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The Top 10 Tips from Successful Weight Maintainers

Scientists at the National Weight Control Registry have identified a set of lifestyle habits and attitudes that successful weight maintainers share in common. These weight “Maintainers” aren’t perfect, but they are consistent with key strategies that you, too, can regularly practice as part of your weight maintenance plan. Top Ten Tips from Successful Weight Maintainers   1. Continue to control portions and calories – Maintainers average 1400-1800 calories a day. 2. Moderate
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Limit Your Sodium Consumption

Salt is an essential part of your diet and important to your health because the body can’t produce it. Our bodies need salt to transport nutrients, transmit nerve impulses, and contract muscles, including the heart muscle. Salt is a mineral made up of sodium (40%) and chloride.   However, consuming too much sodium can be detrimental to your health. A diet high in sodium is one factor that may contribute to the development of high blood pressure.   The National Heart, Lung and
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Best Fruits and Veggies for Grilling

Take summer up a notch by grilling your favorite fruits and veggies. The grill isn’t just for searing meat–you can create scrumptious roasted vegetables and fruits fit for a summertime side or lip-smacking dessert. From peaches to corn, here are five tips for grilling summer fruits and veggies. 1. Non-stick trick Having a peach or pineapple stick to the grill can be a sad, burning mess Be sure to add a light spritz of non-stick vegetable cooking spray to avoid sticking. Olive oil spray
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How to Stop Worrying All The Time

Do you spend a lot of time worrying about things that may or may not occur? If you may be over worrying or potentially suffering from chronic worrying, it seems natural, almost like a good luck charm, to anticipate the worst. But this thought process doesn’t give you any more control over the outcome. As an alternative, try these five techniques to help learn how to overcome worry get a handle on distressing situations. 1. Assess the Odds of a Negative Event Experts have studied how wo
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Best Fruits and Veggies that Last

Fruit and vegetables are fun to use when they’re fresh, ripe and in-season, but there may be times when you’ve either bought too many to use or continue to buy so many delicious items that some get left to the wayside to spoil. While you can plan your shopping list using our Simple Inspirations, which are found on the back of many Jenny Craig entrees, or discover a new recipe, you can also buy a few items that will last longer than others. Here are some of the best fruits and veggies that last i
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5 Blood Sugar Management Tips

Your heart races, you start to sweat, and you feel like you’re going to swoon, but your sweetheart is nowhere in sight. If you have diabetes, these symptoms may signal a different sort of sugar event—low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. And unlike your sweetheart, hypoglycemia is something you want to avoid. Blood sugar, or glucose, is essentially your brain’s only source of fuel, and low supplies can send your grey matter reeling. To keep your blood sugar, brain, and body, on an even keel, follow t
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