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6 Drinks You Can Say Yes To on Jenny Craig

Drinking enough water during the day—about half your bodyweight, in ounces—is one of the easiest and best ways to control hunger during your weight loss journey. But if you’re not in the habit of drinking this much liquid, you might find yourself struggling to meet your daily agua intake goals. Not to worry. Here are six simple alternatives to plain old water, along with ideas for making every sip a little more flavorful.   1. Get some sparkle Whether you’re drinking mineral water, c
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How To Stay Full Longer: Tips & Foods To Eat

You’ve heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While of course you may have a preference for other meals (including snack time and dessert!), breakfast sets the tone for the rest of your day food-wise. Your body goes the longest without food between dinner/dessert and breakfast, so when you wake up, you need to fuel your body with food that will provide energy to function. If you think coffee and a donut is the best breakfast because of its caffeine and sugar
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Strategies for Slowing down on Sugar This Valentine’s Day

Celebrating your love for family, friends and partner is something that happens all the time, but there is extra emphasis to celebrate your loved one Valentine’s Day by exchanging heart-shaped boxes with chocolate. Whether you have a significant other to cozy up next to or you’re treating the day like any other, Valentine’s Day sweets may be tough to avoid if you have weight loss in mind. Here are some strategies for slowing down on your sugar intake this Valentine’s Day. There may be tre

How to Take Measurements for Weight Loss

Take your measurements to measure your success. Seeing how your body changes can be a great motivator throughout your weight loss journey.   Here's how to do it: For best accuracy, take your measurements before you get dressed or wearing very thin clothing. Keep the tape measure parallel to the floor and firmly against your skin. Pull it just enough to keep it in position without making an indentation on the skin.   Bust/Chest -- Place the tape at nipple level.
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What’s Healthy for your Heart?

Ah, February: A month dedicated to love and that pitter-patter feeling you get when you set your sights on your sweetheart. But February also marks American Heart Month, a reminder to love your own heart by keeping it healthy and to raise awareness of heart disease, the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. So what’s smart for your heart? Here are five habits to keep your heart healthy. Check in You won’t know if you have high blood pressure (hypertension)
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Delicious Water Infusion Combinations You'll Love

We all know water is good for you! It’s a great tool to support healthy weight loss as it’s the ideal calorie-free alternative to sugary sodas, juices and other high-calorie beverages. But, we get it, your bottle filled with plain H20 can taste a bit boring after the third refill, especially when your taste buds are craving something sweet and refreshing. So instead of reaching for a soda that could derail your weight loss goals, stay on track by infusing your water with fruits and herbs. G
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