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9 Ways to Stick to a Healthy Plan on Game Day

When the big game is on TV, it often means hosting or going to a party. Regardless of whether you’re a die-hard fan or just watching for the commercials, it’s usually a great time to get together with friends after the holidays. However, if you’re on a weight loss journey, game day can often be difficult to navigate. From chicken wings to potato skins to calorie-filled beverages — unhealthy foods and drinks are typically part of the main event.     But fear not — you don't have to choo
Eat Well

Quiz: Which Breakfast Food Are You?

Which breakfast food are you? Take the quiz to find out!     

Simply Inspired Stuffed Orange Chocolate Cheesecake

A sweet and tangy treat that's a fresh take on our classic Triple Chocolate Cheesecake, this Stuffed Orange Chocolate Cheesecake makes a deliciously a-peeling dessert!  Ingredients:  1 Jenny Craig Triple Chocolate Cheesecake 1 orange 2 tablespoons reduced-fat chocolate milk 5 ounces nonfat Greek yogurt 1 dollop of nonfat whipped topping Orange zest Instructions:  Cut orange in half and scoop out inside. Set aside later for a tasty
Eat Well

Does Time-Restricted Feeding Work for Men?

If you’ve spent time looking into some of the most effective ways to lose weight, you may have heard the terms intermittent fasting and time-restricted feeding. While intermittent fasting may be too restrictive or daunting for some, time restricted feeding may be more up your alley, and can work naturally into your daily schedule. Its proponents claim it delivers numerous health benefits — including weight loss, lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, reduced inflammation and improved insulin
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5 Morning Routines That Could Benefit Your Health, According to Science

Buzzz. It’s 6 a.m. and your alarm just went off — what’s the first thing you do (besides reach for the nearest cup of coffee)? No pressure, but what you choose to do next could help set the tone for the rest of your day. To help you get a productive start, we’ve compiled five morning routines that could help improve your overall health, according to science. And don’t worry, you won’t need to wake up hours before the sun rises to reap the benefits — these tips are simple changes you can integrat
Eat Well

Hit Your Goal? Learn How You Can Keep the Weight Off with the Jenny Craig Maintenance Program

You’ve finally done it. You’ve hit your goal weight! *Virtual high five!* You’ve been dedicated and focused and put time and energy into reaching this achievement — so now what?   When you’ve accomplished something this important, the last thing you want to do is to lose that progress you’ve made by falling back into old habits — which is why the Jenny Craig maintenance program can help keep you on the right track. On the program, you’ll move away from weight loss and begin focusing on
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