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Watch Episodes 1-5 of Jenny Craig's "My Full Plate" Series

By Stephanie E - Jenny Craig

Catie, 30, and James, 33, lead crazy busy lives. Between raising two daughters and working full-time jobs, their health often takes a backseat. But when Catie was asked to be the maid of honor in her sister’s wedding, she realized she wouldn’t feel confident unless she started to make some changes. So Catie and James have joined Jenny Craig, with the goal to look and feel great — just in time for the wedding. Follow their journey below and stay tuned on our YouTube channel to see if they will reach their weight loss goals!


Episode 1: It’s All in the Family


Meet Catie and James! As the parents of two little girls (and two big Labradors), Catie and James’s busy lives have brought them to another milestone: Catie’s sister’s wedding. What should be an exciting occasion has Catie feeling overwhelmed — she doesn’t feel confident or healthy at her current weight. As the maid of honor, she wants to look her best when she stands next to her sister, Christy, at the altar. James is feeling the pressure too; he also wants to be healthier and feel good about being in the wedding photos. 

Tonight, Catie and James take the first step on their journey: telling their family that they’ve committed to Jenny Craig. The family gets together to celebrate James’s birthday with big plates of his favorite foods: spaghetti and meatballs, cake and ice cream. Over dinner, Catie and James announce that they’ll be joining Jenny Craig to lose weight before the wedding … but there are only 12 weeks until the big day! Will they be able to put their unhealthy choices aside and make real changes to lose weight?

Episode 2: A Fresh Start


Catie and James are just starting their Jenny Craig journey! Catie tries on her dress options for the wedding and definitely isn’t happy with the results. As a working mom with two active kids, Catie focuses on making them healthy meals, but has trouble finding the time to do that for herself. While in the kitchen with her girls, Catie vents to her sister Christy about feeling insecure in her dress. 


Later, Catie and James meet their Jenny Craig consultant, Patrick, and Catie shares her goals: losing weight, feeling more confident, and maintaining her goal weight by following a healthy lifestyle. After her consultation, Catie leaves with some great advice and is ready to take on her weight loss journey! 

Episode 3: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


After following Jenny Craig’s Rapid Results™ program for six weeks, Catie’s lost 15 lbs.*, while James has lost 20*! With just six more weeks until the wedding, Catie and James are more determined than ever to reach their goals. Just before the bachelorette party, the bride and bridesmaids decide to meet at Catie’s house to make plans. Catie meets with her consultant, Patrick, to figure out her own plan: what to eat during the get-together. But just because Catie is sticking to her meal plan doesn’t mean she has to miss out! She and James enjoy Jenny Craig’s Homestyle Turkey & Mashed Potatoes while their daughters have their own turkey dinner. When she’s tempted with wine and chocolate fondue, Catie sticks to the program and still has a great night!

*Catie lost 15 lbs. and James lost 20 lbs. in 6 weeks on our Rapid Results Program. Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter. Catie & James received promotional consideration.


Episode 4: Travel and Temptation


With Catie away at the bachelorette party in Florida, James holds down the fort at home. He creates a game plan with his consultant, Patrick, to handle meals for the week while staying on track with his weight loss. However, all doesn’t go as planned when the kids bring home cupcakes. James talks to Catie on the phone and finds out she’s deviated from her healthy eating plan, which makes him frustrated (and he copes by eating a cupcake). With his suit fitting quickly approaching, he knows he needs to get back on track.

Episode 5: The Home Stretch



Catie is back from the bachelorette party and it’s time to get James’ suit fitted for the wedding. With the big day only two weeks away, both Catie and James are feeling the pressure to reach their weight loss goals. At the tailor, James finds out he’s dropped a pant size and feels confident that his hard work is paying off — but Catie is feeling discouraged and is worried her dress won’t fit as well. When they return to the house, James organizes a workout for the entire family in an effort to lift Catie’s spirits.


The countdown is on! Will Catie and James reach their goals in time for Catie’s sister’s wedding? Stay tuned for the final episode of "My Full Plate" when it airs June 14!

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