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Trade Body Bashing for Loving Your Body

By Jenny Craig

You deserve to feel good about your body. Although it may be hard to believe, you can move past self-criticism to self-acceptance to even appreciating your body and all it can do. Here are six ways to better befriend your body.

1. Make a Body Can-Do List

If you’ve long-held a negative image, you might have overlooked all the things your body has been able to do. Make a list of all the physical or sensual pleasures you can enjoy regardless of your weight. Do you like how it feels to walk, run, dance or do yoga? Do you feel good when someone hugs you? These things are a result of what your body does/has done for you – allow yourself the time to appreciate it fully.


2. Check Yourself Out – In New Ways



People who have a negative body image often engage in negative self-talk, especially in front of the mirror. Next time you start to “over-check” yourself in the mirror, pause to practice the S.T.O.P. technique to take a pause and practice something more positive.





I have choices here.


What am I thinking, feeling and saying to myself? “I look so fat in these jeans. I should be embarrassed to be seen in public.”



How true is this? What do I deserve to feel? “Truth is, 6 months ago, I couldn’t fit into these jeans. I am looking more fit and healthy than I have in ages. I deserve to enjoy how I feel in well-fitting clothes.”



Pick a more balanced view. “I’m looking pretty good today, and I’m proud of all the changes I made to get here.”



3. Tune-In to Your Physical Experience

When you walk, lift weights, practice yoga, etc. focus on the flex of your muscles and the energy of your movements. Simple activities like raising a barbell, stretching in the morning or relaxing in bed at night enable you to positively experience your body in motion.

4. You Can Wear It Well

The same physical confidence you exhibit while working out can be transferred to the rest of your activities. Make it a practice to stand tall, walk briskly, hold your head high, and you will begin to communicate body-mind confidence.

5. Enjoy the Pleasure of Touch

Deep tissue massage can release tension, relax your muscles. It also enables you to practice being kind to your body.

6. Give Yourself a Makeover



Practice a double act of compassion – donate your larger size clothes to charity and then invest in clothes that flatter your body type, reflect your personal style and express your confidence in maintaining your healthy changes. Updated cosmetics, skin-care products and haircuts can also strengthen body confidence.


Friends for Life

You and your body can become good friends. The friendship requires love, attention and patience to grow and overcome often years of bad feelings. Know that you can let go of these negative feelings, come to enjoy your body and find it easier to maintain your healthy choices for life!

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Recommended Comments

While I can appreciate where this article is going, I'm at a place where it's especially difficult to NOT body bash. Was hit by a car in October and went from an active lifestyle to completely sedentary. After 2+ months of inactivity and unrestrained eating I have gained 20 pounds (not good for my injured leg NEVER MIND MY SELF ESTEEM) and now weigh just 6 pounds less than my all time high. Since starting to weight bear I am in constant pain, have limited range of motion, and doubt that I will ever walk normally again. I want to focus on the positive, to accept my body and all that it can do but all I see are the things it can no longer do. Sorry.

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@Mayie53 We're sorry to hear about your accident.  We want to help you focus on the positive, it sounds like you're a fighter.  Jenny Craig can help those who may not be able to be as active by helping them with their nutrition with our Full Planned Menus.  Our Full Planned Menus ensure that your getting the nutrients you need every week so you can meet your goals and show yourself that you can be successful on your journey.  We wish you all the best, and if you'd like more information about how we can help you please give us a call at 1-866-706-4042.  Thank you.

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Mayie53. I was in a car accident in 2001.  I broke my neck in 4 places and was in a halo cast for 12 weeks plus another 6 weeks of rehab.  I wasn't able to go to work because of the limited work hours and the distance from my home to get there would have eaten up most of those hours.  I was really depressed. But I started putting on my workout videos and started doing what I could do and worked on my physical therapy exercises also.  Eventually, the constant pain started to get better, the range of motion eventually got better also.  But most of all my depression improved.  My advice.  Find something that you can do, look at your food options and improve those as well.  Eventually things do get better. Best of luck and healing. 

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