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Benefits of A Weight Loss Buddy

By Sarah S – Jenny Craig

If you’re a Jenny Craig member, you already know that you’re never alone—your consultant is always by your side, ready to provide advice and encouragement every step of the way. But having someone who is actually taking the journey with you can help, too. Finding a diet buddy can help you achieve success a lot faster than trying to go at it on your own. If you are looking for a weight loss buddy, try to find someone you know who is going through a similar experience as you. Not only will this help to keep your diet plan in check, but it will also ensure your fitness accountability goals are being met.

Here are just a few benefits of having a weight loss buddy who’s right there “in the trenches” with you.

They Keep You Accountable

You and your buddy will become invested in one another’s success. So if there’s ever a time when you’re on the brink of blowing off your workout or indulging in a sugary splurge, call or text your friend! He or she will help you remember the reasons started this journey in the first place.


Weight Loss Buddies Understand

You probably wouldn’t seek serious parenting advice from your childless girlfriend, right? So when it comes to sharing challenges and seeking solutions, it’s nice to have somebody on your team who’s experiencing some of the same things. Your weight loss pal understands what it’s like to hit a plateau, and what it’s like to realize it’s time to buy smaller clothes—and you can share all of it, together.A weight loss buddy system not only helps you through the challenges, but also celebrates your wins. Both components are essential factors that can lead to a successful diet and exercise plan.


They Can Pick You Up When You Fall

Nobody’s perfect… not you, not your buddy, not anyone. But if there’s one thing your buddy is perfect at, it’s helping you get back on track after a slip-up. There’s no point in letting a minor mistake create a major detour—and your friend will be there to help you find the path. It is a lot harder to forget or miss your goals when someone is there helping hold you accountable. Having a constant partner provides you with endless support and motivation through both your diet and physical activity needs. Be open to your weight loss buddy’s encouragement on those difficult days.


They Help You Celebrate

Hopefully, most of the people in your life will support your journey and join you in celebrating major milestones—like hitting your halfway mark, running your first 5K or dropping a dress size. But what about all of those little wins, like the time you controlled your portions at the gourmet restaurant or drove to the gym in a snowstorm? Those deserve recognition, too!Having someone there to celebrate your day-to-day wins can help keep you focused on both your short-term goals and long-term goals.


How to Find a Weight Loss Buddy

Some people join Jenny Craig with a friend, and that’s never a bad idea—but it’s definitely not the only way. Many actually prefer the anonymity of a virtual weight loss partner to a face-to-face relationship. Lots of Jenny Craig Advanced Members are willing to act as virtual weight loss accountability buddies from just about anywhere.


You can start by poking around the Jenny Craig Community to find a U.S. support buddy in your area; you may find somebody who’s willing to meet up in person and become a workout buddy, too. And as with anything related to your journey, you can always ask your consultant to for help. There may be another member at your Jenny Craig center who’s looking for a weight loss friend, too!


The weight loss journey has its ups and downs. Whether you are trying to lose a couple of extra pounds or you’re looking for a to improve your overall quality of health, Jenny Craig's weight loss program can help. Get started today with a free appointment to learn how we can help.





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Annamarie H - Jenny Craig


3 hours ago, js29 said:

need a weight loss buddy in forest hills, queens, NY

We hope you find one!  Try posting in our online Community forum, you may find one there located near you!

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