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Members following our Classic program, on average, lose 1-2lbs per week. Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

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  • Hi, can I choose my own food for the rest of my program?

  • Ive been walking on my treadmill this week, 30 minutes minimum. I have asthma and COPD and a herniated disc in my L4/S1 so its been tough for me, but Im pushing through...I know that losing the weight will drastically help ease the pain in my back as well as help my arthritis!

    I have several friends on their own journey...with WW and 75hard and others. We are all roughly the same age within a couple years of each other so we all know the aches and pains of our ages LOL! They have been instrumental in helping to keep me accountable and motivated...seeing them  succeed daily makes ME want to succeed as well.


    Last month my friend Kim and I made a dinner date...for tonight...at some Crab place...Im hoping that there will be enough on the menu that I can eat and substitute things for...if not...well Im kinda screwed. I know that she will support my meal decisions as she is also a trainer and has been trying to get me to start boxing with her and her Fiance' that owns a gym...soon maybe...its something I know Id be good at....seeing as I am also a black belt in Taekowndo!  There is SO much I want to do and this weight and my health are preventing me UGHH! soon...I just keep telling myself...soon!


    Thanks for reading!  Maybe something I say here rings true for a few of you as well!

    1. ChristiS


      Hello!  So glad you posted!  I would imagine a crab place has a nice fresh fish option for you.  Stick with grilled fish without sauce and steamed veggies.  You can do this!

    2. JWgirl


      I have also had luck on holidays with eating one crab cake and a salad when I went out to eat. i found that if I stayed away from the tarter sauce and ate the crab cake plain I didn't gain weight.  Another option I have eaten was steamed spiced shrimp if that is on the menu.  

    3. Shelley Kuhn

      Shelley Kuhn

      ChristiS-Yes!  Thats what I was thinking too, Im a seafood lover so there should be a good variety!


      JWgirl- Im usually pretty good on holidays as well..I rarely gain! I thought crab cakes were fried?  Maybe some are, I'll have to ask how they make theirs.


      Im jonesing for crab though LOL and clams!  If I get a side of butter maybe I can just dip a little...I certainly dont want it all smothered in it!  Maybe Ill take a pic and share with you all when I get home! :D

  • Sodium

  • Hi everyone, I just started the program today and did not have menu  to know what I should eat.  Once I found the menu is states that you need Jenny Craig shakes. Do you have to order the shakes separately? I ate the wrong foods  for today.

    1. Shelley Kuhn

      Shelley Kuhn

      THe shakes can be substituted for a milk product such as yogurt or cheese

    2. Dawn5


      Hi where did you find the menu plan? Thanks

    3. Shelley Kuhn

      Shelley Kuhn

      My coach told me this when she explained the app to me and what it would say about the shake.

  • Hello JC community!  I just started Rapid Results Max this past Monday.  So today is day 4!  I am going on 52 and I am so unhealth and miserable!  I am working from home and so it is so much harder to eat well and exercise!  That is why i decided to try the Rapid Results Max with my food/menu planned for me and delivered to my door!  I am doing "baby steps" with regards to exercise.  I am trying to do laps across my apartment a few times a day (in between working.  I work on my computer taking incoming customer service calls).  I need to lose well over 100 lbs (i'm too embarrassed to say how much more over 100 lbs I need to lose)!  I am hoping that this new JC program will be the assistance I need to achieve my health and weight goals!

    1. Shelley Kuhn

      Shelley Kuhn

      Today is day 2 for me in Rapid!!  You can do this!  Dont worry about the numbers, focus on your health and building lean muscle.  When you walk..add 2-5lbs weights on your ankles and hold them in your hands, it may not seem like much but every little bit will bring you closer to your goal.  You might not even see the scale move much but inches will melt off faster than you realize!

    2. Deearf


      I’m going on 49 and on week 56 of the Rapid Results program (not max) and have lost 113lbs. It hasn’t been easy but it CAN be done. I feel a million times better and you will too soon. One day at a time, you’ve got this!!!

  • Just started the Rapids Results Max today. Im a previous Platinum member from many years ago.  I have  between 60-75lbs to lose...65 is a good goal for me and puts me in  thinner but curvy build.


    I just turned 50 in February and Im just so disgusted and disappointed in myself. Last week when we were getting ready to go out to a nice dinner...even my husband couldnt find anything for me to wear that fit....thats when HE knew it was time to get back on JC.  I lost 10lbs and lots of inches last time, but between then and now, Ive had several surgeries and a now a herniated dis thats has prevented me form being as active as Id like to be.  After nearly losing my husband to a surprise Bilateral pulmonary Embolism in his lungs due to undiagnosed DVT, we decided that enough was enough and we are taking charge of our health.

    I talked to my JC coach Monday and I already LOVE her! We have a lot in common and I cant wait to meet her in person!

    Im hoping to get to know at least a few of you and get and bring support to you!



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    2. Nichole Cooper

      Nichole Cooper

      I am trying to lose 65 pounds as well. Down 6 pounds my first week and my next weigh in is this Saturday. Good luck on your journey.

    3. Ksander


      I've just signed up!  Hoping to lose 65 lbs as well.  How is it working for you?  I did Jenny Craig 10 years ago and it worked for me then so I'm hoping for good results this time.  


    4. Shelley Kuhn

      Shelley Kuhn

      Nichole  Thats awesome! I hope I can see the same kind of results!


      Ksander  today is my first day so I cant gauge how well its working...But Im crossing my fingers hoping that I see some great results!

  • I'm allergic to peanuts.  Do the rapid bars contain peanuts?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lisah720


      I just checked mine and it does have peanuts.

    3. Shelley Kuhn

      Shelley Kuhn

      This is on the box


    4. Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      @Kristen Hric Are you allergic or is it more of an intolerance?  I ask because don't suggest being on Jenny Craig if allergic to peanuts.  

  • Is there a place on the website where I can go look that has recipe ideas for the fresh and free foods? I'm on day 3 and getting a little tired of just eating steamed veggies every time I'm hungry. I have been starving in between meals! 

    1. DeAnna G

      DeAnna G

      That's actually a great question!  I tried searching and couldn't find anything.  That would actually make a great "Conversations" section or maybe something could be started under "Groups"

  • Hi I was just wondering how I can get my weekly menus is appreciate if you could let me know thanks

    1. Mary Beth Canham

      Mary Beth Canham

      Your support person at JC can send them to you..just ask :-)


  • I'm getting very Frustrated I've been up-and-down like a yoyo gain a pound loss a pound, anyone else experiencing this..(🤕

    1. Lisah720


      That is very frustrating.  Go over what you have been doing with your coach.  Going up and down a little is normal (I believe) but again talk to your JC coach.

    2. garygrove


      Yes, I am.  I lost 4 pounds during the first 5 days (I've got a lot to lose!) and after 7 days I am back where I started.  I've been eating sea salt bread sticks and wonder if I might be holding water due to the sodium? 

  • I am very interested in joining, but had a question about swapping meals.  Are we still able to change out 3 meals/week?  When I click to purchase the program I don't see any way to swap.

  • How long after your first order does it usually take to receive? Thank you

    1. Shelley Kuhn

      Shelley Kuhn

      Just got mine today (Thursday) and ordered it on Sunday

  • Hi my lovely JC friends!  I re-started JC 2 weeks ago!  Down about 5 pounds!  Woo hoo!  I'm on the Type 2 Diabetic Plan.  Anybody else on this plan?  Just wondering!  I'm just so excited to be back!  I've been feeling so much better about myself & my decisions the past 2 weeks.  #progressnotperfection 

  • Week 5 - down 20lbs total!  YAY me!🏆😁🎉

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. lilygoo


      Great job!  Keep up the good work!  You got this!  

    3. Jackieo7


      Amazing! congrats! 


    4. Lisah720


      WTG!  Congrats!

  • just got my first box for the max plan, how do i find out or where do i look for what i should eat, when on what day, how do i reorder food? should i be following and written plan or just pick on my own? i need serious help here.


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Lucylu7


      you can print out the menus or have a consultant email them to you so you can print them out.


    3. ghalber


      Download the app...


    4. Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      Hi Elizabeth!  Welcome to Jenny Craig!  So sorry you didn't receive your menu.  I've sent you an email with your menu and the links to your future menus as well.  You're on our Rapid Results Max Plan, and will follow a weekly menu.  The menu I emailed you will outline when you eat what items.  I've also emailed you our Getting Started Guide that will outline your fruit servings.  If you have any questions about your future menus your Coach will be happy to go over those questions with you during your consultation later this week. 


      I'm happy to answer any additional questions you may have!  

  • Today is my Day 1.  I want to lose about 70 pounds.  I have tried other programs but fall off.  I am 30 and really just want to love myself.  I joined Jenny and bought a Peloton...hoping I can do this!

  • Just joined - signed up for the Essential Plan, but not sure when it will be delivered. Looking forward to this! Long way to go - ideally 130 pounds still to go (lost 15 on my own). Is there an app available for the Essential Plan, or only if you sign up for Max plan?

    1. DeAnna G

      DeAnna G

      Welcome to Jenny Craig!  If the app is available for other than the Max plan is a great question.  I am on the Max plan currently but I don't plan to stay on it forever and would like to still use the app.

    2. Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      @Beagle Girlyou'll receive an email with tracking information once your package has shipped.  Make sure to double check your spam/junk folders.  :)  


      Our Essential Plan provides you with the convenience of balanced portioned meals as a healthy option.  There isn't a set menu you would follow.  We suggest eating healthy balanced snacks like plenty of fruits and vegetables.  If you're looking to take the guess work out of it we'd suggest joining our Rapid Results Max Plan that does have a set menu and includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks.  


      Check out the Recipes section of our Healthy Habits Blog for some great ideas. https://community.jennycraig.com/healthy-habits-blog/recipes/  

  • Am I supposed to have a Jenny Craig shake with my breakfast on Max? Because the app won't check off my breakfast unless I put a shake. But I don't have any shakes, didn't purchase them.

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    2. Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      Having everything checked off to complete the day is the best feeling! 


      If you didn't purchase the Shakes, there is a way to track your milk serving to check that off! :)


      Next to Jenny Craig Shake you'll notice a gray arrowhead pointing to the right, click on that arrow.  The Search column will display the suggested milk serving, you can tap the + button or use the bar code scanner to add the milk serving you'll have in place of the Shakes. 


      Whatever you add will then appear on your menu instead of Jenny Craig Shake.  Hope this helps!  Happy tracking! 



    3. Famocha


      Thank you all for the replies. Yes it gives me anxiety when I'm unable to check off everything lol. Glad to know I can substitute the shakes. I may try the premade ones someday. Thanks for the warning about the dry mix 😆

    4. agrob


      I ordered the shakes but it came in a powder form. I didn't realize there was a pre-made shake I could get. How do I get that instead?


  • I wish they got new foods in.  I like Honey Ham and Califlower Mash, Apple Porkloin, Salmon without breading on it.

    1. DeAnna G

      DeAnna G

      Those foods sound awesome!

    2. Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      Great suggestions!  We'll make sure to share these suggestions with our Food Team!  Have a great day!

  • I am almost to the end of Week 4, and I noticed that the app only allows you to select up to Week 4/Day 28. Any idea what we’re supposed to do after that?

    1. DeAnna G

      DeAnna G

      Well, I am at the end of week 4 also and the weekly menu I received for next week is Week 1.  So I guess we just start all over every 4 weeks.

    2. kristenW


      @mmbcomer Yup you start over.

    3. mmbcomer


      Got it - thanks!

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