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Bite into these Savory New Foods

Our professional chefs and nutrition team have been crafting some delicious new additions to the Jenny Craig menu. You’ll be saying ‘yum!’ to these savory foods that are soon-to-be-favorites.  Creamy Penne with Vegetables This premium edition and classic comfort dish features penne pasta, zucchini, tomatoes, broccoli, and carrots delicately combined in a rich Parmesan and Romano cheese sauce. “We get many requests for new vegetarian dishes so we are excited to introduce a
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Common Exercise Myths

Myth: #1 I can turn fat into muscle. Fact: Fat and muscle are distinct tissues. The only way to positively change your body composition is to lose fat by burning calories and gain muscle by engaging in resistance activity.   Myth: #2 I might get bulky if I lift weights. Fact: If your goal is to tone and get a leaner body, resistance training is key. Lifting lighter weights at higher repetitions will actually help you. The only way you'll develop big muscles is if you particip
Move More

9 Ways to Move More for Free

Just like choosing healthy foods and watching your portions is important for weight loss, incorporating activity is just as important for your overall health. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, physical inactivity for long periods of time can impact many health factors, such as blood pressure and blood sugar. Here are nine ways to get some activity—all for free:   1.   Warmer weather means you can get out to the park. Meet friends or family at the park
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Summer Tips - How to Eat Healthy at a BBQ

We all know how hard it is to stay on track and fight temptations at social events and BBQ’s when you're following a weight loss plan (hot dogs and ice cream, anyone?). Since summer is finally here, we have some great tips that will ensure you make it through the season with your weight loss plan unscathed.

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Are You Nervous About Seeing Your Consultant?

Image by Tanvii.com The great news is, even on a week when you think you haven’t been successful, know that when you walk into your local neighborhood Jenny Craig, you are entering a “judgment-free” zone. Your consultant understands that every journey has some bumps in it. In fact, many Jenny Craig consultants are former members that have had similar experiences too and empathize with what you’re feeling. While having a lapse matters, what matters more is learning about the “why” behind your c
Eat Well

3 Veggies That Are Awesome in Almost Any Jenny Craig Entrée

One way to add variety to your Jenny Craig meals is with Fresh & Free Additions, our list of vegetables and fruit you can pick and choose at a moment’s notice that keeps you fuller longer due to being rich in fiber and water content. In fact, you have an unlimited amount of vegetables to choose from to bolster your meals.     If you’re looking for staple vegetables to add to some of your meals, here are 3 awesome starting points: Spinach Spinach can be used as-i
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