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    You can do this! I am 56 and this is the first time I have been able to lose weight in years! It really does work. Good luck!
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    So glad I read this blog it was the encouragement I needed to try again thank you all
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    I really like the encouragement at JC and the reminder to "get deep into it" and "read it over and over again" and "do it over and over again." Because, that is really what happens to people who have reached their goals: they fall off, gain weight and then get back on and find a program that works and maybe cycle through but then "get deep into" and "do it." I am in month 4 and have gained and lost the same weight for the last month and a half. But, after reading the above advice, I'm just going to reread the program and diet and recommit to it. Thank goodness for all the great advice that we can find here!
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    Angela, Faith, trust, discipline and lean on your support team. You need to have some faith in yourself. Others have been where you are and they have successfully navigated the many pitfalls that you are experiencing. You can do this...others have...so can you. You are not alone. Trust JC. This program works...but you need to get deep into it. Read it over and over again. Do it over and over again. One day at a time. Just do day one...no cheating...then when you finish...do day two. It takes about 10 days for a new routine to set in and become habit forming...make it 10 days and see what happens. Live it. Show that you have the courage and discipline to achieve your goal. Discipline is hard...but you have to ask yourself (when tempted)...do you want to feel like you are feeling now. Have the courage and discipline to say NO! When times get tough lean on your support team at home and with JC. Be positive and put a positive spin on this. You can do this...and should look forward to your new journey and what it will be like when you get to your destination. We are all here to help. V/r Tom R