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    You got this.. Being comfortable naked is no easy task.. But I bet your hubby would just love lf you could enjoy it. I wish that for you - and I know what its like.. For me I have extra skin... and now 15 lbs extra as well... but I bet we both can loo spectacular in clothes... And in bed he is just **** happy to be touching your silkiness So glad you found so em great outfits. Can't wait for you to buy Joe's jeans .. or whatever your favorite ones are... Suck you in.. a few nice holes... a half tucked black t-shirt and you will be rocking it! (Or whatever your thing is).... And on vacation you will rock the outfits. Whether you are 3 lbs lighter or not. Because 3 lbs does not a size make (It just is nice for wiggle room literally and figuratively) I so appreciate you showing up here and sharing.. Here's to you - rock star!
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    So sorry to hear about your father's declining health. Watching someone you love suffer and feeling helpless to do anything is the absolute worst feeling. We lost both of my in-laws this past fall - my FIL on October and MIL in December. FIL had cancer and went quicker than anyone expected - which I see as a blessing. MIL was completely unexpected, but after a fall in August with a broken femur, she had one issue after the other and her health declined to the point where she was in a state very similar to your father's. I find comfort in knowing that they had a long life that was lived well and were surrounded by people who loved them. I will be praying for you and your family. ~Marguerite
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