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7 Springtime Workouts You Can Do In Your Backyard

Can you hear it? It’s the sounds of birds chirping, “it’s spring!” If you’ve been feeling cooped up lately (and haven’t we all), now is the time to get some outside activity with a few springtime workouts. Hopefully, you can hit up a nearby park, but if not, and you have a backyard, patio, or balcony, you can still enjoy working out in the great outdoors.


Here’s why you’ll want to: Exercising in the sunshine gives you a vitamin D boost (because sun exposure helps your body produce the vitamin). And vitamin D is important because it keeps your bones strong and may even help with cognitive health, according to the Mayo Clinic.1


Also, an outdoor workout is low-cost — you’re saving money by not going to the gym or signing up for an expensive digital subscription service. Plus, it gives you a self-esteem boost. Being out in nature is soothing and could help reduce your stress and make you feel good about yourself.2 What’s not to like about that?


We’ve rounded up seven of the best outdoor workouts you can try today, whether it’s in a local park or your own backyard. Give one a try!

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Estimating Portion Sizes With Your Hand: A Portion Control Guide

Need some help with portion control? We get it: Knowing how much to eat when you’re trying to lose weight can be challenging. The next time you're unsure of how much food will fill you up and keep you on track with your goals, use this simple hand portion size guide — all you need is the help of your hand! We've even included some of the best food choices for each measurement. 

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How to Eat Healthy at Home: 11 Tips from an R.D.

Do you find yourself snacking to pass the time? How about stress eating during the nightly news? Ordering takeout on the regular? If your healthy habits have fallen by the wayside, you’re not alone: 30% of Americans report that their diet has gotten worse since staying home, according to a recent Gallup Poll.1


But don’t fret: There are simple ways you can tune up your diet — from healthy home recipes to meal prep hacks. In fact, you’ll find that there are numerous benefits of eating at home. We sat down with Jenny Craig’s Registered Dietitian, Briana Rodriquez, to discuss her top tips to eat healthy (and stay healthy!) during this time.

Eat Well

10 Fresh Herbs to Start Using Today

If you haven’t been one to experiment with fresh herbs in your cooking, now’s the perfect time to give them a try. Come springtime, you’re likely to see them in the produce section of your local supermarket or maybe even in your own garden. You can add these delicious, fragrant flavor enhancers to virtually any dish you whip up at home.


If you can’t find some of the fresh herbs mentioned here, no worries! You can still use dried herbs in their place — just keep in mind that you need much less of the dried version. A good rule of thumb is to substitute 1 teaspoon of dried herbs for 1 tablespoon of fresh.


Adding flavor isn’t the only reason to use fresh herbs: They are also good for you! Brimming with vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients, these little beauties pack a nutritional punch — at very few calories, and with virtually zero sodium. What’s more, research suggests they may offer a host of health benefits, from fighting inflammation to lowering your blood pressure, and many more in between.


Read on for some of our favorite herbs, including ways to incorporate them in your cooking and potential health benefits they may offer you and your family.

Eat Well

Gut Health and Weight Loss: What’s the Connection?

Bacteria. Fungi. Viruses. All things you want to avoid, right? Surprisingly, they’re all part of a healthy gut microbiome — and help your body digest food, regulate your immune system and fight off bacterial infections.1 Maintaining a healthy gut can do more than just keep digestive issues at bay. Research also indicates that your gut health might impact your weight loss efforts.


Read on as we uncover the importance of gut health, how your gut health and weight loss are connected, and natural ways to keep your gut happy.  



Live Life

9 Stress Relief Tips For New Moms

When I had my first baby, I was in love with the idea that I would be this earth-mother mom who could handle it all. Sleep deprivation? I wasn’t worried. Infant crying spells? I’m pretty chill. Weathering the physical and emotional effects of childbirth while sleep-deprived? Not a problem!


Well, it turns out I was wrong. All of those things I just mentioned? They did take a toll, and when you factor in that I was resolute in doing it all without any help — housework, laundry and healthy meal prep included — well, I was a stressed mom and in need of some stress relief.


If you, too, find that you are trying to be SuperMom, try to realize that these days as a new mother, with a new baby, are remarkable and something to be treasured. But they can also be stressful as you adjust to your new reality — one in which all semblance of your prior life has disappeared virtually overnight and this adorable little person rules every minute of every day.

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