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Members following our Classic program, on average, lose 1-2lbs per week. Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

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  • Can I eat lilikoi? 

    1. Susie59


      what are you saying?

  • Just got my food! The cinnamon rolls are delicious! I could cry I am SO happy to finally have my food and get going! Day 1: here we go! 

    1. Susie59


      Good luck Ali, I know you're going to do great.  Yes the Cinnamon Rolls are awesome, feels like I'm cheating.  Make sure to drink plenty of water.  Keep posting to let us know how you're doing.

  • I’m new here. Just got my food today. Consultant will call me this evening. I start the rapid loss program tomorrow. I would love your support. I have 30 lbs to lose. I have issues with binge eating sweet salty foods. Hoping I’ll succeed on Jenny Craig. 

    1. ali_


      I'm starting today! Just stick on the plan - that's what I keep telling myself. Stick to it and it'll work! I have about 50+ lbs to lose! 

  • Excited to be back on Jenny Craig!  Great time to eat great food that is delivered during these challenging times!  I was going to be a member of the Corona 30# gain group if I didn't get a handle on things!  

    1. ChristiS


      Welcome back to Jenny!  If you want to get daily inspiration and encouragement, hop on over to the Daily Sharing thread in the Tips and Wisdon conversation topic.

  • Hi! Starting this next week once my food arrives! How are people adjusting after they've lost the weight? I've tried every diet on my own and can't seem to do it alone. Excited to have an exact menu and food plan to follow! My SW: 174 GW: 120 

    1. Susie59


      Hi Ali,  I started Jenny Craig on January 6, 2020 and as of today I've lost 38 pounds.  This weight loss has made a major impact on my life because all of my clothes got very big and loose so I had to buy some new clothes.  The food is fabulous and I follow my menu and only eat what is on my menu.  I'm on a reduced fat diet which i found out from my DNA test.  I'm so happy that you are going to start Jenny Craig, you are going to see changes immediately and I wish you success on your journey to getting to your goal weight.  : )

    2. ali_


      @susie59 that is incredible! I am so proud of you! Is the DNA test worth it?

    3. Susie59


      the DNA test was well worth it.  I found out that I needed to be on a reduced fat diet and it has been awesome.  Once you get your food, you are going to be so happy on Jenny Craig.  It is so easy to follow and the food is wonderful.  You'll see your weight going down and it's an incredible feeling.  

  • I've been on Jenny Craig for 3 months now on a Reduced Fat menu and have now lost 38 pounds.  I'm very proud of myself for continuing to never eat anything that isn't on my menu for the week.  I wish everyone else success too. 

    1. Lady H

      Lady H

      How do you never eat anything that isn't on your menu?

    2. Susie59


      Hi Lady H, motivation is the key.  Because I've lost 38 pounds since January, 2020, I will always only eat what is on my menu.  I also stagger my eating and drink lots of water.  I also have projects that I enjoy and that keeps my mind busy.  I am never hungry because I'm eating such healthy food and limited carbs and that makes a difference.  Carbs turn to sugar which makes you hungry.  Jenny Craig is so balanced and that is why I'm not hungry.  I know you can do it too.  In your book that you got when you started, there are also free additions you can eat but in a moderate amount.  That might help you too.  Wishing you lots of success.

  • I was just informed by my local support person that they are no longer doing the face-to-face counseling.  We just call in and talk and then place our order for curb-side pick up.  Are all of the local offices doing this now?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Laurabish


      Virginia Beach is also doing this.

    3. Paula Sadowski

      Paula Sadowski

      Same in Fitchburg MA - but staying on track!

      silversneakers.com has on line classes 😊👍

    4. Lady H

      Lady H

      Yes, here in the DFW, TX areas as well.

  • I just completed week two on the rapid wt loss program and I’m a little disappointed. The first week I lost 6 pounds. I just weighed myself today’s at week 2 and I only lost one pound 😞 is this normal? Any suggestions?

    1. MXSP


      Talk to your consultant for sure about this, but I do know that the first week is a big drop, the second isn't as big.  It all averages out.  Just keep working the program and be proud of 7 lbs down in 2 weeks...That's fantastic! 


  • This is Day 10 that I have been on Jenny Craig Rapid Results menu.  I have to say I am a little disappointed as I have lost only 3.5 pounds.  I have not cheated and I have stuck with the program.   I did make a mistake of eating 1/2 a banana for fruit instead of 1/4 banana.  I also had 1 tsp. of vodka with my diet tonic water.  Other than that, I have been proud of the way I have stuck to the menu.  Also, I have started walking/exercise every other day.  Any suggestions?  

    1. Aliza - Jenny Craig

      Aliza - Jenny Craig

      Be sure to speak with your consultant - he or she will be able to help troubleshoot. You may also want to download the Jenny Craig app (if you haven't already) so your consultant can also view what you are consuming each week and your activity level. Hope this helps!


  • How do you dress up your tortilla soup?  I am struggling with something to go with that or compliment it.  



  • How do i order a plan? I used to see the different plans on ym screen and now all i can find is individual foods

    1. Aliza - Jenny Craig

      Aliza - Jenny Craig

      Thanks for your question! You can shop our plans by clicking on the top right yellow button on our home page. Hope that helps!

  • Why is Jenny discontinuing to make the Caramel Chocolate Peanut Essential Bar?  What could be better than having a healthy Snickers bar as a mid-morning snack?  Please bring it back!

    1. Aliza - Jenny Craig

      Aliza - Jenny Craig

      Thanks for the feedback! We will share this with our food teams!

  • Does anyone know if I will get coaching in food choices after I finish my 8 week program?  I am losing and think I will meet my goal, all while eating Jenny food.  So just curious if they will "wean" me or wait until the 8 weeks is over?


    1. AprilRose9


      It has been awhile since I was at this stage.  I am currently at goal weight, but if memory serves, you can go on partial J.C. food at half-way to goal.  This is a way to incorporate grocery store and J.C. items while working with your JCC to meet your goal and stay on track.

  • I've been on Jenny Craig now for 11 weeks and as of today, March 15, 2020, I've lost 36 pounds.  The food is fantastic, my coach is awesome, and I love being on the Jenny Craig program.  

    1. KarenKK


      can I ask you how much fruit and vegetable are allowed on Jenny Craig, can't seem to find it anywhere


    2. Susie59


      Hi KarenKK, it depends on the program you are on.  I started with 1500 calories and was having 3 fruits and 3 servings of vegetables a day.  Now I'm on 1200 calories and I am having 1-1/2 fruits and 1 serving of vegetables daily.  I also have a salad everyday at lunchtime.

    3. Aliza - Jenny Craig

      Aliza - Jenny Craig

      You can view additional resources on our free mobile app!

  • With the Virus situation, Is it possible for us to order our meals online and not pay for shipping so that we don't have to risk going to the local shop? I would like to still be able to get my customized plan. Or will food be hard to get now? 

    1. missbumble


      I dont know that answer, but one thing you could do is call the ocal shop and drive by and have them put it in your car 

    2. HAMPTON08


      I was in my location today and they said they won't be doing any face to face coaching but you can arrange to pick up your food. Like take-out

    3. Aliza - Jenny Craig

      Aliza - Jenny Craig

      Please speak to our consultant about your options including phone consultations and food pickup or


  • This is my second time with Jenny Craig, my mom passed the beginning of 2019 and I got off track.  So 2020 I'm in a better place now, and ready to get back to working the program.  After 8 months the first go around I lost 50 pounds, I felt awesome! After letting it go for a while I did pick up 14 pounds over 7 months, mostly emotional eating. 

    I was surprised with my first week, they really did an overhaul on the food! The pizza crust is much improved, the cauliflower fried rice is amazing and almost every food has better flavor.  I have 30 pounds to get to my ultimate goal, so I'm really looking forward to my first weigh in tomorrow!

    Keep a positive outlook and stay ACTIVE is my mantra this time! So looking forward to all good things in 2020! 

    Stay strong and live to the fullest everyone!


  • This is my 2nd week and I have only lost 6 lbs...thought it would be more.  Does anyone feel the DNA results helped them?  Thanks

    1. Susie59


      Hi Mslady1951, I had the DNA done and it showed that I need to be on a reduced fat diet and since I started that I've been losing weight pretty fast.  In 2-1/2 months I've lost 33 pounds, so if you follow the DNA results, you will probably have better results.

  • This is my third week and I have lost ten pounds. I am  really struggling with the food because I think most of the food taste terrible!  Also I’m hungry all the time but I’ve been able to stick to it but not sure for how much longer.

    1. Lisa1284


      Good job on the loss!  Sorry to hear that you don't like the taste of the food.  I try to chef it up when I can to make things more tasty.  Week One seems to be my favorite.  Maybe you can repeat a week that you like?  For example on week one I get the pizza.  After cooking I cut into small cubes and add to my salad.  Add some type of seasoning maybe to help out with the flavor.

    2. Tigier


      They allow you to substitute,  they have a comparable list you can choose from.



  • Thank you so much for liking what I said.  I really appreciate it. 😉

  • I received my shipment today and received no shakes either. The menu calls for one tomorrow morning. I’m going to have to use an Atkins shake until I talk with my coach.

    1. Conniee


      Mine was the same.   My counselor said milk or yogurt (less than 100 calories), milk is fat free, are what you use in place of the shakes


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