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Benefits of A Weight Loss Buddy

If you’re a Jenny Craig member, you already know that you’re never alone—your consultant is always by your side, ready to provide advice and encouragement every step of the way. But having someone who is actually taking the journey with you can help, too. Finding a diet buddy can help you achieve success a lot faster than trying to go at it on your own. If you are looking for a weight loss buddy, try to find someone you know who is going through a similar experience as you. Not only will this he
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How to Handle Friendly Peer Pressure with Food

When eating by yourself, you most likely feel more empowered to make—and stick—to your healthy choices. But in some situations, such as dinners at a restaurant to a cocktail mixer for work, you may have people who may peer pressure you into eating foods you know are not part of your planned menu.   Your friends, coworkers, family and new acquaintances may look at it like a one-time thing and not understand that you have a larger goal you are working toward. You may hear phrases like: “
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Diet vs Exercise

Diet and exercise are a pairing that go together like salt and pepper. So it's hard to determine whether diet or exercise is more impactful in the weight loss process. Both commitments are crucial for your overall health, but If you're looking to just slim down, you may want to put more emphasis on portion control.   Dr. Tim Church, a renowned expert in exercise and weight loss and member of the Jenny Craig Medical Advisory Board, notes "It's been known for some time that, calorie for

Healthy Waffle Topping Ideas

Is there anything better than toasty, golden-brown waffles? We don’t think so either. That’s why our chefs and nutritionists have created our very own Classic Waffles. At just 160 calories, these waffles are made with whole wheat flour and wheat bran, a comforting, warm canvas for sweet and savory toppings. Here are six delicious waffle topping ideas.   Berry good Is there anything better than waffles topped with fresh berries? Put together a ½ cup assortment of your favorite berries
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Sneakiest Items Loaded with Calories to Watch For

If you’re looking to watch what you eat or haven’t joined the Jenny Craig program, these sneaky foods can be derailing your diet. A snack here and there, a quick, on-the-go breakfast and a can of soda seem harmless, but these items are potential calorie bombs and can really add up fast. Check out these five sneaky items loaded with calories that could be hurting your weight loss and some suggestions for healthier alternatives. Soda An obvious, but notorious cause of weight gain. That’s
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Mocktail of the Month: Coconut Cucumber Cooler

Just in time for spring! This Coconut Cucumber Cooler is alcohol-free and a refreshing beverage that will make you feel like you’re relaxing on a tropical beach.  Ingredients ½ cup coconut water 2 tsp. lime juice 5-6 mint leaves 4-5 thinly sliced cucumbers 1 splash of sparkling water 1 tsp. coconut extract  ½ cup of ice   Directions 1.    Muddle mint leaves and cucumbers in coconut water 2.    Let beverage chill for 1 hour 3.    Add lime juice, sparkling water
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