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    Synergy noun two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. I've discovered the perfect podcast to support me on my weight loss journey. Today my weigh in was 139.5 which is a number I've not seen in decades and just 3 lbs from goal. After 6 months of ups and downs of Week 1-2-3-4 rotations --- I am so close to actually doing it! I can hardly believe it! So close to actually reaching a goal and not quitting after a few weeks (or days). Heck Ya! This feels awesome. But I'm scared. Scared of what will happen when I step off the JC track and start to plan and prepare my own diet plans and meals. What will I do to keep up the momentum and HOW will I do? Lucky for me that I discovered a podcast that resonates deeply and brings me the realization that to move beyond the diet I need to end my habits of emotional eating and over eating. Why do I eat when I'm not hungry? Why do I get urges at 4pm like clockwork to start eating and eating? Sometimes I can't stop myself! What can I do to save me from myself? The podcast Real Weight Loss Real Woman ( realweightlossrealwomen.com) has been a game changer for me and I now see a path forward - building on what I've learned and how I have changed through my months on Jenny Craig diet. The coach, Cookie Rosenblum, gets me and challenges the very behaviors that I see struggle with today. I am evolving in my weight-loss journey from aiming for a number on a scale to having a goal to be a naturally slender woman eating my own natural diet. Ending my emotional eating and bad binge habits. I would never have come this far without Jenny Craig and it is so exciting to feel the synergy and power within me.
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