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A Healthy Valentine's Day - 5 Ways to Celebrate

By Sarah S – Jenny Craig

Red and pink, bouquets of fragrant roses, and heart-shaped chocolates line the grocery aisles almost immediately after the holiday season, making Valentine’s Day not just a single day, but a month-long appetizing event that can potentially derail your weight loss journey.


Here are 5 healthy Valentine’s Day ideas that will not only help you to celebrate, but keep your weight loss on track.

Indulge In Self-Love

Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be about love for others! Make time for yourself by recognizing the progress you have made. Rather than taking a step back on this holiday, continue your path of success by eating healthfully and avoiding the tempting sugary treats around every corner. You can spoil yourself with non-food valentine treats this year. Try a manicure or massage. Or, treat yourself to that new outfit you’ve been eyeing that shows off your weight loss success.

Enjoy Festive Fruits & Veggies 

Healthy Valentines TreatDid you know that Valentine’s Day can be just as fun with a romantic dinner that’s healthy? Instead of reaching for a gigantic box of heart-shaped chocolates, followed by a rich, heavy dinner, and then a calorie-rich dessert, fill your day of love with healthy treats that have a Valentine’s Day twist. Red fruits and vegetables are a healthy way to add essential nutrients to help keep your weight loss journey on track.


Start your day with festive red fruits, like sliced strawberries or raspberries on your morning cereal. Top half of a pink grapefruit with chopped nuts or granola for a healthy snack when you crave something tart and sweet. For lunch and dinner, use a heart-shaped cookie cutter on red peppers, carrots or beets to add a Valentine’s Day aesthetic to your meals.

Cook a Romantic & Healthy Dinner at Home

Healthy Valentine Dinner at HomeOpt to stay in this Valentine’s Day and cook a meal with your loved one. Choose ingredients that make you feel good rather than ones that will weigh you down.


An easy, healthy and delicious method of cooking is grilling - outdoors on your BBQ or on top of your stove with a grill pan. For this special day, you can use a variety of lean cut meats like filet mignon or pork tenderloin, or seafood like salmon, shrimp, or lobster tail. Dry rubs with a little olive oil can give your meats delicious flavor. To dress up your entrée without adding a lot of calories, grill colorful vegetables (peppers, asparagus, onions, eggplant, tomato) or make “pasta” zoodles out of colorful squash.

Mix Up Your Date

Instead of taking the classic Valentine’s Day date route of a big dinner out on the town, switch it up this year. Take a cooking class, get a couples massage, go to a concert, or try one of these active date ideas and get your heart pumping.


Getting active doesn’t have to mean taking an intense cardio class. One way to get moving while still having fun would be to go rock climbing or for a long bike ride. During the bike ride, you can stop at some of your favorite spots. Taking a cooking class is another great option because you can see what ingredients are going into the food you are eating. Bonus points if you learn a new recipe you both love and can make at home for another date night.

But, Don’t Forget to Treat Yourself!

Allow yourself to enjoy the holiday -- the healthy way, of course! A piece of dark chocolate can help you celebrate without overdoing it. Remember, everything in moderation. Or make a Greek yogurt parfait with layered fruit and nuts for a tasty and light dessert. Share this treat with your special someone after dinner by candlelight, or keep it all to yourself! Jenny Craig members can enjoy scrumptious desserts like our Cookies & Cream Cake or Triple Chocolate Cheesecake. Both of these desserts are under 200 calories.


Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to derail your weight loss goals. Instead, it is a day to celebrate your amazing journey. Use these tips above to not only have a great day filled with love, but one that is also healthy.


Interested in learning more? Book a free appointment to see how Jenny Craig can help you with your weight loss goals.



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