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Our Consultants Share Their Top Summer Slim Down Secrets

By Sarah S – Jenny Craig

You can lose weight and still enjoy your summer! We asked 11 Jenny Craig Consultants to share their secrets for summer weight loss success. Here’s how to eat well, move more and enjoy life this summer!


Laura K., New York

  • Go to your local farmer’s market and put some extra steps on your pedometer as you walk through the market and choose seasonal fruits and vegetables to add to your weekly Jenny Craig menu. Enjoy berries, melons, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, etc. These are all in season, and “eating across the rainbow” supports you in getting your recommended vitamins and antioxidants in daily.
  • Having a BBQ? Barbeques don’t have to be about hamburgers and hot dogs. Experiment with different vegetable and fruit kabobs. They are fun to eat, you can be creative with what you make and best of all they are low-calorie and can fit right into your Jenny Craig plan. Eggplant, zucchini, onions, peppers, tomatoes, pineapples and bananas all taste great grilled.


Lisa A., New Jersey

  • Add some great salsa to your meals! Pineapple or mango and peach salsa will brighten up your chicken dishes with a sweet taste of summer!
  • When entertaining, plan to serve a signature nonalcoholic beverage along with a nice light wine. Choose something refreshing like a sparkling, no-calorie punch that you can enjoy alone or use to make a wine spritzer. Remember to garnish with beautiful summer fruits! Enjoy in your favorite glasses and toast to a healthy and happy summer to keep your mindset focused.


Bonita R., Connecticut

  • Keep a summer survival cooler on hand at all times with unlimited free veggies and fruit, Jenny Craig snacks and shakes.
  • Always volunteer to bring a fresh veggie platter or fruit platter to any event (Father’s Day dinner, Fourth of July BBQ, etc).
  • Freeze ice cubes with lemon juice and lime juice to throw into your water and top it off with some fresh mint. 
  • Days are longer; take a stroll after dinner or first thing in the morning to experience the sunrise/sunset!


Suzanne H., New York

  • Having a vegetable medley allows you to enjoy all your summer vegetables right from your garden. Take the vegetables and steam them in foil (add a touch of Italian seasoning) on the grill.
  • To add some summer zest, you can drizzle our Jenny Craig Balsamic Dressing right on top of the veggies for an amazing healthy dish.


Deb S., Virginia

  • Grill your Jenny Craig Turkey Burger, Grilled Chicken Sandwich and Classic Cheeseburger on the grill and add your favorite toppings. Grill your favorite summer veggies with your unlimited free and limited free flavor enhancers like garlic, salsa, hot sauce or soy sauce.
  • Have a travel-friendly emergency food kit in your car (ie. Chicken Salad Kit and White Cheddar Popcorn) for pop up car trips or kids activities.
  • Pull out your favorite smaller summer outfit and hang it where you can see it...strive to fit comfortably in it before end of summer.


Julia N., Maryland

  • When vacationing, there is no such thing as being “off Jenny Craig.” Members can always stay on Jenny Craig as long as they continue 3 meals and 3 snacks, each day just like any Jenny Craig day. The trick is understanding portions for each full meal by dividing a normal dinner plate in 2 halfs, then 1 half divide into fourths. The big 1 half is for all the veggies the heart desires, 1 of the ¼ portions is for the favorite summer compliment (potatoes, pasta, rice) and the other ¼ for the mouthwatering meats (healthy burgers, fish, shrimp, chicken).
  • Bring Jenny Craig shelf-stable entrees on vacation, this will take some stress off from planning meals on the spot or no planning at all.


Sharon K., Illinois

  • Engage all your senses. Eating outdoors is a great way to balance the pleasure of eating with the sights, sounds, and smells of summer. Getting the most pleasure -- and the most relaxation -- out of your meals reduces the risk for consuming excess calories and, at the same time, builds a more balanced lifestyle.
  • Join or create a cookbook discussion/club. Choose a recipe from a preselected healthy eating cookbook, make the recipe, and bring it to your next discussion (home or office). Sampling and savoring new dishes that are both healthy and enjoyable provides you with the incentive needed to stay on track, as well as the opportunity to make new friends and healthier choices. This is particularly helpful for planning cookouts, picnics and special events during summer months.


Kristy H., Texas

  • Focus on the reason why you're losing the weight, whether it’s for a wedding or class reunion or wanting to wear a bathing suit and be out by the pool with confidence.
  • When eating on vacation, aim for portion control - remember your Jenny Craig meals and try to replicate the portions. Ask for a to-go box right away or share meals with someone instead of ordering yourself!


Judy G., Illinois

  • Kick up your summer activity especially on BBQ days, summer holidays and vacations.
  • Volunteer to plan fun activities at BBQ's for family and friends; frisbee, volleyball, relay races.
  • Buy a fun new summer water bottle to carry and help stay hydrated in the hot summer weather.


Delia H., Indiana

  • For my teachers, administrators, and bus drivers: think of someone you would like to continue to see over the summer and plan 2 days a week to get together and walk! Grandmas and young mothers get the stroller out, get a workout, and let the little one get fresh air too!
  • Add at least one more bottle of water per day as our bodies will need it!


Lori L., Illinois

  • Eat a Jenny Craig entrée prior to attending a barbecue or party to avoid temptation. I also recommend eating plenty of summer fruits and vegetables to supplement your hunger or cravings!


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