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Are You Nervous About Seeing Your Consultant?

By Jenny Craig

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The great news is, even on a week when you think you haven’t been successful, know that when you walk into your local neighborhood Jenny Craig, you are entering a “judgment-free” zone. Your consultant understands that every journey has some bumps in it. In fact, many Jenny Craig consultants are former members that have had similar experiences too and empathize with what you’re feeling. While having a lapse matters, what matters more is learning about the “why” behind your choices so you can have a new, more effective plan to move forward.


Here are some of the top reasons you may be feeling nervous about your next consultation, and some ways to let go of the guilt for any setbacks in your weight loss journey.



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1. You've gained a little weight back.

Seeing the number on your scale plateau or even bump up a little can be disheartening. But remember, your weight fluctuates every day, and there are many factors as to why your weight may have climbed up or not changed at all. Instead of feeling discouraged, consider feeling open to understanding what drives your own personal fluctuations. Then think of steps you can take to make a new plan. Trade the discouragement for a sense of confidence and control about new choices you can make for next week’s plan.


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2. You've had a lapse.

Did you go off the planned menu and indulge with friends? That’s okay. Just because you fell off the wagon once doesn’t mean you can’t get back on and learn from this experience! Your consultant can help you stick with your planned menu and provide healthy tactics to utilize in the future.


“It’s not the lapse, it’s what you do with it,” said Jenny Craig Sr. Director of Science and Behavioral Interventions, Lisa Talamini. “If you take it as a sign of personal weakness, you’re more likely to give up on the program. However, if you take it as a single event, to analyze and figure out what to do differently next time, it can be empowering.”



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3. You haven't lost a lot of weight or what you expected to lose this week.

You've been sticking to your menu, but the weight is only slowly coming off. The menu is designed to help you lose 1-2 pounds per week, and there may be weeks where you don’t fall into this range. Remember, all the ways to measure your success – inches lost, changes in clothes size, more energy and so much more! All of these are evidence that you are continuing to lose weight and move toward your goal - every measurement, not just pounds lost, is something to celebrate with your consultant.


It’s key to keep a positive perspective when overcoming any weight loss challenges. Don’t let a single week/event set you back. Look to your consultant to help you reframe your mindset and keep you focused on the bigger picture – your end goal. One step, one week at a time, through both the wins and challenges, your consultant is there to help see you through to your desired weight and healthy lifestyle.

Edited by Kari - Jenny Craig

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