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    I see that my last blog post was January of 2017. That means I am coming up on two years since I quit JC and decided to try other options. Just for the record, nothing worked and I got to my highest weight of 316 pounds before I finally sought help from a doctor. I have lost 32 pounds since May. And it feels good. But I have been here before - so that is why I am back to JC. Of all the things I tried, I feel that the JC Community was by far the most supportive and most helpful. I picked up my food and had my first meeting with my JC consultant last night. Today I sit here feeling pretty good. Before I started writing today I went back and reread my previous blogs along with the comments. My last post was very negative and discouraged - One of the comments encouraged me to 'get deep into it' and 'read and reread all the JC literature'. I am here to get deep into it. I am here to make this a lifestyle. I am here to get support and to offer support. I am happy to say that Wednesday, November 14, 2018, was the start of my New Beginning.
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    SO here's my newest project. Hopefully when it is done - I weigh 137 & have learned more on maintenance. 10170191_LoveableLacyJumper2-in-Paintbox-Yarns-Downloadable-PDF_2.pdf.pdf