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Want to Lose 10 Lbs? Jenny Craig is For You – Here’s Why

By Jenny Craig

It’s often misconstrued that you only need to join a weight loss program if you have a lot of weight to lose, but that’s absolutely not the case! “The person who just wants to lose 10 pounds has felt the same frustration and challenge that someone else who has 50 pounds to lose has experienced,” said Jenny Craig’s Senior Director of Science & Behavioral Interventions, Lisa Talamini.

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We offer a support system with proven results. Many of our Jenny Craig consultants have also been in your shoes, and can discuss what works for the last 10 pounds. Our equation for success also includes more than 100 delicious foods and a meal plan with your goal in mind.


“Ultimately, it’s not about how much you have to lose—it’s about finding what works,” continues Talamini. “And Jenny Craig has clinical proof that it does. Losing those stubborn 10 or so pounds means more than a drop in a dress size—it signals reduced risk for diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure and ends the cycle of gain, lose and regaining, which can be so frustrating.”


Joining Jenny Craig allows for you to discover a community of people who are currently working on their own weight loss or have been through it before, and are invested in your success.


We’ve been able to support members with various weight loss goals, and look forward to helping you with yours. Learn about their success stories, then call 866-706-4042 or find a local neighborhood Jenny Craig center near you.


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Thank you for that. I have struggled with 10 pounds here and there back and forth many times and never had the courage to go to Jenny Craig. I didn't want to be laughed at. I have known people that want to lose 50+ lbs that have mocked me because I'm stressing over those 10 lbs.

I love nice clothes and 10 lbs means looking nice in them or not. It is incredibly hard to drop 10 lbs when that is all you need to take off. Those 10 lbs are on there like concrete. I have tried everything from literally starvation to eating nothing but veggies and salad for weeks and none of it works. I finally have sadly moved up to needing to lose 23 and am in tears most days over it. Reading this is very encouraging that people are beginning to realize the number of pounds are not the issue. The important thing is that you love who you are and if you don't then do something to fix it and not be at risk of ridicule or criticism.

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lol...yes I know many people will read this and roll their eyes but what they don't realize is that I'm short I'm post menopausal, I'm 67 yrs old, my thyroid is sluggish and apparently my metabolism is about as low as it gets. My point was not to say I only need to lose 10lbs, it was to say that I am struggling just like anyone else does to look nice and my health in check. Because of fear of ridicule I put off taking a positive step forward and ended up now needing to lose twice the amount because I put my head in the sand. We need to simply take care of ourselves and forget about what anyone says. Those original 10 lbs on me means love handles hanging over my jeans or instead of a nice new fashion hanging nicely it fits everywhere but in the butt or is skin tight in the thighs. 23 lbs overweight means I can't fit into most of last years clothes and don't have a budget to go out and buy and entire new wardrobe nor do I want to. If I simply buy UP a size then where would the incentive ever come from to want to lose those pounds. It is surprising how many ppl actually do laugh and try to sabotage you. A girlfriend and I went for lunch today and she is 110lbs overweight. Told by her doctor to lose it or a possible heart attack...she ordered a huge lunch and the largest side of fries they had. When I ordered a side salad she laughed and told the waitress to bring a side for me and paid for it. I refused to eat them and she ended up rather annoyed with me. It is sad to me that weight is such an issue but it really does not matter how may pounds are involved....just be healthy and do what you need to do or feel is right for your life and body and try to forget about anything else.


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