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Live Life

How to Calm the Mind: A Meditation and Relaxation Guide

If you find yourself feeling stressed and anxious rather than relaxed and carefree — it might be time to calm your mind. With everything going on in the world, it can be easy to forget to slow down and press pause. But finding ways to de-stress is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.   How can you calm your mind instantly? Read on to learn simple meditation and physical relaxation techniques you can try right at home. Find a comfortable seat, and get ready to unwind wi
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Why Dominique D. Returned to Jenny Craig — And How She’s Lost Over 30 lbs.*

*Members following our program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week. Dominique received promotional consideration.   Dominique is no stranger to the Jenny Craig program. “When I originally joined Jenny Craig, I had just gotten engaged to my college sweetheart. I was always the type of girl who had pictured her dream wedding in her mind. As I looked ahead to that dream becoming a reality, I knew in my heart that I would regret not looking and feeling my best on the most important day of
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Eat Well

Complete vs. Incomplete Protein Sources: What's the Difference?

The health benefits of eating protein go way beyond just building muscle.1 This nutrient powerhouse also helps keep your bones strong and skin healthy.2 Another protein plus? When included in a balanced diet, it could support weight loss by helping to boost metabolism (it takes more energy to digest proteins vs. carbohydrates or fats).3 Protein-packed foods can also help you feel satisfied, so you’re not reaching for a bag of chips later!   Still, if you’re looking for foods with prote
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Move More

Should I Exercise When I'm Sore?

You know the feeling: When a workout leaves you so sore it hurts to move. We’ve been there, too! But if you’re just starting a workout routine or getting back into exercise, you might be wondering, “Should I work out if I’m sore?” And the answer is … it depends. We sat down with Kira Hughes, Certified Personal Trainer and Jenny Craig Weight Loss Coach, to learn if you should continue exercising when you’re sore or if you should take it easy.   Remember to always consult your physician
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