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A Guide to Healthy Living in Your 50s

If you’re like many women, turning 50 may have been a bit of a shock for you, maybe even downright difficult as you contemplated the inevitable passing of time and eyed some surprising changes to your body. This milestone — half a century on this earth! — certainly is momentous, but that doesn’t mean it can’t bring a renewed commitment to your health and well-being.


In fact, now may be the perfect time to dedicate some well-deserved time and attention to yourself. After all, you may have fewer work commitments, children who are more independent or perhaps out of the house, and more freedom to do what’s right for you. Why not use this opportunity to commit to self-care, to give yourself the same nurturing that you’ve been giving to others for all these years?


So get in the habit, starting today, of putting yourself at the top of your priority list. We’re here to help, with four tips for aging well and staying healthy in your 50s.

Live Life

5 Tips for Creating Healthy Habits that Stick

Have you heard the saying that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit? If so, you might be wondering if there’s much truth to it — especially if you’re trying to create healthy habits yourself. Read on to find out more.   

Live Life

True or False: Does Muscle Weigh More Than Fat?

During your weight loss journey, you’ll likely experience a variety of emotions. While watching the number on the scale drop can be exhilarating, don’t feel discouraged if you experience a weight loss plateau — or even gain a pound or two — especially if you’ve just started working out. As you lose weight and start exercising, you burn fat and increase your muscle mass, which has long-term health and weight loss benefits. While these changes might stall your weight loss initially, they can transform your body composition (think better-fitting jeans). Read on as we explain the differences between fat and muscle to help you understand how they may affect the scale and your weight loss efforts.

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20 Healthy Summer Snacks Ideas

Did you know that enjoying healthy summer snacks could support your weight loss goals? It’s true: Research indicates that wholesome snacks can help you feel full in-between meals and help you get beneficial nutrients your body needs.1 Whether you’re heading to the beach or taking a road trip, these easy, healthy summer snacks are great to have on hand when your stomach starts to grumble.


We’ve rounded up 20 healthy summer snack ideas so you can stay on track with your goals while keeping hunger pangs at bay. Snack on!


If you're following the Jenny Craig program, check with your coach before making any swaps or changes to your plan to ensure you stay on track!

Live Life

How to Calm the Mind: A Meditation and Relaxation Guide

If you find yourself feeling stressed and anxious rather than relaxed and carefree — it might be time to calm your mind. With everything going on in the world, it can be easy to forget to slow down and press pause. But finding ways to de-stress is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


How can you calm your mind instantly? Read on to learn simple meditation and physical relaxation techniques you can try right at home. Find a comfortable seat, and get ready to unwind with our relaxation guide.


Why Dominique D. Returned to Jenny Craig — And How She’s Lost Over 30 lbs.*

*Members following our program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week. Dominique received promotional consideration.


Dominique is no stranger to the Jenny Craig program. “When I originally joined Jenny Craig, I had just gotten engaged to my college sweetheart. I was always the type of girl who had pictured her dream wedding in her mind. As I looked ahead to that dream becoming a reality, I knew in my heart that I would regret not looking and feeling my best on the most important day of my life. It was too significant a milestone to leave to chance or an improvised diet plan. I decided to trust Jenny Craig.”

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