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    Each year I create a theme as part of my weekly planning sessions for work and personal life. This year the theme is "the Future is Now". It comes from my realization that if I want to be thin {some day} then I need to make decisions now to create that future. I can't indulge my food cravings and expect to ever get to my future state. Every minute of every day is a *now* moment. It doesn't mean that bad decisions kill any chance of attaining goal - it just means that the poor decision is delaying my success. Small decisions have big impacts -- for good or for bad. My future state (and goal weight) is created in the NOW moments - held in my hand.
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    This is Week 3 and I am psyched up for great things this week. No distractions - i.e. business lunches, business trips, social dinners. Focus is the word this week. I'm feeling well nourished, heightened clarity and a sense of control despite being at a ski cabin with all manner of Distractions (chips, wine, ya' know...). In my Ink+Volt work planner/journal the quote this week is "Starve your Distractions. Feed your Focus." How perfect is that!? What does "starving my distractions" mean? Back at home it means removing Husband's cookies sitting on top of the microwave to a drawer in another room of the house! And feeding my focus with a motivational quote in it's place. What distractions in your home need to be starved? How can you feed your focus and lose the weight this week?
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    So sorry to read about your situation. Any of these things would be a challenge, not just to your diet changes but to your health and life in general. I know some people have difficulty knowing what to say to people with true problems, not just the common "I had a flat tire and was late to church" types of problems. It is a shame your JCC did not handle the situation well. It sounds to me that you are running a tape loop of problems, not surprising but it is tearing you apart. I myself was recently told that, if lucky I could live 3 more years. That tape loop is running in my background all the time so I can sympathize. Hang in. The thing that keeps me sane is concentrating on the little everyday things. Do this task as it should be done, plan the next thing. The routine is giving me time to cope and normalize the situation. No one can make your problems go away but there are those who do want to support you.
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    SO as many of you know , i have had some struggles lately. Travelling againn for work - and eating up a storm. Broke up with a man - and started a new job. And I am a Compulsive Overeater.. So I let that impact my food decisions and now I am 20 lbs up form my goal and ready to get back on the horse. I would love to literally hit the ground running - but had a keratin treatment and no exercise allowed for a few days - cant get hair wet. So I am just going to work on food consumption, Which is really DO Jenny, Keep away from wine, and drink a ton of water. OK _ Lets get some now...OK OK So starting a plan again actually makes me happy. That seems weird right? I love and adore food - yet starting myself off here, starting the challenge, just getting my water seriously gives me hope and makes me happy. Need to remember that when I decide to open a bottle of wine etc. So my plan is to get through Day 1 tonight - Just a day of Jenny (I'll post on daily thread the food plan) and water... And then tonight pack for work week and go to Jury Duty, Depending on when they let me out of Jury duty (assuming I am not part of the jury) . Anyway for four weeks I have travelled, eaten anything, drank anything - and well that is not working, So this week I start a new plan - I jump on to actually sticking to Jenny - and being the one who does not eat. This should be interesting. OK Off to MAcy's to find a few items for work. ..Pack and do taxes today. WE got this.
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    when my Dad died a few years back, I called to cancel my JC appointment. I cannot believe that I remembered to do that. Take care of yourself even it is something simple. It helps.
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    Thank you for your kindness. I still have hope. I will do all I can to prolong the time-span and hope they find a cure. And Jenny's recipe for tuna salad is terrible. lol But that was Sunday lunch for me today and I managed to eat it. We can do this.
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    The phone rang early this morning. I hate it when that happens. When the phone rings early in the morning, it is either telemarketers or bad news in the family. Either way, brace yourself, right? It turned out to be bad news in my extended family. Not a death or anything like that, but something stressful and unpleasant (forgive the vagueness, but it is personal to someone else, and I want to respect their privacy). It upset me quite a but (and will place some level of stress and burden upon me, some known already, some vague and unknown for now). Normally, I would have reached for cookies or cake or donuts or some other form of sugary comfort. After all, I "deserve" it, right? I "need" it right now. Well, no. Not today. I went about my day. Drank my water. Told my husband what was going on. Had a mug of tea. Ate my Jenny breakfast. Lit a candle in the bathroom and made a bit of a spa morning of it (exfoliated, moisturized my body, etc.). As noon rolled around, I had lunch. Classic Chicken Carbonara. It was soooo good! If that turns out to be the highlight of my day, I'm good with it. I realize I am blogging a lot, and most people are not. This is my way of keeping myself accountable. Time to take an Extra Strength Tylenol. And to remind myself that life happens, but I will do what I can to help those that I can help.
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    Perfectly said! Thank you for sharing!
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    Hope that his suffering isn't prolonged. I can't stand hospitals. I've traveled that path with both my parents but lucky (?) that they were able to die at home. My quest for weight-loss is fueled by my ambition to outlive them -- big time. Neither of my parents saw 70 yrs old and they actually were both very healthy people until they each had a major illness. At 54, I have a lot of living to do and I want to live each and every one of those days in best possible shape. I am sorry that your family is not near you - that must be very difficult. Hoping for better days ahead for you.
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    I am so sorry about your dad. I’m glad you got to see him and I hope your memories of him will bring you solace.
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    So sorry to hear about your dad. Just went through a few years with my parents. So glad you went though to give your mom comfort. I looked up those bakery items.. and they look good. I'm sure it was about comfort food. And don't despair over the weight, you will get it off. After my Dad died turned to Jenny with a vengeance. I wanted to be in the best shape I could be in. He had said if there's something bothering you about your life - fix it.. So I did. I need to remember that I honor him by being happy - and living. You returned home to take care of yourself - taxes and Jenny. I hope you have some peace during this very difficult time - and hoping Dad is at peace and out of pain - Hopefully the hospital is helping him get relief. Big Cyber Hug! Sue
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    Yes, sweetie. We got this. And you have us to talk to, to listen, to keep you motivated when you are feeling unsure or insecure. We are all in this together!
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    I am so sorry to hear about your father. I totally understand that long-term illness makes it even harder to know what to do. You can't possibly hop on a plane every time there is a health challenge - or you would be flying back and forth all the time which makes it hard to juggle all your other responsibilities. We haven't heard from you in a while... so I hope that everything is okay...
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    Mia’s mom. I’m very sorry to here about your dad. I went through the same thing with my mom. She was sick for years and lived in Florida and I’m in NJ. It is always difficult to make the decision to go or notgivdn respinsibilities with job and kids.
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    So sorry to hear about your Dad, Keep us posted... And I would hop on a plane (bring some Jenny food with you) I know its hard being far away - but you never regret the trip you take ..
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    I understand the sick parent and being far away. Hang in there
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    There is nothing like sitting down to a nice table setting: a hard mat (much easier to keep clean: you wipe it down after each meal and voila), a napkin, a nice set of flatware, your water in crystal (why wait for company?), a colorful meal nicely plated. The trouble when you are trying to do a plan like Jenny, which focuses not only on healthy ingredients but on portion control, is that the size of today's dinner plates is huge. So today I decided: I am serving myself on salad plates. They are the perfect size for my meals, and will help retrain my eye in what a proper and healthy portion looks like. As Yoda told Luke, "You must unlearn what you have learned."
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