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The 30 Best Weight Loss Tips from Jenny Craig Coaches to Members

By Stephanie E - Jenny Craig

We asked, you answered! What was the best weight loss advice you’ve gotten from your Jenny Craig coach? Jenny Craig members shared the weight loss tips that helped them throughout their journeys — and we loved their answers!

If you’re considering weight loss, you may have the best results by following a structured program like Jenny Craig that provides dedicated support throughout your journey. Research shows that having one-on-one support can make all the difference: A recent study showed that those who followed structured weight loss programs with personalized support were more likely to lose weight and keep it off.1

We hope you find these weight loss tips useful! Here’s what our members (and their coaches!) had to say:

Find your “why”

My coach Meaghan said, "Just do it for you!" after I listed all of the reasons I wanted to lose weight. She pushed me to dig deeper and is truly happy when I lose weight!

My coach Mare advised, “You have to be persistent and determined. You must keep your “why” front and center and vision clear.” Also, my husband has been ill. Her advice was I must be strong and healthy to be his advocate. I am finding this to be true.



Try this: The Jenny Craig Members Motivational Support Group is a great place to find inspiration and share words of encouragement with others.

Empower yourself to change your life


woman in Jenny Craig center in front of posterNat
The best advice my coach ever gave me was never to be discouraged, no matter what. Every ounce counts! This is a life change, not a momentary change. That forever stayed with me and motivated me for the rest of my journey and helped me to succeed and continue to succeed throughout my weight loss journey. ❤️ 

The best advice she ever gave me was the Christine of the past is not the Christine of today. I have the power to change my life and make it everything I’ve always dreamed of! Your past has no power over your future. 


She keeps reminding me that it’s in me to do this 🙌🏽 “You’re doing it!” Love my JC Laura! 💙


Never stop learning. There is always room to grow!


The best advice I got from my coach is to be honest with myself!! 🙌 


Try this: Envision your success and be confident! Research suggests taking charge of your weight loss may make a significant impact on your goals.2

Practice mindfulness and celebrate your wins

Pay attention to how you feel when you make good food choices and also to all of the non-scale victories!

The best advice my JC coach gave to me is we keep moving forward. Even if it does not reflect on the scale, sometimes the non-scale victories mean even more. 💜



Jenny Craig burger with side saladMichelle kept me grounded and told me, “This is a journey; enjoy it while you can.” I wanted to lose 20 pounds for my daughter’s wedding, and I found myself getting in a rush about dropping the pounds. After Michelle told me it’s a journey, I realized like many things in life, one needs to be mindful of what they’re doing, and not just turn the page. I took her advice, and it helped me through the weight loss, but other important events as well! Thanks, Michelle and JC! 

The best advice was to celebrate every victory, no matter how small. And that I’ve got this. ❤️

One day at a time ... Rome wasn’t built in a day!

My coach, Jill, told me to celebrate every ounce I lost, no matter how small. A minus on the scale is a minus, and that’s awesome! Her encouragement got me towards my goal, and my life has changed forever! Jenny Craig was the best decision I ever made! 



Try this: These four mindfulness principles and seven helpful mindfulness techniques might be just what you need today.

Be kind to yourself

Be kind to yourself and take it one day, one meal at a time 💕

My consultant told me to be gentle with myself and to give myself grace. If I fall, to muster the strength to get back up and continue.

It is the fact that my consultant Gail has been understanding. My father just passed away, and I went from doing very well on the program to not eating enough when he was sick, to overeating. She was not hard on me and said I just suffered a big loss and to go easy on myself, but to pick up as soon as I can. Just knowing she was not pressuring or judging me is everything. She really cares about her customers! 

My coworker said to take small steps and that they will add up. Steps to walk around the office. Steps to making better food choices. Steps to being kinder to myself.



Try this: Don’t be so hard on yourself! Avoid negative self-talk and treat yourself to some mindful-self-care.

Try healthy food hacks

The best advice or plan of action that was given to me after weeks of fluttering around the same weight range was to shake things up with my menu. Meaning for me to drink the shakes daily, eat salads daily, and to increase my water intake as much as I can (comfortably). 

The best advice my consultant gave me was to plan ahead when dining out — decide what you are going to eat and then order first. Then you will not be tempted to change your mind by what others order.


The best advice was to take it one meal at a time and PLAN ahead. I had many parties to go to that I would have never survived had I not taken her advice, planned ahead, and ate a little before I went. It kept me from overeating and made me mindful of my plan.

Treat your body like a well-functioning machine. Every once in a while, you can give it a boost with a treat! I thought, how true ... sometimes we treat our cars better than we treat ourselves. We wouldn't put anything in it that would impede its top performance ... don't our bodies deserve the same maintenance?

Treat your food like a prescription for your health! Just like you would for a medication. This resonated with me to my core!

I'm only on my second week, but my coach has already given me a great tip that has helped me already. I know it’s going to benefit me in the future: She encouraged me to take the food out of the containers and put it on a plate. This will get you used to proper portion sizes. I can see it already! It is also more attractive on the plate.



Try this: Need a little inspiration in the kitchen? Turn broccoli into an extra delicious side dish or try these tasty takes on salad – without lettuce!

Work the program, and the program will work for you


The best advice my coach gave me was to follow the menu, eat all my food, stay hydrated and get some activity. So simple yet it changed my life. I met my goal over ten years ago, and I still meet my coach once a month 14 years later. 😊❤️

Check out Mike’s incredible story and get his best tips for weight maintenance!

Weight loss is like baking a cake: Follow the recipe and add exactly those ingredients! So with Jenny Craig, eat the food and follow the plan, and just like the recipe, you will see results.

My best advice is to stay faithful and follow the plan exactly! Also, I exercise six days a week.



Try this: Stay on track with your weight loss goals anytime, anywhere with Jenny Craig’s easy-to-use mobile app! Download it in the App Store or Google Play.

Make lasting changes

My coach, Kathy, shared this powerful quote that changed so much about how I look at healthy eating, choices, & overall health. “It’s only when we alter our eating habits out of love and respect for ourselves that lasting change has a real chance to take root in our lives.”

Yvette, my coach, gave me homework. For each pound I lost, I had to write a difference in my life since starting the program. It was easy and fun, and made me appreciate the changes in my life, looks, clothes, health, etc. So when I need a boost, I go back and re-read my list and continue adding as I lose more weight. Thanks, Yvette❤️

Best advice from my coach Jessica “If nothing changes, nothing will change.” 


Try this: Drinking plenty of water and following these simple portion-sizing tips can help keep you focused on your weight loss goals.

Conquer cravings

My coach gave me the advice that when a craving is coming on, take a step back, take a deep breath, and remember why I chose to adopt a healthier lifestyle for myself! 



Try this: Find healthy alternatives to your favorite foods – and some new favorites – with our Simply Inspired recipes.


Your weight loss coach is your biggest advocate and personal cheering squad – who wouldn’t want that kind of encouragement? Get the personalized support you need and get started on your weight loss journey with Jenny Craig today! Learn more about our most effective program ever, Max Up, now!



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