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Members following our Classic program, on average, lose 1-2lbs per week. Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

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  • I saw on facebook a Jenny Craig page that answered questions as to what you can drink with a recharge bar, the center says water, black coffee or tea, the page that I read said you could have a small amount of heavy cream becuase it is fat and still keeps you in ketosis, has anybody read that?

  • Jenny food substitution list


  • The app is awful! JEnny Craig is the most expensive packaged food diet in America and they can’t allocate some of that profit to creating a usable app?!? 

    I can’t track food on WW except by hand — jeez

  • I'm trying to click on "view plans" on the website and it just goes to pictures of the food items.  Is there a problem with the website? I'm on RR max, but thinking of switching to a different plan.

    1. Karen Volpe

      Karen Volpe

      I am having the same problem!

  • Is anyone having problems with the Jenny App?? I updated and now it keeps giving me an error message?????

    1. Anne DeLee

      Anne DeLee

      I'm getting error message too!  So frustrating not to be able to record my weight today....it's a good number!!!!


    2. rmaustin51


      I have had problems w/ it freezing and then I have to delete the app then add it back in.  I've started logging out each time and it seems to be helping.

  • Loved the new teas recipes I got this morning.  Already made the lemon and basil leaves.  Very refreshing...drinking it hot and now with ice as it makes 6 cups .  Thank you !





  • Anyone’s auto shipment not come? I’ve called twice because I’m out of food tomorrow and they are now reshipping it but what the heck?

    1. agrob


      no, that hasn't happened to me, but I have had food missing from my shipment before.

  • Is diet soda allowed on the plan?

    1. ChristiS


      Yes, but it will be good if you can break away from it when you are ready.

    2. Susan MacLeod

      Susan MacLeod

      I was told to add another glass of water for every caffine drInk. 

  • What do I do if I need to end my fast two hours earlier than I should be

    1. Nanny Brown

      Nanny Brown

      I just got my 1st delivery today…. Fast? 

  • Can anyone share how they organize for the week? 

    1. agrob


      I like to get large ziploc bags and write the day of the week on the bag. I then follow the menu and put everything in the bag for the day (with the exception of the foods that aren't frozen).  All I have to do is grab the bag in the morning that is for that day. It works well for me.

  • Can anyone tell me how many cuties would be considered a fruit serving?


    1. ChristiS


      I believe it is 2.

    2. Sara Chastain

      Sara Chastain

      2 according to the Jenny Craig bible….I mean booklet. 🤣

  • Just placed my order today   receive a phone call from a Melissa about setting up delivery but when I called back  main operator tried to connect me but twice I got  disconnected   Can  you help me?



    1. ChristiS


      Reach out to Jenny Care.

  • I am ready to get started.  Very excited, but I did not see a menu in the box......where did you find the menu?

    1. Susan MacLeod

      Susan MacLeod

      On the Jenny Craig app

    2. ChristiS


      When is your appointment with your consultant?  Your consultant should explain how everything works.  In the meantime, as @Susan MacLeod said, you can find tons of great info in the Jenny app.

  • I am ready to get started.  Very excited, but I did not see a menu in the box......where did you find the menu?

  • I am just getting started.  Just found the menu, have had the food a few days but didn't want to start on weekend and just got signed in and found a menu!!  Question - Can I have the recharge bar in the morning with coffee?  I usually have coffee first thing I get up.

    1. Lucylu7


      So excited for you,  i have been on the plan now for a few months and i have my recharge bar with coffee but i believe you cant add any artificial sweetners or creamer, they suggest heavy cream a little if you need it.  i sometimes have tea and then have a second cup of coffee later with my breakfast with the artificial sweetner, hope this helps you

    2. GranR


      Thank you! 

    3. Phoebephylinda


      I'm confused now.  I too am a coffee drinker and was told I could add the sugar free coffeemate creamer.  So should I switch to heavy cream or is the sugar free creamer ok???


  • I'm starting JC tomorrow. Are we allowed any "free" fruits, or fruit at all? 

    1. kristenW


      You get fruit, but how much you get depends on the calorie level you're on it will say on your menu. For me when I was on 1200 I got one fruit a day (I think as the pm snack) and then on 1,500 I've gotten two fruits a day ( one added to bkfst). No free fruit though.


    2. Diane2010


      I am on the 1200 Type2 and I get a 1/2 fruit in the morning and one in the afternoon with a protein.

  • How long after your initial order does it take for JC to process and ship your items?

    1. Shelley S.

      Shelley S.

      I placed my initial order on a Tuesday evening.  I had my food on Friday.

    2. Susan MacLeod

      Susan MacLeod

      My first order was placed by my consultant on a Mon morning and it arrived Wed afternoon.

    3. sean1217


      Thanks all!  I ordered my food friday but I do not think it shipped yet...I just want to get started on this journey!!!!

  • I am in the rapid results program and I try to drink more tea when I get a sweet craving but is it ok to drink almond milk throughout the day? Like once in the morning with your coffee and once in the evening with your tea? I use 2 stevia with my tea/coffee. 

  • I was in the program previously in 2008 I believe it was.  I just recently began again.  In 2008 you had the best cereal that is no longer on the menu.  It was small wheat squares.  They were very tasty.  Do you remember the name and have any information?  Maybe I could find something comparable.

    1. missbumble




    2. 2chopsticks


      Multigrain something - I loved it too


  • I'm in the Rapid Results Max plan and I'm wondering if it would be okay for me to move certain components of my meals to different parts of the day. For example, if I'm not hungry enough to eat/drink my milk serving at breakfast, could I have it at lunch instead or maybe between lunch and dinner to help keep me on track when I do get hungry? Or maybe have my snack after dinner instead of between lunch and dinner as long as it's before my cut off time at night? Anyone else do this?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. 2251225


      I tried rapid results but it was too restrictive for me.  Meaning you are not allowed to switch or change meals.  You must eat each meal just as it is on the menu.  I am back on the classic menu where I can eat the food for the day in any order that I want to as long as I stick to the menu.

    3. Diane2010


      I don't like to eat a big lunch as I work second shift so my consultant has Ok;d eating my salad at dinner and this works great for me.I am starting maintenance after a 54 pound loss.

    4. ArbonneMommy


      Keep in mind the whole reason we are all with JC is to break bad habits, and one bad habit for a lot of people is not eating breakfast, having a big lunch then normal dinner, or not eating all day then eating a huge dinner. Eating breakfast at a reasonable time in morning, lunch somewhere in the afternoon, and dinner at usual dinner time (with space in between all 3 meals & 100 calorie snacks in between) is what will break you of bad habits. So as much as I did not like it in the beginning, I forced myself to eat breakfast at 7am, lunch at noon, and dinner at 6pm. I had 'approved' snacks in between. Eventually I was waking up HUNGRY, and loving eating my breakfast. And now stretching out my food throughout the whole day is so easy. I hope what I've said is helfpul.

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