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5 Ways To Fit In "Me" Time As A Mom

Sometimes, as you juggle it all, your day-to-day life as a mom can feel pretty hectic. You know how it goes: You’re rushing to get ready for the day while prepping kids, handling tantrums and trying to remember everything on your agenda. And that’s all before 8 a.m.! Add school pick-ups, sports and meal prep to your day, and it can be difficult to find much, if any, time for self-care, especially if you add a career to the mix

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Is Keto Healthy? Our Registered Dietitian Explains.

Avocado, bacon, heavy cream, beef … if you’re following a ketogenic diet, these might be some of the items on your grocery list. A ketogenic diet — also known as “keto” for short — emphasizes a diet high in protein and fat and low in carbohydrates. But is keto healthy, and is it safe for your body? We’re exploring how keto works with the help of Jenny Craig’s Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Briana Rodriquez. She explains why a balanced diet that doesn’t eliminate any food groups (because “good” carbs are healthy for you!) is one of the key components to weight loss success.    

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How to Use Jenny Craig's App

It's true —  people who consistently track their food, activity and progress tend to lose more weight than non-trackers.1   Jenny Craig’s mobile app was created with life in mind — so you can track your progress and get real-time support on-the-go! Track your meals, snacks, weight and exercises no matter where you are. Call or text a consultant for additional support, find a Jenny Craig Center near you, and earn Jenny Craig Stars throughout your weight loss journey.   Ho
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8 Ways Protein Can Benefit Your Body and Your Weight Loss Goals

What is the buzz about high-protein foods and weight loss really about? You’ve probably heard about one of the many extreme high-protein, low-carbohydrate plans (like keto or paleo) and how proponents claim they yield quick and effective weight loss. Maybe you’ve even tried one — but didn’t achieve the results you wanted (um, why am I gaining weight on a diet?). 

If you’ve ever wondered what protein has to do with weight loss, we’ve got good news: Finding the right balance of nutritious foods that include healthy servings of protein might be just what you need to start losing weight. Even better: You don’t have to cut out entire food groups or only eat meat to reach your goals. Here’s how protein can be a helpful tool throughout your weight loss journey.

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New Foods are Here! Check Out Our Spring Menu

Variety is the spice of life! Check out our new spring foods!  
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7 Simple Ways to Avoid Mindless Eating

It’s been a long day. Finally, it’s 6 o’clock, and you’re ready to unwind. You sink into the couch with your favorite snack in-hand to give you a quick energy burst before making dinner, and turn on your favorite show. Before the episode is over, the bag is empty – but you can’t remember finishing it. Sound like a familiar scenario?

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