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Inspiring Quotes to Keep You Motivated

Whether you’re just beginning your weight loss journey or are pounds away from your goal, it’s important to have support and inspiration to keep you on track. Your support system includes your personal consultant, friends and family members, but it’s truly up to you to wake up in the morning with your weight loss goal in mind. Here are some inspiring weight loss quotes to keep you motivated:   1.  Weight loss takes time, so remember that every change you make, even small changes, adds
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Delicious Balsamic Vinegar Uses

When you think of vinegar, your great aunt’s canned pickled beets probably come to mind, but vinegar is so much more than a pickling ingredient. Introducing flavored balsamic vinegars! These vinegars, like red pepper or pear can add a gourmet and delectable twist to your vegetables. Lisa Talamini, a Registered Dietician for Jenny Craig, suggests adding infused vinegars to vegetables and salads, and even meat or fruits for new bursts of flavor. “My two favorite food pairing strategies are to eith
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Four Understated Benefits of the Jenny Craig Menu

When you’re striving to lose weight, a planned menu with Jenny Craig works in helping you reach that goal. Why? In addition to the support from your consultant, it comes down to portion control and eating the right foods.   On the Jenny Craig program, members meet with a personal consultant and get a menu starting from 1200 calories or more, depending on their current weight. The menu has delicious pre-selected foods, which can be paired with non-starchy vegetables and flavor enhancers
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Fun Pool Exercises for Weight Loss

Whether you have a backyard pool or belong to a club, time spent poolside can be very sedentary. While we’re all for relaxing with a good book, pool time is also a great time to sneak in an enjoyable workout! Why exercise in the pool? Water provides more resistance than air, enabling you to move your body with more intensity and greater range of motion with less impact. And of course, water also helps to bear about half of your body weight, reducing strain on muscles and joints.   So,
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Why we Love the S'mores Bar

With summer in full swing, there is nothing like spending cool nights outdoors next to a fire with your loved ones. One of the classic treats of summer are s’mores. With toasty marshmallows and rich chocolate melted between graham crackers, it’s a decadent high-calorie treat.     Jenny Craig is delighted to offer our delicious rendition on the classic dessert with our S’mores Bar. It’s a staple in our summer snack rotation, and here are a few reasons that have us screaming f
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Tips to be Successful with the Simple Inspirations Recipe Contest

We’re delighted to announce the third anniversary of our Simple Inspirations Recipe Contest, where you can take one of the over 100 menu items provided by Jenny Craig and add some flare with Fresh & Free Additions to craft a new recipe that falls within your meal plan. So roll up your sleeves and remix your dish in a creative way.   Here are some tips to follow to help you effectively design a recipe to enter our Simple Inspirations Recipe Contest, where, if selected, you can win $
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