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    Thought I would start a blog entry of my favorites and not so favorites.. to help me remember during my weak moments at JC center when I think I should l mix it up. willl edit this and update. Keep in mind what I like - you may hate and vice-versa... Work in Progress Favorties 1. JC French Toast 2. Chocolate Lava Cake 3. Frozen Cookie Dough Anytime Bar 4. JC Vanilla Shake to use in shakes or for coffee creamer 5. JC Loaded Baked Potato for lunch 6. October - JC Pumpkin Loaf (When they come in -you need to stock up as they run out... and then you wait a year!!) 7. Italian Style Pasta bake or Lasagna on top of spiralized zucchini, onions and mushrooms Honorable Mention 1. Cheeseburger Not great - But I eat them and they serve a purpose 1. Chicken Salad Kit - Helpful if at airport and tempted to eat dinner out 2. Barscotti - Low cal and is good for breakfast on the road when paired with a fruit Not My favorites.....I can avoid 1. New Chicken Pot Pie 2. Turkey Burger Best Volumizer 1. Zucchini with spiralizer form bed bath and Beyond 2. Cauliflower rice - filling and when added to other sauteed veggies is good Non JC Food I incoporate as Meal On My own (MOMOs) or as substitutes... 1. Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk 2. Breakfast: Using egg whites form a carton I purchase... Omelettes or scrambles with veggies and a level tbsp or tow of Parmesan on Thomas Lite English Muffin 3. Kodiak Protein Packed pancake mix from Target or similar store. Just add water 190 calories and they make easy, great pancakes 4. Breakfast on Golf Course: Cliff Bar - White Macadamian Nut - Breakfast out - 260 calories.. good if need calories Things to Avoid to help weight loss 1. Too many veggies... (I love them alot) 2. Wine too often - every few days ok (better to skip for weight loss). Every night at dinner is too much,
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    Hello Jenny my old friend I've come to see you once again I love my family and I love my life But in my weight I have encountered strife And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains It is to go to Jenny Now I don't have to go alone I have support right on my phone I read the forums and I check the blog And maybe someday I can start to jog My hunger pains are more than satisfied Don't feel denied With all the food from Jenny Thanks Jenny Craig!
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    Well then you have to decide. Are you willing to trade what you want most for what you want now? You've worked all this time, you've had great success, it's been easier than before. It's been less tedious than before (logging every bite...ugh) So today was the first day of state-mandated testing- yes. You got through it, yes. You got some really good news, check. And now you think it should be party time? You want to reward yourself for the stress and celebrate the good news? You can do that. It is not your planned cheat time. The question is..can you be okay taking some breaths, enjoying your feet up, and having some water? Make a cup of decaf and relish it. Right now is a deciding moment. Think back to that day by the pool. Your thighs were jiggling, stuck together and you felt embarrassed, old, and slow. You walked slowly to prevent any other jiggles. And I"m sure the slow walking made you look even less vibrant. You don't have to be a perfect model. You never have been, and you never will be, and that is okay. Are you living your best life now? What is the best version of you? The one wanting to hide and wear a mu mu, or the one that feels vibrant and alive? Three months from now, you won't remember this day, this feeling. Three months from today is July 13. Summer will be in full swing. People will be gathering at pools, wearing shorts and flip flops. You might go out on a boat, or to the beach. You want it. I know you want it. You want to be YOUR BEST YOU. So shut up your whining, drink some water have some free veggies and keep the focus on what you want MOST. The binge will last for about 30 minutes tops. It will be followed by guilt, bargaining, trying to figure out how to "take it back." Don't go there. You've got this. Meditate, take a walk, snuggle with the cat. Be thankful for this beautiful life, this beautiful season and this simple way to get more healthy. Be true to you. Be faithful to you. Do this for you.
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    So I am off to happy hour in my new dress. Jenny Craig rocks!!!Never ever give up - this is your time! If you are new or struggling or thinking about straying. Don't.... This is how we do it. It works!!! I have come to love the food. love the people, love the plan. So today went out with my fitness coach, her mom and another friend- needless to say they are breathtakingly beautiful women. After lunch (salmon power bowl, cooked dry with JC dressing - about 400 calories). We went to the Vegan bakery where I ate zilcho. (and was not tempted... Afterwards - I bought this new dress. I barely own a dress. I do not wear them. Well I am off to happy hour in my new dress. Man it is sooo refreshing to be able to wear clothes like these. Or even shopping in a regular size store. Me(1).zip
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    Before - June 2016 207ish Today 12/9/2016 176.6 about 20 -25 to go. I Love JC!!!
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    Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah Warning.. It's a blog - It rambles and weaves.... Thanks for reading... Sorry if I am boring... or redundant. But being thinner is a BIG DEAL! Work up this morning - and my house is a mess and my cold still lingers. Going to start back at gym Tuesday - so decided to stay lazy. Anyhow not sure why but off I went to tackle the thing that I did not have to do - the upstairs closet. (Next up is cleaning house before Xmas party at sisters...) Anyway I decided to go through all of the clothes. Clothes are up there because they are too big or too small. I now have another huge giveaway pile - and an amazing amount of small outfits. (Does that mean I am small? I mean the size large T shirts don't quite fit - but some of the size 12 shorts etc fit - and the size 16s are mostly all too large - and wait for it.. The size 8 Tahari suit jackets that are amazing looking (dear me... where are the pants? oh well) Are on! They don't close - there's a 5 inch gap - but that's the next 20 pounds. That's skinny Sue - Sue at my sister's wedding in the amazing long purple dress Sue. But who is this Sue that i find now and fits into these clothes? Who bought those Michael Kors shorts that still has the tags. I barely remember her - But I will tell you. It was 6 years ago. I had just moved from Atlanta to Boca and road my bike Saturday and Sunday 25-40 miles on A1A with the big boys. Was likely eating too much and going in the wrong direction - as I was riding that much but not shrinking away. I'd rather be this size and maintain or lose weight on Jenny Craig or maintenance so I am not dependent on riding centuries etc to be thin. Anyway I have some amazing clothes - and great T-shirts that now that I see them I have missed being that size. Missed being this size. To get dressed and not worry that you look fat! Ahmazing!!!! OK - Off to clean rest of house - so when I return form Xmas soiree I will feel the beauty of my home/.. and not the mess. Enjoy the day - best of all - No one ever says - man I wish I had eaten more at the Xmas party. So eat less - you will be glad you did. Sue
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    First Weigh In Was TODAY! I've lost 8lbs so far! I have a long way to go of course, my very first goal is to get under 300lbs, I am now at 360lbs. I'm just on Cloud 9. It's crazy because this is only my first week on JC and I'm already starting to change my whole outlook on food. It's difficult at first but the results shows that it's completely worth it! Plus for a diet, I really enjoy the food. The small portions sometimes drives me crazy, especially on weekends, because weekends are usually when I feel like snacking the most but it's something that I just have to get used to It's all about portion control and making smart choices! which was my first lesson of the week.
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    I'm not sure what made me type in "Jenny Craig" on my phone, one night, a few weeks ago.It seems that I have been yo-yo dieting for the last six years. Up 20 lbs, down 25, up 30 again. Like many of you, I've given many diets and workout programs a go. Paleo, Whole30, keto, vegan, myfitnesspal, crossfit etc. I seem to be really good at losing 20 pounds, but its past that mark where I usually fall off the wagon. When I started Jenny two weeks ago, I weighed 220lbs. The highest I've ever weighed. My goal weight is 140lbs. I feel like I don't look like myself. I feel physically big. I don't like taking pictures. Working out is not fun anymore. I live in yoga pants and sweat shirts. I don't like being naked. I want to be thin again and I need help. I needed to do something different. I'm a super busy professional with no time to meal prep or plan. Worse, if I was counting calories, I'd feel overwhelmed. Tracking food is a part time job, plus I get obsessive about it. Worse, I try to break the rules. I needed a meal plan where I just buy the food and eat it. So far Jenny has been AWESOME. What I love is honestly the food. I don't feel hungry, except sometimes in the evenings. Its tasty. I honestly cannot complain and this is coming from someone who thought they'd HATE prepackaged foods. In 2 weeks, I am down...drum roll please...7.4 pounds!!!! crazy. I feel great. Thanks Jenny!
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    Note:***I will keep this blog entry for one week and add to it. If I binge - I will post it here no matter what!! So let's get through this week - with my plan in tact.... my heart in tact... Saturday 9/30/17 9AM Hi Guys - Today i go for my weigh in - I will definitely be up. Last week went pretty well - but Thursday was a night of binging. There's no way that is allowed for on my plan or way of life. For me it is a terrible sign that I may spin out of control and gain the weight back. So clearly it makes me upset!!! These past few weeks work has been incredibly stressful. All sorts of ideas about bringing all Jenny food with me (Just a mini fridge...and no fridge at office) but the issue is more when I decided to binge... just go do it. Does not matter if I have had a good meal or smaller Jenny meal - none of that matters, Anyway - just wanted to reach out and say this week will be different. I will get back on track and avoid the airport binge. (and other places too). OK off to the Gym - have not been to the regular gym in a while - but going to get on a bike since my rib hurts form racquet ball.... so going to skip OrangeTheory today... (done: 60 minutes workout - with 30+ minutes at 84% maximum heart rate = 570 calories burned) Then later go to Jenny Craig...and say hello, talk to JC Consultant, and face the music. For me going every week is key, This will turn around - but if I don't go weigh in - somewhere I will just keep doing this and gain it all back. Not an option. Tonight - optional Break the fast party for Yom Kippur at family friends house.. i want to go but I wonder if it's the food that beckons me. What if I just go say hi..and then go home? That's rude.. oh the dilemmas. Maybe just stay home. I know she will have a ton of food and I feel like I need to buckle down... hmmm (edit:(I did not go - wise choice) Sunday 10/1 4:41PM Today I played golf - and then had lunch at home and then hit Youfit for 30minutes on stepmill and 30 on the bike with my Heart rate monitor from OrangeTheory. Managed to burn about 600 calories. When I started JC and did the stepmill (revolving staircase machine - cruel) I could do 10-20 minutes max at level 6. Not with my OT app - and tracking the workout so I stay at 84% and above of my max heart rate for alot of the workout (2 minute intervals or so) I was doing level 12. Its so amazing to see the progress. And my progress did not come from using the stepmill every day - it came from 1) doing JC and 2) doing 1 hour of the Orange Theory class (30min treadmill or similar and 30 min mixture of rower and body weight or free wieght or TRX strap exercises) with a kick a$$ coach cheering you on and helping you with form. Anyway - 6 months later - I am able to really workout pretty hard at a gym. Came home and had a whey protein shake that was divine - but also had anytime bar (also amazing). Alot of food at once but that is sort of how I roll. Key is its all within my limits on My Fitness Pal - and I am not binging on potato chips, etc. I gave @SFMomadvice - no one is ever unhappy on the treadmill... and got myself to the gym today - It was very unplanned and extra. lately I have been in a funk. Works been really hard. The guy I was hoping to date - dumped me...or well really it wasn't working - long distance - and anyway the easy job I had the last twp years has turned a lot harder with my new client and area of focus... So alas - Sue has been stressed out - and not coping well. Well this weekend - I turned it around - and rocked it!! Going to continue this trend into the week - and pursue the 7 clean days of excellence here. One of the tricks with my feelings - that I so don't remember or do - is this too shall pass. Every feeling I have is - just that not a fact. A feeling. It will pass....life changes - there's awesome times and ok times and crappy times. Food is so not the answer. Everything is better being thin and having food in it's place.. Not perfect - but if I were bigger and if I were eating out of control for me it was all harder. So Sue - hang in there. You Got This! Ok Hair time - blow dry and iron.. it's an ordeal. For you guys on maintenance the shake is called Unikey Vanilla Whey protein powder (Great product) with 2 tbs PB2 Fit, some ice, a little JC vanilla shake, 10 ounces of water and 1 stevia..and half a banana chopped when it's ripe - and frozen.. total calories - 110+45 ish + 60 + 15 = about 230. For you guys doing JC and losing... the cookie Dough anytime bar in the freezer is soo good. Monday yahoo..., food was good this weekend!!! Time to continue this! weight in home scale 140 yay Airport food:1 hard boiled egg and 2 cups of coffee with steamed milk time to kick a$$!
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    Beautiful day today....so walked my little dude and later kept a promise I made to myself...walked one mile. 1.23 to be exact. Overall strange day, woke up scratchy throat and mild headache but I had to run out to get my little dude some groceries. Returned and was restless yet sleepy? I laid across my bed and watched some AcornTV..maybe dozed. Then thought..get that walk in. Well when I returned I found that restlessness gone and the sleepyness... So preparing my JC chickenpot pie and veggies and watching Midsomer Murders...have a mild crush on John Nettles. ** don't judge me** smile Ladies............Here's to less of us!
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    I need to start from over there first. January 2016 had me knowing I needed to restart.....again x?????. I was weighed and weight was 197...I couldn't believe it and yet I did. I started walking and joined every weight FB place and group ** sparkpeople and the like ** I came across. I was walking a mile and actually I was walking two miles when you counted the return trip. I got up to 5 miles..walking and run/jogging. I went too fast and would have sore heels that kept me from walking for several days then weeks. I wanted to get back into exercise mode however at my age, all the extreme, beastmode and killer routines just weren't for me. Heck, let me be real here....they weren't when I was younger!!! For some reason I just couldn't get into it...I think it was because I wanted to be outside and feel that rush when I am walking..feels so good. I started watching what I was eating. I decided to go to a weight clinic....ok..hold on! I went got weighed and was at 180-something...I had lost some weight! However the lady there told me she would NOT give me the usual program but would give me a food list. Pretty much what I was already doing. Ever been turned away from a weight clinic? lol lol lol. Then and there Jenny Craig popped up...I thought ok, it worked last time and if I could just 'get started' lose 20 to 40 pounds I could do the rest myself.....cost, cost, cost,cost of food. I bit the bullet. So there I am sitting with a JCC....I told her I didn't want to know how much I weighed...yet I did find out. She asked what my goal weight would be I said oh, 135-140...how much weight do you want to lose...oh, about 40 pounds....HA! losing that 40 pounds will put me under my goal weight! oh happy day. So I started and completed my first week. 4th day on, I could feel my energy levels rising. I only disliked one food selection, and I got in some exercise. I went to my JCC today..8-2-2017 and I have lost 3 pounds. No pooh poohing that amount for me!!! I am JAZZED to meet my second week and relearn,realigned and think forward NOW on a healthy calorie limit per day, real food portions and amounts to keep me at goal weight. Starting my next session of belly dance also! And no that is NOT me in the photo.....** smile ** Here's to less of me!!!
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    ?Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! ? So I wanted to share my success from this week! So after being knocked down to a 1200 calorie diet after my disappointing 0.6 lb loss last week, I am excited to tell you that I lost 4.4 lbs this week!!! I made sure I had an empty bladder before my weigh in (since last time I learned that it can add about 0.6 lbs to your weight) and I worked out twice during the week. I never felt hungry and I had a ton of energy. Lessons learned in my first 3 weeks of JC-RR: 1. Check your plan for correct program (regular or RR) 2. Pee before you get on the scale 3. If you aren't losing weight, talk to your JCC about going down on calories 4. Don't beat yourself up if you cheat one day, you can always come back the next week Now, I have been asked why I am not telling my mom about being on the plan. It is because of the price of the plan and her lack of success on the plan in the past. She thinks it is a waste of money because she didn't lose. So I am planning on losing enough weight for her to notice the difference in me, and if she asks how I've lost the weight, I'll tell her. Last week I was extremely busy and rarely had a moment to rest, so I think that may have kept my hunger down. This week will be a challenge because I will be back at work and will have a lot of time sitting and having "boredom hungry". I am going to get some sugar-free gum and hope that it, plus drinking a lot of water, will help to keep me from getting too hungry so I do not over eat and go over my 1200 calories.
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    Finally, today's breakfast: Florentine Breakfast Pizzas with strawberries and greek yogurt sweetened with organic agave 5-calorie sweetener
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    Macaroni and Cheese with Green Beans, plus tomatoes, homemade ranch and coleslaw. Homemade ranch recipe: 1 tsp dry onion flakes, 1/4 tsp onion powder, 1/4 tsp garlic powder, 1/8 tsp or less black pepper, 1/8 tsp salt, mix into 2 oz greek yogurt, add more yogurt if needed.
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    I'm actively on my journey, but I try not to think too much about it. I'm trying to make it part of my every day life. When I think too much about losing weight, is when I fall off the wagon. I either get frustrated, do the self-hate "why do I have to do this" routine, or tell myself I'm looking good and can splurge...and splurge...and splurge until I get completely off track and then quit. Well, not now. I can actually visualize myself at goal. For the first time in my life I can visualize goal! You'd think, at 56, I would have hit my goal weight at some point in my life. Well, sadly, no. Nadda. Never as a teen, never as an adult. I've been close, but never at goal. I would use every excuse in the book. Stress being #1 - work stress, extra hours on the job, family stress. So, yeah... stress is my trigger and my excuse for not focusing on my health. I would do the "easy" part of tackling the stress. But now I believe that the past just wasn't "my time" to be at goal. I just wasn't ready to do it. I'd make a half-baked attempt because everyone else wished it for me. But I really didn't care. Until I got so overweight, I had to lose something to feel a teeny bit better. Once I felt a little better, I'd stop. For a person who really needs to lose about 75/80 pounds, feeling better would be around 20-25 pounds. So, what's different this time? I think I'm still trying to figure that part out. Another thing I wouldn't do is document my journey on paper or in pictures. So... here's my mid-point. I think it's working. I'm not even thinking about quitting. I'm not even stressed about the holiday season.... yet. My JC consultant is my ROCK! I know I wouldn't be here without here.
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    Should I be used to this? Went away this weekend to my cousins graduation and made a mad dash to Chicos to find a white t-shirt to put with Black pants.. But alas I bought a ton of stuff. First off - I remember when I could not fit into Chicos. Did you know they have a size 00? say What? (I had 00 jeans on...) Anyway I purchased a bunch of clothes in size 0. Wow... So if you have not shopped Chico's size 0 is not a true size 0... it's more like a Size 6 or on the smaller side of a size 8. Anyway - I feel like one day i was thrilled to get into the 190s... and then 180s... and now here I am in the 140s at goal. Some of the new shape has to be due to my new workout (a class where I do 30 minutes High Intensity cardio and 30 means weights or body weigh stuff). So through jenny craig and adding some healthy exercise - I arrived here at goal. I never imagined goal would be a size 6. My sister and I went dress shopping for another cousin's upcoming wedding... And it was clear I needed a size 6 dress. woo hoo.. so thrilling, I know I must sound insane. Like - some of you - just skip the blog because enough already, Sue we get it your thin. but for the newbies.. I swear this program works. It is 85% Food and 15% exercise. The biggest issue I face is food.. and Jenny has helped me with that!! As I am in maintenance - yup this is where a lot of work begins. I am taking it slowly. I do meals on my own and Jenny foods so it's a mix. I feel so satisfied with the JC food that I tend to stick to it.. I am branching out and will do more and more MOMOs with the help of the forum and the help of my JC counselor... Anyway, I read alot of people complaining about the slow loss ( I bet I was one of them back in the day).. And the forum gang were here to tell me - it's ok.. You Got This!! And slow and steady wins the race. I definitely won the race!And there's room for all of you in the Winner's Cirlce! Am I glad the weight loss was slow? I think the answer is yes. It's helping me stick with it... eat the right amount of foods and learn portion sizes. So i am glad it is off. I am sooo glad I joined jenny. Every day I put on a workout outfit and I am astounded I get to look like this! YAY JENNY!!! Thank you forum friends - You all are wonderful.. My cousin's graduation was very nice! He was glad my sister and I flew there (DC) to attend. I'm very glad to be back home.. Anyway thought I would share my new Chicos outfit.. I also bought the pants in black. Love them
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    Success!!! I followed the recipe more or less - I substituted 1/6 cup Truvia Baking blend instead of light brown sugar, and blueberries instead of peaches.. but alas made the Emily Bites Muffins.. I calculate about 80 calories each with my sugar replacement. Going to have two for breakfast one of these days - or even out on the golf course. Victory - I made them and did not snack on them!!! http://www.emilybites.com/2017/03/raspberry-peach-baked-oatmeal-singles.html
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    Going through renovation is never easy. Especially when it's of your own body. It is so great to see the before and afters of other people. Not so easy when you actually have to live the time between the two pictures yourself. The fact is, I made it through my first week, and had my first weigh in at the center. My scale at home tells me one thing, and the scale at the center tells me another. That is strange, but I understand it is not all that unusual. At home, I hop on the cruel flat truth teller in the morning. My appointment with my consultant was at 6 PM. So I have to account for all the water and food I ingested during the day. In any case, the results were still positive, and I lost weight. According to my scale, 4 pounds, and at the center, 3 pounds. When you think about it, the fact that different scales can say different things about the same body is actually kinda funny. Or at least curious. It reminded me that we can't really trust the human way of measuring and judging things. Or people, for that matter. Proverbs 16:11 says: "A just balance and scales belong to the LORD; all the weights of the bag are His concern." When God weighs somebody, He is checking their character. And that will be a precise measurement every time. We definitely do not want to be found deficient in His book. In Daniel 5:27, we read about a king who was found deficient in God's scale, because he had defiled the objects that belonged to God's temple, and he had not humbled himself before the Lord (Daniel 5:22-24). This King had brought the cups that belonged to the temple, and used them during a pagan party. If eating and drinking in honor of man made idols while using God's vessels wasn't enough, that king was also reminded of how he had not worshiped the God in Heaven, and had not come to him in humble adoration. God takes His temple and all the things pertaining to it very seriously. I want to be found weighing just the right amount in God's scale. As for the unrealible human version, I hope to continue to see decreasing numbers each week. Since my body is His temple, I am sure God cares about both my spiritual and physical weight. As the verse in Proverbs said, He cares for "all the weights of the bag".
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    What happens when you catch Spring Fever? You can't do anything except lie in bed and forget your diet. Yup, this past week was spent on bed coughing and feeling nauseous. Sometimes I think to why God suddenly threw a punch in my face when I was doing so well and on track. However, the good news is that when I weighed myself I didn't gain any weight!!! I think God had been kind to me for me to have maintained my weight these crazy days. I will continue to work on my portion control and eating healthier, because again, dieting is a lifestyle change, not a diet!
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    Yeah I get a starch... Hmm.. Not that exciting. No problem, I can fix this. I am a master of making that boring broccoli cheese potato look and taste like something I should not be eating. Ideas below. I like butter, really who doesn't. Fix-I can't believe it's not butter. (My JCC says this is fine) Sour cream must be plopped on top of my potato to complete deliciousness. Fix- Plain fat free Greek Yogurt. (Greek is denser and has a sour cream taste) Use one of your dairies for the day! Baked potatoes must be eaten with a thick steak covered in A1 sauce Fix- Add a tsp or two of worchestire sauce. Chives Fix- Add chives they are unlimited. Result.. My potato looks awesome, and tastes like it should. Yum! -Jen
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    Wow .. so I went in to JC today with ZERO expectations. If you've been following me, you know that I lost 16lbs week 1 but I was very sick and of course the assumption was that some of that would come back once I started taking in fluids again etc. So today, I told myself that if I'd gained, it was OK, because I'd still be in the negative which is goodness. Well you know what? I set too low of an expectation and ended up losing another 1.2 lbs this week, so not only did I maintain the loss, I did a bit more..AND Aunt Flow even came to visit - good grief, doesn't she show up at the VERY WORST of times. So total I'm down 17.2 lbs and I'm jumping for joy. But I'm always scared that I haven't .. I gotta get over that. There's no doubt that having a larger weight loss in that first week is very motivational, but I think when you have as much weight to lose as I do that it can just seem overwhelming to begin with, hard to get started and hard to think in terms of a pound at at time, but really it's not a pound at a time it's a meal or snack at a time because it's what we put in our mouths that decides whether we net a loss or a gain! Truly it's that simple. Keeping perspective is key - I didn't put it on overnight and I'm not going to take it off overnight - although I'm like everyone else, I want instant gratification and that isn't going to change. I'm sure I'll have my weeks that I'll regret, but for now, I'm grateful for whatever I'm doing right. This week I'm going to start using "my fitness pal!" My friend Julie, who is doing JC with me (also down 6+ lbs -woo hoo julie) swears by it. She LOVES it and says it really helps keep the day's calories in perspective. Check it out. ...Onward to week 3.
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    I love taking a restorative yoga class at my gym. One of the favorite parts is the pieces of wisdom that I collect from the teacher - Kristine. She reminds us to set a daily intention through the choice of a word. Often my intentions are around clarity or calmness and usually I think of my weight loss goals in context with that intention. Lately, I have been gathering new ideas from my Jenny Craig consultant - Jessie. This past week she shared with me that she thinks of her meal as just something that will hold her over until her next meal/snack in a couple hours. I realized that before JC - I often thought of lunch as needing to hold me until dinner - which would often be 6-7 hours later which would give me an excuse to load up on a huge sandwich or a full size enchilada platter. Often consuming 800+ calories in that one meal. When I think about just eating enough for 2 hours of nourishment/energy it really helps me with portion control and the recognition that my hunger is gone. What are some ah-ha moments you have had on our Jenny Craig journey? Do you have one you can share? Post it here, please!
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    So it occurred to me that one of my goals for the New year's challenge is to drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water a day. I recently listened to a podcast on losing weight and they were saying big huge goals dont really work for weight loss or to make significant changes. So do goals that support the longer term gola. So I guess my goal is to be healthier and reduce bloat and whatever else water does for you..... also 8 glasses a day today does not seem achievable... so thought I would blog my goal here and record my results. OK my esteemed sister told me 1 bottle has 16 ounces of water... 4-5 bottles does seem doable 1) Goal: Drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water per day by end of 2018 Mini Goal - Drink minimum of 3 bottles of water Week 1 1/2 - 1/7 Morning - when possible - Drink hot water and lemon with ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) to help internal organs do their thing Drink only 1 glass of coffee at breakfast (can drink more other times of day (COnsider reducing) and drink 2 bottles (32 ounces) of water between breakfast and lunch Drink 1-2 bottles of water between lunch and dinner (32 ounces) Water during workout does not count Day 1 Status: Tuesday: Drank 2 bottles before a late lunch and 1 after lunch total of 48 ounces (Plus 12 or so in my Morning drink that I don't count). See how I do tomorrow...or maybe I should include my hot water with lemon and ACV too? I think I will measure it and include it in my tally. 2/3 OK have to recommit and drink more water!!! Coffee gets in the way and my compulsiveness for a hit... something flavorful... Let's do this this week!
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    Recently I was talking to a friend about losing weight. I told her how much I hoped to lose and she reached out and gave me a huge hug and asked what she could do to help. I told her to be kind and cheer me on when I started questioning why I was doing this. She said not a problem but she also told me the biggest challenge in losing a large amount of weight is the mental work. It's really not about the food or nutrition as much as the life and eating habits. I thought about her words and realized, for me, that is so true. I have been able to lose to a certain weight range many times but for some reason once I get to that range I let all sorts of thoughts creep in and I never get out of that range. Basically once I get there I mentally give up but this time around I am not going to let my thoughts defeat me! How do I know that my thoughts won't defeat me this time? Because I figured out what I was afraid of and decided to conquer those fears so that I could live a healthy lifestyle and first step to living a healthy lifestyle means losing all this weight. I realize this is going to be hard work and I need to be positive about the out come. One thing I'm doing, I'm mentally picturing myself at my goal. I've set out outfits that I am going to wear as the weight goes down and I've got a terrific support group. It's been a long time since I have felt confident and happy with my choices and I know with out a doubt that I will succeed this time. Life is good!
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    So here I am. Sitting at the pool. Day 3 of a 7 day trip. For the most part, I feel I'm doing ok with MOMO. We did get vegetables and salad, a roaster chicken and a steak. I'm trying not to over-think my food choices his week. However, I am playing "this-not-that" when it comes to making choices. No doubt, the scale will go up. I just want to keep it to a minimum. I love how I've grown in my healthy eating thinking. I used to stress about it so much, I would give up and go overboard. Not this time. I actually feel remarkably calm with my food choices. It's all about a permanent lifestyle, isn't it? So, I went to an hour water aerobics class and I am planning to go to this and a spin class this week too. I guess I'll see how this all pans out when I return.
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    I've been thinking about this since the day I paid for my trip - my vacation with the girls to Florida. I'm unable to take JC food, so I'll have to wing it. But - we will be stocking the fridge with healthy food. I'm just at a loss as to what it'll be.... that goes with liquor. My JC consultant and I talked about a plan, but also knowing that I'll at the very least maintain my weight, if not go up a few pounds. I'll talk with her on Thursday before I leave, so I'll at least be able to refocus prior to launch. While I'm a wine drinker, I'm going to drink Michelob Ultra. After doing some research on the different beers, this is the best tasting for the least amount of carbs and better low calories. [ http://www.shape.com/healthy-eating/healthy-drinks/15-bikini-friendly-beers ] We'll get salad and I'll definitely get carrots and cucumbers to munch on. There's a yogurt dip I absolutely love - I hope it's in Florida! It's 30 calories for 2 tablespoons - Cedar's Cucumber Garlic Dill Tzatziki. I got it at Sam's Club - hopefully, it's at Wal-Mart where we're shopping! I'll also get some eggs to quickly heat in the micro with some veges Other than that, I have no clue what I'm going to do to stay close to plan. Any ideas?? The resort has alot of fitness activities. I'm going to try to hit some - yoga, spin class. But I don't want to go overboard, just work off some of the extra calories. Uggghhh. This will be my first test since I rejoined. As we're starting into the holiday season soon, it'll be a good test. I'm looking forward to my return trip blog to compare what I say I will do with what I actually did.
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    I'm writing this here now. My future goals. I don't want to overwhelm myself with all I want to accomplish at once. So, I'm putting this in writing to remind myself what I would love to accomplish as I get healthier. Later in my journey, I want to view this and see how far I've come. This year's goal was to get my physical health in order. I'm on my way. I've been working with doctors to make sure my health is in check. They're actually listening to me! Now I have no excuses as to why I can't lose weight - not even menopause. Enter Jenny Craig. So here's the rest on my wish list: getting to 10% documenting my journey walking the neighborhood with my dogs (they're not good walkers right now) making exercise part of breathing - doing it every day completing the Adirondack Fire Tower Challenge (1 down, 28 to go!) Hiking the beginner to mid-level mountains of the 46 High Peaks in the Adirondacks (many are expert level hikes) learning to enjoy food reaching 75 lb weight loss goal before Summer 2018
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    So this is my first time blogging. Like ever. Usually afraid to put something out there in fear of trolls, but hey we're all in the same boat here right?! On week 5, was expecting a loss as I've been really diligent and exercising, but was up .6lbs. My consultant saw I was disappointed even after assuring me it's normal and probably sodium retention. So she did my measurements and I've lost 6 inches in a month ?. I'm still not happy when I look in a mirror, I've always been thinner, but after my 2nd pregnancy yikes, hello 30lbs! I want it gone quick and get ahead of myself, so I need to remind myself it's a journey and it WILL come off because I'm determined. In the mean time give myself some credit for what I have done and just keep pluggin away. Here's to all of us workin those lbs away ✌️
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    Thought I would share some videos I do to add a bit to my day. I fond doing a you tube video is really fun - and not nearly as hard as treadmill or going to the gym. It is an awesome way to pass time when you want to eat!! Also just a good way to get your system moving as well. You can do at your own pace - or level... I cant do pushups so I modify what they are doing.. I think I have come along way exercise wise - but everyone starts somewhere. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts. 4/9/201 1.1 15 Minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAQK22crBWc&list=PLayqivvsPl04bR_hrbB6T3-lyA022EKYO&index=19 1.2 More sweat - 30 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z79hXSn3mas
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    Just got back from my cruise with Mom- going to go unpack and then maybe practice golf. Posted a long post on the forum to hopefully help some JCers. Wanted to post my cruise photo (not the best outfit - but it was the last night... and I just threw shorts on).... It was tough eating so clean (steamed veggies etc). But I was really grateful to be so much thinner then the 205+ pounds on the last cruise in August. Losing a bunch of weight is such a thrill!!!!! Will be pretty hard when the thrill is gone and the work of maintenance is upon me. However, let's worry about today and (prepare for tomorrow). Going to keep showing up a day at a time. Just for today I am grateful that my disease is Compulsive Overeating and that I am in good health. I am blessed. Thanks Mom for a great cruise!!!
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    I have been concerned about all the preservatives and additives in JC prepared foods, but love the convenience and taste of many of their products. However, I was REALLY surprised to find high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and corn syrup listed as ingredients in some of their products, such as the Mixed Berry Bar. I don't know if you're familiar with how high fructose corn syrup is manufactured, but it's not pretty or natural. It involves genetically modified enzymes." involving vats of murky fermenting liquid, fungus and chemical tweaking. See http://www.motherlindas.com/HFCS_murky.htm Many researchers believe there is a correlation between consumption of HFCS and obesity levels - see this chart: https://www.diabetesdaily.com/blog/2009/05/chart-obesity-high-fructose-corn-syrup/ HFCS is sweeter and cheaper than sugar, but can be associated with fatty liver and Type 2 diabetes. Fructose is also more likely to be turned into bad kinds of fat than glucose is. See Why not use honey instead? Perhaps we should let JC know if we would like them to make a change, and eliminate HFCS from their products.
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    So I started this Blog so i would have a place to log my exercise and how I am doing with my JC Challenges. My goal for this challenge is to lose 17 lbs or so and workout 3 times a week cardio and 2-3 times a week with weights. MY feet hurt a lot lately - even at the grocery store... and I don't go down many aisles. So i have been running lately using the Running app. Decided today to do my cardio on the Arc trainer (Cybex). Hard to figure out what would simulate the running portion vs the walking portion,net net I went back toWeek4 Day 1 of the app - and did about 39 minutes and was sweating a lot. Slightly lower heart rate (Max of about 165-170) whereas running it gets to almost 175 or so... Anyway completed Lean Body Fitness App - Back and stomach and did Cardio 39 min (week4 day 1)
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    Finding motivation starting to wain? Put more focus on the journey and allow yourself to relax in the path instead of always looking at the goal which could still be a ways away. Find joy and happiness and inspiration along the way. There is nothing stopping you from attaining any goal you really want to achieve because all the variables (path and state) are considered part of the journey and worth finding the "amazing" parts in each of them. Most folks who struggle with the path or their state give up too soon ;( try this instead: Look for an alternate path, something new to either go with the plan your on or something entirely new that will prove to move you toward your goal. An example would be if your going to the gym try adding a dance class for the next 6 weeks. If your tired in the afternoon add aroma therapy oils next to your work station at 2pm to invigorate you for the next 3 hours. Simple changes in your routine (your path) will not only motivate and move you toward your goal but will make the journey an adventure. Plus if your good to yourself your body will respond in kind. A happy joyful state is a motivated state. Do things that bring you the most joy. And look for joy in all you do. Source: Inspiration/Motivation
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    Today is my first day on JC. I purchased their food products to start me out. I am very nervous because i really want to be successful. I have tried pretty much every diet and I finally choose to seek help with this journey. I am currently 211.6 according to last nights weigh in, my goal is to be 150 again. I just want support from JC members and councilors because weight loss occurs over time unlike the overnight period of me gaining this weigh. Good luck everyone!
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    I'm a bit late posting this but better late than never I guess. Week 8 went well. I lost 4.8 pounds (for a total of 36 pounds) and 15.5 inches (for a total of 32 inches.) When I look in the mirror I see such a huge difference in myself and my clothes are hanging off of me. Yet very few people (other than my wonderfully supportive hubby and one friend) seem to be noticing. This is such a huge source of frustration for me. I don't even WANT to care if people notice, but I care. A lot. I keep telling myself it's my journey and nobody else's. What does it matter what anyone thinks? Why is it that I can't just be proud of myself? Why do I look to others for validation? Is anyone else struggling with this?
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    This was my 5th week on JC (weigh-in tomorrow morning) and I've had a few more little victories that helped to keep me motivated. Last year around this time I purchased 3 pairs of capri pants for my summer vacation. They were adorable and marked down to only $10. I never tried them on, I just tossed them in the cart. Dumb move. Got home, tried them on. Didn't fit. It was not at all shocking given that at my size, finding cute, fashionable clothes that fit was becoming darn near impossible. But I was disappointed. I crammed the capris in the back of a drawer, vowing to "fit into them someday". Yeah. Right. The "fit into them someday" clothes were starting to outnumber the "fits now" clothes. Yesterday, with a hopeful heart, but doubtful brain, I pulled those capris out of their hiding spot in the "Black Hole of Too Small Clothing." Guess what. Not only do they fit like a glove, but I'm almost certain that by the time this summer vacation rolls around in July, they will be WAY too big!! I'd better wear them now while I can. Then it's off to Goodwill they go! My second little victory is that I've noticed I'm able to be on my feet far longer than I have been in years. I have Mondays off so that's my big house cleaning day every week, and up until recently I had to do a chore here and there with plenty of rests thrown in between because my feet and knees would get so sore and swollen. Now I find myself on my feet almost the entire day. I'm getting SO MUCH more done and the pain in my joints has significantly diminished and there's no longer any swelling. I'm starting to function like a "normal" person! They're little things but to me they are huge, life changing accomplishments. My little victories. I hope for many more for myself and for all of you who are on this journey to a new life.
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    It truly was a happy circumstance that led to my current relationship with Jenny Craig, or more specifically, my amazing consultant Deborah. Last Summer, Deborah happened to walk into my boutique when I was there. She was doing some local marketing and wanted to know if we would be interested in doing events with Jenny Craig. I liked her immediately, but at the same time, I didn't want anything to do with Jenny Craig. After all, I was FAT FAT FAT and didn't want to start into another weight loss program that I would just fail at. BUT... She made an impression. I told her I would get in touch with her about possibly working together. I also told her I'd heard good things about Jenny Craig and had always thought about checking it out. I have no idea where that came from, by the way. I just blurted it out. It's like something inside of me overruled my fear. Deborah let me know that she'd be available for me if I was interested in talking to her at any time. This led to two months of me going back and forth in my head: "Should I check it out?" "Why bother?" "It might work." "Do you really want to try ANOTHER program?" So I researched, and researched, and researched. Two things finally made me decide to set up an appointment and walk into the Jenny Craig center: the food and the consultant. Over and over, I read that the Jenny Craig meals were the best-tasting prepackaged meals out there. And I thought having a consultant would be a great way to keep me accountable. So I took the plunge. And boy, am I glad I did. I'm so proud of my accomplishments so far, and I thank Deborah so much. I know we're on this journey together, and that means so much.
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    As a specialty retail boutique manager, I am in the public eye every day. And as fashion is the great passion of my life, I know how to dress women of every size and shape to make them look their best. That definitely includes myself. However, that skill can be dangerous. A little over 3 months ago, I hit my heaviest weight ever -- over 230 pounds. I had tried every weight loss program known to man, stopping short of diet pills or surgery. Just not into that. Nothing stuck, and I had pretty much given up. I pretended to be happy, but I wasn't. I covered my excess weight by camouflaging it with fashion. As a result, nobody seemed to notice my hugeness. But I knew. So what changed? Why am I writing a blog on this Jenny Craig website? Well, how about 30 pounds and 20 inches gone in less than four months? That's right, baby! I'm a Jenny Craig believer! There is so much I want to share about my journey, which has just begun. And I can't wait to hear other successes!
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    Reflection is good for the soul......it's been a little over a year ago that I realized I coudn't walk up a flight of stairs without losing my breath.....Honesty time here - my plan was to have lost the 100+ POUNDS that I had to lose by now. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN!!! It makes me angry that I didn't get near the goal that I had.......BUT WHAT A RIDE I HAD THIS YEAR..... It feels good to remember where I was a year ago......I have a picture that was taken.....so I will never forget....... So in honor of all the hard work........I bought a Little Black Dress - not in a size 12 but in a size 20 and a pair of heels......that I will be wearing to a party in January. A year ago I had to buy a dress in a size 28.......PROGRESS TRULY FEELS SWEET!!! This represents all the hard work and I will not forget what lies ahead......I am not at the weight I want to be at - but I will see onderland (100's) in 2015!!! Have a great holiday everyone.......and Happy New Us!!! XOXO
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    First week completed! I made the right choice with JC. Down 8.4 pounds. That is even with eating normally for Easter lunch. Happy I took the step.
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    So I was a JC girl many years ago, July 2006 to be precise, and now I'm back. I've let myself go in the past year and a half, and I'm disappointed. I've stopped running altogether and picked back up on bad eating habits. I actually started running when I was on JC the first time and grew to love it. Since that time, I've run 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, and marathons. I want to run a marathon again. I want to look and feel healthy again. But I know, at this point, I can't do it on my own. I know JC will get me through this and I'm actually excited. I signed up today at 4:30, so today wasn't a full day, but I'll still count it as DAY ONE. I reached my goal the first time on JC, and I know I will do it again!
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    Week 3 came to a close on Wednesday and my loss is at 7 lbs. It hasn't been easy for me, every day has been a struggle and certainly every ounce lost has been an exercise in willpower. There are some ladies on these forums that really display their weight loss journey as "easy". I'm envious. I've had some wins, I haven't touched soda in 3 weeks and the dog now gets the scraps that I would normally eat off the kids plates. ( i hate diet soda). I drink more water than I do coffee and now when I go for a run, I can definitely say I ran off one of my meals. My energy level is so high that I feel 5 years younger. For these things, I'm so grateful. So are my kids!
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    I'm so ready to start this journey for a second time around. Reached 55 and have been struggling with weight gain. So this time around I'm sticking with this and going to start feeling good again. With new activities and getting more involved with the process.
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    I've never really appreciated food. Growing up I was always too busy to sit down and eat. I was the first to leave the cafeteria of friends, or the dinner table with the fam, scraping my garbage into the disposal as they were still conversing over half eaten lamb chops and green beans. I've also never been thin-- nor had the desire to be. A size 16 for most my life I abhorred activities that made me sweat, but moved around enough to keep my form stagnant. My curves kept me attractive and my personality supplied the rest. So it never really dawned on me that when I weighed in Tuesday night at my first ever Jenny Craig meeting that I would be 278.6 lbs. 278.6 pounds!? Golly Moses! I knew that I was wider...in the few years I noticed a change in my pant size. The 16 that I was so used to quickly turned into a 18, which I kept for awhile, assuring myself that it was just the winter season. But my 18 expanded again into a size 20 and about three months after that I made the short leap to 22w. In my mind, I knew that I was heavier...knew that I probably weighed 200ish lbs. But never, in my self-aware (but mostly self-denial) assessment did I comprehend the number 278! As my coach uttered those offensive words a wave of nausea passed over me. All of a sudden I felt the 278.6 like a smack across the face. I could feel the puffiness of my cheeks, once long, now round and complete with a double chin. My arms and legs felt heavier and I could feel the jiggle of each appendage as I walked the 10 back to the office, completely shocked and speechless at the words I just heard. Later as I sat in bed pretending to read documents from work, my mind raced over the events of the past few years. What had become of me? What was so jarring in my life that I gained almost 150 lbs? As I rewound and fast forwarded my stream of memories I began to notice certain behaviors. Not quite large or prominent, but repetitive enough to focus on. I am an eater. I do not eat food because I enjoy the taste of it, nor do I eat food when I am hungry. I just eat. I would eat when I was bored, eat when I was unhappy, and always when I was stressed. Eating has been my drug of choice; my "nicotine," my stress releaser, my go-to-guy. My habitual neglect of what I was putting into my body, as long as it was something, had finally bitten me (pun slightly intended) in the butt. So here I am. Twenty-Nine years old. 278.6 lbs. And I am an Eater.
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    My youngest daughter lives in a beautiful house in California . Her children are still little but thoughts of a better school have become a concern. They have decided to sell and THEN look for a new home in a community with great schools. The market conditions in their target area have very few listings. Prices are higher spaces smaller compared to where they currently live. We talked about putting belongings in storage, renting a home till the right place can be found. She is enthusiastic and our conversation ended with"why not do it now what's a few months in the scheme of things". I am a convert to living in the moment as well. My previous weight loss were directed on the time when I could stop and resume "real" life. I would look great, eat great , and start to do activities I had been saving as a reward. Boy, have I changed! I don't put off pleasure, I knit- read- decorate Now! Every day I look forward to my menu somehow this time I get it. I am eating my fruits and vegetables, finally I understand they are the building blocks. When I no longer buy my Jenny food I will still eat these items. I thought the first time I lost weight , to skip anything extra was getting me faster to my target. Jenny tools have been key to my understanding how to eat every day . I rather like today instead of what was and what might be. I delight in the next few months in the scheme of things.
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    It seems as though I've traveled this road before with Atkins, Nutrisystem, WW, and on my own. Yet everytime I get to a milestone I encounter that brick wall that I can neither climb or knock down. This time I say it will be different. This time I will be able to scale the wall. I've been on the progam now for about a month and sadly I've only lost 5 pounds. Why only five I ask? Then I must be honest with myself "because you don't follow the program". I'm sabotaging myself - I'm afraid to leave this body that I've become so accustomed to. Yet I know that I am only fearing myself - I want to lose and become a new me. I need to remember that the wall I must scale is ME.
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    What's up with the 'Featured' blog page that sits on the main Jenny community page? It's been almost 3 months since it's been updated. Is she still around? Is everything okay? Does anyone else ever wonder about this? - Shannon
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    Joined JC on Saturday - Met with Amber... she was very helpful and encouraging I will be meeting with my coach Tonya on Saturday for the first time. So far I have done pretty good. Only had one "OPPS" on my grand-daughters birthday. I have been very satisfied with my food and must say the food taste much better than one of the other programs I was on! I dont like to cook, so having my meals prepared for me is SOOOOO nice. I have been walking for the past 3 days, 6 miles on Tues, 3 miles Wed., and 6 miles today. Hopfully I will see some pounds gone when I meet with Tonya on Saturday
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    Tonight I sit at my computer wondering how it will be tomorrow; will my first day of Jenny be difficult, easy, or just another day? With almost eighty-five pounds to lose, I have decided to throw every ounce of energy into becoming the me I know I can be. Will I miss my Starbucks? Most definitely. Will I miss the pounds that I will lose for not drinking my almost daily Venti White Chocolate Mocha? Heck no! Tomorrow I will eat my first Jenny food and will put on my new Metabolic Max armband... let's see if I'm as active as I think I am. Here is to a more alive me!
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    I feel so blessed with my life all the way around except for my weight issue. However, I have my refrigerator stocked appropriately now and I am starting today. I am feeling very excited about my new journey and the change in lifestyle I am making. I am going to become a little bit selfish! While it will be a long journey for me to reach goal weight, I plan to enjoy each day as I feel better and better and make it my new way of living. Things that motivate me to lose weight: I have a great/meaninful job with much success. My daughter is a fitness competitor and I enjoying supporting her. I have a dog who enjoys long walks. I miss being athletic. Longevity. Approach: I will focus on the progress I make each day and not on the distance I have to go. I will do something enjoy everyday. I will do something active everyday, increasing the time as I make progress. I will get 7 hours of sleep every night. ... to be continued
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