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Common Exercise Myths

By Sarah S – Jenny Craig


Myth: #1 I can turn fat into muscle.

Fact: Fat and muscle are distinct tissues. The only way to positively change your body composition is to lose fat by burning calories and gain muscle by engaging in resistance activity.


Myth: #2 I might get bulky if I lift weights.

Fact: If your goal is to tone and get a leaner body, resistance training is key. Lifting lighter weights at higher repetitions will actually help you. The only way you'll develop big muscles is if you participate in intensive training and lift heavy weights at fewer repetitions. Women have less testosterone than men, and are less likely to get bulky muscles.

Strength training can lead to more muscle definition, tone, strength and increased bone density, which will reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Plus, increased muscle mass will lead to a higher metabolism, making interval training a helpful and useful exercise tool.


Myth: #3 I can spot reduce to lose weight from my thighs.

Fact: Spot reducing is a myth; spot toning isn't. Cardio activities such as biking and running help burn overall body fat. Resistance activities such as yoga or lifting weights can tone and improve the appearance of individual muscles, such as those in the thighs.


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