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Bloggers Who Are Raving About Jenny Craig

We love to hear about your experience with the Jenny Craig program. Here are a few bloggers who recently tried our program and not only lost weight, but also loved the experience*. Here’s what they had to say:   Tove from Mama in the Now     “I am blown away at the service I received and how incredibly awesome I feel I am so proud to have been a part of this. THANK YOU again— the lessons our kids learned were so powerful too. I was proud to teach them about Jenny Craig and w
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Portion Size Guide & Visual Tips For Weight Loss

Understanding healthy food portions is an essential part of any weight loss plan—and it’s one of the key foundations of the Jenny Craig program.   Here's a nifty guide to remember the perfect portion for serving sizes!      Mastering visual portion cues is a critical first step to smart eating for life. But there are lots of other ways you can ensure that you’re always “dining by choice—not by chance.”   
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Have You Yo-Yoed in Weight Loss? We Are Here For You With a Solution

Life has a funny way about it. There can be a moment of time where you are achieving a string of accomplishments, goals and experiencing joy all around you, and then all of a sudden something happens that diverts your attention from your goals or gets you down. When life presents a challenge, it’s normal to want to seek out something comforting to diffuse your stress. For some, that comfort is food that is not a part of your meal plan. Left unattended, a lapse can turn into a relapse, which typi
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Do Plateaus Happen?

You step on the scale. The number is the same–and it’s been the same for days. Despite following your plan, the scale just won’t move in the right direction. It seems like you’ve hit the dreaded weight loss plateau. Members following our program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs per week. Don’t allow yourself to get discouraged and fall back into old habits. Instead, talk to your consultant and check out these ways to get back on track and past the plateau.     Stalled out Being
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Workout Motivation - Overcoming Barriers

Maybe working out isn’t your favorite thing, but at least you’ve learned to appreciate the benefits enough to be active on a regular basis. It’s a part of your lifestyle. Still, day-to-day barriers like time and boredom can block your best intentions.   What’s the solution? Take a moment to write down three of your personal barriers to keeping up with your workout routine, then consider these two approaches: When time is tight, incorporate a few 2-10 minute bursts of activity thr
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10 Non-Food Weight Loss Reward Ideas

From birthdays to job promotions and every celebratory moment in between, it seems like all these milestones have a food element associated with them. But consistently indulging in high-calorie foods can lead to weight gain, derailing your weight loss plans. 

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