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How Jenny Craig Helps You Change Eating Behaviors

By Sarah S – Jenny Craig

Why choose Jenny Craig? Because the menus are delicious and nutritious! We emphasize fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, heart-healthy fats, and low-fat dairy products while minimizing added sugars (less than 10 percent), refined carbohydrates, non-nutritive sweeteners, sodium, and saturated fat (less than 10 percent). Jenny Craig is also convenient, with prepared, portion-controlled meals and snacks throughout your day. But the real secret to weight-loss success with Jenny Craig lies in the eight ways in which the foods and menu help you change your behaviors for the better.


1. Gain control of your eating
Ever have one of those days when the afternoon arrives and you realize all you’ve consumed that day is a cup of coffee? A busy lifestyle can make for erratic eating. Having a planned menu and pre-portioned meals and snacks makes it easier to get into a healthy routine of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in-between to fuel your day all day long and keep you satisfied so you don’t succumb to the donuts in the office break room.


2. Maintain calorie consistency
If your goal is to lose weight, it can be helpful to count and track calories, which can be a lot of work. For foods or recipes that provide calories per serving, the task might be as simple as measuring the proper portion and then writing the calories consumed in your food journal. Now, let’s say your meal is a chicken breast, with a side of vegetables sautéed in a little olive oil, a salad, and a whole wheat roll. You need to weigh, measure, find the calorie content for each food, and add it all together. If you are also paying attention to quantities of carbs, fiber, protein, fat, sugar, and sodium, you need to research nutrient contents of foods and do that addition as well. Jenny Craig serves up exactly what you need when you need it throughout the day every day for optimal weight loss.


3. Overcome overeating
Are you a member of the clean-plate club? Someone who eats everything on the dish in front of you at every meal? That proclivity prevents waste but can put weight on your figure, if you regularly eat out at restaurants that serve over-sized meals. And then there are those foods that may be small in volume but big in calories. Nuts, for example, provide protein and healthy fats, and can be a nutritious snack or side, as long as you don’t eat too many. Just ¼ cup contains roughly 200 calories, so if you’re sitting next to a bowl of nuts while watching TV, you could easily consume 400, 800, or more calories by the time the credits roll. With the pre-portioned meals and snacks on the Jenny Craig menu, you won’t each too much or too little but just the right amount, and over time, as you follow the program, you will learn to eyeball healthy portions yourself. The start and stop signaling of a pre-portioned food is a very powerful part of the benefit.


4. Reduce stress
Just deciding what to prepare for dinner every night of the week can be a burden, especially when you have a family and a job outside the hope. Then there’s breakfast and lunch and snacks and examining healthy food options and composing meals with those healthy options. It takes a lot of mental (and physical—think of all that grocery shopping) energy. The Jenny Craig menus make these decisions easier by removing the temptation of less healthy choices, and entrees and snacks are delivered to your door so you don’t have to spend hours at the supermarket. Simplifying these two tasks makes your life easier and lowers stress levels, and less stress helps you achieve weight-loss success.


5. Indulge smartly in your favorite foods
Forbidding yourself from eating your favorite foods, whether pancakes, pasta, cookies, or cake can backfire if your cravings escalate uncontrolled. Jenny Craig doesn’t believe in deprivation. You’ll enjoy healthy and delicious versions of your favorite indulgences with built-in portion control. Chocolate walnut brownie anyone?


6. Retrain your palate
Jenny Craig creates meals with less sodium by replacing salt in recipes with a variety of herbs and spices. Through the Jenny Craig menus, you’ll explore new flavors and food. You’ll add a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables every day and you’ll discover the pleasures of these foods for a lifetime of healthy eating.


7. Stay focused on healthy choices
Throughout your week, temptation will call out to you: maybe the cookies your co-worker brought to the office, the billboard featuring a fat, juicy cheeseburger from the fast-food joint up the street, or the margaritas your friends are sipping at the neighborhood party. It can be a challenge at times to maintain your willpower. Having a pre-planned Jenny Craig menu to follow can keep your eyes focused on healthy foods and push lower- nutrient foods to the periphery.


8. Learn healthy eating habits for life
By following the Jenny Craig menus, you’ll get to know what eating pattern is best for weight maintenance and health. You’ll discover what’s delicious about fresh vegetables and fruits and how to unmask their flavors by cutting back on salt and sugar in recipes. You’ll see and feel what a healthy portion is whether you’re enjoying a salad or a scrumptious dessert. Jenny Craig helps you build healthy habits one meal at a time for a lifetime of healthy, sustainable eating.


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