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Habits That Healthy People Love Practicing

By Jenny Craig

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When one thinks of what healthy people practice, the first things that come to mind are sticking to their diet and exercise. But there is so much more to health than that! Physical health is only one pillar of self-care— relaxing activities, connecting with others, adequate rest and hydration are the others. Let’s look at some habits that healthy people love practicing, and how to incorporate them into your lifestyle today.

Strive to Embrace a “work hard, play hard” mentality.

Just like your body needs moments of recovery after a workout, you should practice balancing your work life with activities you enjoy. We recommend moderation in everything and balancing your professional role with personal goals. Make time for your favorite TV show, plan a game night with your family or treat yourself to a massage.

Be active outside.

Part of your play can be finding activities outside of your typical exercise routine. David’s success story mentions how much he’s enjoyed going on hikes with his wife as one of his most joyful activities, so invite your friends and family to explore a trail with a beautiful view at the end!

Sleep 7-9 hours per night.

Sleep prepares your body for the day’s activities, and is one of the ways the body does its most reparative work. If you’re looking for ways to catch more zzz’s, try to step away from electronics sooner, since the light interferes with your brain’s signals that it’s bedtime. Put your phone away, get under the covers with a good book and find a new ritual to set yourself up for the next day.

Prioritize your health.

Creating a list of your priorities and activities for the week comes in handy. That way, you can plan ahead for your busy days! Portion carrots to go along with your Classic Hummus & Wheat Crackers, or bring an extra Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal to keep in your drawer when you have to be at the office early or need a snack on hand.

Find laughter and support in daily conversation.

Dr. Lee Berk has spent thirty years studying laughter, and told Time magazine that laughter ignites feel-good hormones that can calm you down. While TV sitcoms and comedies can be full of laughs, it’s important to also find company to laugh with.

Sloane says that part of her Jenny Craig success story attributes to being able to spend 20 minutes per week with her personal consultant, Nancy, to discuss her current week and plan ahead for the next. Just like you want to find balance in your work/home life, you want to find people who can laugh with you and offer support when you need it the most.

You can discuss these healthy habits and discover more with your Jenny Craig consultant today. Find a location near you or call 866-706-4042 to begin forming healthy habits that can stay with you for a lifetime!

Edited by Kari - Jenny Craig

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