four fast food breakfast sandwiches in the morning to running a half marathon. We are so proud of our member Jessica L. from Bentonville, AR who lost 117* lbs. on the Jenny Craig program and who was featured in People for losing half her size! Scroll down for the before and after. By Jessica Linz I wasn't always heavy. I was a cheerleader in high school, but started gaining weight when I went to college. I stopped exercising and the pounds piled on year-by-year. I gained most of my weight during my pregnancies. I didn't deny myself anything. I would eat big bowls of ice cream every night and would go to the fast food drive though in the morning and order 4 breakfast sandwiches and a hash brown for each. I had tried fad diets in the past with little success. I had such a poor image of myself and would lie to myself saying ‘I would start my diet tomorrow’ as I went through the line at a fast food restaurant. At my heaviest, I weighed 256 pounds. I was a work-at-home and stay-at-home mom who dressed in yoga pants, a nursing tank and a robe. I really didn’t care about myself. I was a mommy to two little babies and busy trying to work in my down time. Exercise was not a priority. Pushing a stroller around the block or running the vacuum was my only cardio. After the kids went to bed, my husband would go out and pick up fast food or take out for our dinner. That was our routine and something we did way too often. As the kids started to get bigger, I had more time for myself. My husband has always been fit but, he had put on weight just like me during the pregnancies. He started running and I supported him, but never in a million years would have thought to get out there and join him. I envied him and started to even resent him a little just because he was doing what he said he would, and was seeing results. Turning Point I remember January-May 2015 being a very dark time for me. I was about to turn 30 and nothing fit me. I was squeezing into my Spanx and wished they had one I could wear all over my entire body. I was so soft and doughy. I’ve kept a journal on and off since I was 12-years-old, and going back to read entries from those months are hard. I was so depressed. I literally hated myself. I hid it well, no one ever knew of my struggles or the way I viewed myself during that time. I knew I needed to change, but I honestly didn't know what to do. I had tried so many different diets and although I did lose a few pounds initially, I felt that I could never sustain the loss. My answer came when my mom called to tell me that she and my younger brother were joining Jenny Craig to lose weight and get healthy. I was so ready to try something new and decided to join too. I loved the idea of having my own personal consultant who would help me stay accountable during my weight loss journey. The Journey The Jenny Craig program worked well for me. During my first week at Jenny Craig, I lost 6 pounds and started to exercise. Each week, I met with my consultant and learned about portion control, balanced nutrition and the importance of drinking water. Having the weekly consultations was exactly what I needed to be successful. I consistently followed my Jenny Craig menu plan. I loved the food and I loved not having to think about what to eat. My consultant taught me that I can seriously eat anything I want as long as it's portioned correctly. I've grown close to my consultant and to all the Jenny Craig staff at the center. They have supported me tremendously, and shared their own struggles and successes with weight loss. Becoming active was also important to me. I decided to set a goal of running a 5k that year. I started walking or running almost every day. At first, I couldn't run one lap around a track but I kept at it, gaining confidence as my stamina and endurance increased. Transformation I lost 117 lbs.* on Jenny Craig and a grand total of 134 lbs. from my heaviest weight! My mom and younger brother also had great success on the program. We had each other to lean on during this amazing experience and could not be more proud of our results. Maintaining my healthy eating habits and my commitment to fitness keeps my weight where I want it to be. When I prepare meals, I serve lean meats and fish with lots of veggies. I now run 10 miles a week and love to mix up my routine with dance exercise, cycling and toning classes, which helps me stay lean without adding bulk. I am energetic and more flexible now and can even do a back bend again! My upcoming goal is to run my hometown half marathon in April 2017. In the past, I struggled with new things. Starting something new filled me with the fear that I would eventually fail. Joining Jenny Craig and my success at losing weight has given me my confidence back. I am now the mom and wife I’ve always wanted to be because I feel good about myself. I love knowing that I am setting a good example of healthy living for my kids. I’ve learned that starting something new doesn't have to be scary. The scariest thing for me was feeling like I had no control. Thanks to a weight loss plan that was right for me and becoming more active, I am in control of my life and confident to do anything. My fear is gone! *Results not typical. Members following our program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week
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    Did you know that more than 40 professional chefs have a hand in creating our Jenny Craig meals? Being serious about losing weight doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the foods you love. At Jenny Craig we have more than 100 meals and snacks items, where 40 chefs make all the difference. We’ve recently compiled a list of our most popular foods that consistently win among our members. We do encourage you to stick to your preplanned menu to help improve your weight loss potential, as you have discussed with your personal consultant. Breakfast Cinnamon Rolls Breakfast Scramble Cranberry Almond Barscotti Egg, Cheese & Turkey Sausage Burrito Entrees Kung Pao Beef Turkey Burger Chicken Fettuccine Chicken Pot Pie Loaded Baked Potato Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich Desserts Lemon Cake Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Apple Crisp Chocolate Lava Cake Vanilla Buttercream Cupcake
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    Start your day with a parfait that's certain to sweeten up your morning! Sandwich your Chocolate Muffin between spoonfuls of nonfat vanilla yogurt. Garnish with fresh berries for seasonal goodness. Ingredients: Jenny Craig Chocolate Muffin 1/2 cup nonfat yogurt (vanilla or your favorite flavor) 1 cup mixed berries Directions: 1. Cut Chocolate Muffin into 3 layers. 2. Place bottom later into a 4 oz canning jar. 3. Add 3 tsp of yogurt on top. 4. Place second layer of Chocolate Muffin and add remaining yogurt. Add top of Chocolate Muffin and garnish with mixed berries. Submitted by Robin W. from Indianapolis, Indiana
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    1. Broccoli Broccoli can be used in many different ways — roast it to create a crunchy treat or blanch or steam it to bring out its bright color. We personally love it stirred into our Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, or you can enjoy steamed broccoli on the side with some red pepper flakes and lemon juice for a zesty and flavorful twist. Mix up your broccoli by adding different herbs and spices or add a splash of balsamic vinegar for a healthy flavoring. If you’re following the Jenny Craig menu, take advantage of the free flavor enhancers or add broccoli to any of your meals to add bulk to your healthy meal. 2. Cauliflower Just like clothes, vegetables can be trendy too! Cauliflower has been a hot food vegetable for a few years now. You can toss it into the food processor to create rice or cut huge chunks to resemble a veggie “steak.” Plus, it can take on tons of flavor — try it roasted with some curry powder or a touch of hot sauce for a bit of spice and beautiful color. Additionally, cauliflower has endless health benefits and is known to be an excellent veggie that aids in weight loss.1 Next time you are heading to the store, make sure to put cauliflower on your grocery list and see for yourself just how versatile this vegetable is. 3. Spaghetti squash One spaghetti squash can make multiple meals in a snap. Once you roast and create the “spaghetti” strands with a fork, you can mix spaghetti squash into your next leafy salad or top it with your Spaghetti with Meatballs for a delicious and filling dinner. Spaghetti squash is a great low-carb option compared to your go-to pasta dish. Another bonus? Squash is a good source of dietary fiber which can help you feel full, longer.2 Photo by Cole Patrick on Unsplash 4. Kale Whether it’s raw or sautéed, kale is a leafy green that is great cold or hot. Its subtle bitterness complements sweeter items, such as carrots or tomatoes, and can also add a textural crunch when baked in the oven. Kale is also an excellent source of dietary fiber and vitamins, which will have you feeling great from the inside out. Add kale to your grocery list for a nutritious addition to any meal. Helpful tip: if you’re using kale as the base of your salad, make sure to massage the kale a little. This may sound silly, but massaging kale helps tenderize it and transform the taste and texture. 5. Cucumber Cucumbers have a bright crunch that works well in salads or as a tasty snack. Cucumbers also have a sweet, grassy flavor, so you can drop slices into your water for an added touch of freshness. Cucumbers belong on the list of excellent plant-based foods that are great for low-fat diets. Since cucumbers are all-natural, they are free of trans fats and other fats you would typically find in popular snack foods. 6. Tomatoes Tomatoes can cross cultural cuisine boundaries. Create a fresh Mediterranean salad with cucumbers, teardrop tomatoes and oregano, or a Mexican salsa with diced tomatoes, red onion and jalapenos. Another idea: roast tomatoes with garlic to create a fresh Italian sauce for your spaghetti squash! Photo by Thomas Martinsen on Unsplash 7. Onions Onions come in a variety of types, so you can mix and match depending on what you want to use them for. White onions will be sharper and more pungent (and are great sautéed with tomatoes for an easy and healthier pasta sauce). For a crisp bite in a salad, add thinly sliced red onion for a pop of color and added flavor. Onions are a staple in every grocery store, which means you will never have trouble finding them. Keep them in your kitchen for some added flavor! 8. Mushrooms Mushrooms have umami — that meaty flavor that gives a decidedly rich flavor to any dish. Portobello mushrooms are a great healthy burger alternative or fill Portobello mushrooms with sautéed garlic, kale or other cooked greens and bake. We also love adding sautéed mushrooms and onions to top off your Beef Merlot. These eight vegetables and fruits can be used in multiple ways and can easily become go-to pantry staples! Aim for colors and choose new fruits or veggies to mix into your diet. Vegetables are an affordable and healthy snack and go great with any main course. If you’re following the Jenny Craig program, another way to include more vegetables into your diet is by adding them into your healthy, ready-made meals. If you are looking for more ways to incorporate veggies into your diet, try getting the whole family involved. Visiting the local farmers market to pick out fresh vegetables and fruit together is one great way to help your family adopt healthy habits while supporting your weight loss goals. Plus, kids can take a look and sample different kinds of produce — maybe they’ll even ask to try something new! Are you ready to start incorporating healthier foods into your routine? Get started on the path to better health today! Sources: [1] https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/benefits-of-cauliflower [2] https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/weight-loss/in-depth/weight-loss/art-20044318
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    We were impressed by all the entries for our third annual Simple Inspirations Recipe Contest, where Jenny Craig members created fun dishes to tantalize our taste buds and demonstrated what’s possible with a little inspiration, creativity and Fresh & Free Additions. Recipes were submitted for the following categories: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, Snacks & Sides, Desserts & Shakes, and Fresh & Free Additions. Here is a sneak peek at the winning recipes in each of the categories, as well as a few special categories we added on. The full recipes will be available soon in our upcoming e-book that will be featured on our website! Breakfast This Very Berry Barscotti Parfait submitted by Jamie B. combines sweet cherries with a crunch using our Barscotti with Cranberries and Almonds. It’s smoothed out with nonfat Greek vanilla yogurt, which adds another sweet and protein-packed punch. Not only do you get a delicious texture from all the ingredients, but you also get a crumble from the bar and the bite from the cooked cherries. It’s also gorgeous to look at with its deep red syrup and layers of flavor. Lunch & Dinner Cooking a Jenny Craig entrée into two different dishes was a clever way to go for our Lunch & Dinner category. Maria R. created a Chicken Zoodle Soup using our Chicken Pot Pie. She removed the crust and heated up the filling in combination with chicken broth and zucchini noodles to create a warm, hearty meal. She then took it a step further, using the crust for an Apple Tart! With a bit of apricot preserves, cinnamon and apples, she baked up the perfect ending to a delightful lunch or dinner, and showed anything is possible with one Jenny Craig entrée! Snacks & Sides Nothing gets our mouth watering like crunchy snacks, and these Snappy Ranch Rings created by Robin W. had us savoring this snack down till the very last bite! These Snappy Ranch Rings replace your typical fried onion rings with Ranch Snaps for a crunchy, flavorful coating that works perfectly when baking these onion rings in the oven. Desserts & Shakes Chocolate on its own is already a treat, but Cheryl B. created this Velvety Chocolate S'Mores Shake that had us feeling like we were indulging on a decadently delicious dessert. Not only does this shake combine our S’mores Bar and Vanilla Dream Shake, but it also has two surprising elements: A can of diet cream soda and frozen riced cauliflower. The cauliflower provides a velvety texture without as much sugar as a banana would! Fresh & Free Additions This Tasty Mediterranean Veggie Tomato Soup recipe created by Shelley B. is a savory starter and takes only minutes to prep and cook, thanks to sautéing vegetables like yellow squash, peppers, mushrooms and zucchini and adding it to our Creamy Tomato Vegetable Soup. Employees We had our very own Jenny Craig employees participate as well and found two recipes we couldn’t get enough of! Sherry S. took our Grilled Chicken Sandwich and Creamy Tomato Vegetable Soup to create a Cajun Style Gumbo (pictured below) bolstered with okra, peppers, onions and Cajun seasoning for a warm, spicy bowl of flavor. Olivia V. surprised us with her Breakfast Burrito Bowl, where she takes our Egg, Cheese & Turkey Sausage Burrito and, with the help of a tortilla pan, creates a shell that holds the filling along with some spinach and delicious salsa. Photographer’s Choice A picture is worth a thousand words, and with food pictures being all the rage on social media, we wanted to award someone for appearance and making our mouths drool. Daphne L. submitted her recipe for a Salisbury S hepard Pie in our Lunch & Dinner category. We were drawn to all the colors of this dish that included Salisbury Steak, mixed vegetables, rosemary, and garlic, followed by a fluffy layer of mashed cauliflower and potato, and then sprinkled with crushed Cheddar Cheese Crisps to top it off! No Thanks to Cake Choice This was a bonus winner, picked by one of our blogger’s No Thanks To Cake. Jessica H. submitted the Game Day Trio for the Lunch & Dinner category. Jessica took our Loaded Baked Potato and transformed it into bacon-cheddar potato balls and a stuffed potato with spinach and artichoke, plus baked some cauliflower with a red pepper hot sauce that she blended herself! Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to all who entered! Keep an eye out for our Simple Inspirations Recipe book to be released later this year. In additional to including these delicious winning recipes, we’re also including all types of tasty ideas to inspire your Jenny Craig creations year round.
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    *Results not typical. Members following our program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week. In October of 2016, I stepped on the scale and realized that my weight exceeded my husband’s weight and tears came to my eyes. Even though my husband never said a word about my weight gain, I felt terrible about myself and was embarrassed about my weight. A month prior, I was told by my physician that I had elevated cholesterol and blood sugar. During this time, I found myself avoiding being photographed. I didn't want to go out in public. I only went to work. I had not weighed this much during pregnancy. I didn't want to feel embarrassed any longer and I knew I needed to lose the weight. When I came to Jenny Craig, I set a goal weight of 150 lbs. As I gained confidence in my ability to lose, I lowered my goal weight to 140 lbs. with the support of my consultant. I wanted to feel good about myself both physically and mentally. My consultant, Michelle, explained the importance of sticking to the planned menus and my motivation helped me stay true to my menu plan. I don't think that I ever missed a weekly consultation. The encouragement, accountability and helpful information that I received from my consultant were also a huge part of my success. After a few weeks of starting the program, I started walking. I walked 5 to 6 days per week beginning with 20 minutes. I now walk an hour most days of the week. As my weight came off, I found myself feeling good about myself and regained a confidence that I haven't had for years. I now find myself looking forward to social engagements rather than finding excuses to avoid them. During my weight loss journey, I noticed improvements in my overall energy, mood and with my health, such as lowered blood glucose and cholesterol levels. In March of 2017, after losing 30 pounds*, my doctor was thrilled to report that my blood sugar and cholesterol were in the normal range and my blood pressure was excellent! Thank you, Jenny Craig!
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    Do you have questions about the right foods to eat, portion sizes, weight loss, or the how-to’s of a healthy lifestyle? Sarah V., our Jenny Craig Nutritionist, answers some of the most commonly asked questions. Please use the comment box below if you have any additional questions! 1. Is eating gluten-free healthier? Gluten-free diets are typically followed by people with celiac disease, an inherited autoimmune condition. Eating a gluten-free diet without having celiac disease, or a sensitivity to gluten, does not necessarily contribute to weight loss or a healthier diet. 2. How can the Jenny Craig program work with foods such as cupcakes, lasagna, etc? We seek to emphasize healthy ingredients, while minimizing added sugar, non-nutritive sweeteners, sodium and saturated fat. The Jenny Craig program is designed by nutritionists to incorporate whole-grains, lean protein, healthy fats, low-fat dairy, vegetables and fruits which reflect the guidelines of major government and health organizations for a proven and balanced approach for weight management. 3. Why can’t I eat a lot of fruit to lose weight? Of course, fruits are rich in water, high in fiber and full of nutrients. Members should be encouraged to eat whole fruits rather than juice or dried fruits. However, fruits do contribute calories (about 60 calories per serving) and sugar to your diet and therefore should be consumed in moderation. It is important to consume healthy amounts of each food group so that you have a well-balanced diet. 4. How much does fitness and exercise matter? Physical activity, whether moderate/vigorous, natural, recreational or strengthening, contributes to various health benefits as well as assisting your body in maintaining weight loss. To achieve the health benefits of physical activity, 30 minutes of moderate activity on most days is suggested. However, on maintenance it is recommended to strive for 45-60 minutes. 5. Do you need to adjust your diet as you age? Yes. As you age it is important to continue to consume a healthy diet, stay active and monitor your health. Nutritional needs do change as you age, and it is important to educate yourself and understand nutrient requirements specific to your body. 6.What’s the most important tip, post-Jenny Craig? Portion control. Moderation is key to enjoying your life and maintaining your healthy weight. Use visual cues to remind yourself of proper portion sizes. It’s important to continue those healthy habits that you have acquired along your weight loss journey, while maintaining a good support system. 7.How can I watch for sodium? Staying mindful, monitoring your food and paying attention! Keeping yourself aware of your sodium intake is important. Reading the nutrition labels on your foods and keeping track of how much salt you add to your cooking can help you monitor your sodium intake. 8. What are the most notorious things that cause weight gain on maintenance? Old habits are one of the biggest reasons why people can’t lose weight or keep it off. Stay motivated, be consistent and continue to incorporate positive changes into your life. 9. Why is there so much bread on the program? The program currently consists of 50-60% carbohydrate, 20-25% protein and 20-25% fat. The menu balances a variety of grains, as well as vegetables, fruits and low-fat milk products that all contribute to the carbohydrate content. These parameters reflect the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Dietary Guidelines and are not considered high in carbohydrate. 10. Do you recommend meal prep? Post-Jenny Craig, meal prepping allows you to incorporate a healthy and balanced diet into your busy lifestyle. It is a helpful way to plan pre-portioned meals and have them ready for you throughout the busy week. Preparing your own meals in advance puts you in control of what you eat and provides you with simplicity and convenience.
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    With its long stem and spiny leaves, artichokes have a reputation for being hard to prepare just to get to the delicate meat at the center of the artichoke and under the petals. In reality, you can prep and cook an artichoke in about 20 minutes! Here’s how to prepare an artichoke: 1. Wash the artichoke under cold water to get any dirt washed out of the petals. Pat dry. 2. With a long, serrated knife, cut the artichoke about an inch from the top to reveal its heart/open it a bit. 3. Next, address the stem. You can slice about halfway up the stem or remove it entirely if your plating requires the artichoke to sit upright. The stem is edible and a continuation of the heart (the meat), so feel free to save the stem to cook later. 4. With a pair of kitchen shears, cut away the thorny petal tips. If you don’t have kitchen shears, a pair of scissors will work just fine. 5. Now, spread the petals of the artichoke to open it up a bit. That way, your seasonings can fall between the petals. 6. Once the artichoke is prepped, you have a few ways that you can cook it. Add lemon juice to the artichoke, which will help keep it from browning, and then try one of the following: Oven-Roasted Artichoke Begin by preheating the oven to 425°. With the artichoke standing up on a sheet pan, take a knife to the center of the artichoke and create a space to insert a few garlic cloves. Season the artichoke with salt, pepper, and a light drizzle of olive oil, then tightly wrap each artichoke with aluminum foil and place in the oven. Check the artichokes after about 20 minutes, when they should be sizzling. Steamed Artichokes For a fresh, bright appearance try to steam your artichokes. Fill a large pot with a few inches of water. Flavor the water with aromatics, such as a clove of garlic, bay leaf and slice of lemon. Place the artichokes on top of a steamer, then cover the pot. Once the water boils, reduce to a simmer and steam the artichokes for an additional 25-45 minutes. Once the outer leaves can be pulled, they’re ready to eat! Grilled Artichokes You can also take advantage of the season and the great weather by grilling your artichoke, which brings out some of its smoky flavors. Cut the artichoke in half or quarters, then follow the steam instructions above. Brush each artichoke with oil, season with salt and pepper, then put the artichokes on the grill, leaf-side up, for about 8 minutes over medium heat. Artichokes make for a beautiful side dish alongside our Pepperoni Pizza or can become your main dish by stuffing an artichoke with our Turkey Burger . Keep an eye out for other Fresh & Free Addition ideas to continue exploring delicious, nutritious vegetables that can help you meet your weight loss goals. [Sources] http://allrecipes.com/recipe/221071/simply-roasted-artichokes/ http://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/how_to_cook_and_eat_an_artichoke/ http://toriavey.com/how-to/2013/07/how-to-grill-artichokes/
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    *Results not typical. Members following our program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week. I weighed my heaviest at 175 at a height of 5'1. I have always been a heavy weight person, but never did anything to change it. I always thought this is how I would be in life and there was no way to change it. I had always been a chubby child and had always been okay with my weight and just had accepted myself. My Jenny Craig Moment One day I was at work, I had looked at my entire self in the mirror and couldn't believe how much of myself I truly let go. The next day, I had gone to the doctor for a physical and he confirmed that I was morbidly obese and needed to lose a lot of weight or I would get diabetes. Shortly after that, my parents had sat me down and told me that it would be in my best interest to lose weight so I would feel better about myself and not have any health risks. After this event, I had made it my life mission to lose weight and get into the best shape to become a better me. I knew my mom was on the Jenny Craig program and was doing pretty well on it. I had decided to call the program when coincidentally Joy, her consultant, called my home to confirm my mom's next appointment. That phone call changed my life forever! My Journey After that, I started on the program and followed it. Joy and every consultant I had thereafter changed my life for the better. Everyone at Jenny Craig for the past two years has taught me better eating skills and have taught me to manage the program and make it my own. I was able to maintain the program and understand what healthy eating finally meant. I was able to eat the food from the program and maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. My Results Over the course of 11 months, I had lost about 45 lbs* from being on the Jenny Craig program and also following a kickboxing routine. I started out as a size 12 in clothing, weighing 175 lbs and have since lost 45 lbs! I can't express enough how the Jenny Craig program has changed my life! I never thought this could actually happen and never thought I would see the day that I would become skinny, but healthy! I had completed my mission! Every day I get stopped by people I know and they tell me how great I look. I always tell others, it's not a one day change, it’s a lifestyle change, you have to stay committed and focused— the outcome is worthwhile! Jenny Craig changed my life, but more importantly SAVED my life! I am so glad I made that phone call to change my life two years ago. Thank you, everyone, at Jenny Craig! Natalie's success story is one of the inspiring weight loss stories. Find your inspiration and book and appointment to get started with Jenny Craig today.
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    Just in time for summer! Enjoy this refreshing and minty classic with this fun recipe. Ingredients: - ¼ cup pineapple juice - ¼ cup orange juice - ¼ cup freshly squeezed lime juice - ¼ cup diet ginger ale - 15-20 mint leaves - ½ cup ice Directions: 1. Gather all materials, suggested materials include: 1 shaker, and 1 mason jar. 2. Fresh squeeze lime, and pour into shaker. 3. Add pineapple, orange juice, and diet ginger ale to shaker. 4. Chop mint, and then add to shaker. 5. Add ice to shaker. 6. Shake it up! 7. Pour into mason jar, and add ice. 8. Garnish with mint leaves or lime wedge. Exchanges: - 1 Fruit Exchange
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    Inspire mouthwatering satisfaction with a low-calorie pasta revelation. Delicious zucchini noodles will transform your Chicken Fettuccine into a gourmet veggie delight. Ingredients: Jenny Craig Chicken Fettuccine 1 zucchini 1 tomato, diced 2 garlic cloves 1/3 cup steamed spinach 1/4 tsp sea salt 1 bay leaf parsley, chopped nonstick cooking spray (optional) 2 tbsp water Spiral vegetable slicer Directions: 1. Use spiral vegetable slicer or mandolin to turn zucchini into fettuccine-like noodles. 2. Place zucchini noodles in microwave-safe dish. Cover and microwave on high for 2 minutes. 3. In a pan, mix the spinach and garlic together. 4. Over medium heat, add the tomato and seasonings, stir to combine. 5. Add water and heat for 2-3 minutes until tomato breaks down. Add zucchini noodles. 6. Prepare Chicken Fettuccine as directed and add to the pan, stirring well. 7. Remove bay leaf and serve with fresh parsley on top. Per serving Chicken Fettuccine (2 starch, 2 protein) + 3 Veg 6 Free Foods Submitted by Lauren D. from Staten Island, New York
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    To add more flavor to your veggies, you don't have to add butter or salt! Often, the perfect seasoning can really bring out the flavor, making other additives unnecessary. You can add herbs and spices prior to roasting, steaming or grilling your favorite vegetables.
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    We’re all familiar with stopping to smell the roses, but when was the last time you put it into practice? Mindfulness is the act of slowing down, being attentive and aware to the here and now. Applying the habit of mindfulness when eating is a positive skill that we at Jenny Craig encourage all the time because it enables you to savor your meal and eat the right amount of food. We understand that a full schedule can derail healthy eating habits, especially when the norm is to eat quickly and move onto the next thing in your day. However, giving yourself the gift of mindful eating will renew your pleasure in eating and reframe your relationship with food as you learn how to tune into your body’s nutritional needs. Mindful eating doesn’ t have to be an all or nothing act. Just making small steps will help encourage positive habits. Here are six tips to help with mindful eating: 1. Start with a peaceful environment Eliminating distraction is key to mindful eating. If you are at home, turn off the TV and instead listen to music. If you are at work, leave your desk and find a quieter place to eat. Dine away from your computer to focus on your food. 2. Take the time to plate your Jenny Craig meal Thoughtfully arrange it next to a serving of vibrantly colored vegetables and enjoy how appealing it all looks together. 3. Breathe Close your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath before you take your first bite noticing the aroma of your food. 4. Acknowledge the flavors Take a bite and chew slowly to savor the flavors and textures. 5. Slow your rate…know your state Pause in between bites, to check in with your physical hunger cues. Experiment with putting your fork down between bites, or taking a sip of water. This allows you the time to recognize the subtle transition from “ready to eat” to “ate just enough.” 6. Stop when you’re feeling satisfied When you have reached a satiated point, put your fork down, fold your napkin on your plate - acknowledging you are nourished and fully satisfied - and mindfully move on with your day. Mindfulness is a powerful tool that can not only help you reach your weight loss goals, but also appreciate the little things in life! Go ahead, and slow it down and add some mindfulness into your life.
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    Enjoy these easy and minty recipes just in time for St. Patrick's Day. JENNY CRAIG’S LUCKY SHAKE** Ingredients: Jenny Craig Vanilla Cream Shake 1/2 frozen banana 1/2 cup ice cubes 1/2 tsp or more to taste of mint extract 5 drops of green food coloring, or more to enhance color* Garnish with fresh mint sprigs Directions: 1. Add Jenny Craig Vanilla Cream Shake, banana, ice cubes, mint extract and food coloring* into a blender. 2. Blend on high speed until smooth. 3. Garnish with mint sprigs. 4. Serve with a straw. Exchanges per serving: Jenny Craig Vanilla Cream Shake (1 Milk) + 1 Fruit *For a version of this drink without using food coloring, try tossing in a handful of naturally green spinach instead! ----- JENNY CRAIG’S CHOCOLATE LUCKY SHAKE** Ingredients: Jenny Craig Chocolate Dream Shake 1/2 frozen banana 1/2 cup ice cubes 1/2 tsp or more to taste of mint extract Garnish with fresh mint sprigs Directions: 1. Add Jenny Craig Chocolate Dream Shake, banana, ice cubes, and mint extract into a blender. 2. Blend on high speed until smooth. 3. Garnish with mint sprigs. 4. Serve with a straw. Exchanges per serving: Jenny Craig Chocolate Dream Shake (1 Milk) + 1 Fruit **Clients following the classic program may top the shake with 2 Tbsp whipped topping (counts as 1 Limited Food).
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    *Results not typical. Members following our program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week. Eden lost 107* lbs. on the Jenny Craig program and is featured in PEOPLE Magazine’s Half Their Size Issue, on newsstands now! Eden's Jenny Craig story in her own words: I had been a ballet dancer since I was 3 years old, dancing up to about 5 days a week in my youth. I hadn’t struggled with my weight until I was 11 years old when I broke my ankle after my first performance as ‘Clara’ in the Nutcracker, the lead role. I was so upset that I had to give up dancing until it was healed. My parents also started going through a divorce around that time, so I spent a lot of time being a teenager and hanging out with my friends, eating junk food. My favorite go-to snacks were chips and cookies. I had no portion control, which was my downfall. If I opened a box of these snacks, I’d finish the whole package in one sitting. My parents were always healthy eaters; my dad is a nutritionist and my mom is in the medical field, so I grew up learning healthy eating habits. But when I became a teenager and gave up dance, coupled with my parents’ divorce, I just gave into my cravings and junk food eating habits. However, I missed dance, so I decided to go back and lost some of the weight I had put on when I quit dance. When I went to college, I was a typical stressed student short on time and gave up ballet again. I picked up a job as an assistant at a gym and worked my way up to become a personal trainer. Even though I was in such a healthy environment and telling my clients how to eat healthy and increase their activity, I was gaining weight, and a lot of it. I was stressed by the workload of going to college full-time, working part-time and was just not living a healthy lifestyle. I was making poor choices with food, friendships, relationships and was drinking and eating more than I should to help cope with the stress. My Moment: When I was 26, I had a pulmonary embolism. My doctor told me that I needed to take medication and change my eating and lifestyle habits. I was supposed to give up drinking alcohol and smoking was off-limits, but I didn’t listen to the doctor’s orders. I was also a big fan of BBQ and loved to barbecue meat. During this point, for lunch, I’d be able to eat two, foot-long sandwiches, with all of fixings and a large regular soda, with alcohol mixed in. All against doctor’s orders. At that time, I was around 255 lbs. After 3 years of not taking my medication and continuing to make poor eating choices, I had a massive stroke. I tried to get dressed one day and had forgotten how to do it. I was 29. When my family brought me to the hospital, I couldn’t write my name, remember my colors or remember how to touch my nose. I couldn’t talk. When I checked into the hospital, I weighed 275 lbs. My doctor told me that my life was going to be different than it was before and it would be a long road back. I had to learn how to speak again. Being young helped my recovery, but I knew that I needed to take my health back into my own hands. I had been given another chance to get it right. I went home and while I was working on my recovery, my mom recommended I try Jenny Craig to help get my eating and portions on track. My Transformation: In May 2015, I joined Jenny Craig and had my first consultation. Being in ballet and constantly in pursuit of losing weight, I had been on various diets and had tried almost everything. Nothing worked for me because it didn’t help me with how I should be eating healthy portions, the right foods to eat and the support to help make those decisions. Jenny Craig finally taught me how to do that. And I really clicked with my consultant, Nicole. She and I are like the same person and I cannot thank her enough for all that she helped me get through. I had no idea what a proper portion was before Jenny Craig. I would eat 3-4 times beyond the recommended amount and was drinking so many calories. I thought that the only way to lose weight was to not eat. I slowly learned how to eat 6 times a day, throughout the day. I would have a Jenny Craig meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner and then would add in 3 snacks with fruit, vegetables and dairy throughout the day. I started going to the gym with my dad as well. I started slowly on the elliptical bike because I couldn’t run. Now, I can run up to 10 miles! I followed the Jenny Craig plan and lost 107 lbs.*! I still eat all the time without being hungry, I’m just eating the right things in the right amounts. At my last doctor’s visit, he was thrilled with my results. My cardiologist reduced my medications and took me off one of them completely because my heart is doing so well and my numbers are looking so good. I still can’t believe I had a stroke in my 20’s. I felt like I lost some of my youth. But I am so blessed and thankful for everything that I have in my life and the progress that I’ve made. I’ve been lucky to have such good speech pathologists and of course my Jenny Craig consultant, Nicole, to help me regain my health. I feel like a new person with a second chance at life. My new goals are to get my master’s degree and pursue a career in rehabilitative therapy. If I could give one piece of advice to anyone embarking on their journey, it would be to not take your youth and health for granted. Do what you can to protect it now. *Results not typical. Members following our program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week.
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    Seeking a creative way to eat more vegetables? Try ‘spiralizing’ your potassium-rich zucchini or beta-carotene packed carrots into noodles aka zoodles. Zoodles are a healthy, low-carb replacement for traditional pasta and are a nutritious addition to your next Jenny Craig entrée. Whether you want to infuse it into your Chicken Fettucine Alfredo or add a fresh twist on a salad, spiralizing your vegetables is a fun and easy way to pair veggies with your meals (and sneak in nutrition for your kids, too). Just pick up an inexpensive spiralizer tool and start turning to create thin vegetable noodles from zucchini, carrots, squash and sweet potatoes. Fall in love with these five ways to eat zoodles and other delicious veggie noodle pairings. Pair it as a side Firm and fresh vegetables are perfect for spiralizing and taste great when tossed with a dash of olive oil and your favorite herb seasoning in a hot skillet. Pair your zoodles with a variety of Jenny Craig meals, such as the Ramen Noodle Bowl with Chicken & Veggies or Loaded Baked Potato. Make a salad If you’re tired of romaine lettuce, you can instead create a salad full of tasty textures with your spiralized medley of zucchini, carrots and yellow squash. Add more Fresh & Free Additions, including diced onions and tomatoes, and then toss with Jenny Craig’s light Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing for a fresh, unique twist on a garden salad. Replace pasta Zoodles are a delicious and low-carb alternative to traditional spaghetti noodles. Just spiralize and microwave your serving of zoodles for three minutes and then top with 1 tablespoon of tomato sauce, 1 tablespoon of Parmesan cheese, garlic, chopped onions and Italian seasoning. Buon appetito! Top your sandwich Amp up your veggies on Jenny Craig sandwiches, like the Grilled Chicken Sandwich and the Classic Cheeseburger, by making a zoodle slaw. Swap out cabbage by spiralizing zucchini and carrots and mix it with 1 tablespoon of fat-free mayonnaise and a dash of fresh or dried herbs. This slaw is also a great topping for the Tuna Dill or Chicken Cranberry Salad Kits. Bulk up soup Turn a bowl of soup into a nutritious, hearty meal with your zoodles. Bulk up Jenny Craig’s Creamy Tomato Vegetable Soup or the Chunky Vegetable Medley Soup with spiralized zoodles and carrots for a rich, homestyle soup perfect for those first chilly autumn days.
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    Our professional chefs and nutrition team have been crafting some delicious new additions to the Jenny Craig menu. You’ll be saying ‘yum!’ to these savory foods that are soon-to-be-favorites. Creamy Penne with Vegetables This premium edition and classic comfort dish features penne pasta, zucchini, tomatoes, broccoli, and carrots delicately combined in a rich Parmesan and Romano cheese sauce. “We get many requests for new vegetarian dishes so we are excited to introduce a Creamy Penne with Vegetables,” Lindsay Ostenso, Jenny Craig Brand and Products Director, said. “It’s everything you love about the Chicken Fettucine, but filled with crisp vegetables all in a creamy, cheesy sauce.” Cheddar Cheese Crisps Bursting with cheddar cheese flavor and a bunch of crunch, these tasty crisps are enjoyable anytime, anywhere! “Part cracker and part potato chip! Our new Cheddar Cheese Crisps are a little of both,” Ostenson said. “Crispy satisfaction and my new snacking favorite!” Look for these new foods coming to your local neighborhood Jenny Craig Center or Jenny Craig Anywhere delivery.
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    Fruit and vegetables are fun to use when they’re fresh, ripe and in-season, but there may be times when you’ve either bought too many to use or continue to buy so many delicious items that some get left to the wayside to spoil. While you can plan your shopping list using our Simple Inspirations, which are found on the back of many Jenny Craig entrees, or discover a new recipe, you can also buy a few items that will last longer than others. Here are some of the best fruits and veggies that last in your fridge and/or pantry: Fruits that last Apples (up to 2 weeks in refrigerator) Canned/frozen fruit (up to 2-3 months) Lemons (1-2 months in refrigerator) Oranges (2-3 weeks in refrigerator) Watermelon (up to 2 weeks) Vegetables that last Beets (up to 2 weeks) Cabbage (up to 2 weeks or longer in refrigerator) Canned/frozen vegetables (up to 2-3 months) Carrots (2-3 weeks in refrigerator) Celery (1-2 weeks in refrigerator) Garlic (2-3 months in a cool, dry area) Onions (4 weeks or longer) Potatoes (4 weeks or longer) Turnips (up to 4 weeks) Winter squash, such as pumpkin, butternut squash, etc. (up to 3 months) Keep in mind how you store these items, too. Carrots in bags can have an extended shelf life by placing a paper towel in the bag to absorb excess moisture. Apples should be placed in a plastic bag in the fruit crisper section of your refrigeration and away from vegetables, since the ethylene gas apples produce makes produce ripen faster. Finding fruits and veggies like the ones listed above allows you to enjoy these items for weeks to come, and not have to worry about replenishing them with every trip to the grocery store. Discover other Fresh & Free Additions recipes and strategies by reading our articles and discussing them with one of our Jenny Craig consultants. Schedule a meeting with a consultant today by finding a location near you or calling 866-706-4042—we can’t wait to help you with your health and nutrition goals! [SOURCES] Jenny Craig Unlimited/Limited food list (PDF) http://www.rodalesorganiclife.com/food/12-fruits-vegetables-that-wont-go-bad http://www.stilltasty.com/fooditems/index/18518 http://www.womansday.com/food-recipes/cooking-tips/tips/g1381/how-long-do-vegetables-last/?slide=9 http://www.stilltasty.com/articles/view/75
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    You step on the scale. The number is the same–and it’s been the same for days. Despite following your plan, the scale just won’t move in the right direction. It seems like you’ve hit the dreaded weight loss plateau. Members following our program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs per week. Don’t allow yourself to get discouraged and fall back into old habits. Instead, talk to your consultant and check out these ways to get back on track and past the plateau. Stalled out Being stuck at the same number on the scale happens to everyone at some point during their weight loss journey. It’s totally normal. Weight loss plateaus happen because your metabolism naturally slows down as you lose weight. After your body has burned up glycogen stores (carbohydrates) in your muscles and liver, you’ll see a significant drop on the scale due to water weight loss. Then, as you lose weight, you’ll also lower your calorie requirement and this can translate to slower weight loss on the scale. And remember, a few days isn’t always enough time to make a scale budge. Push past the plateau If you’re dissatisfied with the number on the scale and are frustrated by hitting a plateau, talk to your Jenny Craig consultant. Your consultant is there for you and can help guide you in the best direction to kick start your weight loss once again. Sweat it out Add just 15-30 minutes of walking or other physical activity to burn extra calories. Consider increasing the intensity if you’re doing a workout, which will help push past a plateau by burning more calories for the same amount of time. Try adding resistance exercise to tone and build muscle to boost your metabolism, since stronger muscles mean more calories burned. Weight lifting, circuit machines and bodyweight exercises are all options as well. Eat your greens To stay satisfied, fill up on fresh vegetables such as spinach, carrots, broccoli and more from Jenny Craig’s Fresh & Free Additions list. These foods are rich in water and fiber to keep you feeling full longer with fewer calories. The fuller and more satisfied you feel, the less likely you are to have a potential lapse. Mix it up Look beyond the gym for getting extra physical activity and burning more calories. Finding new ways to move is fun and mixes up your day. Try taking the stairs at work, mowing the lawn or raking leaves, having a daily dance party in the kitchen with your kids while making dinner, vigorously vacuuming and cleaning the house, and riding your bike to work to squeeze in more exercise throughout your day.
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    With so much going on in life—projects at work, spending time with friends and family, daily errands, etc.—it’s easy to get swept up in everything and feel like you’re running on empty. Stress comes in many forms, and can pile up to make you feel overwhelmed, tired and frustrated. When you feel stressed out, it’s easy to get derailed from your plan. Part of your wellness journey is to find alternatives so you can focus on creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself overall, which means monitoring your emotional health and how it impacts your physical health. As the saying goes, life is tough, but so are you. Even though there will be many stressful situations throughout the day, there are many positive ways to monitor and manage your stress levels. Curb the negative effects of stress with these creative stress management activities. 1. Get Moving The National Institute of Mental Health suggests getting regular exercise and movement to cope with stress, even if it’s just walking for 30 minutes every day. Physical activity releases brain chemicals, called neurotransmitters, which triggers happy feelings to lessen stress, ward off anxiety and can even reduce pain. Feeling extra stressed out by a deadline at work? Even stretching with some yoga poses for 10 minutes can relieve muscle tension. 2. Pursue a Passion Project Finding something you’re passionate about can easily turn into a hobby. If you like painting, take an art class. If you enjoy learning about history, find a biography to read. Once you find something that ignites your curiosity or gets you excited, you’ll make time to incorporate that passion into your life. A few other stress management activity ideas include writing a poem, volunteering, or redecorating your home. 3. Say “no” More Often Committing to too many things throughout the week can cause stress. If you have too many social events one week, reschedule one for the week after. You may be able to apply this at work, too—sometimes “no” just means that you should shift around priority projects, or communicate your needs to your coworkers to assure them that you’ll get to the task when you can. This technique may help relieve you of certain unnecessary work-related stressors in your daily life! 4. Step Away From Your Cell Phone Smartphones have let us stay connected with our loved ones through multiple social media apps. Sometimes it’s just nice to step away from your phone to have some time to disconnect and focus on yourself and the people immediately around you. 5. Make Lists of Tasks & Events—and Cross Items Off Lists are great tools to prioritize tasks and events for the week, and you can check off each item as it’s completed. You can also make lists of your goals for the next year or a list of your favorite movies, songs, books or inspirational quotes that you can turn to when you need a little pick-me-up. 6. Get A Good Night Sleep Did you know that if you are tired, you are more easily agitated as well as less patient? If you are tired because of lack of sleep, it may increase stress or make it harder to deal with stress throughout the day. For adults, it is recommended to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep at night in order to feel rested for the day1. Getting proper sleep is one way to help deal with stress as you are well-rested and better equipped to handle the stressors that materialize2. 7. Spend Time With Your Pet With their friendly faces and lovable demeanor, pets offer a wealth of therapeutic traits that can reduce levels of stress hormones3. If you’re dealing with a particularly stressful day, take your dog for a short 10-minute walk. Seeing your pup appreciate the walk and enjoying the little things will help you come back with a refreshed perspective and may help provide some stress relief. 8. Deep Breathing Another way to combat stress is to engage in deep breathing. Deep breathing helps to activate your body’s natural relaxation response which in turn helps to lower your blood pressure, slow your breathing, increase your levels of nitric oxide, and decreases your metabolism 4. When you are feeling stressed, perform abdominal breathing for 20-30 minutes to act as a stress reliever and bring yourself into relaxation mode. 9. Avoid unrealistic and negative expectations Life has many unexpected twists and turns so you can’t always expect everything to go as planned. But don’t doubt yourself either! Stay positive (because you can do it), go with the flow, be flexible and lean on your family and friends for support. We know that life can throw many curve balls. However, frequently checking in with yourself, finding healthy ways to take care of yourself, keeping a positive perspective during stressful times, and utilizing these stress management tips can help you stay balanced and resilient. Putting yourself and your needs first can allow you to curb your stress and anxiety and feel successful and confident in your wellness journey! Keep an eye out for more ways to combat stress, and feel free to discuss stress reduction strategies with your Jenny Craig consultant. Sources: 1https://sleepfoundation.org/press-release/national-sleep-foundation-recommends-new-sleep-times 2https://www.webmd.com/sleep-disorders/guide/tips-reduce-stress 3http://www.health.com/pets/pets-relieve-stress 4https://www.stress.org/take-a-deep-breath/
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    Weight loss is like a roller coaster—you jump into the cart of your life, venture up the hill before the big drop with anticipation about what your weight loss journey will be like, and then the drop comes toward success! If you haven’t started the Jenny Craig program yet, you might be surprised to learn that there are a few sneaky things that can lead to weight gain (or what appears to be weight gain). See what habits can potentially increase your numbers on the scale and what you can do about it. 1. Sitting all day Don't underestimate the power of a walk. "Sitting all day is not natural and to blame for all kinds of ailments, including obesity," says Dr. James Levine, director of the Mayo Clinic-Arizona State University Obesity Solutions Initiative. Schedule some time to take a walk around the block or office building, and find time throughout your week for longer outdoor or fitness activities. Even if it is just a few 5 minute breaks throughout the day, or a quick walk around your desk every hour, getting up to stretch and move is important. 2. Water retention Water retention can occur for many reasons, temporary sodium imbalance from too much salt in your diet or the normal cycle of hormones each month. Some women, can sometimes experience sudden weight gain during their menstrual cycle. While this is not actual weight gain, it could show on the scale. Make sure to drink plenty of water (at least eight 8 oz. glasses a day is a good goal) to help your body remove toxins and metabolize nutrients. 3. Stress During stress, your body produces a hormone, cortisol, which cues the “fight or flight” response that typically goes away if the body uses that energy up. Cortisol can affect how the body stores fat including abdominal fat. Find a physical activity or non-food treat that allows you to step away from the stressful parts of your day, such as taking a few deep breaths or treating yourself to a massage or movie outing. While these practices won’t necessarily make you lose any actual weight, keeping your cortisol levels in-check may help with how your body stores it. 4. Not getting enough sleep Sleep is when your body recovers from the day. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body cannot perform to its optimal potential, which includes a functioning metabolism. Professor Shahrad Taheri noted in her 2015 presentation at the Endocrine Society’s annual meeting that even 30 minutes of sleep loss a day makes you more likely to gain weight. Aim for 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night, which will also help with your stress levels, too! 5. Medical Issues Another factor to keep in mind is that certain medical conditions can contribute to weight gain or weight loss. Conditions such as having an underactive thyroid, Cushing syndrome and diabetes can affect metabolism and possibly lead to extra pounds. With an underactive thyroid, your thyroid gland isn’t able to produce enough thyroid hormones. These hormones play an important role in regulating your metabolism, and with this hormonal imbalance it can contribute to unintentional weight gain.1 By maintaining regular medical appointments with your healthcare professional, they can potentially flag any medical issues that may cause weight gain and speak to you about treatment options. 6. Medication In addition to some medical conditions, some medications may affect appetite and/or metabolism. Discuss your medication’s side effects with your doctor, especially if it’s a new prescription and you are experiencing unexpected weight gain. For example, certain insulin medications, some antidepressants, and a handful of steroid hormones can affect weight as a side effect.2 7. Portion size Your choice of dish size can make all the difference! Our brains sometimes trick us to not understand appropriate portion sizes, we might think we should fill the plate with each item until there's no space left. Luckily, Jenny Craig has already done the work to help out with this one. Our 100+ menu options are pre-portioned to teach you what your plate should look like. If you're following the Jenny Craig program, you're setting yourself up for success. If you're ready to surprise yourself with weight loss, call us at 866-706-4042 or find a location near you! [Sources] 1http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/loseweight/Pages/medical-reasons-for-putting-on-weight.aspx 2http://www.obesityaction.org/educational-resources/resource-articles-2/general-articles/prescription-medications-weight-gain http://www.prevention.com/weight-loss/weight-loss-tips/health-problems-that-make-you-gain-weight/slide/3 http://www.empowher.com/weight-loss/content/13-surprising-causes-weight-gain?page=0,0 http://www.care2.com/greenliving/10-surprising-causes-of-weight-gain.html http://www.nursingdegreeguide.org/2008/50-surprising-causes-of-weight-gain/
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    Fall is almost here — but you don't have to wait for the leaves to change to enjoy these new foods! Scroll through the latest additions to our healthy menu options. Enjoy!
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    If you’re considering weight loss, you may have the best results by following a structured program like Jenny Craig that provides dedicated support throughout your journey. Research shows that having one-on-one support can make all the difference: A recent study showed that those who followed structured weight loss programs with personalized support were more likely to lose weight and keep it off.1 We hope you find these weight loss tips useful! Here’s what our members (and their consultants!) had to say: Find your “why” Sue My consultant Meaghan said, "Just do it for you!" after I listed all of the reasons I wanted to lose weight. She pushed me to dig deeper and is truly happy when I lose weight! Karen My consultant Mare advised, “You have to be persistent and determined. You must keep your “why” front and center and vision clear.” Also, my husband has been ill. Her advice was I must be strong and healthy to be his advocate. I am finding this to be true. Empower yourself to change your life Nat The best advice my consultant ever gave me was never to be discouraged, no matter what. Every ounce counts! This is a life change, not a momentary change. That forever stayed with me and motivated me for the rest of my journey and helped me to succeed and continue to succeed throughout my weight loss journey. ❤️ Christine The best advice she ever gave me was the Christine of the past is not the Christine of today. I have the power to change my life and make it everything I’ve always dreamed of! Your past has no power over your future. Kimberly She keeps reminding me that it’s in me to do this 🙌🏽 “You’re doing it!” Love my JC Laura! 💙 Matthew Never stop learning. There is always room to grow! Luce The best advice I got from my consultant is to be honest with myself!! 🙌 Practice mindfulness and celebrate your wins Natalie Pay attention to how you feel when you make good food choices and also to all of the non-scale victories! Michele The best advice my JC consultant gave to me is we keep moving forward. Even if it does not reflect on the scale, sometimes the non-scale victories mean even more. 💜 Marcy Michelle kept me grounded and told me, “This is a journey; enjoy it while you can.” I wanted to lose 20 pounds for my daughter’s wedding, and I found myself getting in a rush about dropping the pounds. After Michelle told me it’s a journey, I realized like many things in life, one needs to be mindful of what they’re doing, and not just turn the page. I took her advice, and it helped me through the weight loss, but other important events as well! Thanks, Michelle and JC! Sarah The best advice was to celebrate every victory, no matter how small. And that I’ve got this. ❤️ Corey One day at a time ... Rome wasn’t built in a day! Francesca My consultant, Jill, told me to celebrate every ounce I lost, no matter how small. A minus on the scale is a minus, and that’s awesome! Her encouragement got me towards my goal, and my life has changed forever! Jenny Craig was the best decision I ever made! Be kind to yourself Jenny Be kind to yourself and take it one day, one meal at a time 💕 Heather My consultant told me to be gentle with myself and to give myself grace. If I fall, to muster the strength to get back up and continue. Michele It is the fact that my consultant Gail has been understanding. My father just passed away, and I went from doing very well on the program to not eating enough when he was sick, to overeating. She was not hard on me and said I just suffered a big loss and to go easy on myself, but to pick up as soon as I can. Just knowing she was not pressuring or judging me is everything. She really cares about her customers! Marlene My coworker said to take small steps and that they will add up. Steps to walk around the office. Steps to making better food choices. Steps to being kinder to myself. Try healthy food hacks Nequi The best advice or plan of action that was given to me after weeks of fluttering around the same weight range was to shake things up with my menu. Meaning for me to drink the shakes daily, eat salads daily, and to increase my water intake as much as I can (comfortably). Angie The best advice my consultant gave me was to plan ahead when dining out — decide what you are going to eat and then order first. Then you will not be tempted to change your mind by what others order. Mandy The best advice was to take it one meal at a time and PLAN ahead. I had many parties to go to that I would have never survived had I not taken her advice, planned ahead, and ate a little before I went. It kept me from overeating and made me mindful of my plan. Margaret Treat your body like a well-functioning machine. Every once in a while, you can give it a boost with a treat! I thought, how true ... sometimes we treat our cars better than we treat ourselves. We wouldn't put anything in it that would impede its top performance ... don't our bodies deserve the same maintenance? Sara Treat your food like a prescription for your health! Just like you would for a medication. This resonated with me to my core! Holly I'm only on my second week, but my consultant has already given me a great tip that has helped me already. I know it’s going to benefit me in the future: She encouraged me to take the food out of the containers and put it on a plate. This will get you used to proper portion sizes. I can see it already! It is also more attractive on the plate. Work the program, and the program will work for you Mike The best advice my consultant gave me was to follow the menu, eat all my food, stay hydrated and get some activity. So simple yet it changed my life. I met my goal over ten years ago, and I still meet my consultant once a month 14 years later. 😊❤️ Check out Mike’s incredible story and get his best tips for weight maintenance! Franca Weight loss is like baking a cake: Follow the recipe and add exactly those ingredients! So with Jenny Craig, eat the food and follow the plan, and just like the recipe, you will see results. Barbara My best advice is to stay faithful and follow the plan exactly! Also, I exercise six days a week. Make lasting changes Noelle My consultant, Kathy, shared this powerful quote that changed so much about how I look at healthy eating, choices, & overall health. “It’s only when we alter our eating habits out of love and respect for ourselves that lasting change has a real chance to take root in our lives.” Cathy Yvette, my consultant, gave me homework. For each pound I lost, I had to write a difference in my life since starting the program. It was easy and fun, and made me appreciate the changes in my life, looks, clothes, health, etc. So when I need a boost, I go back and re-read my list and continue adding as I lose more weight. Thanks, Yvette❤️ Linda Best advice from my consultant Jessica “If nothing changes, nothing will change.” Conquer cravings Madeline My consultant gave me the advice that when a craving is coming on, take a step back, take a deep breath, and remember why I chose to adopt a healthier lifestyle for myself! Your weight loss consultant is your biggest advocate and personal cheering squad – who wouldn’t want that kind of encouragement? Get the personalized support you need and get started on your weight loss journey with Jenny Craig today! Join the conversation by using the hashtag #LifeCantWait and tagging us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!
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    6:45 - 7:15 a.m. Waking up to puppy cuddles … and a delicious breakfast. I hit the snooze button to cuddle with my two dogs just a little bit longer before I get out of bed. Prior to my weight loss journey, I would never imagine getting up so early! I would sleep in as late as I could before getting ready for the day. Now that I’m up, let’s see what’s on the menu for breakfast: Maple French Toast?! Mmm, my favorite! For a little extra sweetness, I’ll add the delicious Breakfast Syrup on top. For a side, I usually have an orange and drink a cup of skim milk. I love the food I eat! With the Rapid Results program, I have been able to lose 92 lbs.* (and counting!). I still can’t believe how far I have come in the last 13 months. I’ll forever be a fan of Jenny Craig and I thank them every day for having one of the best weight loss programs out there! 7:30 - 9:00 a.m. Sweating it out with a cardio and strength training workout. After walking the dogs, it’s time for my morning workout. Being active in the morning helps me feel energized for the rest of the day, and by 9 a.m. I already feel so accomplished! First, I do a half hour of cardio. I try to run up to 5 kilometers (3 miles) in a half hour. After my cardio workout, I complete a half hour of weight training. I grew up playing basketball, so I was pretty active. After high school, I started working full-time and stopped playing sports. Over the last ten years I gradually gained 100 lbs. At my heaviest, I was still in denial that I was overweight. I never thought I had a problem. When my clothes didn’t fit anymore, it was because I’d “gotten older,” not because I’d gained weight. I remember my friend encouraging me to be active in February 2018. I hadn’t worked out in ages, but I swallowed my pride and worked out with her. I remember thinking to myself, “I can’t just commit to the physical side of weight loss – I need to control what I am putting in my body.” When I went home, I looked up weight loss programs. How could I lose weight and stick to a plan? That’s how I stumbled upon Jenny Craig. Watching members’ success stories inspired me to pick up the phone and join Jenny Craig, too. 9:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Off to work! After my workout, I grab a quick snack to keep my energy levels up at work. My go-to snack is a Caramel Peanut Delight Essential Nutrition Bar with a small kiwi – delicious! At my job, I get to send people on all their dream holidays. I’m a travel agent, so I love to talk about anything travel-related! I love to travel and I’ve been to 25 countries! But traveling when you are overweight can be hard. In 2017, I visited Southeast Asia. I got ready to ride in a dune buggy and went to put the seat belt on, but I couldn’t get it over my body. I asked the workers for help, and they just stood over me and laughed. It was by far one of the most humiliating moments of my life. I have always been so comfortable in my skin and never felt that my weight was something to be judged and feel ashamed of. Before starting Jenny Craig, I hadn't stepped on a scale for six years. Ignorance is bliss, right? In March 2018, I stepped onto the scale for the first time and my weight stared back at me. 281 lbs. I was in complete shock – this couldn’t be right. There was no way I weighed that much. My consultant said, “Don’t worry; you will never see that number again.” She could not have been more right! I’m tearing up even thinking about that, because at that moment, I finally decided to take my life back. 1:30 - 2:00 p.m. What’s for lunch? I always enjoy the surprise of what I’m going to eat. Today’s meal is the delicious Chicken Ranch Melt. (Are you sure I can eat this, Jenny Craig? It seems too delicious to be on a weight loss menu! 😉) 2:00 - 6:00 p.m. Finishing up the day and enjoying a favorite snack. Back at work, a family is planning to visit Mexico! Helping them plan their vacation makes me dream of heading somewhere warm myself. I’m gearing up to go to Jamaica for my 30th birthday and I’m working to reach the 100-lb. weight loss mark by then! For a snack, I love having an unsweetened, fat-free vanilla yogurt paired with a small banana and a small amount of peanut butter. I love that I still get to have peanut butter as a part of my meal plan – it’s my favorite healthy fat! 6:30 - 7:15 p.m. Enjoying a delicious dinner and dessert. Dinner time! After a hard day’s work, it’s nice to just relax and enjoy my meal. The delicious Peanut Butter Cookies are my dessert! They’re super tasty and filling, and I just can’t get enough of Jenny Craig’s food. I’m 13 months into the program and I still love every bite! 7:30 - 8:30 p.m. Game on! Getting back into basketball has been so much fun! Now, I play basketball in a mixed league. I love my teammates and we have the best time together. Tonight, we won our game by two points – it was a nail biter! Since joining Jenny Craig, I have been able to get my life back. I’m back to playing basketball, a sport I hold close to my heart. I am a runner! A year ago, I could only power walk short distances, but now I am running 5K in under 27 minutes! Who am I?! I have also noticed that I sleep so much better. I would get backaches and they would wake me up at night. Now I don’t have any pain anymore! 8:30 -10:00 p.m. Winding down for bedtime. Before bed, I put on one of my favorite reality TV shows and cuddle up with my dogs. It has been a very productive and great day. I love my new lifestyle! 😊 Thanks for joining me – goodnight! Has Rachael’s story inspired you to embrace a healthier lifestyle? Book a free appointment with a Jenny Craig consultant to learn more about your options! Rachael follows the Rapid Results 1500 calorie menu. *Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter. Rachael lost 92 pounds on Rapid Results in 60 weeks. Rachael received promotional consideration.
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    How much do you know about the most important meal of the day? Take our quiz and find out!
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    Just by tuning into the rhythm of your breath, you can get help to reduce the tension in a stressful situation. When you’re relaxed, your breathing is slow and deep. When you’re anxious or excited, your breathing tends to be more rapid and shallow. By simply slowing down the rate or your breathing and focusing on its rhythm, you can begin to restore calm and clarity. You might even consider counting out 10 full breaths: Breathing in, say “one,” then slowly breath out. Then breathe in again, saying “two,” then slowly breathing out again – and so on, up to ten. Notice how your energy changes. Here is a short technique for building mind-body balance: 1. You can sit comfortably with your back straight, lie down with your hands by your sides or even lie in a downward dog position. Close your eyes; allow your body to become still and calm. 2. Begin to focus on your breathing, and take several full, deep breaths. Let your breath find its own natural rhythm. Don’t try to control it; just observe it. 3. Bring your attention to the feeling of your breath as it comes into your nose, down your throat, into your belly, then back out again. Feel your belly rise as you inhale and fall as you exhale. Feel the cool air entering your nostrils and the warm air flowing out. With each exhale settle in a little more. 4. You may find that your attention drifts away from your breathing, and you think of other things. Watch these thoughts float by, like bubbles. Then, gently bring your attention back to your breathing. 5. Continue paying attention to your breath. If your attention drifts to an emotion, observe and accept it. See yourself riding it, like a surfer on a wave, and then gently bring your attention back to your breathing. This is practice for learning how to observe your emotions without reacting to them. 6. Try not to judge the thoughts and emotions as they pass through your mind. Gently return to the rise and fall of your breathing for several minutes. Imagine each inhale brings peace and each exhale releases tension. 7. As you finish, congratulate yourself for bringing yourself back into mind-body balance. Research continues to demonstrate the benefits of mindfulness as beneficial to the management of pain, anxiety and stress. For weight management, the practice of being mindful creates a mental gap or “choice point,” that gives us the clarity to make lifestyle decisions in a more conscious way.
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    Typically, Thanksgiving Day races are the length of a 5K (3.1 miles) and are held in communities across the country. If running three miles seems daunting, some events offer one-mile “fun runs” instead. Not ready to run? No problem — these family-friendly events are perfect for any fitness level and welcome runners, joggers and walkers alike. If you’ve committed to your first turkey trot and are unsure of what to expect or how to prepare, we’ve got you covered. Check out our complete guide to your first turkey trot — and remember, having fun is the most important part! What to eat before a turkey trot Whether you’re walking or running, listen to your body and make healthy choices before heading to the start line. For shorter distances, such as a 5K, a light snack or meal should do the trick if your stomach is growling pre-race. And if you want to save a full meal until after the race, no problem, just be sure to snack before so you don’t get too hungry, be mindful of your portions and make healthy choices after your trot. If you’re up early and want to enjoy breakfast before the event, Jenny Craig RD, Briana Rodriquez, recommends eating at least two hours prior and choosing something light and nutritious that you regularly eat to avoid any stomach issues on course. If you’re a Jenny Craig member, your consultant can help you pick the best breakfast. Also, hydrating is just as important as what you eat! Rodriquez recommends skipping any sugar-laden sports drinks and opting for refreshing water. Make sure to sip water before, during and after exercising. What to wear for a turkey run Dress for the weather: and know your body will heat up once you start moving. According to Runner’s World, a good rule of thumb is to dress like it’s 15 to 20 degrees warmer than the temperature outside.1 Wear easy-to-shed layers that you can tie around your waist or tuck into your pockets. Try layering a lightweight jacket over a tee or tank to stay cool and dry. If it’s chilly outside, bring a hat or headband and gloves. If you pick up a few new items of clothing before the race, look for sweat-wicking, technical material and try to avoid wearing all-cotton products, as they tend to soak up moisture and may cause blisters and chafing.2 Some turkey trots encourage costumes, so get creative with fun props or matching t-shirts! Finally, pick a pair of comfortable running shoes you’ve worn before — you won’t want to break in new ones on the day of the race! Race Day Check the event’s website to ensure you have everything you need, then follow these quick tips before the race starts to have the smoothest possible turkey trot experience. Arrive early to check in and collect any race materials, like your bib, safety pins and a t-shirt. Note where bathroom and water stops are along the route. Choose a spot to meet your team/family members before and after the turkey trot. It’s the best way to get a great group photo and makes it easier to find your fitness buddies. Fill up your water bottle to stay hydrated during and after the race. Additionally, you may want to consider packing a small “race day bag” of items that you can carry with you, leave in your car, or with someone cheering you on. Anti-chafe stick or petroleum jelly Bandages ID, keys, phone and a small amount of cash Change of clothing Post-race snack (half of a banana, a small amount of almonds or cashews, etc.) Remember to pace yourself during the turkey trot. If you feel tired, slow down or take a short break. Enjoy yourself and the time you’ll spend with your loved ones. No matter how far or fast you go, crossing the finish line is a huge accomplishment! Post-race Tips Congrats, you’ve made it to the finish *virtual high five!* After the race, you’ll want to make sure to cool down properly. Try walking for an additional five to ten minutes and take some time to stretch gently.3 These movements will keep your muscles from feeling too tight and promote healthy blood flow.4 Change into clean, dry clothing and slip on comfortable shoes with support. Most importantly, make sure to rehydrate with water. Sipping H2O throughout the day will help you to feel your best. It’s also a good idea to eat a small snack with protein and carbohydrates within 30 to 60 minutes after exercise to replace any lost nutrients during physical activity. If you’re wondering what you should eat, Rodriquez recommends reaching for a banana with a teaspoon of nut butter or a Jenny Craig Essential Nutrition Bar. Enjoy your Thanksgiving meal later in the day by creating a balanced plate, which should contain lean protein, a moderate amount of carbohydrates, and a small amount of healthy fats, such as avocado or olive oil.3 Make It a Tradition What better way to create a new, healthy family tradition than by participating in a turkey trot? You’ll get to spend quality time with your loved ones and fit in a little exercise, all before sitting down to a delicious Thanksgiving meal. Pick an event and a goal that feels achievable this year, and then challenge yourself a little more next year. It’s also a great way to foster a little friendly competition! To learn more about balancing exercise with healthy food choices, contact Jenny Craig to book your free appointment with a consultant today! Sources: [1] https://www.runnersworld.com/training/a20803133/what-to-wear/ [2] https://www.fleetfeet.com/blog/runners-pains-6-common-skin-irritations-and-how-to-avoid-them [3] https://www.active.com/running/articles/how-to-recover-after-a-5k [4] http://www.cnn.com/2010/HEALTH/08/21/increase.flexibility.realsimple/index.html Elisa Hoffman Elisa is a content marketing manager for Jenny Craig with over ten years of experience working in the health and fitness industry. She loves sharing her passion for living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. A San Diego native and an endurance sports enthusiast, you can usually find her swimming, biking along the coast highway or running by the beach in her free time. Elisa holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University Chico. Favorite healthy snack: mozzarella string cheese with a Pink Lady apple.
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    From birthdays to job promotions and every celebratory moment in between, it seems like all these milestones have a food element associated with them. But consistently indulging in high-calorie foods can lead to weight gain derail your weight loss plans. While reaching milestones along your weight loss journey should be celebrated, part of this journey includes figuring out other weight loss reward ideas that aren't food. So instead of celebrating your weight loss with high-calorie junk food, choose a non-food reward! Here are seven weight loss rewards to put an extra pep in your step and motivate you toward reaching your weight loss goals: 1. Revitalize your wardrobe. There is nothing like buying a new pair of jeans when you’ve dropped a size. Celebrate yourself by buying a new article of clothing or workout clothes to wear to the gym. These are some great incentives for weight loss. You can also make room in your closet by donating clothes that are overly baggy. 2. Get your hair styled. Whether that means getting a haircut or a blowout, you deserve to pamper yourself for meeting your goals! This great non-food reward can also give you an added boost of confidence. 3. Pamper yourself. This weight loss reward is relaxing and fun! A massage or a manicure/pedicure are just two ways that you can take an extended amount of time to devote to yourself for some much-needed "me time." You might even catch up on some sleep! 4. Plan a field trip for yourself. Celebrate all the hard work you have put into your weight loss journey by planning a field trip for yourself. Your field trip can take any form. Take a walk along a body of water, go window-shopping at your favorite stores or visit a museum. As an added bonus, you'll get your physical activity done for the day-- it's a win-win! 5. Join a Club. Find some like-minded individuals who want to celebrate being healthier too. Join a walking or fitness club, book an appointment with a personal trainer, meetup or even exercise your mind by joining a book club. You’ll have fun and it will keep you motivated, inspired, and healthy! 6. Take yourself out on the town. Whether it is going to a movie, a concert, or checking out a new art exhibit, you deserve a fun night out for reaching your goal! Take a friend, significant other or family member and enjoy a night to celebrate your healthy lifestyle and weight loss progress. 7. Buy a new item for your home. Have you been eyeing an amazing sectional couch or a new coffee table? Maybe a piece of art? Now is the time to treat yourself with a new furnishing for your home. Reward your healthy behavior and hard work by indulging in fashionable furniture instead of food! Use these non-food weight loss reward ideas to stay on track to hit your ultimate goal weight and continue on the journey to long-term success. If you’re looking for other weight loss rewards that don't involve food, ask your Jenny Craig program consultant! Visit your local neighborhood Jenny Craig center or meet with your consultant via phone or video chat. Your consultant will happily brainstorm more non-food reward ideas with you. They'll be there to help keep your motivation strong and celebrate your healthy weight loss program milestones with you.
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    When you’re striving to lose weight, a planned menu with Jenny Craig works in helping you reach that goal. Why? In addition to the support from your consultant, it comes down to portion control and eating the right foods. On the Jenny Craig program, members meet with a personal consultant and get a menu starting from 1200 calories or more, depending on their current weight. The menu has delicious pre-selected foods, which can be paired with non-starchy vegetables and flavor enhancers from our Fresh & Free Additions list to create even more variety. Each day presents different meals, so you won’t be eating the same dish back-to-back or two days in a row. Along with calorie reduction, there are many other surprising and helpful benefits: 1. Creates order in your eating style. You start feeling in-control right away with your foods. 2. Reduces the stress of decision making. Makes your healthy options even easier to enjoy. 3. Enables you to stay focused. You can tune out distractions and tune into your goals. 4. Allows you to safely indulge in your favorites. No need to eliminate any foods, all is possible with moderation! Doug Battista, Jenny Craig’s Vice President of North American Operations, emphasizes that it comes back to energy balance, saying that, “ When you burn more calories than you consume, you lose weight. Our Planned Menus are designed to yield a calorie deficit of approximately of 750 calories per day. This daily calorie deficit sets up a member for a 1-2 pounds of weight loss per week.” Meeting your weight loss goals while still eating delicious food is possible. You may discover a whole new style of eating along the way! To find out more about our Jenny Craig Menu and how it can help you meet your weight loss goals, visit one of our 500 locations in local neighborhoods near you or contact us for your free appointment.
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    Transform these fresh and free ingredients into a delicious salsa for a refreshing summer side! Ingredients: 2 small tomatoes, diced 1 green pepper, chopped ¼ red onion, diced ¼ cup fresh cilantro, chopped 2 small garlic cloves, crushed Juice from ½ lime Pepper, to taste Directions: Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. Serve with your Jenny Craig street tacos or use it as a dip with carrot chips! *Counts as 1 cup veggie serving
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    What makes “free” food, “free”? “Free” food is based on a “nutrient vs. calorie” scale, meaning foods that are higher in nutrient value and lower in calories make the list. Nutritious foods high in fiber, like non-starchy vegetables, are a great choice because they can keep you feeling full longer with less calories and more nutrients. Why are certain foods considered “free” foods? Certain foods are considered “free” because they complement your weight loss goals. They allow you to get creative, especially in times of hunger, while minimizing excess calorie consumption without hindering your progress. Many times, you’ll see “free” foods consisting of primarily fruits and vegetables to pair with your main part of the meal, such as a protein. If a type of food is considered “free,” the idea is that you can have as much of it as you’d like. It’s important to understand why not all “free” foods can be consumed without limit. Not all foods are created equal. While fruits and vegetables are healthy options, you’re paying a higher calorie cost for fruit than vegetables due to the sugar and carb content. A cup of pineapple is 80 calories and 17 grams of sugar and is comparable to starchier vegetables like corn (1 C. = 153 calories, 17g carb, 5g sugar) and has the same sugar content as a small handful (8 pieces) of jelly beans.1 If you were to have a cup of a non-starchy vegetable like broccoli, you'd consume 30 calories, 6g carbs and 1g of sugar.2 Based on the math, you could have three times the amount of broccoli instead of half a cup of pineapple for the same number of calories and considerably less sugar. Not only would the larger quantity of broccoli keep you full longer because of the fiber content, but it would also be void of the high sugar content that can lead to spikes and falls in blood sugar.3 Another example, fresh dates, while an excellent source of vitamins and fiber contain a high calorie content. Eating approximately four medium-sized dates can pack 277 calories – not exactly something you want to eat in excess. When reviewing a list of foods, whether they seem healthy or not, it’s important to examine the nutritional breakdown to ensure you’re making the best decision. Why moderation is key, even when it comes to “free” foods You can enjoy “free” foods, but it’s important to keep in mind that moderation is key to achieve optimal weight loss. Additionally, make sure to consider the type of foods you choose to add to your daily routine, as it can make a difference in reaching your goal. Jenny Craig provides a delicious menu that supports optimal weight loss and is designed to be nutritionally balanced at each calorie level. Variety is the spice of life, so we provide a list of Fresh & Free Additions that provide members with options to incorporate additional foods into their menu while supporting weight loss. Our list has been scientifically designed to include nutritionally dense foods and highlights the differences between foods that are best consumed in moderation (our “limited” foods) versus foods that are “free” which won’t hinder weight loss (our “free” foods). Jenny Craig offers a variety of chef-crafted menu plans created to support weight loss and fit your lifestyle. Find your menu plan today! Sources: [1] Calorie content according to http://www.calorieking.com/ [2] Calorie content according to http://www.calorieking.com/ [3] https://www.webmd.com/diabetes/causes-blood-sugar-spikes#1 Elisa Hoffman Elisa is a content marketing manager for Jenny Craig with over ten years of experience working in the health and fitness industry. She loves sharing her passion for living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. A San Diego native and an endurance sports enthusiast, you can usually find her swimming, biking along the coast highway or running by the beach in her free time. Elisa holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University Chico. Favorite healthy snack: mozzarella string cheese with a Pink Lady apple. Reviewed by: Monica Ropar, Nutritionist Monica has over 15 years of experience with Jenny Craig, as an expert nutrition and program resource. She develops content, training, tools and strategies for the program to support clients throughout their weight loss journey, and offers inspiration, weight loss tips, lifestyle strategies and motivation. Monica holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a double major in Dietetics and Exercise, Fitness & Health from Purdue University and continues to stay current on weight management research, consumer trends and healthcare developments. Favorite healthy snack: raw veggie sticks with homemade hummus.
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    *Results not typical. Members following our program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week. Chris received promotional consideration. “My weight was getting in the way of the life I wanted to lead.” Before joining Jenny Craig, I was feeling very uncomfortable with my increasing weight. My clothes had become so tight that I needed to buy new ones in a much larger size than before. My back and knees were becoming more stressed and painful, and I hated the way I looked in photos. I knew that I was not at a heart healthy weight and worried how that would impact my health. I also wanted to improve my appearance for my profession in sales. I make daily presentations in front of clients and I felt that my decreasing self-confidence and increasing waistline could be a negative influence on the strength of my delivery, and the outcome of achieving a successful sale. All these factors were stressing me out, and I felt increasingly upset that my weight was getting in the way of the life I wanted to lead. I decided to refuse to continue down this unhealthy road and made a firm commitment to lose weight and get back to being my true self again. “I liked that Jenny Craig offered a great menu plan to follow with food that was delicious.” My goal was to get to a healthy weight, and I went to Jenny Craig to achieve it. I liked that they offered a great menu plan to follow with food that was delicious. This worked well for me and I had no problem doing it with dedication and discipline. Another great asset that helped me achieve success was having Karen, my own consultant who offered me weekly support and guidance throughout the weight loss process. She is positive, and inspirational and proved to be a trusted person that would hold me accountable to the goals I had set for myself. I was already going to the gym or riding my bike consistently each week, but I added more time and rigor to increase the level of exertion and endurance for my physical activity. “I lost 50 pounds* on the Jenny Craig Program and the changes are remarkable!” I lost 50 pounds* on the Jenny Craig Program and the changes are remarkable! The pain in my knees and back have greatly diminished. My energy and stamina have increased which allows me to do more strenuous workouts at the gym and on the bike. I feel better and have more self-confidence about my appearance. Some of my clients who noticed my transformation asked me how I did it. I felt good referring them and my family members to Jenny Craig, knowing how well it worked for me. My girlfriend, Carrie, also joined Jenny Craig and achieved her own success. We prepare our salads, vegetables, and meals together, and keep each other in check each day. I am very grateful to my consultant Karen, who is the very best! Our consultations are like going to visit a friend. She is an engaging, personable mentor who has made this process more gratifying with each week’s victory over the scale! One weight loss tip that I recommend is to surround yourself with supportive people to cheer you on towards a new healthy life. *Results not typical. Members following our program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week. Member received promotional consideration. Are you ready to see if Jenny Craig is right for you? Set your free appointment today!
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    You were the first to see the number on the scale dropping, the way your jeans began gaping around the waistline, and now your new healthy lifestyle is starting to pay off, because you feel an uptick in your energy and others are catching on to your newfound confidence. The compliments of “you look great!” are flying, but there is more behind those acclaims than just looks. Here are three things people really notice when you lose weight. Pep in Your Step You’ll notice your energy level is at an all-time high and you’re ready to take on the world. You have no trouble bouncing out of bed and getting stuff done, thanks to your recent weight loss. Regular physical activity (even a daily walk) increases your energy level, but eating a balanced diet, including protein, whole grains and lots of fresh produce, also puts an extra pep in your step. And other people will take note of it, too. Whether it’s your boss at work noticing an upsurge in productivity, or your kids, who are certainly loving the extra play time with you at the park. Your increase in stamina and strength is hard to deny by everyone else, so go ahead and plan an outing to the mountains with your friends or a fun date night roller-skating with your spouse. Your new energy and sense of adventure is contagious! You're Glowing You’re wearing a smile that cannot be wiped off these days, you’ve got the confidence to take on the world, and you’re feeling good. Those extra endorphins from getting active and eating healthy foods, such as fish, low-fat dairy, and leafy green veggies, boost your mood, and it’s apparent to those around you. Bask in the compliments and be sure to compliment yourself; after all, you’ve worked hard to get healthy and it’s showing! Seeing is Believing Overall, it doesn’t really matter what others notice or think about your weight loss. What matters most is your personal development and happiness. An added perk to reaching your weight loss goals is that as you start to see and feel the results of your weight loss, you start believing in those results and can develop improvements in your body image and health-related quality of life, according to one study. If you’re feeling happier and more confident, reward yourself with tangible gifts that make you feel pampered. Make an appointment with a salon for that haircut you’ve always wanted to try, a shopping trip to the cosmetics counter for a bold new lip color, and take an afternoon to buy yourself a new, on-trend outfit for a date night. So go out and celebrate every little milestone with your weight loss and be proud of the healthier and happier you.
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    What Is Dietary Fiber? The definition of fiber is the indigestible part of plant food that travels through our digestive system. This basically means that fiber is the part of the food that never gets digested. Instead, the purpose of fiber is to help the other parts of the food get through the digestive system correctly. They fulfill an important role by assisting with your digestive processes, even though dietary fibers are not digested themselves. Fiber is divided into two different types — soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber dissolves in water and then forms a gelatinous substance as it goes through the digestive system. Insoluble fiber remains solid the entire time. Soluble Fiber Soluble fiber, as mentioned above, forms a gelatinous substance in your body. It slows down digestion, which can regulate blood sugar levels, and attaches to cholesterol on the way out to help lower your risk of heart disease. Since soluble fiber is not digested, you will find that foods with soluble fiber will contribute less calories and a lower blood sugar level than other foods. Foods high in soluble fiber include oats, nuts, peas, beans, apples and blueberries. Insoluble Fiber Insoluble fiber is found in wheat bread, carrots, green beans, and cauliflower to name a few. It is the type of fiber that helps keep you feeling full so you will not grow hungry as quickly. Insoluble fiber, however, is really known for keeping your digestive system working at a regular pace, and we will cover the health benefits of this in a minute! Daily Fiber Intake The daily nutritional goal for fiber is about 25 grams for women and about 35 grams for men, which actually isn’t too difficult to attain. You can get this amount of fiber by consuming about 2 cups of fruit and 2.5 cups of vegetables a day. Veggies and fruits with the skin on them will contain more fiber2 — so try to eat more foods in whole rather than peeling or juicing them, to get the full fiber and other nutritional benefits available. If you make smart switches and additions like snacking on fruits and veggies instead of chips or sweets, then you will be at your recommended amount of fiber in no time! How Fiber Helps Weight Loss Due to the unique properties of soluble and insoluble fiber, your weight loss journey would be incomplete without an addition of more fiber into your diet. Here are just a few reasons why. #1. Healthy Digestion It can be difficult to lose weight if you’re struggling with irregularity. Consuming a high-fiber diet helps support healthy digestion by “bulking up” your stool, ensuring that waste moves through your colon at a healthy pace. Just remember that for fiber to do its waste removal duties, it needs plenty of hydration! Make sure you’re drinking an adequate amount of water and other non-caloric beverages throughout the day. Fiber also promotes the healthy bacteria in your system which, are anti-inflammatory and can contribute to IBS if their levels are low. So a high-fiber diet will leave your system moving smoothly and happily.3 #2. Skin Health Fiber aids in the digestion process in addition to many other benefits. Improving your digestive health can allow yeasts and bacteria that can cause rashes or bumps on your body to be flushed out before they have a chance to act. High-fiber diets can also help you absorb all the nutrients you need more sufficiently. For your skin, this means making you feel and look healthier. One of the primary reasons for breakouts is an unhappy digestive system, so if you use fiber to get that in check, then your skin (not only your stomach) may thank you for it! #3. Preventing Calorie Absorption When fiber passes through your body, it increases the speed of digestion. This means that the calories you consume do not have quite as much time to be absorbed so your body gets rid of the calories a little faster than it would without fiber. #4. Get Full & Stay Full High-fiber foods are, by nature, just plain satisfying. They’re hearty and filling, and since they metabolize more slowly than low-fiber foods, they tend to help us feel full longer. Oatmeal, apples, carrots, and legumes like garbanzo beans and lentils are some examples of high-fiber foods. Although these foods do not have magical fat-burning properties, they do have a pleasing, weighty presence in the belly, without contributing to long-term weight on the belly. #5. Stronger Bones Some types of soluble fiber, such as asparagus, leeks, and oats, have been shown to increase the bioavailability of minerals like calcium in foods4, which may help maintain bone density. Having high bone density can reduce the risk of osteoporosis and lead to overall better strength and a healthier self. Though studies are not prolific, there have been a few that suggest a high fiber diet leads to higher bone density and lower risk for osteoporosis. #6. Stay Healthier In General According to health experts5, making fiber an important part of your diet will not only help you control your weight—it can also help prevent type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, contributing to better health in the long run. Fiber helps prevent Type 2 diabetes by keeping blood sugar levels steady and helping you maintain a healthier weight.6 It can also lower your risk of heart disease by picking up extra cholesterol in your system7 and pushing it out before it can be at risk for clogging your arteries. (However, be careful of too much fiber...) Those with high-fiber diets have been linked to having a lower risk of colorectal and breast cancers8, due to the lack of inflammation in your system. In addition, a high fiber diet has been linked to decreasing stroke risk.9 Overall, fiber has some amazing benefits that may help your general health. Fiber Supplements - Good or Bad? One shortcut that you may be tempted to try is to take fiber supplements. These fibers are typically extracted from healthy sources, but most studies have shown that they do not produce the same benefits as just eating fibrous foods in their natural form.10 Our nutritionists recommend adding fruits, oats, and of course more veggies to your diet instead of taking fiber pills or supplements. Fiber & Jenny Craig Our menus are designed to meet expert recommendations for fiber. Jenny Craig entrees that have 5+ grams of fiber include Roasted Turkey Medallions, Broccoli & Cheese Stuffed Potato, Chicken Wrap with BBQ Sauce, White Bean Chicken Chili and the Classic Cheeseburger. If you’re using our Fresh & Free Additions, here are some other high-fiber, low-calorie foods you might add: raspberries (4 grams of fiber @ 32 calories per ½ cup serving), cooked broccoli (5 grams of fiber @ 55 calories per 1 cup serving) and cooked green beans (4 grams of fiber @44 calories per 1 cup serving). There is no doubt that fiber is healthy for you—mostly because it resides in plant-based foods that are always good for you to add to your diet. One of our favorite things about fiber is that it is easy to add to your diet. If you do not have time for complicated diet switches then incorporating more fiber is a really simple, effective way to increase weight loss as well as many other health benefits. We would love to hear more about your experiences with increasing your fiber intake—what are your favorite fibrous foods, and best dishes to make with them? Sources: 1https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/making-one-change-getting-fiber-can-help-weight-loss-201502177721 2http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/nutrition-and-healthy-eating/in-depth/high-fiber-foods/art-20050948 3http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/fiber-digestion 4https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3705355/ 5https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/making-one-change-getting-fiber-can-help-weight-loss-201502177721 6https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17846978 7http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/nutrition-and-healthy-eating/in-depth/high-fiber-foods/art-20050948 8https://www.pcrm.org/health/cancer-resources/diet-cancer/nutrition/how-fiber-helps-protect-against-cancer 9https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/high-fiber-diet-might-reduce-stroke-risk 10https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/nutrition-and-healthy-eating/expert-answers/fiber-supplements/faq-20058513
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    Your reasons for wanting to lose weight begins with you: You’re the one choosing to change your eating habits and activity toward a healthier lifestyle every day, so it’s essential to have a strong sense of self-motivation. That being said, part of your weight loss journey is discovering the support around you. Here’s why talking about your weight loss truly helps you with your goals: It keeps you accountable. Hearing yourself discuss what you’re doing to work toward your goals reinforces your new habits. You can acknowledge milestones along the way. Losing weight is no small feat, and discussing where you began and the steps you’ve taken to get where you are today allows you to acknowledge pivotal moments along the way. You’ll discover your support system. Loved ones are great people to open up to about your goals. When other people, like co-workers or acquaintances, notice your weight loss, it’s an opportunity to open your support system a little wider, too. Allow yourself to be open with those who ask about your progress, and make sure to listen to how they respond—their positive reinforcement is another way to acknowledge all the work you’re doing, and keep it up! You may impact someone else’s weight loss journey. Now that you’re building out your support system, you may be the person who jumpstarts a loved one’s or acquaintance’s weight loss journey. Maybe one of your loved ones will bring you up as an inspiration to one of their friends who are contemplating their own health, too, which makes your reach even more impactful. New tips and strategies. Your support system may include people who are also losing weight or have been in your shoes. As you share what has worked for you—and what hasn’t—you allow yourself an opportunity to learn along your journey. Every little bit of support can help you be one step closer to hitting your weight loss goal.
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    It’s no secret that if you have prepped, healthy options in your refrigerator, you’re more likely to eat healthier. Mason jar salads are the perfect grab-and-go lunchtime answer to boost your nutrition. Because the greens can stay crisp and crunchy for up to several days, try creating a few jarred salads ahead of time on a Sunday evening. The bright, layered ingredients look gorgeous through a glass jar. But did you know: those pretty layers can actually help your salad stay crisp and tasty even after it’s been dressed? How to Pack Your Mason Jar Salad Start with a clean, mason jar and get layering! When you pack your Mason jar salad, put the dressing in first, so it stays at the bottom and won’t leave your ingredients limp and soggy. After that, pack the heaviest, least-porous ingredients (like carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, or proteins). Smaller items, like diced non-starchy vegetables, can go on top of these and should be packed close together if possible. Make your greens the top veggie—and put any dry ingredients, like seeds (1 Tbsp = 1 healthy fat) or raisins (2 Tbsp = 1 fruit), on the very top. Packed as described, your salads can stay fresh for nearly a week in the fridge. Delicious Mason Jar Salad Ideas Here are some of our favorite transportable and crave-worthy mason jar salad ideas you’ll love. Spring Fling - If you have spring fever, create a salad loaded with seasonal ingredients: Jenny Craig’s Balsamic Vinaigrette, sliced strawberries, asparagus, snap peas, spinach and kale. Go Greek - For a salad bursting with flavor, toss together Jenny Craig’s Balsamic Vinaigrette, chopped tomatoes, cucumbers and artichokes, sliced carrots, 1 tablespoon low-fat feta cheese (counts as 1 Limited food; Classic Menu only), a pinch of fresh or dried oregano, and finally a combination of spinach and romaine lettuce. Harvest Salad - Put your spiralizer to good use for this salad-in-a-jar. Layer Jenny Craig’s Creamy Herb Dressing, garden-fresh tomatoes, spiralized zucchini and yellow squash. Top with just a pinch of Parmesan cheese. South-of-the-Border Salad - Shake up a fiesta in a jar! Pico de gallo salsa made with fresh tomatoes, onions and jalapenos are a delicious and spicy addition to a salad filled with diced bell pepper, shaved radishes and romaine. A Taste of Asia - Craving your favorite takeout? Make an Asian-inspired salad with 1 tablespoon low-sodium soy sauce, diced jicama, carrots, celery and red bell peppers. Pack the top of the jar with cilantro and shredded cabbage. Salad Bar - Keep it simple and classic by including Jenny Craig’s Creamy Herb Dressing, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli and your favorite green in a jar. Mama Mia - Combine Jenny Craig’s Balsamic Vinaigrette, tomatoes, mushrooms, chopped onions to taste, one finely diced spicy pepperoncini, 1 tablespoon parmesan, julienned basil, and romaine lettuce for a salad approved by mama herself. Apple-Endive Chopped Salad - Starting with Jenny Craig’s Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing, layer your favorite diced veggies—we like cucumber and tomato best here—with a quarter of a diced Granny Smith apple to add some tart sweetness. Next, layer a handful of chopped spinach and a head of chopped endive. This one’s great with a tablespoon of Parmesan (counts as 1 Limited food; Classic Menu only) or walnuts, too (four walnut halves count as one healthy fat). Grilled Asparagus and Grape Salad - For this wonderful make-ahead salad, start by grilling a half-bunch of asparagus until tender; add a squeeze of lemon juice, and allow to cool before chopping into one-inch segments. Dress the bottom of your jar with Jenny Craig’s Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing. Butter lettuce works very well with this recipe; add a quarter cup each of diced celery, seedless black grapes and cherry tomatoes before layering your asparagus and greens.
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    It’s back to school season! This year, not only have you committed to eating better, but you’re also trying to implement healthier eating habits for the family as well. Send your kids to school with a delicious and nutrition-packed lunch that will give them the energy to keep learning all day at school. Expand from the familiar PB&J with these fresh ideas for packing healthier lunches for your kids. Wrap and Roll It Deconstruct the typical turkey and Swiss sandwich by cutting turkey and cheese into squares than can be paired up with a zip bag of whole grain crackers. On another day, make it a wrap: Spread a whole grain tortilla with mustard or mayonnaise, layer on turkey, ham or tuna salad, fold over each side and roll up like a burrito. Give Pasta Salad a Punch If you have macaroni and cheese lovers in your house, surprise them with a cold, healthy version by mixing up a batch of pasta salad that includes a spoon or two of peas, broccolini or other veggies. Add in a little protein with cubed cheese, diced turkey or chopped hard boiled eggs. This easy, make-ahead lunch is best packed in an insulated thermos to keep it fresh and cold. Make it colorful If everything in your child’s lunchbox is one color (white and bland), it probably doesn’t look very appetizing. Build in some bright fruits such as green apples, purple grapes, red cherries or mandarin oranges. You can also pack vibrant vegetables, such as sliced green cucumbers/celery, orange pepper slices, spiralized yellow squash and purple baby carrots to provide an array of healthy vitamins and minerals. Which brings us to our next tip… Dip it If your kid is picky about eating vegetables, give them something healthy to dip it in, such as hummus, guacamole or a savory Greek yogurt. You can even pack some peanut butter or raisins to complement celery sticks or apple slices. You’ll find small containers in the food storage aisle at the supermarket that are just right for holding the perfect amount of dip. Just be sure to include a cold pack to make sure everything stays nice and cool. Personalized Pizza Let the kids make their own lunch the night below – dole out individual whole wheat pizza crust along with healthy toppings like marinara sauce, low fat shredded mozzarella, olives, grape tomatoes, mushrooms. After a quick run under the broiler, wrap in foil and refrigerate. Break Out Some New Bread Nothing wrong with PB and J – but the combo gets a new life when nestled in a pita, spread onto naan, or schmeared onto a bagel. And don’t be afraid to experiment with a mix of almond or cashew butter, fruit spread, mashed banana or diced peaches. Or, for a different sandwich, try a filling of smashed avocado, sprouts, sunflower seeds and a squeeze of lemon. Bonus: Use some fun cookie cutter shapes on the sandwich to give your kids a smile when they open their lunchbox. Bag the Snacks Trade the usual fried potato/tortilla chips for baked potato or vegetable chips, rice crackers or even fresh popcorn. Add Something Sweet Fresh whole fruit, or juice-packed single serve fruit cups make for healthy, portable desserts. For a boost of calcium, freeze individual yogurt/pudding cups overnight and your kids can enjoy a spoon-able smoothie by lunch. Trail mix, fig bars and oatmeal raisin cookies are another way to sneak in a little more fruit and fiber.
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    Long weekends are a real treat, especially when you can get together with friends and families. Some weekends, like Labor Day, are typically celebrated with barbecued and grilled items paired with cool salads. Here are a few strategies for how you can stay on track for the long 3-day weekend: Eat your greens/bring a veggie tray. Since you have plenty of Fresh & Free Additions to choose from, have at them! Bring a crudité platter of carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, celery, peppers or other vegetables that provide a crunchy bite. If you’re looking to enjoy something from the grill, create a kabob of zucchini, onions and pepper, or bring some Portobello mushrooms to create a juicy “veggie burger” that you can wrap in lettuce. Watch out for sauces and marinades often used on the grill which can be high in sugar. Remember that fiber equals fuller. Eating fibrous meals and snacks allows you to feel fuller longer. Eat a fibrous breakfast before you go out for the day— you can add a dollop of salsa to your Breakfast Omelet or heat up a bowl of Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal. When you’re at a barbeque, vegetables, such as broccoli and snap pea, and fruits, like blackberries and raspberries, are high sources of fiber. However, all fruit and vegetables contain fiber, so you can’t go wrong. Let fruit guide your sweet tooth. When it’s time for dessert, delight in some strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew or pineapple—just make sure to watch your portion size. Check out your Getting Started Guide for helpful tips. Get enough sleep. It’s important to make sure that you also allow your body to recover and recharge so that you can actually enjoy all the activities you planned over the long weekend, so aim for 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Not only will you feel well rested, but you’ll be clearer headed, too, which is important to continue making rational versus impulse decisions. Get some extra movement into your day. Whether you’re getting dressed, tidying up, or preparing a side dish to bring to a barbeque, you can get some extra steps into your day by taking 10 minutes to crank up the music and have a dance party in your home! Use the PRP technique. This stands for Polite, Reason, Polite, and allows you to remain in charge of your choices. You can politely acknowledge the food (“Thanks, that looks great!”) then state your reason for refusing it (“I’m already full from these delicious vegetables!”) then politely get out of the offer (“Maybe next time!”). Let your friends and family know about your goals. That way, they can be supportive of your ongoing efforts and choices, too. Talk to your weight loss expert. Image by Rachel Teodoro Your Jenny Craig weight loss expert can help you create countless strategies for your weekend activities. The best way to success is to rehearse your anticipated scenario to make a plan (and maybe even a back-up plan!) to stay focused on your weight loss goals while still enjoying your time surrounded by family and friends. Feel free to schedule an appointment at any of our local neighborhood Jenny Craig centers to meet face-to-face or feel free to reach out to a weight loss expert via Jenny Craig Anywhere. Being prepared for your day allows you to fall into the rest and relaxation long holiday weekends provide. Enjoy your time with friends and family, and we wish you happy, healthy eating!
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    With summer in full swing, there is nothing like spending cool nights outdoors next to a fire with your loved ones. One of the classic treats of summer are s’mores. With toasty marshmallows and rich chocolate melted between graham crackers, it’s a decadent high-calorie treat. Jenny Craig is delighted to offer our delicious rendition on the classic dessert with our S’mores Bar. It’s a staple in our summer snack rotation, and here are a few reasons that have us screaming for s’more S’mores Bars! 1. It’s tasty. This has to be the first reason on any snack list. It’s perfectly sweet from the marshmallow layer without being cloyingly so, while the milk chocolate provides the dark, yet creamy sensation to hit the right notes that make our taste buds sing. 2. The texture. The marshmallows are perfectly gooey, and are spread over a crunchy graham cracker crust that is perfectly encased in milk chocolate. That combo of crunch and chew is something snack bars only dream of, and our S’mores Bar hits it perfectly! 3. Less mess. Because the ingredients are in bar form, you don’t have as much mess with marshmallows spilling out as you would with a traditional s’more. Plus, you can use the wrapper to prevent your hands from melting the chocolate. 4. It’s portable. You can bring this campfire/bonfire treat with you wherever you go, without the sensation of sand or rocks in your shoes. Are you ready to sink your teeth into this low-calorie version of a summer classic? Talk with your Jenny Craig consultant and see where it fits into your meal plan today.
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    My husband and I thought nothing could ever destroy our love for food. However, we were wrong— and two years ago, it morphed into our worst nightmare. Like any horror film, it started out like any normal day. Then, I got the call that would change everything—my husband, Sean, suffered a serious heart attack and was undergoing surgery at a nearby hospital. I felt scared, anxious and uncertain on what to do. When we got married, we became a team that would face and conquer whatever the world would dish out. All those years of happiness and overeating turned into pounds, which then slashed my world into pieces. All the specialists agreed that Sean needed to lose weight. In order to tackle this huge initiative, we needed the expertise of a great weight loss consultant. We found that in our Jenny Craig consultant, Daniella. She worked with us and developed a game plan that implemented a healthy balance. And her role constantly changed to meet our needs. When I felt that I couldn’t do it, Daniella was my cheerleader. There were times that I got off track and gained a few pounds, but Daniella could comfort me and get me back on the program. We learned to celebrate the small wins, such as the healthy choices we piled into our grocery cart and becoming more active such as walking the dogs after dinner. These small victories might not seem like a winning touchdown, but they were all yards gained toward the end zone. Halfway through the year, we were really able to feel and see the results. I no longer needed my hypertension medication or a break after walking up the stairs. Sean’s constant back pain subsided, and he was able to get off his cholesterol medication. People we hadn’t seen for a while didn’t even recognize us and new people we met thought we were much younger. Turns out, we didn’t need to go on a quest to find the fountain of youth. We just needed to eat right and exercise. After a year of hard work under the direction of Daniella, I lost 55lbs* and Sean lost 12lbs*. Thanks to Jenny Craig, my husband and I are off the bench and enjoying the game of life. There’s an underdog in all of us. Let the Jenny Craig consultants be your guide. Get started today to reach your goal! *Results not typical. Members following our program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week. For more inspiration, check out more weight loss success stories of Jenny Craig members.
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    Take summer up a notch by grilling your favorite fruits and veggies. The grill isn’t just for searing meat–you can create scrumptious roasted vegetables and fruits fit for a summertime side or lip-smacking dessert. From peaches to corn, here are five tips for grilling summer fruits and veggies. 1. Non-stick trick Having a peach or pineapple stick to the grill can be a sad, burning mess Be sure to add a light spritz of non-stick vegetable cooking spray to avoid sticking. Olive oil spray can add wonderful flavor to hearts of romaine, asparagus, zucchini and yellow squash, without the loaded calories. 2. Season it right The grill will already add a roasted and smoky flavor to your fruits and vegetables, so there is no need to add any salt or butter. If you’re looking to boost the taste, add fresh summer herbs, such as basil, thyme, rosemary and chives. 3. To peel or not to peel? Most vegetables don’t need to be peeled before being placed on the grill. Not only will you keep key nutrients inside, but you also won’t dry out your veggies. Keep the husk on the corn to insulate it and allow the steam to cook the kernels. 4. Wrap it up Not a fan of the char from a grill? You can still utilize the barbecue by placing your fruits and veggies in a foil bag before cooking on the grill. Try a handful of summer berries with a dash of Jenny Craig Breakfast Syrup and then sealed in foil to create a colorful compote for Jenny Craig’s Chocolate Lava Cake. For a delicious side, you can also foil wrap and grill some summer squash, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and a handful of freshly chopped basil. 5. Get creative Turn summertime fruit into a light dessert straight from the grill. Ideally, fruit should be firm and barely ripe for the grill. Create a mouth-watering peach or apricot cobbler by halving stone fruits, brushing with Jenny Craig’s Breakfast Syrup and then grilling until caramelized. Or for a kid-friendly dessert, make fruit kabobs that include sliced bananas, strawberries, pineapple and watermelon.
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    Kick up the heat with your Tuna Dill Salad Kit and fill it in a delicious tomato! This dish was a winner of our 2016 Simple Inspirations Recipe Contest for 5 Ingredients or Less. Ingredients Jenny Craig Tuna Dill Salad Kit Jenny Craig Salsa Ranch Dressing 1 tomato, washed and cored 1/4 jalapeno, finely chopped Black pepper to taste 1/4 cup sliced, peeled cucumber Direction 1. Mix Tuna Dill Salad with jalapeno and pepper. 2. Stuff Tuna mixture into cored tomato 3. Drizzle with Jenny Craig Salsa Ranch Dressing. 4. Crush Tuna Dill Salad Kit crackers over top of tomato or serve on the side. Exchanges per serving Jenny Craig Tuna Dill Salad Kit Jenny Craig Salsa Ranch Dressing (1 1/2 Starch, 1 Protein, 2 Fat) +1 Veg, 3 Free Foods
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    Make your picnic healthier by packing a nutritious meal and everything you need for a fun activity after you eat. Spend a summer afternoon or evening soaking in the sunshine and breathing in the fresh air with these tips for a healthy, perfect picnic. Sneak in extra exercise for you and your family by pedaling to a nearby park for your picnic. Skipping the car and choosing to ride your bike can burn around 100 calories in 20 minutes, even at a leisurely pace. To make packing your food easier, have everyone carry their own, individually packed lunch in a backpack, and don’t forget to wear a helmet! Pack refreshing, low-calorie drinks Healthy Drinks Ditch the sugary soda and fill water bottles with flavor-infused water. While you’re making breakfast in the morning, drop a cup of freshly sliced fruit into a pitcher of water and stir before chilling in the refrigerator. Your flavor-boosted H2O will be ready to go at lunchtime. Experiment by pairing different fruits with herbs, such as strawberries and mint, blueberries and basil, or lemon and rosemary. Healthy Picnic Food Choices Jenny Craig has several on-the-go menu options that are perfect for your next picnic. Whether it’s a day at the beach, a hike to a lunch spot in the mountains, or just an afternoon at the park to play catch with the kids, check out these five portable Jenny Craig foods to bring with you on your next outing. Tuna Dill Salad Kit If you’re dining alfresco at the park, bring along the Tuna Dill Salad Kit with your picnic blanket and your favorite tunes. This salad kit features premium tuna salad with a dill and Greek yogurt dressing and crispy wheat crackers. For a unique pairing, stuff the Tuna Dill Salad into a hollowed out tomato or yellow pepper, then serve over a farmer’s market green salad with crackers on the side. Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch Anytime Bar Don’t forget to pack a pick-me-up snack for your next picnic in the mountains! Jenny Craig’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch Anytime Bar is the ideal food to keep you fueled for any activity. A crunchy peanut butter bar topped with chocolate morsels and a peanut butter drizzle packs an 8 gram protein punch, as well as a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals, to give you the energy you need to keep up with the group. Chicken Cranberry Salad Kit This on-the-go salad kit is perfect for your next beach excursion! The Chicken Cranberry Salad Kit combines white meat chicken with a creamy Greek yogurt dressing, sweet cranberries and crunchy celery and is served with crispy crackers. Pack it up with a stack of romaine or endive leaves and you get an easy combo of ingredients for refreshing lettuce wraps. Cheese Curls Everyone loves Jenny Craig’s Cheese Curls, and it’s easy to taste why–a delicious, crunchy snack seasoned with cheddar cheese and sea salt. Yum! One of Jenny Craig’s best-sellers, this is the ideal snack to take to your next park outing. Fresh & Free Additions Don’t forget to eat your veggies! Pack up some carrots, celery sticks and dip them in Salsa Ranch Dressing, or sprinkle some lemon juice and pepper on your cucumbers or snap peas for a savory treat.
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    By Alexandra Y. I have always struggled with weight loss for as long as I could remember. Growing up, I was the funny fat friend who often made fun of herself just to cope with what was really going on inside my head. I lived 22 years of my life feeling extremely uncomfortable in my own skin every day. No matter where I was, I felt as if I was being judged and this created severe anxiety for me. The heavier I was, the more anxiety I felt. I would often feel sick. This anxiety would continue to burden me for years. I didn't put myself out there or do fun things with friends. I limited my life because of this sickness I was feeling. About a year ago, I decided I needed help to lose the weight that was making me miserable. It was out of my control at this point. I had tried every diet, every trick, every little thing and it wasn't working. I looked into Jenny Craig that morning and was at the center that same day. The structure Jenny Craig gave me was amazing. I felt in control, a feeling I had NEVER felt with my relationship to food. I even started to move more – such as taking a quick walk. Yes, the weight started to come off, but I didn't realize how happy I was until I stopped having panic attacks, stopped feeling sick all the time. I actually felt okay. I felt ‘normal.’ I stopped taking my anxiety medication and started running instead. I found a love for exercise and activity. I went outdoors and did fun things with friends. I pushed myself to try new things that I wouldn't even dream of in the past. I felt happy. The physical results from losing weight are awesome and that is what everyone wants in the end, I get that. I love how I look now, but the real "success" in this story for me is the mental success. I have a healthier body, but more importantly a healthier mind. I feel like myself, I feel like this is the person I was meant to be. Being 23 years old, people ask me if I am embarrassed to say I do a weight loss program. I tell them this is what worked for me. In my mind, this is the ONLY weight loss program for me. Having help does not make you a failure, it makes you stronger for reaching out to achieve your goals. I could have never started this on my own, but Jenny Craig has given me the tools to continue this journey for a lifetime. *Results not typical. Members following our program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week. Check out other inspiring weight loss success stories from Jenny Craig members.
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    If you’re saddling up your car for a road trip this season, don’t fall off your plan by succumbing to gas station junk food. Whether you’re heading to the beach, camping or meeting up with family a few hours away, it’s a good idea to think about what Jenny Craig items you’ll need to make sure you don’t fall off your meal plan. While Fresh & Free Additions, like celery or cucumbers, and our snack bars are great as car-time snacks, here are 5 essential Jenny Craig foods you need when you hit the road: Chicken Cranberry Salad Kit. Perfect for picnics at any location, the Chicken Cranberry Salad Kit comes with white meat chicken, celery and dried cranberries pre-mixed in creamy Greek yogurt dressing. The kit comes with crackers, but add other vegetables, like more celery or radishes to continue with the delicious mix of crispy and soft textures. Tuna Dill Salad Kit. A classic meal with a twist, as this Tuna Dill Salad Kit packs plenty of flavor with a Greek yogurt and dill dressing. This salad kit also includes wheat crackers, but you can add lettuce and tomatoes for a Fresh & Free Addition. Hummus. Crackers are a great vessel for protein-rich dips, and our Classic Hummus & Wheat Crackers combo is a great example of that. This portable snack packs a powerful flavor-punch with chickpeas, ground sesame seeds and a hint of garlic that also pairs well with carrots, cucumbers and peppers. Cheddar Cheese Crisps. Road trips are all about on-the-go type foods, and our Cheddar Cheese Crisps are ready for wherever you go! You’ll have a satisfying bite not only because of the savory cheddar cheese flavor—the texture of the crisp is like a cracker and potato chip combined. Cookies. Our Iced Oatmeal Cookie and Lemon Cooler Cookies are sweet and will have you smiling with every bite. Being prepped for your road trip and your final destination allows you to focus on spending quality time with your loved ones.
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    Just like choosing healthy foods and watching your portions is important for weight loss, incorporating activity is just as important for your overall health. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, physical inactivity for long periods of time can impact many health factors, such as blood pressure and blood sugar. Here are nine ways to get some activity—all for free: 1. Warmer weather means you can get out to the park. Meet friends or family at the park for a day of play. You can bring a ball or Frisbee to toss around or climb on the play structures with your kids or grandkids, then eat a delightful picnic (don’t forget your Jenny Craig-friendly snacks!). 2. Get a dog. Dogs are great companions for walks, and also love to play with toys. You can toss balls, play tug-of-war or run around with your dog—and then relax together! 3. Soup can arm lifts. Instead of having your cans of soup sit in your pantry, use them for some arm lifts during a commercial break. You can also substitute the soup for milk, laundry detergent or water jugs as well. Simply sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor and your elbows straight and at your sides. Bend your right elbow lifting your right hand toward your shoulder. Be sure to focus on your bicep muscle. Lower your hand back to your side, and repeat on the opposite side. 4. Watch a workout video. Whether it’s a stretching video or a simple leg workout, watch something that will inspire you to get moving. You can work out at your own pace and you’ll feel great afterwards too! Check local programming or online for some free options. 5. Make chore time workout time. Need to scrub the bathroom down, dust the house or vacuum? Turn on some upbeat music and try to do these activities as quickly as possible. You can also throw in a few push-ups, jumping jacks or squats between rooms or floors if you want as well! 6. Stretch with some yoga. These stretches can make your body and mind feel refreshed. You can learn many yoga poses by looking up images online or watching a video. 7. Speed walking. Aim to get 10,000 steps a day. If you have a break during work or running errands, incorporate some speed walking to get your heart pumping. If you happen to be shopping, try to take the stairs instead of an elevator. You might also consider taking an extra lap around the mall while running errands as a way to get in some extra steps. 8. Dance at home. It’s fun to let loose and dance the night away—especially from the comfort of your own home. If you have kids at home, you can put on some music and get everyone involved in a dance party. 9. Download an app. There are plenty of apps out there that encourage you to exercise. You can find ones with unique workouts to match your goals or even an app that encourages you to walk by setting up friendly competition amongst your friends. Spend some time looking for the right app for you. If you’re looking for more ways to get moving, talk to your personal consultant at your nearest neighborhood Jenny Craig center. We look forward to helping you eat—and move—your way to a healthier you.
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    Take your taste buds on an international stroll with Chicken Faux-Lo-Mein. Add roasted spaghetti squash to your Asian Style Chicken for a low-calorie dish that is full of flavor! Ingredients Jenny Craig Asian Style Chicken 1/2 of a spaghetti squash Directions 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 2. Cut spaghetti squash lengthwise and scoop out seeds. 3. Place cut side down in a shallow baking dish. 4. Add a little water and cover with foil. 5. Roast in the oven for 40 minutes or until tender. 6. Prepare Asian Style Chicken as directed. 7. Using a fork, remove squash and place in a mixing bowl. 8. Add the prepared Asian Style Chicken, mix and serve. Per serving Asian Style Chicken (1 Starch, 1 Veg, 1 1/2 Protein, 1 Fat) +1-2 Veg Recipe by Amy T. from Parma Heights, Ohio
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    Celebrating your love for family, friends and partner is something that happens all the time, but there is extra emphasis to celebrate your loved one Valentine’s Day by exchanging heart-shaped boxes with chocolate. Whether you have a significant other to cozy up next to or you’re treating the day like any other, Valentine’s Day sweets may be tough to avoid if you have weight loss in mind. Here are some strategies for slowing down on your sugar intake this Valentine’s Day. There may be treats everywhere, from your morning cup of coffee to your coworker bringing in cookies and chocolate. Be prepared with a few snacks on hand, like bars, popcorn or fruit, so that you don’t end up with five cookies in your hand before lunch or dinner. Drink plenty of water and other non-caloric beverages, like tea. This helps you stay hydrated while also keeping cravings at bay, so it may help to minimize the amount of added sugars you consume. Instead of chocolate truffles, bars, caramels, etc. why not satisfy your sweet tooth with fruit instead? Chocolate-covered strawberries are a classic Valentine’s Day treat. With their thin chocolate coating, red color and natural sweetness, they are a wonderful option to lighten up your sugar intake. You can even make them yourself with this recipe! If you decide to cook a romantic meal in, you can find many alternative recipes for some of your favorite sweets. Put on your fancy chef’s hat and impress your date or dinner guests with Chocolate Espresso Soufflés that use cocoa powder for their rich, chocolate flavor without the added sugar that would come from a chocolate bar. If you want something a little more cozy, make Bananas Foster to top frozen low-fat yogurt or a Jenny Craig Chocolate Walnut Brownie. Of course, Jenny Craig has options for Valentine’s Day desserts, too! From our Chocolate Lava Cake to our Key Lime Pie, you can find a dessert that will complement your Valentine’s Day dinner. Our menus contain less than 10 percent of calories from added sugar, as we emphasize healthy ingredients. This means that no foods are off-limits, so that when you follow the program, you can include a delicious dessert into your day as they are calculated into your daily nutrition averages! Sugar is sweet, but so are you! Keep these strategies and tips in mind for your Valentine’s Day celebrations, and don’t let a sweets-overload keep you from showing what a sweetheart you can be!
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