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“This Weight Loss Journey Was Life-Changing!” How Tenisha N. Lost 62 lbs.* with Jenny Craig

By Elisa - Jenny Craig

*Weight loss on Classic Program. Members following our program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week.



“I drank two liters or more of regular soda a day and ate my food in supersized portions.”


I have always been a large person, but the weight really started to pile on in my mid-twenties. For the most part, I ignored the gain, and honestly, I did not think my eating habits were a problem. In fact, I only considered myself as having one meal a day. My weight was not much of a concern to me until a scary health situation occurred in my family. 



“When I went in for my physical, the doctor diagnosed me with prediabetes.”


I was supposed to meet up with my aunt who has diabetes. When she did not show up or answer her phone, I went to her house and found her unconscious on the floor. In a panic, I called 911 and she was admitted to the hospital with her blood sugar out of control. My family is very close, and we all go to the same doctor, so he knows our family history well. When I went in for my physical, the doctor diagnosed me with prediabetes. He told me if I did not do something about my weight, which was 259 pounds at the time, I could soon be needing insulin injections. His stern warning hit home. My doctor suggested joining a weight loss program. I thought I would first try to lose weight on my own and had some success, but realized I needed help to keep going. I wanted to learn how to eat healthy instead of just eating less and feeling deprived. After researching different programs, I made an appointment at Jenny Craig.


“Before I joined Jenny Craig, I considered myself as only eating one regular meal a day, but I did not count the snacks, soft drinks and fast food on the go.”


I easily drank two liters or more of regular soda a day. I usually skipped breakfast but would grab a croissant or doughnut later in the morning. Lunch would be a large hero sandwich full of meats and cheese with chips, or a double cheeseburger with supersized fries. I washed it down with my favorite supersized soda. Sometimes I would not have dinner if I had a late lunch. If I did eat dinner on my way home, I would pick up fried chicken and onion rings or have macaroni and cheese or steak with potatoes. Whatever it was, it was in large portions. Late at night, I would snack on sweets. My favorites were brownies, cupcakes and ice cream.





“I now enjoy eating nutritious food in the right amounts and have developed the healthy eating habits that I plan to continue to keep my weight off.”


I learned so much after joining Jenny Craig. I had my own personal coach, which for me was one of the best things about the program. She was always there to educate me, help me stay motivated and hold me accountable. I learned portion control, healthy choices and how to space out my meals. I now enjoy eating nutritious food in the right amounts and have developed healthy eating habits that I plan to continue to keep my weight off. One weight loss tip that worked well for me is to self-monitor. I track what I am eating and see the results I am having. Weight loss accountability is key!



“Not only were my eating habits unhealthy before losing weight, but I was also very sedentary.”


I did not do any activity except for the walking I did for my job in retail. After I lost my first 20 pounds, I wanted to start firming and toning up. I joined a women’s gym and took cardio dance classes and worked out on the elliptical trainer or the treadmill. I went 3-4 times a week for 60 minutes and really enjoyed it. I did this new routine for six months and then I was ready for something new and more challenging. My confidence, energy, and fitness level had all increased and I was proud of my progress. I started taking boxing and kickboxing classes and loved it! I continue with these classes today and go six times a week taking a one hour class. On three days of the week, I also meet with a personal trainer at the gym for weight lifting and strength training. I get up early to take class from 5:30 a.m. to 6:45 a.m. and then stay for personal training on three of those days. Going to the gym is a priority for me and is my special time to focus on my health. I consider it to be a mental cleanse to clear my stress, and it is a wonderful way to start the day. Even though it is an established routine for me, I still schedule the time in my daily planner to stay focused and committed. I also do the same for my meetings with my Jenny Craig coach to help me keep the weight off.



“Personally, I feel that my weight loss and exercise has saved my health and perhaps my life.”


I lost 62 pounds* on Jenny Craig. This weight loss journey was life-changing! My doctor was amazed at my success and told me that I no longer had prediabetes. Personally, I feel that my weight loss and exercise has saved my health and perhaps my life. It feels wonderful to have more energy and not feel out of breath all the time. My confidence has soared and I enjoy wearing stylish clothes and I am especially proud to wear my bathing suit. My health and wellness is not something I take for granted now. I know the importance of caring for myself inside and out. I hope my story inspires others who want to lose weight and change their lives for the better!


Feeling inspired by Tenisha’s story? You can achieve your goals just like she did, and we’re here to help. Take the first step toward better health and weight loss today. View our plans and get started.

*Weight loss on Classic Program. Members following our program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week.


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1 minute ago, DeAnna G said:

Love the success story.  Congratulations!!  I totally relate to to your historical testimony.   I was already on the wrong path pre-pandemic.  Now, over a year later and an additional 60lbs heavier, I am excited about turning my life around with Jenny Craig.  I am inspired by your story.  I hope to have as much success as you and look forward to seeing an update!



We're thrilled you've been inspired by Tenisha's story - it's pretty amazing! We're excited to help you reach your goals and we're confident in your success! Always feel free to reach out with any questions. 

Have a great day!

The Jenny Craig Team

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