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Does Coffee Help With Weight Loss? 5 Facts Just In Time For National Coffee Day

Joe, java, jitter juice. Whatever you like to call it, there’s no denying coffee is a favorite drink to help people get through the day. If you love coffee, we’ve got good news: Whether you drink it for the energy boost or the flavor, research suggests coffee and weight loss can go hand in hand.

Eat Well

7 Simple Lifestyle Changes For Men's Weight Loss

Healthy strategies for men’s weight loss often boil down to some version of this: Eat less; work out more. 


It’s sound advice, sure. But it can also be overwhelming to focus solely on the big picture. Eat less, you say? But what about my hunger pangs?! And where am I supposed to find all this extra time for exercise?


What is Jenny Craig's DNA Decoder Plan and Can It Help You Lose Weight?

DNA testing for weight loss is quickly becoming a popular tool to support a healthier lifestyle. If you’ve ever wondered why people tend to lose weight differently, their DNA might be part of the cause. If you’re ready to maximize your weight loss efforts, learning more about your DNA could help.

That’s where Jenny Craig’s new DNA Decoder Plan™ comes in. We’ll explain what it is, why it’s a valuable tool for weight loss, and how you can get started.


Genetics 101: What is DNA and How Is It Connected to Weight Loss?

This article is intended for educational purposes only. As more research is being conducted, further information about genetics and weight loss is still being discovered.  

Tired of trying to lose weight without seeing any results? DNA testing for weight loss might be the solution to your weight loss frustrations. Taking a simple DNA test may give you the answers you’re searching for — and you can use this knowledge to support healthy weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Read on as we break down some DNA basics and explain how it may impact your weight loss journey in this helpful guide.


Simply Inspired Homemade Granola

One taste of this homemade granola and you won't look back! Hearty oats, sweet dried blueberries, cinnamon and almonds turn this healthy, crunchy granola recipe into a delicious breakfast treat.


Mike M. Credits Jenny Craig’s Easy-to-Follow Meal Plan and Unparalleled Support for His 80 lb.* Weight Loss

*Weight lost on Classic Program.  Members following our program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week. Mike received promotional consideration.

Age 54, Spring Valley, California, Sales Manager

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