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Healthy Foods to Buy When Stocking Your Pantry

By Jenny Craig

If you’re committed to living a healthier lifestyle, it’s important to stock your kitchen with items that are healthy for you. It’s even better if these foods have multiple purposes or cross cuisine taste profiles! But are you unsure what healthy foods to buy at the grocery store? We’ve put together a healthy food list and shopping guide for your next grocery run.  


Let’s look at a few of the best healthy foods that every kitchen should have stocked—and how you can use them in various ways, too!

Tomato sauce (with no salt added)

Tomato sauce is versatile and very healthy containing Vitamin A, C, and lycopene. Take some inspiration and toss vegetables in a tomato sauce, then spoon it over chicken for a zesty meal. Make your tomato sauce cross different cuisines by cooking it with the following spices or herbs: 

  • Italian - simmer tomato sauce with garlic, oregano and basil 
  • Thai - cook the tomato sauce with lemongrass, ginger, Thai Bestfoods-salad.jpgbasil and lime
  • Mexican -  cook with garlic, chipotle, cumin and cilantro
  • Indian - simmer with curry, garam masala and turmeric 

Leafy greens

Nutritious veggies such as kale, spinach and collard greens are immensely healthy and packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals and can help to reduce your chances of heart disease and diabetes. Create beautiful salads with other fresh, roasted vegetables or pile them on the plate. Top off your leafy greens with roasted chicken or broiled shrimp and a light dressing. If the flavors of the leafy greens are too strong, you can even cook them down in a pan with olive-oil and garlic. Enjoy by mixing into your Jenny Craig meal or eating as a side dish. If you end up buying large leaves, like collards, you can even use them as a wrap. We love them with our Asian Style Chicken.

Red, Yellow, & Green Bell PeppersBestfoods-bell-peppers.jpg

This is another vegetable that is filled with vitamins A and C, potassium, folic acid, and fiber. What we love about bell peppers is that they can be eaten fresh or cooked. You can cut the peppers into strips to pair with hummus and crackers or salsa (a Fresh & Free Addition) or cook in a vegetable stir-fry with sauce. You can also stuff peppers with ground turkey or chicken. One of our favorites is Stuffed Peppers featuring our Jenny Craig Pasta Ole

Nonfat Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is full of probiotics, high in protein and can help lower blood pressure. Another versatile ingredient, you can pair it with fresh fruits, such as blueberries with a sprinkle of cinnamon to make it a part
of your breakfast or a snack. For a savory flare, you can use it for sauce bases, as an alternative for sour cream or even mix it with avocado, tomatoes, diced red onion and bestfoods-greekyogurt.jpglime for a healthier guacamole! 

Herbs & Spices

Step away from simply using salt and pepper, and discover what other seasonings can do to transform produce and meat! Create beautifully golden cauliflower with curry powder, sprinkle cinnamon on some butternut squash for a touch of sweetness, add dill to asparagus, or even sprinkle tarragon to some green beans. Other herbs to consider having on hand at all times are dried parsley, oregano, garlic powder and onion powder to enhance tomato sauces, or for a quick sprinkle on meats and vegetables before roasting or sautéing. 

Other Healthy Pantry Staples

Extra virgin olive oil, canned olives, honey, beans, old-fashioned oats and quinoa. All of these ingredients are great to always have in your pantry and they won’t expire as quickly as refrigerated food items. These pantry staples are excellent for quick meals and will add a little nutritious zest to your dish.  


If you’re looking to lose weight with a healthy diet or discover your love for cooking nutritious food, these kitchen staples for healthy eating will help begin your journey. Jenny Craig can help with the rest. The tomato sauce, leafy greens, bell peppers and herbs and spices are listed as Fresh & Free Additions that you can have an unlimited amount of, and that you can pair with your Jenny Craig meals throughout the week. For more information about our program call 866-706-4042 or find a location near you. We can’t wait to discuss healthy, fun options for your kitchen and lifestyle!







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One of the shelf-stable foods I enjoy is Tuna Dill Salad Kit. However, the pull tab on the seal almost always breaks off when opening the tuna container. I hope someone comes up with a more user friendly seal, like a longer, stronger pull tab.

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