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Mike Lost 80 lbs.* With Jenny Craig: Here's How He Keeps It Off

*Members following our program on average lose 1-2 lbs. per week. Mike received promotional consideration.

Ever wonder what it’s like to join Jenny Craig? Explore a day in the life of actual Jenny Craig members and read their inspiring stories as we highlight different journeys throughout the year. In their own words, they’ll share their favorite foods, activities and creative tips that help them develop healthier habits and reach their weight loss goals.

Mike M. has worked in the pest control industry for 20 years, but pests weren’t the only pesky things in his life. Ready to lose the weight he’d gained, Mike started his journey with Jenny Craig in 2005 and lost 80 lbs.* following the program! Mike spends plenty of quality time with his family and pets. He enjoys being outdoors and especially likes taking early morning hikes on the weekends. It can be challenging to find a balance between work and play, but he makes it work! So, what does Mike’s typical day look like? Here’s what works for him – and his busy lifestyle.


Simply Inspired Loaded Chicken Nachos

This Simply Inspired Loaded Chicken Nachos recipe is all about getting creative in the kitchen! For a fresh take on a chicken burrito, turn it into an oh-so-satisfying plate of nachos. A soft tortilla turns into crisp chips with a quick trip to the air fryer or oven. Add a layer of cheesy, meaty chicken and top it with a quick and delicious salsa.

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What Is Insulin Resistance, and How Can It Affect Your Health?

Chances are you’ve heard about diabetes and its precursor, prediabetes. But have you heard of insulin resistance? Sometimes referred to as a silent blood-sugar problem, the condition involves invisible metabolic changes that start to happen in your body — which, if left uncorrected, can eventually lead to Type 2 diabetes.1 But the good news is that even if you do have insulin resistance, you can delay the onset of diabetes or perhaps even prevent it altogether by taking some simple steps to protect your health.2

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Eating at Your Desk: Is It Healthy?

If you’re a working professional with a seemingly never-ending to-do list, stepping away from your desk to enjoy a healthy lunch doesn’t always seem feasible. Perhaps eating at your desk is the only way to leave work in time to pick up the kids. Or maybe you're new to the office and are apprehensive about dining alone in the cafeteria. Whatever the case, you may want to reconsider your mid-day break: Eating away from your desk may benefit your waistline and your health. Read on to find out why eating at your desk may not be worth the “saved time” — and five ways taking a break during your lunch hour may benefit your health.


Bailey W. Lost 115 lbs.* – and What He Learned May Change Your Outlook on Weight Loss

*Weight lost on Classic Program. Members following our program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week. Received promotional consideration.

Age 33, Skokie, IL., Accountant

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Fact or Fiction: Does Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight?

When you’re looking for tips to lose weight, it might be tempting to try anything from a celery juice cleanse to the keto diet. But to try one of the best tools for healthy weight loss, look no further than your kitchen sink. This natural weight loss aid is sugar-free, calorie-free and can be found right in your home: Water. 

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