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Jenny Craig Ranked a Top Diet for 10 Years in a Row by U.S. News and World Report — See What Sets Us Apart

By Elisa - Jenny Craig

At Jenny Craig, we take pride in knowing that we’ve helped millions of individuals through our simple, effective and healthy weight loss program. We also take pride in announcing that for the 10th year running, we’ve ranked as a top weight loss program in the country by the experts at U.S. News & World Report!


That’s right: For the 10th consecutive year, Jenny Craig has been ranked a top diet by a distinguished panel of more than 20 physicians and other specialists in nutrition, weight loss, heart health, diabetes and human behavior. The experts examined a total of 35 weight loss programs — and to land a top spot, a program has to be safe, effective, simple to follow and nutritious — and potential to help protect against diabetes and heart disease. We’re excited to share that the experts ranked Jenny Craig highly in all areas.

“To be recognized for a tenth year in a row as a top diet in several categories by the esteemed expert panel at U.S. News & World Report reinforces our science-backed approach to health and weight loss,” said Monty Sharma, CEO and president of Jenny Craig. “We are constantly evolving to ensure our offerings keep up with the latest in nutrition science and are proud that our Rapid Results program, based on 2017 Nobel Prize-winning research on circadian rhythm, has helped us achieve a top ranking in the Best Fast Weight Loss Diet category."


Jenny Craig ranked in eight different categories this year, including best commercial diet plan (#2), best fast weight loss diet (#3) and best weight loss diet (#4). But that’s not all: The nationally recognized publisher of consumer advice and rankings placed Jenny Craig in the top 10 in two additional categories, including best diet for diabetes and easiest diet to follow. Jenny Craig was also ranked as a best diet for healthy eating, a best heart-healthy diet and a best diet overall.


Read on to find out some of the features that make Jenny Craig a top-rated weight loss plan among renowned health experts. Plus, learn about our exciting new innovations for 2020 that can help you work toward your weight loss goals more efficiently.

What makes Jenny Craig a top weight loss diet

jenny-craig-foodWith more than 36 years of experience in the weight loss market, Jenny Craig understands the importance of providing a simple, effective and delicious weight loss program. For starters, our ready-to-go meals and snacks, designed by nutritionists and chefs, take the guesswork out of what (and how) you should be eating to lose weight safely. We offer more than 100 menu options that are portion-controlled and nutritionally complete, with complete plans that have the proper balance of calories, fat, protein and carbohydrates. And forget cooking or messy cleanup — eating well has never been easier. In fact, the only foods you need to supply are extra vegetables and fruit, and a few nonfat dairy products. It’s that simple.


To help you on your path, you’ll also have unlimited access to a personal weight loss consultant. Why does that matter? Research1 shows that support can be instrumental in your weight loss efforts. In addition to helping you create a tailored weight loss plan, your consultant will offer you support and motivation, exercise tips, and tools to help you learn how to eat smart portions and balanced meals. Even more important, your consultant will help you apply all of this knowledge for long-term weight maintenance.


Another perk of the Jenny Craig program is the ability to choose from five different menu plans to fit your lifestyle. Choose from:

  • Women’s
  • Men’s
  • Reduced-Carbohydrate
  • Vegetarian
  • Type 2 Diabetes (suitable for those with prediabetes, Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes)

Did you know?

Jenny Craig just launched 20 new chef-crafted foods for 2020.


Also new in 2020, Jenny Craig’s groundbreaking DNA Decoder Plan, which uses cutting-edge science to help maximize your weight loss efforts according to your own unique DNA. (Learn more about the DNA Decoder Plan here.)


Finally, consider just some of the research that demonstrates the effectiveness of the Jenny Craig program:

  • A review of 45 different studies that compared several commercial weight loss plans, published in Annals of Internal Medicine,2 found that participants in the Jenny Craig program lost the most weight over 12 months — almost 5% more than a control group.
  • A study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association3 found that after two years, overweight and obese women on the Jenny Craig plan significantly reduced their weight and waist circumference while improving their cardiometabolic risk factors. 

What makes Jenny Craig a best fast weight loss diet

fast-weight-lossWhile steady, gradual weight loss is the key to long-lasting weight loss success, it can be motivating to see the numbers on the scale drop, especially in the beginning. By tapping into the body’s circadian rhythm and utilizing a natural, non-eating period during the evening/sleep hours, individuals can lose weight more effectively. With Jenny Craig’s Rapid Results program, members can lose up to 16 pounds in the first four weeks,† after which they’ll transition to a more gradual, sustainable rate of weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week.


†Avg. weight loss in studies was 11.6 lbs. for those who completed the program.


Rapid Results incorporates time-restricted eating to help you live your life in accordance with your body’s natural circadian rhythms. Research indicates that following this type of eating pattern might naturally support weight loss and potentially improve your health.4 It’s based on groundbreaking, Nobel Prize-winning research5 that says it’s not just what and how much you eat, but when you eat, that plays an important role in helping you achieve your weight loss goal.


Rapid Results involves structuring your eating so all of your meals and snacks are consumed during a 12-hour time period (the nourishment phase), followed by a 12-hour break (the rejuvenation phase), where no food or caloric beverages are consumed (most of this time is spent sleeping). During this rest period, your body has time to rejuvenate and “clean house,” so your body can focus on supporting other functions beyond digesting food. You’ll eat when your metabolism is most efficient during the day and refrain from food at night — to naturally support your weight loss efforts.


But that’s not all — this break from consuming food might also help your body burn more of its own fat as fuel, according to Dr. Pamela Peeke, M.D., MPH, an assistant clinical professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and chair of the Jenny Craig Science Advisory Board. “When you don’t eat for an extended period of time, say 12 hours, you enter a fasted state, your insulin levels are low, and your body starts to use fat as its source of energy,” Peeke explains. “This is truly groundbreaking research, woven into an incredibly effective, scientifically sound weight loss program.”

jenny-craig-snacksWhy Jenny Craig is one of the easiest diets to follow

One of the challenges of many weight loss plans is the amount of time that’s required for meal planning, shopping and food preparation — none of which you’ll need to worry about with Jenny Craig. Since virtually all of your meals and snacks are delivered straight to your door (or conveniently picked up at your local center), the time and work required of you is minimal. Simply follow your weekly meal plan, which lays out all of your meals and snacks; then add a few servings of vegetables and fruit, a little bit of healthy fats, and a serving of nonfat dairy and you’re well on your way to a new way of eating — and weight loss. With Jenny Craig, all of the guesswork, and much of the work, has been removed.

What makes Jenny Craig a top diet for diabetes

There’s a reason the panel at U.S. News ranks diets according to their ability to help protect against diabetes: The disease can be dangerous — and it’s on the rise. According to the CDC,6 more than 100 million adults in the U.S. — almost 10% of the population — had diabetes or its precursor, prediabetes, as of 2015. This is a serious concern, as diabetes can damage many vital body systems over time, including your eyes, heart, kidneys and nerves.7


Jenny Craig’s Type 2 diabetes menu — a reduced-calorie and carbohydrate-controlled plan that aids glycemic control — follows guidelines from multiple health organizations and is also suitable for people with Type 1 diabetes and prediabetes. Not only is the plan effective for weight loss, but research shows it is helpful for improving important markers related to diabetes. For instance, a review of 10 commercial weight loss programs by researchers at Johns Hopkins University,8 found that after 12 months, people with Type 2 diabetes who were following the Jenny Craig program reduced their hemoglobin A1c levels — a three-month average of blood-sugar concentrations — more than those who received weight loss counseling alone.


Another study9 found that people with Type 2 diabetes who were on the Jenny Craig program experienced greater weight loss and improved glycemic control compared with those who were on a traditional program that included two weight loss counseling sessions and monthly contacts.

From supporting quick and safe weight loss to providing members with tailored menu plans, it’s clear to see why Jenny Craig’s award-winning program is one of the best options for a balanced approach to weight loss and better health.


Want to find out for yourself why Jenny Craig is a top-ranked weight loss plan? Click here to get started.





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Edited by Elisa - Jenny Craig

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